Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2189 - 2189 Twins

Chapter 2189 - 2189 Twins

2189 Twins

Her assistant said softly, “Meng Meng, how could it be Qiao Weiyang? Didn’t we agree before that it would be you?”

“How would I know what method she used?” Yao Meng said coldly.

“Hua Yang has gone overboard. In the past few years, you’ve been endorsing the brand’s facial masks. The facial masks have always sold well, and the brand’s reputation has always been good. They agreed to give you the title of spokesperson for all the company’s brands when the time came, but now, they’ve silently given it to Qiao Weiyang. What’s going on?”

Yao Meng was indeed uncomfortable because of this.

Being a spokesperson for a line of products was completely different from being a spokesperson for the entire company.

It would have been fine if the other party was outstanding and had good works. However, Qiao Weiyang did not have anything to show off now. She was just relying on the previous few catfights.

Compared to her, Qiao Weiyang was nothing.

“Meng Meng, come on. Let’s do your makeup first,” the makeup artist said as she walked over.

Today, Hua Yang announced that Qiao Weiyang would be the spokesperson for all the brands under the company. There would be a brand event tonight.

Qiao Weiyang would definitely attend.

Yao Meng, the spokesperson for Hua Yang’s facial masks, was also invited.

The two of them would be attending the event together, but their titles were completely different. Some people might not care, but Yao Meng was going crazy over it.

The assistant brought over the schedule and handed it to her. “Meng Meng, familiarize yourself with the schedule.”

“Got it.” Yao Meng picked it up and glanced at it.

When she saw something, her gaze was fixed on it. She then said to her assistant, “Come here. I have something to tell you, but get the makeup artist to leave first.”

Qiao Weiyang was also starting to prepare for today’s event.

This was the first event that Qiao Weiyang booked after winning the title of spokesperson after her comeback. Lu Mingjue and Tao Huan both took it seriously.

Qiao Weiyang had always valued her work, so she came over in advance to put on makeup.

Tao Huan checked her clothes, accessories, and even handbag.

After checking, Tao Huan said to the makeup artist, “Once you’re done, you have to keep your makeup products away. You can’t let anyone take photos of them.”

“I know. Today is Hua Yang’s special event, so the skincare products and cosmetics I’m using on Weiyang can’t have the logos of other brands.” The makeup artist was also very knowledgeable. “Don’t worry, I know this.”

After an artiste became a spokesperson for a certain brand, they couldn’t be associated with other brands.

However, every artiste’s skin was different, and the skincare products they usually used were also different. It was impossible for them to change everything just because of one endorsement.

Of course, the brand also understood this logic, so the artistes weren’t asked to use its products in private. However, celebrities had to cooperate when it came to big events. This was part of professional ethics.

Therefore, every time there was an event, the assistants of various companies would check in advance to make sure that there was no problem.

“Okay, no problem.” Tao Huan finished checking again and made an ‘OK’ gesture.

When everything was done, it was almost time to go on stage.

Qiao Weiyang walked out.

At this moment, Yao Meng came out of the dressing room and walked toward Qiao Weiyang.

When she passed by Qiao Weiyang, she stopped in her tracks. “Congratulations, Qiao Weiyang.”

“Congratulations on what?”

“Congratulations on becoming Hua Yang’s spokesperson. Oh, I really didn’t expect you to go from being the spokesperson for the brand’s lipsticks to the all-around spokesperson so quickly. Your work hasn’t even been released yet, but you’ve already gotten this far. I really envy you for having a good company and a good marketing team.” Yao Meng congratulated her, but there wasn’t much joy in her words.

Qiao Weiyang could hear her bitter tone. After all, it was too obvious.

“I’m also quite envious of you for being able to become the spokesperson for Hua Yang’s facial masks,” Qiao Weiyang retorted. She meant that with Yao Meng’s qualifications, she wouldn’t even have been able to get this endorsement deal if she didn’t have a good company and a good marketing team.

After saying that, Qiao Weiyang turned around and left without giving Yao Meng a chance to argue back.

Yao Meng clenched her fists but had no choice but to watch Qiao Weiyang leave.

It was already time for the event. The emcee was introducing the products and spokespersons.

Below the stage, the invited guests and some fans were already waiting.

The emcee said loudly, “Let’s welcome the brand’s spokespersons, Qiao Weiyang and Yao Meng.”

Qiao Weiyang appeared, followed by Yao Meng.

The emcee began to host, mainly talking about Hua Yang’s products and carrying out the game segments.

As Qiao Weiyang was the main spokesperson, this was her home ground today. Most of the people below the stage were her fans.

The emcee kept mentioning Qiao Weiyang, while Yao Meng stood on the stage like a backdrop.

Qiao Weiyang seemed to be standing in the spotlight, receiving everyone’s attention. Everything seemed to revolve around her.

Yao Meng looked at everything in front of her and felt upset.

“Alright, this event is coming to an end. Now, we’re going to select ten lucky audience members and gift them ten of Hua Yang’s products,” the emcee said.

Hearing the emcee’s words, the audience erupted into applause and cheers.

“Five of these ten gifts will be given by Qiao Weiyang, and the other five will be given by Yao Meng. What’s even rarer is that the gifts were all personally packaged backstage!”

Hearing the emcee’s words, everyone was even more excited. The fans who were here were all loyal fans. Being able to get a gift was already a pleasant surprise.

Moreover, the gifts were personally packaged by their idols, so this surprise was even greater!

Everyone waved their hands, wanting to receive what their idols had personally packaged.

“Alright, Weiyang and Meng Meng will press the button and select ten numbers. The lucky ones with the same number on their hand signs can come up on stage to receive the gifts! Did anyone throw away their hand signs after entering the venue?” the emcee teased with a smile.

The sign was equivalent to an admission ticket. Only with this could one enter.

Hearing his words, everyone collectively replied, “Of course not!”

“Alright, then let’s start the selection! Weiyang, press the button!”

Qiao Weiyang pressed the button and selected five numbers.

Yao Meng also followed the procedure and pressed the button to decide on five numbers.

Ten lucky people appeared with excited expressions.

“Alright, Weiyang and Meng Meng will personally give the gifts they had packaged to the lucky ones!”

Qiao Weiyang gave her five gifts to her fans and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Although she was usually cold, she knew that her fans’ sincerity was something special and rare, so she solemnly expressed her gratitude to them.

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