Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: A False Alarm

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The footsteps grew louder and more familiar.

Li Beinian and Chi Hailang had completely relaxed and were now walking out.

Chi Dali and his wife, Tang Xiaoge walked towards them, seemingly in high spirits.

Li Beinian was overwhelmed with guilt, remorse and shame when she saw them.

She did not feel that emotional when she saw Chi Hailang.

In her previous lifetime, the couple had to give their adoptive daughter away and lose their dignity by accepting the 100 thousand yuan, after raising her for 13 years.

Although she was not the one who did it, it was done in her name and Chi Dali and Tang Xiaoge were told that she was the one who wanted it.

They had treated her like their biological daughter. One could only imagine how disappointed they must have felt when they were given that 100 thousand yuan!

Upon sight of Li Beinian, Chi Dali asked in bewilderment, “Beinian, what brings you here?”

Extremely surprised, Tang Xiaoge immediately placed an arm around Li Beinian’s shoulder and exclaimed, “Beinian, I missed you so much!”

Li Beinian almost fell onto the ground because of the impact. Her guilt almost vanished instantly.

Chi Dali was really strong, just like his name implied. [Dali means strong in Chinese.]

Tang Xiaoge was very petite, on the other hand.

She was 1.8 meters tall and weighed 100 kilograms. She was chubby and adorable.

Her eyes were large and full of soul.

However, Li Beinian could not stand it. Struggling to breathe, she said, “God… Godmother, I… can’t take it anymore…”

Tang Xiaoge burst into laughter and stood up straight before patting her on her back. “Look at your physique, it’s time you trained!”

Chi Hailang silently swallowed his saliva before saying, “Father, Mother, didn’t you guys get arrested?”

Tang Xiaoge poured herself some water and gulped it down before saying, “It was just a misunderstanding. They said that they were going to put us behind bars but they’re actually just intending to do business with us.”

“Business? What business is there to do with people like them? Aren’t they civil servants? They have nothing to do with people like us whom they despise. Why would they…”

“I don’t know either, but this guy seems very firm and decisive. I was woken up bright and early this morning. I’m going to sleep now, ” Chi Dali said while stifling a yawn.

Li Beinian felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart after looking at the familiar Chi Dali.

Li Beinian only felt like she was home when she was around them.

She was close to them and could be herself around them. She need not worry that they would nitpick or make a big issue out of every mistake she made.

Life in the Li Family home was way too tiring!

“What are you sleeping for? Our daughter is home, we should chat with her,” said Tang Xiaoge who pulled him up uncompromisingly. “Beinian, tell me, how’s life over there?”

“Of course it’s wonderful! Must you still ask?” interjected Chi Hailang who sounded jealous and envious.

Li Beinian chuckled wryly.

Upon sight of her expression, Chi Dali asked with a sullen face, “Do they treat you well? I only agreed to let them take you away because they said that they would treat you well!”

She was not living well at all. Although her living standards seemed to be wonderful and luxurious, no one there treated her like their family, apart from Old Mr. Li.

She had endured more than enough of her nasty stepmother and stepsister!

However, Chi Dali and Tang Xiaoge would definitely be displeased and hold it against themselves if she were to tell them.

In fact, Chi Dali might even cause a stir at the Li Family, in a moment of anger.

I can not allow that to happen

After giving it some thought, Li Beinian answered, “It’s not too bad but I’m not close to them at all. I feel much more at ease when I’m around you guys.”

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