Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1810 - 1810 Why Did You Stand Up For Su Lu?

Chapter 1810 - 1810 Why Did You Stand Up For Su Lu?

1810 Why Did You Stand Up For Su Lu?

He had expected Minister Zhang to take action, but he did not expect him to be so shameless.

Fortunately, Su Bei had informed him early in the morning, so he could make the arrangements.

However, when he thought of the shock Su Bei had suffered, Lu Heting could not forgive Minister Zhang.

Especially since Minister Zhang had used his power for personal gain. It was beyond Lu Heting’s imagination!


“Mr. Lu, it’s really nothing. I was just joking with Mr. Su. Mr. Lu, this is just a small matter. I didn’t expect it to alarm you. Why don’t we sit down and have a drink?” Minister Zhang immediately said.

He glanced at Su Bei, who was standing quietly with no intention of getting close to Lu Heting.

He knew that things were still under control.

Lu Heting snapped, “No need.”

“Then I’ll send you out.”

“Su Lu, come out with me.” Lu Heting looked at Su Bei casually.

In front of others, he still protected her identity very well.

How could Minister Zhang dare to object? He could only let Su Bei walk toward Lu Heting.

He glared at Su Bei, warning her not to talk nonsense in front of Lu Heting.

However, he was not afraid. Even if Lu Heting found out, he was from the business world, so he would not care so much about it.

Besides, he hadn’t done anything to Su Lu.

Lu Heting and Su Lu walked to the door. Minister Zhang nodded and watched them leave.

Suddenly, Lu Heting stopped in his tracks and said, “Minister Zhang, Minister Jia is already aware of your situation. I believe he’ll talk to you soon. You’re on your own now!”

Minister Zhang’s body went weak. “M-Mr. Lu…”

Minister Jia held a slightly higher position than him and had always been strong and capable. He took unjust matters very seriously and was especially strict.

Minister Zhang had been hiding this matter from the public. He was afraid that it would affect his position.

If Minister Jia found out now, would he suffer?

Only then did he know that while Lu Heting couldn’t do anything to him directly, he had 10,000 ways to ruin him.

He had underestimated Lu Heting!

However, he couldn’t figure out why Lu Heting would stand up for Su Lu!

After Lu Heting got into the car, he hugged Su Bei tightly.

“It’s okay. I knew you were outside, so I wasn’t afraid at all.” Su Bei reached out and placed her hand on his back. He was actually trembling slightly. One could imagine how frightened he was.

“What happened today was indeed dangerous. I promise you that I won’t put myself in danger again. Don’t worry anymore, okay?” she continued gently.

Lu Heting just hugged her and didn’t let go.

That night, the police released their preliminary investigation results. “After our investigation, it’s confirmed that Zhang Xiran has never taken drugs. The reason why she fell into a drug scandal previously was that she took the blame for the real drug abuser. This matter involves Lu Yaolan of Nirvana Entertainment who openly collaborated with some people in power to absolve the drug abuser. Now that the police have already interfered in the investigation, we’ll strictly investigate all the people involved. We’ll definitely give an explanation to society and the innocent party who was wronged. Please be vigilant and don’t be influenced by drugs.”

The name Zhang Xiran was too recognizable, so the people in the socialite circle immediately knew that it was Zhang Xinran No. 1.

The fact that she had taken drugs was undoubtedly exposed and could no longer be hidden. It was inevitable that Minister Zhang would be implicated in the investigation.

Of course, because of Lu Heting’s interference, the other problems he was involved in would definitely be investigated too.

As Lu Yaolan was involved in this matter, she had to cooperate with the investigation.

Because of this, Old Master Lu flew into a rage. His anger was directed at Lu Yaolan and not anyone else.

As for the artiste, Zhang Xinran, she finally got her justice.

After she proved her innocence, Nirvana Entertainment signed another contract with her.

Su Bei handed her the contract.

Zhang Xinran’s hands trembled slightly, and it took her a while to calm down. She picked up her pen and solemnly wrote her name on it.

“In the next two months, take good care of your mother and improve your acting skills. I’ll arrange for you to go for auditions after that,” Su Bei said simply.

Zhang Xinran didn’t know what to say for a moment and could only nod heavily. “Okay.”

The matter came to a temporary end.

After Lu Yaolan was investigated, things settled down for a while.

She did not participate in the crime much. Her biggest wrongdoing was making Zhang Xinran No. 2 take the blame. As for the people in the internal department who used their authority to absolve Zhang Xinran No. 1, it was all because of Minister Zhang.

Therefore, Lu Yaolan was not punished too harshly and returned quickly.

However, she no longer had a position at Nirvana Entertainment.

Lu Yaolan came to Nirvana Entertainment to pack her things.

When she entered, she saw that all the employees had their heads lowered and were not looking at her. Some of them hurriedly greeted her before quickly moving aside.

“So, Zhang Xinran was fired because of President Lu. It’s really tragic.”

“It’s really scary to work under President Lu. I don’t know when we’ll suddenly be forced to take the blame for others’ crimes.”

“That’s right. President Su would never do such a thing. It’s obvious who’s better.”

“Sigh, I wonder what will happen to us in the future…”

“With President Su around, I believe there won’t be a problem. As long as we don’t cause trouble, President Su isn’t the kind of person who will casually attack others.”

“That’s true. That makes sense.”

“Yes, let’s work hard.”

The people who said these words were basically signed by Lu Yaolan herself. They were originally biased toward her, but now, they started to dislike her and even stood on Su Bei’s side.

Lu Yaolan was already in a bad mood. After hearing these people’s words, her face darkened.

The secretary helped her pack her things nervously and handed them to her. Lu Yaolan reached out to take them and turned to leave.

No one followed her, let alone send her off.

After she went out, Fu Yujia was waiting for her.

“Aunt Yaolan, get in the car.” Fu Yujia gently went forward to take her things.

She personally accompanied Lu Yaolan back to the Lu family’s mansion.

In the living room, Lu Heting was talking to Old Master Lu. Fu Yujia didn’t expect to meet him today. She immediately became excited and smiled brightly.

“Grandpa Lu, Heting.”

She stepped forward to greet Lu Heting.

However, all she got was a polite and distant response.

Old Master Lu glanced at Lu Yaolan and said, “It’s good that you’re back. Stay at home more in the future.”

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