Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Dream On!

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Li Beinian followed Li Haoran into the study, after which the latter took a seat on the chair behind the desk and turned around.

“I know you’ve already become used to enjoying freedom but you’re still my daughter at the end of the day. It’s April now. I’ll hire a tutor for you so that you can study well during this period of time. When the time is right, go and sit for your university entrance exam and get into a good university.”


In her previous lifetime, Li Haoran did not make such arrangements for her.

Back then, she started filming ever since she agreed to be Li Xueqing’s stunt double.

Half a year later, Old Mr. Li arranged for her to attend a private university where she studied half-heartedly and graduated with a degree in Business Management, which was given to her partly because of her family’s money.

Upon hearing Li Haoran’s words, Li Beinian smiled and said. “Sure, but I’m going to choose my own lessons.”

“Hmph.” Li Haoran chuckled and said, “If you think you can make it, it’s up to you to choose.”

“That’s a promise then. I’m going to aim for Guang City Theatrics Academy.”

Greatly taken aback, Li Haoran asked in bewilderment, “You want to start acting?”

“Yes, I want to become a celebrity.”

“That’s not a problem but it’s tough being a celebrity. Are you sure you want to do it?”

“I’ve been leading a tough life ever since I was young. Or are you afraid that I might steal your precious daughter’s limelight and hence you don’t want me to debut?” Li Beinian asked while staring at Li Haoran with glistening eyes.

“Nonsense! You’re my daughter too,” Li Haoran chided with a petulant expression.

After giving it some thought, Li Haoran said, “If you can make it, go ahead. However, you must remember that Xueqing is my daughter but so are you. You may not have grown up alongside me but you’re still my flesh and blood.”

Li Beinian smirked and remained silent.

Noticing the expression on Li Beinian’s face, Li Haoran sighed and said, “I just wanted to tell you that you’re already engaged to Mu Donglin and you’ll be marrying him once you’ve gotten used to it in two more years. The Mu Family will never tolerate their daughter-in-law being an actress. By then, you’ll still have to surrender to them and give up your acting career. In that case, why don’t you just not debut in the first place so that you can have a squeaky clean start?”

Li Beinian sneered in her head after hearing his words.

In her previous lifetime, she had three near-death experiences throughout her three-year marriage to Mu Donglin.

First, she was ambushed and got hacked by a cleaver which gave her dozens of stitches and caused her to lose an excessive amount of blood. She was then abducted and used to threaten Mu Donglin. However, that did not work out and she almost lost her hand. Then, she was kidnapped by an unknown organization and had her tongue cut off. She had no idea who had sent them either.

In the end, she was abandoned in that dilapidated and defunct warehouse.

He wants me to marry Mu Donglin again in this lifetime?

Dream on!

“I don’t care what the Mu Family thinks. We’ll worry about that in the future. No one can stop me from trying to be admitted to Guang City Theatrics Academy.”

Li Beinian sounded extremely firm and assertive. Li Haoran waved his hand and said, “Suit yourself.”

“It’s settled then. I’m leaving now, bye.” Li Beinian then turned around and left the study in high spirits.

Regardless of what happened in the previous lifetime, Li Haoran was not as mean to her as she had imagined, even though he did not have any feelings for her.

Still, she had yet to accept him as her father.

The next day, Li Haoran gave her a large stack of information and learning materials, and even hired a tutor for her.

Li Beinian had some foundation in her previous lifetime and hence, it was not too difficult for her to learn.

She initially thought that she would just focus on studying all the way until the university entrance exam. However, she was involved in a knotty situation less than three days later.

“Beinian, it’s over, bad news! My father has been arrested and that person is here to look for you!”

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