Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Terrifying Thought

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She felt like she had sunk into a bottomless pit of pitch black darkness. She did not know where she was and had also lost track of time.

Everything felt rather surreal, she could no longer distinguish between what was true and what was fake, reality or hallucination.

Li Beinian heard the sounds of flowing water around her. The icy cold water rose above her head and flowed into her nose and mouth, causing her to struggle subconsciously.

She opened her eyes, only to realize that the sun was shining brightly into her pupils almost blinding her. She then cocked her head towards the side.

The heels of her feet soon reached the ceramic tiles of the ground. Li Beinian held her breath and stood on her two feet, only to discover that the water level was only waist height.

She looked down to see that her stomach was flat and her children were gone!

Li Beinian’s heart quivered and she said, “My children… ”

Li Beinian hurriedly covered her mouth in disbelief when she heard her own voice.

I can speak now?

How is this possible!?!

She carefully extended her fingers into her mouth and felt a smooth and rough organ.

Is this… my tongue?

Is this the tongue that I lost two years ago?

She suddenly raised her head to scan her surroundings, feeling a little bewildered.

The golden rays of sunlight refracted off the blue water, illuminating her surroundings in a warm glow. The surface of the crystal clear water reflected the tall and beautiful buildings around her.

She then realized that she was standing in the familiar swimming pool of the Mu Family mansion.

She looked down to see that she was wearing just a thin, white shirt and a pair of pink undies.

The white shirt accentuated the contours of her body, revealing her dark nipples.

However… the shirt seemed familiar.

No, no!

Li Beinian felt like she was in a dream and she thought to herself, what am I doing here? How could I be here? How could I have a tongue? How could I not be pregnant?

She looked up at the sole exit and her eyes turned gloomy.

When Li Beinian was 19 years old, she was sent home from the suburbs and was immediately told that she was the fiance of the eldest son of the Mu Family, the greatest family in Guang City.

On the second day that she was sent home, the Mu Family arranged a meeting.

However, she was knocked unconscious halfway through the meeting and thrown into the Mu Family Mansion’s swimming pool, while clad scantily.

Scared and in an unfamiliar environment, she had knocked into a bunch of people while she was fleeing to safety. Her reputation was then greatly ruined after people saw her dressed so immodestly.

They all said that she was a promiscuous woman who tried to seduce a prestigious man.

That was the most humiliating memory of hers.

Yet, she was now stood in the swimming pool, with her tongue intact and childless. Could it be…

A crazy idea popped into her mind and her heart began to pound rapidly.

However, she soon dismissed the idea and sneered, “How could that be… ”

Li Beinian burst into laughter after hearing her own voice again.

She looked down and buried her head under the water before swimming towards the other end of the passageway like a fish.

The depth increased.

Li Beinian finally raised her head out of the water and took a whiff of fresh air after swimming for a long time.

Li Beinian seemed to have come back to life after taking in some fresh air.

Li Beinian scanned her surroundings and finally saw a ladder. She ducked her head into the water and swam towards it.

She climbed up the stairs and emerged from the water, with her wet hair placed behind her head. She then heaved a sigh of relief.

After wiping the water off her face, Li Beinian opened her eyes again, only to see a dark colored bag in front of her.

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