Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: I Could Tell With Just One Glance That He Was A Soldier

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Li Beinian sprung up from the bed when she received the call. She shrieked in disbelief, “What!?! Who’s that? Who’d dare to arrest my Godfather!?!”

“We have no idea! But that man arrived with a group of people and were searching for you using your ear stud. They said that you’ve offended and violated their boss, you silly lass. Of all people, why did you have to offend such a big shot? If you have the guts, come at me!”

Chi Hailang was stomping his feet on the ground anxiously and Li Beinian could almost visualize what he currently looked like.

Li Beinian was flabbergasted. “What? Who did I violate!?! Wait a minute, ear stud?”

Li Beinian immediately sprung up from her bed and took a look in the mirror, only to realize that she was missing one side of her agate snake ear studs.

How come I did not realize it was missing!?!

The pair of ear studs were made for her by Chi Hailang’s father, Chi Dali, who was also her godfather who had raised her.

Chi Dali was a renowned handicraft expert and also had a wide network of connections. Usually, no one would dare to offend him.

Yet, he had been arrested!?!


“Wait for me, I’ll be right there!”

Li Beinian packed up and opened her closet to see that there were plenty of ostentatious and beautiful dresses, all of which were still attached to the price tags!

Most importantly, the clothes were obviously meant for older women! Even her godmother would be too young for these clothes!

“This mother and daughter pair is really annoying!”

In the end, Li Beinian put on a long black shirt and a pair of black trousers, which were rather easy on the eyes.

She had been abducted at a young age and sold off to several different families. In the end, she was adopted by Chi Dali when she was 13 years old.

Although Chi Dali and his family were part of the triads, they treated Li Beinian very well, especially Chi Hailang who would always rope her in for fun and good food.

In her previous lifetime, Li Haoran sent his people to give Chi Dali 100 thousand yuan, and thereby announced that Li Beinian had cut off all ties with them.

Chi Dali was known for his penchant for bearing grudges. Since they had already cut off ties with each other, they would no longer be related to each other.

Li Beinian had once tried to explain it to him. However, by the time she visited their home, they had already moved.

From then on, she no longer had anyone to share weal and woe with.

Whenever she got injured or mistreated, she no longer had anyone to comfort her, and that was the case all the way until she died.

Everyone said that she had obtained everything that all women coveted after she returned to the Li Family. However, only Li Beinian knew that she had lost everything.

She hailed a cab and rushed to the place, after which she put on a cap that she had just bought. She then walked towards the Chi Family home while trying to recall the route to take.

As soon as she entered, Chi Hailang sprinted towards her.

Chi Hailang was barely 18 years old and he looked rather young and immature.

There was a daunting dragon tattoo inked onto his arm, but he was as skinny as a bamboo.

When he saw Li Beinian, it was as if he had found a straw to clutch at. He yelled, “Beinian! You’re finally here. My father got arrested for violating the rules by producing weapons in private. They’re threatening to put him behind bars. What do we do now!?!”

“Calm down. What did he look like?”

“He’s tall, ugly and tanned! I could tell with just one glance, that he’s a soldier!” Chi Hailang barked angrily.

“How tall, ugly and tanned is he?”

“He’s very tall, ugly and tanned!”

Li Beinian was speechless. “Go to hell!”

Chi Hailang appeared extremely aggrieved. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the sounds of footsteps approaching.

He turned around to see that there were two rows of people approaching in a uniform manner, appearing extremely stern and domineering. Their boots were making loud sounds when knocked against the ground.

They were all very clearly… soldiers.

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