Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Unknown Background

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“Kneel down?”

“Yes, get on your knees and apologize!”

Li Haoqin sounded extremely stern and he stood in front of Li Beinian, towering over her in a domineering manner.

Li Beinian’s already small and petite figure looked even smaller in front of Li Haoqin.

Feeling a little smug, Li Kun thought to herself, no matter how formidable this bastard is, she is still outnumbered and alone. Father can beat her up and make her beg for mercy with just one punch. Let us see how smug she can be!

Li Beinian remained composed and asked with raised brows, “Why don’t you teach me how to kneel down, Second Uncle?”

“Outrageous!” Li Haoqin barked angrily. He interlocked his fingers and cracked his knuckles before hollering, “You must be tired of living!”

“You’re the one who’s tired of living,” said a man.

His voice was stern and aged but still powerful and domineering.

Upon hearing his voice, Li Beinian looked up abruptly in disbelief.

The crowd parted to make way for him. Old Mr. Li walked towards them angrily with his cane in hand, appearing extremely domineering.

Upon sight of him, Li Beinian’s eyes lit up and she murmured, “Grandpa… ”

She had been abducted and sold off at the age of five. Hence, she had never enjoyed any parental love ever since a young age.

Later on, she reunited with the Li Family and Old Mr. Li helped her get admitted to a private university, arranged her marriage for her and managed to get the Mu Family to protect her. As a result, the Li Family bore a grudge against him but he ignored them and continued to give Li Beinian an enviable life

Old Mr. Li was undoubtedly the elder who doted on her the most.

However, Old Mr. Li passed away not long after she found out that she was pregnant. During his last moments, he especially instructed her, “No matter what, you must keep the baby and live on well with your child.”

In the end, not only did she end up dying, she even failed to save her children.

Overwhelmed with remorse, Li Beinian burst into tears upon sight of the family member whom she had not seen in a long time. “Grandpa!”

Greatly taken aback, Old Mr. Li hurriedly patted her hand in sympathy and said, “Be good, Niannian, don’t cry.”

The people behind were dumbfounded. None of them expected the haughty and arrogant Li Beinian to play the sympathy card.

Li Kun panicked and hurriedly yelled, “Li Beinian, stop trying to act pitiful and win Grandpa’s sympathy. You’ve already beaten me up into a pulp. Do you think you can win Grandpa’s sympathy just by crying?”

Li Haoqin barked anxiously, “Father, look at your granddaughter’s face. How is she supposed to face anyone like this?”

“Yeah, Father, Li Kun has just passed her auditions yesterday and she’s going to be starring alongside Li Ying. Now that Li Beinian has beaten her up, how is she supposed to go to work?”

“Enough,” Old Mr. Li rebuked in exasperation, causing them to fall silent.

Old Mr. Li stared at Li Beinian and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Li Beinian stared at the people behind him who were all seething with anger. After giving it some thought, she said aggrievedly, “Li Kun was the one who scolded me and called me a bastard who has no parents. I only hit her because I was too angry.”

Li Kun’s face grew sullen and she screeched, “Li Beinian, you’re accusing me! Since when did i say that? I only said that you’re ill-mannered and come from an unknown background… ”

“Shut up!” Old Mr. Li hollered angrily while slamming his cane down onto the ground. He pointed a finger at Li Haoqin and berated, “Is this how you teach your daughter?”

Li Haoqin defended his daughter indignantly, “Li Kun is right. You said that this girl is Haoran’s daughter but she looks nothing like him at all. Perhaps, you got the wrong person?”

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