Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1811 - 1811 Public Or Private

Chapter 1811 - 1811 Public Or Private

1811 Public Or Private

Lu Yaolan was embarrassed and went straight upstairs.

Fu Yujia did not leave. What Old Master Lu and Lu Heting were talking about was not a big deal, so they did not hide it from her. Fu Yujia heard them talking about Old Master Lu’s birthday.

According to their arrangements, it would be extravagant and they would be inviting a lot of people.

It sounded like a grand banquet.


However, with the Lu family’s family background and reputation, it was not surprising that such a banquet would become a public diplomatic occasion.

After Old Master Lu roughly made up his mind, he said, “I’ll talk to your aunt.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting nodded.

Old Master Lu quickly left. After all, his daughter’s mood was important to him.

Fu Yujia pinched her fingers gently. She could tell Old Master Lu’s attitude toward Lu Yaolan. She knew that getting close to Lu Yaolan was a good move.

Seeing that Lu Heting was about to leave, she quickly stopped him. “Heting.”

“What is it?” Lu Heting stopped in his tracks.

“I heard from Dad and Mom that the Lu family is decreasing their cooperation with the Fu family. I don’t know what the Fu family did wrong, but can you please be magnanimous and give us another chance on account of the relationship between the two families and the fact that we grew up together?” Fu Yujia bit her lip and begged pitifully.

When she heard the news recently, she felt uneasy and thought about many things.

Moreover, she heard that her brother’s efforts were futile.

Lu Heting seemed to have made up his mind. He gradually reduced the business dealings between the two families, making his parents worried.

She felt that she could still say a few words to Lu Heting, so she took the opportunity to talk to Lu Heting while accompanying Lu Yaolan back today.

Lu Heting’s eyes were calm and cold, and so was his tone. “I did it for business reasons. From the company’s perspective, there’s no chance at all.”

“But Heting, our families are old friends, after all. Can’t you take my feelings into consideration—”

“Fu Yujia,” Lu Heting interrupted her domineeringly. “Public matters are public, and private matters are private. Please don’t mix them up. Besides, I don’t think there’s any personal relationship between us. Please don’t say such things in the future, lest outsiders misunderstand.”

After saying that, he strode past Fu Yujia without giving her a chance to react.

Fu Yujia clenched her fists even tighter. Her face suddenly turned pale, and the last thought in her heart was shattered.

She had always been so careful, wanting to get close to him and gain his favor. When she was young, she often came to the mansion. Grandpa and Grandma Lu treated her very well and always joked that she would marry Lu Heting when she grew up.

She naively held out hope for many years, thinking that he had tacitly agreed with her.

But later on, he went further and further away from her until he was a complete stranger to her. It was as if he had never been related to her.

It was even more so now. He completely ignored her.

She had held onto this hope for many years, but it was shattered bit by bit until it was all gone. It was too painful.

She didn’t want to experience it anymore.

But what could she do?

That man was so high and mighty that he did not take her seriously at all. It was difficult for him to even look at her.

She had always thought that she had a chance, but it was just her wishful thinking.

She walked out in a daze. After the pain, there was only one thought in her heart. Even if she had to do it for her family, she would never look for Lu Heting again.

He was a person who did not care about personal relationships at all.

In the future, she would fully support Lu Yaolan, a woman who could still occupy a position in the Lu family!

She wanted to see if Lu Yaolan was more favored by Old Master Lu or Lu Heting!

In the neighborhood.

Su Bei, Da Bao, and Gun Gun were choosing a birthday gift for Old Master Lu together.

The two munchkins were having a headache over what to choose.

Su Bei and Lu Heting sat together and asked with a smile, “Which one do you think Grandpa will like?”

“As long as it’s from us, he’ll like it.”

“That’s true. Then let’s let them choose. I’ll choose the clothes we’ll wear when the time comes. This time, we’ll be appearing together in public, so we must blind others!”

Su Bei excitedly chose the clothes.

Lu Heting went forward and hugged her waist from behind. “But do you know that Grandpa specifically asked President Su Lu to attend his birthday banquet?”

“Me? Wait, me in men’s clothes?”

“Yes. Grandpa thinks that you’ve done a particularly good job with Zhang Xinran’s matter this time. He really wants you to attend. Also, Grandpa knows that he did something wrong when he asked Aunt to manage the company. He shouldn’t have treated you like that. He also said that he doted on Aunt too much, so he was muddle-headed for a moment. He’s been reflecting on this matter for the past few days.”

Su Bei pursed her lips and smiled. “Then how can I attend?”

Lu Heting thought for a moment. “Why don’t you come to the venue first and then leave with an excuse? You can come to the venue again later. That way, you can accompany me until the end and blow out the candles with Grandpa.”

“That’s a good idea.” Su Bei nodded. “Then it’s decided.”

Lu Heting hugged her and rested his chin on the top of her head. “Sometimes, Grandpa goes a little overboard. I apologize on his behalf.”

“I don’t care how he treats me. Sometimes, I think it’s quite understandable that he dotes on his daughter. If I had a daughter, I might be biased when dealing with her matters.”

Lu Heting smiled. He wondered how biased he would be if he had a daughter.

Seeing him smile, Su Bei understood what he was thinking. “Right? You think so too, right?”

“Well, if I had a daughter like you, it might be really hard for me to be fair.”

“If we really have a child, we have to supervise each other in the future. Let’s not ruin our daughter,” Su Bei said solemnly.

“But first…” Lu Heting held her hand and rubbed her fingers with his thumb.

Old Master Lu’s birthday banquet was as lively as ever.

Guests came and went like clouds, and the entire venue was filled with laughter.

Lu Weijian’s voice could be heard everywhere.

Huo Zhong also came over. After Old Master Huo passed away, he and Lu Weijian went everywhere together.

Of course, when they fought, they were really ruthless.

“Happy birthday, Grandpa Lu.” Huo Zhong handed the gift forward.

“Thank you.” Old Master Lu took it with a smile. “You young people can go and play as you wish. Don’t let me, an old man, restrain you.”

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