Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Just Take It That I’m Dead

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Are they trying to use a harsher tactic now that the gentle one would not work?

Li Beinian glared at the menacing and furious family with raised brows before asking, “Oh? Is it really that good?”

“Of course. If it isn’t good, why would I get you to help me? We’re family after all.”

Fang Zhili kept a straight face, as if she genuinely meant every word she said.

However, Li Beinian knew that it was all fake hypocrisy.

Once we are done with filming, they will not even care about familial ties. Helping each other out? Bulls*it!

When they are happy, they make me act as an extra and a substitute. When they are not, they become utterly heartless.

At the end of the day, Fang Zhili was just worried that Li Beinian would steal the limelight and outshine Li Xueqing. After all, Li Beinian expressed impeccable learning abilities when she worked with the production team in her previous lifetime. It would only be a matter of time before she surpasses Li Xueqing.

“Forget it, forget it, you guys better look for someone else. I’d like to focus on my studies and work towards a better future.”

Li Haoran’s face grew sullen and he asked, “What exactly do you want? You’re going to regret not seizing such a great opportunity!”

“Mr. Li.”

Upon hearing Li Beinian’s words, Li Haoran flew into a rage and hollered, “What Mr. Li!?! I’m your father!”

“Oh, your father.”

The chauffeur almost snorted with laughter.

Li Haoran’s face grew sullen and he barked, “Li Beinian, look clearly at who you’re speaking to! I’m your father!”

Li Beinian smirked and remained silent despite feeling extremely disappointed.

Yes, my biological father.

Yet, he has been helping a daughter who is not related to him at all and set up his biological daughter in both her lifetimes.

“I don’t care what you’re like out there but you must obey me when you’re living in my home. From now on, you must learn how to be well-mannered, lest others say that my daughter is an ill-bred girl who doesn’t know her manners at all.”

Li Beinian glanced at Li Haoran smilingly before saying, “In that case, it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m in your family. Anyway, I’ve always been an orphan so I’ve gotten used to being left alone.”

Li Beinian sounded way too calm.

However, she had long felt like a million daggers had pierced through her heart. She stared at Li Haoran with tears in his eyes.

“I’ll tell Grandpa about it when I go back. Just take it that you’ve never had a daughter like me and I’ll take it that I never had a father like you.”

Li Haoran was greatly taken aback. He did not expect her to say such words.

Who did not want to enjoy riches?

Who did not want to live a life of luxury?

He thought that his daughter had become used to being poor and would definitely be desperate to stay behind. He thought that she would be worried about being chased away.

However, he never expected her to say such words!

He did not have any feelings for his so-called biological daughter but when he heard her words, he felt rather terrible, as if his heart had been stabbed by a million daggers.

Fang Zhili and Li Xueqing were extremely thrilled to hear her words. They were surprised by how open-minded she was!

Unable to contain her joy, Fang Zhili said, “In that case… ”

“Dream on.”

The cold interjection made Fang Zhili fall speechless.

Li Haoran stared at Li Beinian with a sullen expression. “Since you’re my daughter, I have the duty to take you in hand. Everyone knows that you’re my daughter now. How could you cut off ties with me now? How am I supposed to face others?”

“Just take it that I’m dead then. Just tell everyone that your daughter died when she was five years old and that Grandpa had acknowledged the wrong person,” Li Beinian said smilingly.

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