Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Just Say That Your Parents Are Not Home

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“I… ”

Before Li Beinian could even finish speaking, she was berated by a woman beside her. “How dare you try and make up excuses? I saw you stealing the purses. Are you human at all? You’re so young and yet you’ve already done such immoral things. You were really greedy to have stolen so many purses!”

On the verge of losing her mind, Li Beinian scratched her head and hollered, “I said I didn’t do it!”

Fuming uncontrollably, the woman barked, “You had the guts to steal them but you don’t dare to own up, eh? My daughter is as old as you and is still attending university but she’s much more obedient. What kind of a family were you from? It’s such a shame that they have a useless child like you!”

“I repeat, give me the phone number of your house’s landline. I need your family to assist in investigations. If you refuse to speak up, we will have to detain you for a few days,” the police officer said while staring at Li Beinian.

How would I know what the number is!?!

She had always been oblivious to numbers and she only memorized one phone number in her previous lifetime.

It was the mobile number of Mu Donglin, the fiancé of her previous lifetime whom she had never met since her rebirth.

How could she call him?

Regardless of whether Mu Donglin would rescue her or not, her reputation would be ruined once the Mu Family found out.

Which wealthy and prestigious family would be willing to accept a daughter-in-law who had been detained in the police station.

Li Beinian had yet to come up with a concrete and seamless plan for revenge against Mu Donglin. If she were to ruin her reputation now, she would be at a great disadvantage.

She closed her eyes and gave it some thought before whipping out her mobile phone which had a cracked screen.

It was rather prickly but she could still use it because it was a high-end mobile phone.

She tapped into the call log and pressed on the Li Family’s contact number before handing it to him.

Li Xueqing did not have to go to school today. As soon as she arrived home, she heard the sound of the telephone ringing.

She picked it up without hesitation. “Hello.”

“Hello, is this Li Beinian’s family?”

Li Xueqing lost interest after hearing that they were looking for Li Beinian. “Is there a reason that you’re looking for her?”

“I’m calling from the Guang City Police Station. Miss Li has been detained by us for theft. Please make a trip to the police station.”

Upon hearing his words, Li Xueqing’s eyes glistened and she asked, “What? Li Beinian got arrested? Which police station is it?”

The policeman informed her of the address, after which Li Xueqing hung up and guffawed hysterically. “Indeed, a leopard never changes its spots. I must call Father to let him know.”

As soon as she dialed Li Haoran’s number, she was suddenly reminded of his attitude towards Li Beinian in the past few days.

Feeling extremely exasperated, she decided to call her mother instead after giving it some thought.

Fang Zhili was in the midst of playing mahjong with her friends when she received the call. She asked in bewilderment, “Is that true?”

“Of course it is!” Li Xueqing exclaimed with happiness written all over her face.

Fang Zhili laughed for a brief moment before saying, “Call the Mu Family and tell them to bail her out. Just tell them that your parents are not home.”

Li Xueqing’s eyes widened in shock and her heart pounded rapidly.

Regardless of whether the Mu Family goes to bail her out or not, they would definitely find out!

Li Xueqing laughed out loud at the thought of the possible consequences. “I’ll do it immediately!”

“Remember, your parents are not home. When your father asks about it, don’t say that I was the one who told you to do it. Just say that you weren’t thinking properly. Got it?”

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