Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Pea-brained

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Contrary to her expectations, she did not see Li Beinian even after bringing her people to the pool.

That little b*tch can’t have developed wings and flown away.

She must still be here!

Refusing to give up, Li Xueqing looked into the distance.

“Look, there’s someone over there!” a voice shrieked, catching everyone’s attention.

They all saw a deck chair by the poolside and a tall and burly man who had a towel draped over his body.

He was young, tall, reserved and emitted an aura of dominance.

Could he be Mu Donglin?

Li Xueqing’s heart wrenched up and began palpitating at the sight of him.

Mu Donglin, Young Master Mu!

Li Xueqing took a step forward and asked, “May I ask if you’ve seen my sister?”

Everyone was shocked to hear her words.

The people who stood behind her, hurriedly pulled her back and rebuked, “Are you out of your mind? Who would be so brazen as to sneak here? Your sister is a member of the Li Family. She wouldn’t be that silly!”

Li Xueqing pretended to hesitate silently for a moment but she was already well aware that it had nothing to do with Li Beinian being brainless. If she wanted Li Beinian to be there, the latter had no choice!

Li Xueqing cocked her head towards the side with a menacing expression in her eyes and said, “Niannian is insensible. She may have very likely sneaked here for the sake of shirking her responsibility. If she were to run into some big shot… ”

Upon hearing her words, the people behind her praised, “You’re so nice to your sister!”

“Ah, it’s such a pity that she’s pea-brained. Of all the places, why did she choose to hit someone during such an important banquet… ”

Due to the fact that they were standing a distance away, they did not notice the look of annoyance in the man’s eyes.

He turned around to look at Li Beinian who was hiding behind a shelf and asked in a low and rumbling voice, “Are they looking for me?”

Li Beinian was fortunately fully hidden from sight behind the shelf.

She stared at Li Qingxue with an icy cold expression and resentment in her eyes.

Li Beinian smirked sarcastically and said sneeringly, “No.”

The man noticed the look on Li Beinian’s face and the menace in his eyes seemed to have increased all of a sudden.

He could tell that she was just a young girl whose physical age was only 17 or 18 years old. However, her expression was not that of a typical teenager’s.

His interest towards her was piqued and his brows were raised.

He turned around again with an icy cold expression.

Glaring at the youngsters coldly, he barked, “Scram!”

They were rather shocked, even though they had also expected him to react that way.

Li Beinian smirked while glancing at the man.

Excellent. That is exactly how those little beasts ought to be dealt with!

After hearing his words, the youngsters got a great shock and some of the cowardly ones had already begun escaping.

Li Xueqing turned pale and red. Still feeling indignant, she yelled in a thick-skinned manner, “Brother Mu, I’m Li Haoran’s daughter, I’m here to look for my sister!”

Brother Mu?

Who is she? Are we close enough for her to address me that way?

He squinted at her after hearing her words.

Li Beinian burst into laughter.

How bold of her. How dare she call just anyone her brother?

However, her laughter was very soft and no one except him could hear her.

He turned around to look at her nonchalantly in an aloof manner.

He then looked at the girl opposite him and asked in a mellower voice, “What’s your sister’s name?”

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