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Chapter 1896: A strange man, a familiar feeling

Chapter 1896: A strange man, a familiar feeling


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The tall, gentle, and handsome man turned around to open the door. Facing Zhan qingze’s expressionless face, the smile on his lips did not diminish.

He took the items that Zhan qingze had sent over and checked them one by one. After confirming them, he closed the door.

Khiton returned with a few big gift boxes in his hands.

these are all the clothes and accessories needed for the banquet. I’ve also specially asked them to send over cosmetics for pregnant women. Now, Qianqian, my master, please allow me to help you change.

Then, ruan Mengmeng saw khiton take out a light pink long ankle dress from one of the gift boxes and unzipped it.

From the looks of it, he seemed to be helping her change into it personally.

Ruan Mengmeng was frightened by khiton’s solicitous actions. She quickly stood up and took the gown. no need, I’ll change myself. I don’t need your help.

“Master, it’s khiton’s honor to be of service to you. He’s willing to do anything for you as long as you need some help.”

“Stop!” Ruan Mengmeng cut him off. listen, khiton. I don’t care what Zhan Yang or the others told you, but since you treat me as your master, you have to listen to me.

I’m not joking with you right now. Don’t get too close to me, and don’t have any intimate skin contact with me, especially when it comes to things like changing clothes, understand?”

If he did not understand, she would rather not have this so-called capable assistant.

Khiton’s eyes darkened, as if he did not understand why ruan Mengmeng rejected him and even showed an aggrieved expression.

Ruan Mengmeng was speechless. She had no idea why Zhan Yang, Duan xiuhui, and Zhan Jia ‘er would value such a man so much.

“You wait outside, I’ll go in and change.” After ruan Mengmeng finished speaking, she ignored khiton and went into the dressing room with her gown.

Seeing ruan Mengmeng’s back view as she closed the door angrily, the gentle smile on the man’s lips gradually froze.

His little master was really cute.

A dark light of interest gradually gathered in khiton’s deep eyes.

After ruan Mengmeng entered the dressing room, she did not come out for nearly twenty minutes.

Khiton finally opened the door on his own after urging him several times to no avail.

Hearing the door open behind her, ruan Mengmeng turned around. “How did you get in?”

Her body was not as agile as before with her big belly. The zipper of the light pink ankle-length dress extended all the way to her hips.

Ruan Mengmeng turned her hand around and could only pull the zipper down from her hips to her lower back.

She couldn’t reach any higher.

But there were only her and khiton in the room. Her back exposed a large area of her white skin, and khiton was a man, so of course he couldn’t ask him to help.

“You can go out and take a walk. I can do it myself.” Ruan Mengmeng saw khiton approaching and quickly chased him away.

She grabbed the dress that might fall down because it wasn’t zipped up with one hand, and picked up an ornament on the side with the other hand and threw it in the direction khiton was coming.

Ruan Mengmeng didn’t think too much about it when she was throwing the things. She only wanted to chase khiton away because her back was exposed.

However, a shocking scene happened.

Not only did khiton catch the ornament she threw, but he also strode over and easily reached out to pull her into his arms.

The man’s well-defined fingers pinched the zipper on the back of her dress.

The sound of a zipper being zipped up came from behind.

When khiton was zipping up ruan Mengmeng’s zipper, his slightly cold fingers brushed against the smooth skin of her back, giving her a wonderful touch.

you … at that moment, ruan Mengmeng’s heart trembled slightly as a familiar feeling welled up in her.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Khiton’s magnetic and gentle voice came from behind her. The man’s warm breath blew into ruan Mengmeng’s ears, making the tip of her ears soften.

“No, no,” Ruan Mengmeng felt as if her heart had skipped a beat. No, this did not feel right.

She quickly shook her head and clutched her chest as she retreated. “The zipper is already zipped up, you can go out now.”

The current situation was far beyond ruan Mengmeng’s expectations, but khiton did not seem to be prepared to do as ruan Mengmeng said.

The man suddenly approached and bent down to carry the frightened ruan Mengmeng.

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