Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: You Played With Us!?!

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What Li Xueqing meant was that she just wanted Li Beinian to do all the troublesome chores.

She would be the one performing the stunts and sustaining the injuries while Li Xueqing put on a show in front of the camera and claimed all the credit.

It was just the same as the previous lifetime.

Li Beinian stared at Li Xueqing like the latter was a fool. She smiled and asked slowly, “What if I refuse?”

Li Xueqing raised her brows and said disappointedly, “Niannian, we’re sisters. Shouldn’t sisters be helping each other out? I know you might not treat me like your sister but I really want to give you a chance to act with me. I was the one who raised the suggestion to Father, because I don’t want your talent to go to waste. It’s a good thing now that you have an outlet to showcase your talent. You’d definitely be able to learn a lot when you join the production team. By then it would be a piece of cake for you to become a female lead.”

“Yeah,” Fang Zhili chimed in.

Although Li Beinian was rather unruly, she was indeed proficient in martial arts. Although she was taller and slimmer than Li Xueqing, that was no issue for the cameras.

This was purely because of the huge production budget and they had also hired plenty of special effects professionals and actors. Any problem that could be solved by money was not a problem at all. Although Li Xueqing was a newbie, she knew the movie would definitely become a hit with the help of the other experienced actors!

However, Li Beinian’s attendance was necessary.

Fang Zhili continued trying to persuade her. “You didn’t major in anything nor did you undergo professional training. It’d be rare for any production teams to take you in, unless you’re going to be acting as an extra. It’s not like you haven’t acted as an extra before. You used to kneel on the ground under the scorching sun and address the other actresses as ‘Your Highness’. You mean you want to star in those movies instead?”

“This… ” Li Beinian seemed to be deep in thought.

Li Xueqing decided to strike the iron while it was hot. “This production is led by our own entertainment company, Dawn Entertainment. With one word of Father’s, you’ll definitely have a high status in the production team and you won’t be taken advantage of with me around to take care of you.”

“You guys are right,” Li Beinian said solemnly.

Fang Zhili and Li Xueqing were over the moon and they looked at each other in joy.

Even Li Haoran felt much more relaxed,

Li Beinian smiled radiantly and said, “But I still don’t want to do it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fang Zhili’s and Li Xueqing’s smiles stiffened. Li Haoran’s face grew sullen too.

“You played with us!?!” Li Xueqing gritted her teeth with anger written all over her face.

“No. I never agreed to your request right from the start, how did I play with you?” the amused Li Beinian asked innocently.

“You… ” Li Xueqing trembled uncontrollably in exasperation.

Li Haoran slammed his hand onto the armrest and ordered, “You must do it!”

He was so loud that even the driver trembled uncontrollably. He could not help but look in the rear view mirror.

Fang Zhili hollered angrily, “We’re giving you a chance by giving you some help. There are plenty of people who are waiting to do this job. Do you really think you’re that important? Once you miss this great opportunity, you won’t get another shot at it!”

Li Beinian smiled after hearing Fang Zhili’s words.

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