Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Stained My Pure And Lofty Spirit

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Li Beinian immediately felt a sense of threat when she heard his question.

This jerk probably already knows that Li Xueqing is looking for me. Now that he is asking for my name, is he planning to settle the score with me in the future?

Li Beinian immediately turned around and huddled up.

The bunch of people looked at Li Xueqing with envy.

Did he change his mind after hearing Li Haoran’s name?

Li Xueqing answered gleefully, “I… My name is… ”

He said coldly with a sullen expression, “I’m not asking for yours.”

Li Xueqing’s spirits were immediately dampened.

Li Xueqing’s smile also stiffened when she noticed that her friends were gloating in her misfortune.

“My sister… her name is Li Beinian.”

“Li Beinian… ” he murmured. His eyes lit up and he said with raised brows, “Okay, you may get lost now.”

Li Xueqing chuckled wryly and said, “Okay… we’ll leave then.”

The man did not answer and they had no choice but to leave in dismay.

He turned to look at the shelf that Li Beinian was hiding behind, only to realize that she was no longer in sight.

Has she fled?

That quick?!

Li Beinian… eh?

He looked down and noticed a small and shiny object on the ground.



The sounds of combat boots knocking against the ground could be heard and he was greeted with the sight of a long shadow.

Gu Mingye bent forward to pick up the tiny object and asked, “Boss, doesn’t this belong to a woman?”

“Bring it here.”

Gu Mingye handed it to him politely, after which Mu Xichen grabbed it and recognized it as a small ear stud which had a special design.

There was a tiny snake beside the clear diamond, which had defined scales and was embellished with black agate. It was absolutely exquisite and lavish.

“Check up on this.”


Gu Mingyue had some thoughts, it was a restricted area and yet, a woman barged in openly. She is very likely a spy from the enemy’s army. Or perhaps… she was here to kill Mu Xichen!

Just as Gu Mingye was about to carry out his instructions, Mu Xichen said, “Wait a minute.”

“What’s wrong, boss?”

Mu Xichen grabbed the ear stud and scrutinized it to see that there was a small logo at the back.

That… was a trademark belonging to that person.

“You don’t have to check anymore. Issue an arrest warrant.”

Gu Mingye paused for a moment, after which his expression turned sullen.

An arrest warrant? It must be very serious!

Only those who have committed a major crime would be wanted by Boss!

“Do you know where that woman came from?”

“No, but she’s the one who violated my chastity.”

He sounded calm, composed and unhurried.

However, Gu Mingye almost choked on his saliva when he heard those words.

Violated his chastity?

“Did she succeed in raping you? Are you serious!?!”

Gu Mingye’s sullen expression was ruined and he stared at his boss in disbelief. “Boss, have you finally lost your virginity after 25 years!?!”

“Nonsense!” Mu Xichen stared at him in disdain before continuing, “She kissed me.”

Gu Mingye’s hopes were dashed and he was momentarily speechless. “A kiss is all it takes for her to be on the wanted list?”

“She stained my pure and lofty soul. We must put her on the wanted list.”

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