Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Really Unlucky

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Upon hearing Li Beinian’s words, Chi Dali heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It’s good that they treat you well. It’s going to take some time to get used to it. It’s only been a week since you returned to the Li Family home, right? No hurry, just take your time.”

Li Beinian thought the same in her previous lifetime. However, all she got in the end was a lame excuse from Li Haoran who cut off all ties between her and Chi Dali and he even claimed it to be for her own good.

“Father, I’ll get along with them well. If it weren’t because of the fact that you hoped for me to reunite with my birth Father, I wouldn’t bear to part with you guys at all.”

Feeling a little melancholic, Tang Xiaoge said, “Silly child, what are you saying? We may no longer live together but you’re still our daughter.”

“Yes, so no matter what happens, our doors will be open for you as long as you’re willing to come home.”

Chi Dali rubbed Li Beinian’s head with his hand which radiated warmth. Tears welled up in Li Beinian’s eyes as her heart wrenched up.

“Godfather, Godmother, that father of mine doesn’t seem to be too pleased about me contacting you guys and he wants me to cut off ties with you all but I don’t wish to at all. Remember, if anyone looks you up, don’t get into a conflict with them and don’t believe what they say too. I was a member of the Chi Family before I reunited with the Li Family,” Li Beinian said while staring at them.

Li Beinian left after having lunch with the Chi Family.

After leaving the Chi Family home, Li Beinian unlocked her mobile phone to see that there were plenty of missed calls.

They were all calls from the Li Family!

She was sure that it was either Li Haoran or Fang Zhili who was looking for her.

If they were to find out that she had come out to meet Chi Dali and his family, they would definitely be furious.

She tucked her hair into the baseball cap which made her look unnoticeable, especially since she was dressed in black from head to toe.

The Chi Family home was situated in an alley that was rather far from the Li Family home. Due to the fact that she was in a hurry to go to the Li Family home, she spent more than 40 yuan on her taxi fare, thus leaving her with only less than 200 yuan in her pocket.

Holding the dollar bills that she had left, Li Beinian headed to the nearest train station without hesitation.

After changing trains twice, Li Beinian checked for further information and realized that she would have to take another bus to get home.

After standing for a long time, her legs had begun to turn sore and to make matters worse, the scorching sun made the weather extremely unbearable. Li Beinian looked down at the navigation system and walked towards the bus stop angrily.

Li Beinian did not notice the commotion that was occurring behind her at all. All of a sudden, she heard the rapid shuffling of footsteps and was forcefully hit from behind after being caught off guard.

Her mobile phone fell onto the ground with a loud thud. Li Beinian hurriedly looked up in shock.

A man who was in his twenties or thirties was standing in front of her, clad in a loose black outfit and a baseball cap. Panting heavily, he looked at her before running away again with a wallet in hand.

Li Beinian immediately grabbed her mobile phone to see that the screen was cracked.

It’s damaged!

It was a bright pink mobile phone that Li Haoran had just given her. It was worth almost 10 thousand yuan!

She flew into an uncontrollable rage.

“Hold it right there!” Li Beinian barked before scrambling forwards and dashing towards him like an arrow

That man was caught off guard and almost fell down.

He turned around to look at Li Beinian who was running towards him like a madwoman. He muttered under his breath, “Damn it, I’m really unlucky!”

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