Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Obstinate Soldier

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Li Beinian closed her eyes and clutched her chest to appear more sincere. “I was wrong. I really know my mistake. I shouldn’t have offended you and given you such a great shock. I hereby offer you my most sincere apology.”

Mu Xichen’s subordinates stood by the side and felt a strong urge to laugh. However, they dared not laugh out loud and hence, hid behind the wall to suppress their laughter, thus causing their faces to turn red.

Mu Xichen kept his body straight and turned a little red.

Mu Xichen subconsciously took a few steps back and stared at the girl who was squatting in front of him before asking, “What are you trying to do?”

Upon hearing his words, Li Beinian looked up.

As soon as she did, she was greeted with the sight of a stark rosiness on his tan skin.

She almost laughed out loud.

Is this rascal… feeling shy!?!

However, Li Beinian decided to calm herself down because his subordinates were all present. “I’m sorry.”

Upon hearing her words, Mu Xichen gritted his teeth angrily and questioned, “Where are your eyes looking?”

Li Beinian stared at his crotch and answered solemnly. “I’m looking at my Big Brother, who is also the prestigious lock of your noble soul.”

The trained soldiers who were standing behind him turned red while trembling uncontrollably. However, they had no choice but to clench their jaws, for they were too afraid to make a single sound.

Chi Hailang did not have such good self-control and hence, burst into raucous laughter. However, he immediately kept quiet after seeing the austere expression on Mu Xichen’s face. He then bit his hand while turning extremely red.

Mu Xichen had never lost a battle in his life before.

He felt a sudden stuffiness in his chest that would not go away and it was making him feel terrible.

However, he was the one who suggested that she apologize and she had merely apologized in a way that he did not expect.

For the first time in his life, Mu Xichen felt that he had asked for something silly.

Mu Xichen gritted his teeth angrily with a sullen expression and hollered, “Stand up!”

His voice was deep and austere and he sounded rather uncompromising.

Li Beinian had always been a sensible person. Upon hearing his words, she stood up obediently.

Upon sight of Mu Xichen’s face, she smiled but quickly restrained herself. “Leader, I’m already being as sincere as I can. Will you accept it?”

Mu Xichen sneered and said softly in a deep voice, “I can’t sense your sincerity but I do have a fair solution.”

Plagued with an ominous feeling, Li Beinian stared at Mu Xichen and asked, “What is it?”

“I’ll kiss you at the same spot that you kissed me.”

Li Beinian’s eyes widened in shock.

K… Kiss!?!

“Psht! Since when did I kiss you? I just touched you accidentally!” Li Beinian yelled.

“Touched me accidentally? I’ll touch you accidentally too then.”

“Heck. Aren’t you a soldier? How did a lecher like you become a Major General?” Li Beinian asked, furious and embarrassed.

Indeed, the rumors were true. He was indeed an obstinate and assertive soldier!

Mu Xichen felt relieved to see her reaction.


It was called paying her back in her own coin!

He pursed his rosy lips and stepped forward before asking, “Does that mean you’re not willing?”

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