Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: My Wife Must be Doted on

Noticing that Zheng Yao’s expression is not right, Xia Ning feels anxious! An ominous feeling wells up in her heart.

“Rui, come up with me.”

As soon as the cold words come out, Zheng Yao gets up and goes upstairs.

What happened?!

Xia Ning is inexplicably upset.

Yi Yunrui pats her hand gently, “Don’t worry. There is no problem. I will deal with my mom.” Yi Yunrui glances at his father.

“Go ahead, you and your mother haven’t chatted with each other for a long time. Don’t worry about your wife.” Understanding the meaning of his son, Yi Xian waves his hand towards him.

As Yi Yunrui goes upstairs, the seat next to Xia Ning becomes empty. And Xia Ning feels empty in her heart, too.

“Ning,” Yi Xian looks kind, “Rui doesn’t talk much. He likes to bury everything in his heart. You have to be more patient to get along with him in the future.”

Xia Ning smiles lightly and nods, “Yes, father.”

In the attic.

“Rui, how can you bring home a woman who is not decent!” Zheng Yao looks angry with knitted brows.

Yi Yunrui frowns, feeling puzzled, “Mother, Xia Ning is my wife, how can you say so?”

Zheng Yao takes a newspaper and throws it on the table, “Read this by yourself!”

Yi Yunrui glances at the entertainment page of the newspaper on the table. The wedding photos of Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi are printed on it.

The following section talks a lot about the previous love affairs of Ou Yixuan. The last one of those girls is a female employee of the TIME TV magazine, surnamed Xia.

For this female employee surnamed Xia, the editor adds another comment: the woman surnamed Xia has always been a home wrecker for Mr. Ou and Miss Yin!

The last sentence is even more eye-catching: Even if Mr. Ou is married, the woman surnamed Xia still seems unlikely to give up. She still works in the TV station of TIME ERA, waiting for the opportunity.

Yi Yunrui’s face becomes pale with anger.

“Mom, just because of this, you say that Ning is not a decent woman?”

“Is this not enough?” Zheng Yao’s volume is rising, “Rui, you are a soldier. You don’t have too much experience with girls; Mom is afraid that you are being cheated.”

Yi Yunrui says, “I’m afraid that it is mother who is deceived.”

Having not expected that her son would contradict her, Zheng Yao becomes furious, “You stand up to your mother just because of that woman!”

“Xia Ning is my wife.”

No matter how angry Zheng Yao is, Yi Yunrui just replies to her with simple but powerful words, which makes Zheng Yao helpless. Knowing her son’s characters, she decides to temporarily hold back her anger.

“Rui, except for Jingyao, I have never heard of which girl you are willing to make a friend with. You haven’t known Xia Ning long, have you?”

Yi Yunrui looks unhappy and doesn’t say a word

“I have never asked about your relationships and never minded if you would marry an ordinary woman, as long as she is decent, but Xia Ning…”

“Is there anything else you want to tell me?” Not waiting for Zheng Yao to finish, Yi Yunrui interrupts in a cold voice while standing up to leave, “Xia Ning is still in the living room; I am going downstairs.”

“You married Xia Ning, then how about Yin Jingsi?”

Yi Yunrui pauses for a second when sweeping over his mother, “Xia Ning is the only woman I love.”

After finishing the sentence, Yi Yunrui goes downstairs, leaving Zheng Yao behind him in unbelief.

Yi Yuntian is a businessman, Yi Yunyi deals with politics while Yi Yunrui joined the army. They are all busy with their own business. The Yi family rarely has a family reunion. Now Yi Yunyi and Yi Yunrui are back. So Yunjie specially cooked a lot of dishes. Looking at the dishes with varied colors and flavors, Xia Ning is drooling.

For eight years, she hasn’t paid much attention to her meals. No one has ever cared about whether she could eat well since her parents passed away. In fact, she is always foodie, a hidden foodie.

The family sit down. Except that Zheng Yao keeps a cold face, everyone else are chatting and laughing. Feeling that the atmosphere is a little tense, Yi Yunyi keeps telling jokes, which make Xia Ning grin from ear to ear.

Xia Ning is very clear that it is not right to laugh a lot at the dinner table, but the jokes from the brother are too funny… and she is trying to ignore the hostility of the hostess.

What surprises her the most is that Yi Yunrui takes the initiative to serve her dishes. What makes her more unbelievable is that the food that Yi Yunrui takes to her are her favorites.

Xia Ning must admit that she is not afraid of eating insufficiently, but eating too much.

She has no choice but to eat up whatever the commander serves her…

After the meal, the table is spilling over with fresh fruits.

“Ning, Yunrui is a soldier. As soldiers have to defend the country, there is little time for them to go home. You have to be considerate. You are working in B City. If you have time, come to visit us more frequently to have meals or chat with us. What do you think?” Yi Yunrui’s father takes a sip of tea, watching Xia Ning kindly.

Xia Ning just wants to reply, but Zheng Yao’s poker face sends a chill to her heart, so she weakly smiles and says, “Well… OK…”

“Miss Xia is busy. I don’t think she has much time to rest. There is not much to do here. Miss Xia should focus on working.” Before Xia Ning finishing her sentence, Zheng Yao says coldly.

Xia Ning’s heart hurts. The hostess calls her “Miss Xia”, which means she does not recognize Xia Ning as her daughter-in-law who had already married her son.

Yi Yunrui looks even more surly.

“Sister-in-law”, feeling the atmosphere is not good, Yi Yunyi puts a box in front of Xia Ning, “As you two got married, this is a present from me. Please take it. I hope you like it.”

“Thank you.” Xia Ning accepts the gift. Feeling upset, she barely squeezes out a smile.

Except for a word of thanks, she, in a confused state, does not know what to say.

“Father, mother, brother, I’m leaving now. I have some things to deal with.” Suddenly, Yi Yunrui stands up, throws a cold sentence, grabs Xia Ning’s hand and steps out of Yi Villa.

Xia Ning, who is drawn away unpreparedly, is stunned. She shouts, “Father, mother and brother, goodbye…”

After Yi Yunrui and Xia Ning walking away, Yi Xian’s smile disappears. He puts down the teacup, “Yao, come up with me”

This time it is Zheng Yao who is dumbfounded. How can her gentle husband suddenly become angry?

On their way leaving, Yi Yunrui remains silent, and the atmosphere inside the car is tense.

Xia Ning rubs her hands. She decides to ask him, “Commander, what happened just now? I think your mother… doesn’t like me.”

“Call me Rui.”

Xia Ning, “OK…”

“Ning, are you sure about not making the news that we got married known?”

Xia Ning feels a slight sorrow, “Com… Rui, I’m sorry. I hope you can understand.” Besides, she still has the shadow of Ou Yixuan in her heart. It’s unfair for Yi Yunrui to hold a wedding reluctantly now.

Yi Yunrui remains silent and looks at her for a long time. He says seriously, “Whether the wedding is held or not, whether our relationship is aired or not, you have to remember that your only husband in your life is Yi Yunrui.”

Yi Yunrui is always a miser with his words, but his every word hits her heart and her soul, letting her heart shake!

The man who she met three days ago now is her husband, the one that will be with her for a lifetime. It all happened incredibly. In this man’s eyes, she can even see his infatuation for her.

Yi Yunrui… loves her?

If so, when does it start?

She is an orphan who has no parents. Her family is ordinary. But he is a prestigious commander in a military command with a powerful family. Yi Yunrui can be regarded as the favored one of God. How can he love her?

What does she have that can be loved by him?

But the reality is that her husband is Yi Yunrui!

“Yeah.” Nodding, Xia Ning sighs softly in her heart.

Aware of her distraction, Yi Yunrui purses his lips and picks up the phone to make a phone call, “Is that Mr. Ou Yixuan?”

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