Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2190 - 2190 Twins

Chapter 2190 - 2190 Twins

2190 Twins

The five fans screamed in excitement.

Yao Meng also gave out the gifts.

The emcee said a few more words and planned to get them off the stage. The event was about to end.

At this moment, Yao Meng said, “Aren’t you curious about what’s in your gifts? Why don’t you open them at the event location? Other than the gifts, I also prepared gift cards that I personally signed!”

Hearing her words, the emcee also felt that it was not a bad idea to open the gifts now.

This event was to promote Hua Yang. Opening the gift boxes for publicity would allow everyone to browse through the various products.

He said, “That’s a good suggestion. Is anyone willing to open their gift box at the event location?”

The ten of them did not object. Everyone wanted to see what was inside.

Qiao Weiyang frowned slightly and had a subtle premonition.

She could already tell that Yao Meng was dissatisfied with her today. Now that Yao Meng asked to open the gift boxes at the event location, there must be something wrong with the gift boxes she had just given out.

Just now, after wrapping the gift boxes, she handed them to Tao Huan for safekeeping. But Tao Huan did not carry the gift boxes with her at all times. Perhaps the gift boxes had been tampered with…

Before Qiao Weiyang could finish thinking, someone at the event location had already opened their gift box. It was too late for Qiao Weiyang to stop them.

The five gift boxes that Qiao Weiyang had given out were all opened. The lucky fans all held them up. Among the things were Hua Yang’s lipstick, skincare set, and makeup set.

There was nothing else.

Qiao Weiyang heaved a sigh of relief.

Yao Meng had been looking over. When she saw the things inside, she couldn’t help but be stunned. Why were they all Hua Yang’s products?

The emcee smiled and said, “Woah, how generous! Come, let’s take a look at Meng Meng’s gifts. What’s inside the gift boxes?”

Someone took the things out. In addition to Hua Yang’s makeup set, there was also a set of skincare products from another brand. Two of the gift boxes contained skincare products from other brands.

Everyone below the stage saw it.

The emcee also saw that Yao Meng’s gift boxes contained skincare products from other brands.

What kind of mistake was this?

However, it was obvious that no matter what, it would have a bad impact on everyone. After all, today was Hua Yang’s event!

Yao Meng was stunned and did not know what to say. The emcee quickly tried to smooth things over.

Qiao Weiyang smiled and said, “I have Hua Yang’s skincare products in my bag. I’ll give them to these two lucky fans who got the wrong gift boxes.”

She took out Hua Yang’s skincare products from her bag and gave them to the fans. These fans just wanted to receive something that was personally handed over by their idols; they didn’t care much about the items themselves. Hence, they accepted the products ecstatically.

The scene was finally over, and the matter just now didn’t attract much attention.

However, the higher-ups sitting in the front row had all seen that scene earlier. They looked at each other and had their own considerations.

With Qiao Weiyang’s help, this matter did not spread on a large scale.

After leaving the stage, Qiao Weiyang quickly walked backstage.

“Huan Huan, do you know what happened to Yao Meng just now?”

“I don’t.” Tao Huan quickly shook her head. She was helping to take photos just now and saw what had happened. When she saw the lucky fans take out skincare sets from other brands from Yao Meng’s gift boxes, she was shocked.

Qiao Weiyang guessed that Yao Meng had planned to put those things in her gift boxes, but for some reason, a twist happened.

Tao Huan lowered her voice and asked, “Since we didn’t do it, did Yao Meng make a mistake? Is she that stupid?”

“Maybe,” Qiao Weiyang said calmly.

As soon as she finished speaking, she received a WeChat message on her phone.

Su Zhuoqian said: [I came backstage to see you just now and saw Yao Meng’s men sneakily touching your gift boxes. Time was tight, so I didn’t have time to do anything. I got someone to swap them.]

Qiao Weiyang knew that things were not that simple.

If it weren’t for Su Zhuoqian, she, the main spokesperson, would’ve been the one who was embarrassed in public.

The impact was not something Yao Meng, a small brand spokesperson, could imagine.

Qiao Weiyang: [So you’re here. I was wondering why today’s incident was so coincidental.]

Qiao Weiyang: [Many higher-ups came today. They must be investigating this matter.]

Su Zhuoqian: [No matter what, it has nothing to do with you. Yao Meng has no chance to bite back. No one will believe that you’ll do such harmful things when you’re already the main spokesperson.]

Qiao Weiyang: [Yes, the perpetrator will suffer from the consequences sooner or later.]

Su Zhuoqian: [I’ll wait for you here.]

Judging from the location he sent, he was in a special parking space in the underground parking lot.

“Huan Huan, go back first. A friend will be picking me up,” Qiao Weiyang said.

Tonight’s matter was probably not that simple, so Tao Huan said, “Sister Weiyang, I’ll be more careful in the future.”

“Yes, even though we don’t have the intention to harm others, we still have to be wary of others.” Qiao Weiyang only said this sentence before turning to go to the parking lot.

She quickly found Su Zhuoqian’s car and got in.

He was on a work call and had a serious expression on his face. He looked cold and distant as if he could never be approached.

Seeing that Qiao Weiyang had gotten in, he paused for half a second and glanced at her. His gaze instantly softened. Seeing Qiao Weiyang sit down, his expression changed as he got back to work.

He didn’t put away his cell phone until the call ended.

“Fortunately, you came in time tonight.” Qiao Weiyang sighed softly.

“Even if I hadn’t come, I believe you would’ve had a way to deal with it,” Su Zhuoqian said. “Your assistant still needs to be trained.”

“Huan Huan is a good person, and it’s not easy for her. Let’s give her some time to grow.”

Su Zhuoqian laughed. “I naturally have no objections to the person you think highly of.”

“I’m just afraid that you’ll ask her to leave. If you make that request, it won’t be good for me to agree.”

“I won’t do anything to make things difficult for you,” Su Zhuoqian said calmly and looked into Qiao Weiyang’s eyes.

Qiao Weiyang did not know how Hua Yang’s investigation of Yao Meng went.

However, three days later, Yao Meng’s photos were removed from Hua Yang’s official website, and one couldn’t find any information about her endorsement.

Most of her photos in the physical stores were also taken down.

After the new facial masks were released, the marketing team used Qiao Weiyang’s photos.

In other words, although what happened that night did not explode on a large scale, it still brought indelible consequences to Yao Meng.

She wanted the title of main spokesperson, but she couldn’t even keep her existing title.

The saying that greed meant failure came true for her.

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