Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Apologize, Where’s Your Sincerity?

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“Leader Mu, don’t you think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill by arresting me just because of such a trivial matter?”

Mu Xichen pursed his lips and drawled, “You may think that it’s a trivial matter but it has caused me a great deal of hurt.”

Great deal of hurt?

What the heck!

This man is too shameless!

I have yet to blame him for blinding me with the “big lock of his soul”. How dare he issue an arrest warrant and complain when he was the one at fault?

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Li Beinian gritted her teeth and hollered, “What exactly do you want!?!”

“I’m giving you two options. First, I’ll arrest you and beat you to a pulp to vent my anger,” Mu Xichen said coldly.

Although he sounded calm, he gave Chi Hailang the chills.

Mu Xichen’s beatings were much more severe than they sounded!

“What’s the second!?!” Chi Hailang yelled.

He immediately scurried towards Li Beinian and said softly, “This rascal is very murderous. If he were to pretend that he had accidentally whipped you too hard and ended up killing you, you would suffer a huge loss!”

Li Beinian was greatly taken aback by Chi Hailang’s words. She coughed gently and asked, “What’s the second option?”

Mu Xichen answered composedly with a straight face, “Apologize to my big lock.”

Li Beinian turned red immediately.


Mu Xichen stared at her flushed face coldly with a tinge of amusement in his eyes.

It was subtle and disappeared soon after.

Li Beinian was known for being thick-skinned.

Chi Hailang had never seen her blushing so badly before.

Although he had no idea what the lock was referring to, he felt that she looked rather shy and embarrassed.

Chi Hailang gently nudged Li Beinian and exclaimed, “Pick the second option, pick the second option. You must survive, Beinian!”

Li Beinian looked up at the calm and composed Mu Xichen who was standing a small distance away from her.

His body was long and taut, and he exuded a dangerous and aloof vibe. His presence alone was enough to compel her into making a decision.

“Your big… ” Li Beinian could not bring herself to say it and she had already turned extremely red. “Big… ”

Mu Xichen interjected coldly, “I know it’s big.”

Li Beinian paused and forced herself to calm down. “Where are my godparents?”

“No idea, I’ve set them free.”

Li Beinian heaved a sigh of relief, for she reckoned that Mu Xichen probably would not lie to her.

“Will you get rid of the arrest warrant and remove my name from the wanted list once I apologize to you?”

Mu Xichen raised his brows and said with a mirthless smirk, “That will depend on my mood.”

Despite feeling annoyed, Li Beinian knew that she had no right to negotiate with him.

My foot!

It’s just an apology, isn’t it? I will do it!

Staring at Mu Xichen, Li Beinian tried her best to apologize as sincerely as possible. “I’m sorry.”

Mu Xichen stood calmly and asked with raised brows, “Where’s your sincerity?”


Li Beinian bit her lip before closing her eyes, as if she had been greatly taken advantage of and prepared herself.

However, she soon stepped forth and squatted before Mu Xichen.

Everyone stared at her in bewilderment because they could not fathom her actions.

Chi Hailang seemed to have suddenly realized what they were referring to!

As expected, Li Beinian stared at his puffy crotch and said, “Brother, I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Mu Xichen’s body stiffened and he was greatly taken aback.

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