Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I’ll Take Her Away

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“Yes, yes, I get it!”

Li Xueqing ended the call and looked through her contacts list before dialing the Mu Family’s number.

Li Beinian had been sitting in the police station for over an hour and the lady in front of her was still berating her. “Little girl, I was just doing that for your own good. You’re so pretty and you’re able-bodied too. If you can contribute to the nation and society… ”

“Fine, shut up. You’re really noisy. Are you contributing to the nation by blabbering on and on?” Li Beinian retorted in annoyance.

“Hah, at the very least, I’ve nurtured an outstanding daughter who does very well in school. She’s the flower of the nation and she’s going to become a huge celebrity! Unlike her, you’re already a scumbag at such a young age,” the woman said smugly.

“Yes, you’re very noble and impressive, but you’re an old scum.”

Upon hearing her remark the woman barked angrily, “You’re the scum, you thief!”

“I said, I’m not a thief.”

“I’ve already seen what you did. How dare you deny it!”

Li Beinian pursed her lips and said, “What will you do if they find out that it really wasn’t me?”

“So what? It’s you, you definitely can’t escape! You were dressed in black and wearing a cap!” the woman exclaimed in a dignified manner.

“Was the thief a man or a woman?”

“A woman. It was you!

Li Beinian rolled her eyes and barked, “Absurd!”

However, she happened to catch a glimpse of the policeman in front of her who seemed to be in shock. The policeman then stood up and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Li Beinian froze as she heard footsteps approaching.

“Li Beinian.”

His voice was calm, aloof and familiar.

Li Beinian straightened her back, for she could already imagine what his expression was.

He was nonchalant and seemed to be aloof to everyone.

“Li Beinian? How are you related to her?” the policeman asked in disbelief.

Mu Donglin stared at him coldly and asked, “Does it matter?”

Li Beinian turned around and saw the person etched into her memories long ago.

He was tall and toned.

He was impeccably-dressed, gentlemanly and handsome.

However, his expressionless face and his cold aura made him seem unapproachable.

Mu Donglin.

It’s Mu Donglin…

Li Beinian smiled and said, “It doesn’t.”

Of course it does not matter how we are related.

“Mr. Mu?”

A voice asked in surprise.

The policeman turned around and asked, “Shen Dui, do you know him?”

Shen Dui walked towards him and said smilingly, “Of course. He’s Mr. Mu Donglin from OPS.”

Upon hearing his identity everyone else turned around to look at Mu Donglin.

Mu Donglin said with a straight face, “I’m here to take her away.”

He pointed at Li Beinian, as if he was completing a mandatory task.

Upon hearing his words, the woman immediately stepped forth and said, “Sir, you must take this girl in hand. She’s going to turn out bad. She’s a thief!”

Shen Dui frowned before staring at the policeman who had been in charge of handling the matter. “What crime did she commit?”

The policeman explained the matter briefly, after which Mu Donglin frowned and stared at Li Beinian in disdain.

Li Beinian’s heart sank and she sneered, “Didn’t you say that you have to check the surveillance camera footage? Where are they?”

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