Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Kneeling Down To Apologize

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“You dare to hit someone but you’re too afraid to own up and face others, eh?”

The voice was angry and murderous.

“Don’t you think that I won’t know what to do with you just because you refuse to come out. You beat both of your cousins up into a pulp and yet, you still refuse to give an explanation!”

Li Beinian suddenly recalled having… beat her cousins up during the Li Family’s banquet.

Li Beinian could not remember in detail, what exactly happened.

All she could remember was that she was brought to the corridor and knocked unconscious after she beat them up. When she woke up again, she was already submerged in the water.

Li Xueqing and her gang then proceeded to strip her naked, after which she was labeled as a promiscuous sl*t.

Old Mr. Li could not bear to see her being insulted and humiliated by others. Hence, he decided to send her to a private university.

Li Beinian opened the door to see that there was a gathering of elders outside.

Her uncles and aunts were standing at the door and glowering at her angrily.

It was rather daunting.

Li Beinian raised her brows and asked in apprehension, “Uncles, Aunties, what’s the matter?”

Her second uncle, Li Haoqin barked angrily, “Trust you to have the cheek to ask that question!”

He then pulled another girl from behind him.

She was dressed like a 20-year-old, but her face…

Her nose was bruised and her face was swollen just like her panda-like eyes. Her eye shadow was ruined and her lipstick had also been smudged onto her face. She looked just like an opera singer.


Li Beinian burst into laughter but quickly stopped herself after realizing that she should not be laughing like that.

However, her laughter angered everyone else.

“Ah! Father, how am I supposed to face others again from now on? She beat me up into a pulp. How am I supposed to face others at school tomorrow?” Li Kun wailed while bursting into tears.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, I’ll seek justice for you,” Li Haoqin said in a bid to comfort his daughter.

He turned and glared at Li Beinian menacingly. “Your Cousin Li Ying has already gone to the hospital. Her career is in the midst of taking off and yet, you pushed her down the stairs and caused her to sprain her arm. You’re really vicious!”

“Second Uncle, are you sure it was me? Li Kun was the one who stood beside her at that time. Shouldn’t your dear daughter be the greatest suspect?” Li Beinian retorted composedly. Staring at them calmly, she said, “Li Kun should be clear about how Li Ying fell down.”

Despite appearing a little guilty, Li Kun immediately straightened her back confidently because she knew that she had someone to support her. She said in a dignified manner, “You hit someone and yet you still deny it.”

“I did hit you but I refuse to take the blame for what happened to Li Ying.”

Li Haoqin hollered, “You’ve finally admitted it, haven’t you!?! Beauty matters the most to a girl and Li Kun is a rising star. Yet, you beat her up into a pulp. How is she supposed to continue making a living in the entertainment industry? You’d better kneel down and apologize immediately. Otherwise, I won’t be nice to you!”

Li Beinian waved her hands innocently and retorted, “Hey, hey, hey, aren’t you being too unreasonable? Her looks are not going to let her secure a footing in the entertainment industry in the first place.”

Li Kun began quivering uncontrollably in anger. Staring at her father, she wailed. “Father, look at her!”

Li Haoqin gritted his teeth angrily and hollered, “Don’t you think that you can do what you want just because I arranged for you to marry into the Mu Family. You’re still not a member of the Mu Family yet! You’d better kneel down immediately and apologize to your cousin. Once you do, I’ll stop pursuing this matter!”

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