Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: To Run Its Own Course

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“A million yuan and I’ll guarantee that your wife and child will be safe!”

The murderous and villainous voice sounded in the empty and abandoned warehouse.

The shackled Li Beinian listened to the man with a fearful expression. As she was carrying twins, her stomach was already significantly larger and her bump was much rounder compared to other expectant mothers.

“I’m sorry, the CEO is currently unavailable,” the voice answered politely but coldly.

Not expecting to receive such an answer, the kidnapper barked in disbelief, “Are you still confused about what is going on? I have abducted Mu Donglin’s wife!”

“I’m sorry, the CEO is currently unavailable.”

The call abruptly ended.

Upon hearing the reply, tears welled up in Li Beinian’s eyes and she shook her head profusely in disbelief as she leaned against the wall.

It can’t be, it can’t be!

He is the father of our children and also my husband!

That cannot be what Mu Donglin thinks. Impossible!


Li Beinian burst into tears and was at a complete loss for words.

She opened her mouth to reveal the emptiness inside. Her tongue had been removed long ago.

The kidnapper gritted his teeth angrily and slapped Li Beinian forcefully. He hollered, “Damned mute! How did I end up kidnapping a worthless piece of garbage like you after putting in so much effort.”

She bent forward clumsily and fell on her stomach, after which she was overwhelmed with an excruciating pain.

Li Beinian turned pale and began quivering uncontrollably.

“Happy birthday, Niannian, I love you forever, my Niannian… ”

It was the alluring ringtone of Mu Donglin’s singing which she had recorded and saved on her mobile phone.

However, it sounded rather ironic at this moment.

The kidnapper picked up the phone excitedly, only to realize that it was an incoming video call. He then immediately faced the camera towards Li Beinian before yelling from behind, “Mu Donglin, you… ”

“I’m not Mu Donglin.”

A woman answered in a tender voice.

She was exceptionally beautiful and her features were flawless.

Lin Kerou!

She was Mu Donglin’s childhood sweetheart and longtime crush!

Lin Kerou said apologetically, “Niannian, Brother Donglin is still in a conference and he has a multimillion-dollar project to handle. It’s very important. I’m sure you don’t want to affect Brother Donglin’s business, do you?”

Li Beinian smiled mirthlessly and thought to herself, It turned out the lives of her twins and herself were nothing compared to the project…

“By the way, I went to Emperor City today and bought some items for the nursery. Since I don’t know the gender of the child, we’ve decided to decorate two rooms. One will be themed around the color blue while the other will be themed around the color pink.”

Lin Kerou looked extremely gentle when she was speaking.

Li Beinian felt an acute pain in her stomach. However, her pale face turned a little more tender after hearing those words.

Although they had been married for three years, they rarely interacted intimately with each other, apart from the night where they had made a mistake, more than seven months ago.

Fortunately, he was still looking forward to the birth of their twins.

“Brother Donglin really likes girls. He said that if she resembles me, she would definitely be adorable.”

Li Beinian’s smile stiffened.

Upon sight of her expression, Lin Kerou covered her mouth and chuckled gently. “The baby is three months old now. This is Brother Donglin’s first born. He’s really looking forward to his or her arrival.”

Li Beinian’s eyes widened in shock and she shrieked, “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Her child is the firstborn but what about mine?

Lin Kerou said softly with a look of sympathy, “Surely you can’t still be thinking that the person who became intimate with you that night was Brother Donglin?”

Li Beinian slumped to the ground in disbelief.

“Brother Donglin refused to touch you previously because I’m the one he loves. However, I didn’t expect you to be so thirsty as to commit adultery and get pregnant with another man’s child… ” Lin Kerou continued with a look of grief, “You claim that you love Brother Donglin but is this how you love him?”

Li Beinian shook her head frantically as her face turned pale.

“Oh by the way, I forgot that you can’t speak anymore. It was a smart move to make you mute.”

Li Beinian was flabbergasted.

What does this mean?

Clearly, Lin Kerou had no intentions to explain. She smiled and said, “Do you think Mu Xichen would be glad to know that you’re bearing his child?” Lin Kerou smiled smugly and continued, “It’s just the child of a criminal. What’s the point of keeping it?”

Li Beinian widened her eyes in shock, extremely flabbergasted.

Mu Xichen?

The criminal whom everyone hates and wants to kill?

It can’t be, it can’t be!

I’ve never even met Mu Xichen before. How can I be carrying his child!?!

My children belong to my husband, Mu Donglin!

“Hmm… I’m hanging up now. Brother Donglin is still waiting for me to go eat with him. Goodbye, Niannian.”

Seemingly having understood what she meant, the kidnapper hollered, “Damned woman, didn’t you say that Mu Donglin is in the midst of a conference!?!”

However, the call ended before any response was made.

Boiling with rage, the kidnapper smashed his mobile phone onto the ground and kicked Li Beinian’s stomach before cursing, “Damn it, that adulterous pair never planned on ransoming you at all! F***, you even bedded your husband’s brother. You’re a shameless bitch. Hah, I won’t kill you but I’ll leave you to fend for yourself!”

She immediately fell forward, as if there was a hand pulling her, causing her to feel an excruciating pain in her stomach.

Li Beinian screamed and watched as the kidnapper left.

No one gave her a helping hand even until the sky turned dark.

Her consciousness began to become blurry and the movement of her fetuses seemed to have decreased. Li Beinian was utterly dejected…


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