Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 487 - Hong Mei’s Verification

Chapter 487: Hong Mei’s Verification

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Hong Mei hesitated for a moment before deciding to go back and take a look.

No matter what it was, he would know when he returned.

Hong Mei’s heart thudded as he finally returned to Mount Wutong.

“Why did you only return now?”

The old Vermillion Bird Emperor asked.

“The outside world is very dangerous, so I had to be careful. The speed I returned is already fast. If I tried to return any faster, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be here anymore,” Hong Mei said with a frown.

He thought:

I risked my life to go out and investigate. You guys told me to come back just like that and now you even comment on my speed of return?

Don’t you know how worried I was back then?

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to come back alive. I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to get the information that you wanted.

I was on tenterhooks. It wasn’t easy for me to come back, but you dare to question me?

“Alright, let’s not talk about it anymore. Tell me about the battle between Zhu Hong Shan and the human emperor-level master,” Emperor Jinwu stopped him.

After a long while, all the Phoenix masters fell silent.

“Does that mean that the human emperor-level master is really that powerful?”

“Yes! I only know that Senior Zhu did not have an advantage in that situation. Moreover, Shining Heaven Territory’s entire region has been destroyed and the space has collapsed. Even the space crack in the core of the region is still there.”

“Then tell me more about this human emperor-level master. Tell me everything you know about him,” the Fire Phoenix said.

A space had been shattered, and it had yet to be restored.

It seemed that Zhu Hong Shan had already done his best.

As Hong Mei narrated, the Phoenix masters looked at each other.

“Zhu Hongshan is right!”

“This human emperor-level expert really broke through from the second layer of the emperor-level to the third layer of the emperor-level within a few years. How did he do it?”

“He took more than a hundred years to break through from the first layer of the emperor-level to the second layer of the emperor-level. On the other hand, the third layer of the emperor-level which is even harder to break through and attain, he only took a few years? By chance, was he really a genius who deliberately suppressed his cultivation?”

Several emperor-level masters looked at each other. They then asked, “Do you have any other information on this human emperor-level master?”

“Yes, but it’s all speculation from the masters on the continent. There’s no evidence.”

Hong Mei raised his head carefully.

From the words of the seniors in the clan, it turned out that Senior Zhu Hong Shan had already returned.

The purpose of inviting me back was to verify Senior Zhu Hong Shan’s words. It seemed that the seniors in the clan didn’t really believe Zhu Hong Shan’s words.

Thinking about it carefully, the experience of this human emperor-level master was indeed too mythical.

When he heard it back then, he didn’t believe it either.

“Tell me!”

“They said that this human emperor-level master might be the reincarnation of some mighty figure from the ancient era of Xuantian Sect.”


The Fire Phoenix was stunned for a moment.

The other Phoenix masters were silent for a moment before they shouted, “That’s impossible!”

The higher one’s cultivation, the more they understood the difficulty of a warrior’s reincarnation.

However, the primordial spirit was powerful and could possess.

This was already the primordial spirit of an emperor-level expert.

It would be impossible to survive from the ancient era until now just by relying on the primordial spirit.

Unless it was a master’s level was above emperor-level.

Could it be…

At the thought of this, several masters sucked in a breath of cold air.

The entire Mount Wutong suddenly fell silent.

“If that’s really the case, then when he was at the early stages of the emperor-level, he could break through whenever he wanted. It would not be a surprise.”

“Even if such a master is currently weak, he has many trump cards in his hands. It would not be advisable to make enemies with such a person. Moreover, he’s not weak. He’s at the third layer of the emperor-level, he’s already an incredible master in the outside world.”

“When he was at the second layer of the emperor-level, we haven’t even fought against someone at the fifth layer of the emperor-level. Not to mention the third layer of the emperor-level. The outside world simply can not accommodate such a high-stage emperor-level stature.”

After some exchanges, several masters felt that this person could not be defeated by force, nor could they make enemies with him.

“But he killed Wu Laosan and Red Phoenix…”


“Let’s wait and see first! If this human emperor-level master really has that kind of cultivation, it’s impossible to cultivate in the world where the Heaven Path is severed. Unless…”

Hong Hu suddenly raised his head and said, “Unless he made up the rules of the entire world, then we old geezers can enter the great world and make a breakthrough.”

Vermillion Bird Emperor’s eyes lit up as he followed Hong Hu’s words.

“If he really is an ancient almighty, perhaps he really has a way.”

“The Heaven Path has been severed for God knows how many years. Can he do it?”

In an instant, the Phoenix Clan was split into two factions.

One faction felt that they should wait and see, while the other faction was pessimistic.

Xuantian Sect’s Merit Pagoda Forest.

Li Mu had been lying there for several months.

Most of the time, his spiritual sense had been focused on that little girl called Xiao Yueyue.

On the night that Xiao Yueyue was beaten up, Chang Ming came back and first used true qi on Xiao Yueyue’s swollen face. He comforted her for a long time.

When Xiao Yueyue fell asleep, Chang Ming went out with an ax to look for the servants that beat her up.

He searched for a few nights but could not find them. In the end, he only stopped when he heard from the steward that a few people had gone missing.

A few days later, another servant came to bully him.

On that day, that servant’s head was chopped off and thrown into the river.

His attack was so precise that it was even more professional than a night assassin.

That servant was at the third layer of the saint-level, while Chang Ming was only at the first layer of the saint-level.

Though of course, there was a sneak attack.

But once the attack was successful, the attack was swift and didn’t give the other party a chance to scream. It could be seen how rich Chang Ming’s experience was in this area.

“Reward does not come overnight!”

Li Mu was the first to rely on Chang Ming.

After that, in the Merit Pagoda Forest, he was bullied by the higher stage saint-level disciples and supreme disciples. Chang Ming showed restraint and was very indifferent to his own life.

“Facing an enemy whose strength and status are better than his, it’s amazing that he could endure it!”

If it was him, he definitely wouldn’t be able to do it.

Even if he couldn’t win, he would find an opportunity to trick his opponent.

Speaking of which, this servant was really shameless!

However, it was just the kind of shameless that didn’t have any strength.

Time slowly passed, and the five-year-old Xiao Yueyue grew by two times.

Perhaps he felt that it wasn’t a problem to always keep Xiao Yueyue in the room, but when Chang Ming swept the floor, he would always bring Xiao Yueyue along.

Swish Swish~

Chang Ming would be sweeping the floor at the side while Xiao Yueyue would play alone not far away.

The scene was very calm and very warm.

Just like when he was at the Jingning Palace, Liu Wei brought Liu An to play while he swept the floor at the side.

The difference was that when Liu Wei and Liu An were playing, they caused chaos in the Jingning Palace, while Xiao Yueyue was incomparably quiet.

Sometimes, she would talk to the fallen leaves, and other times, she would talk to the ants that crawled out from the ground.


The sweeping sound was getting closer and closer.

Xiao Yueyue, who was following behind Chang Ming, soon found Li Mu lying on the ground.

Chang Ming frowned, but he still swept away the leaves around Li Mu.

This person had been lying here for a few days and hadn’t moved at all.

Fortunately, he knew this person.

For the past few months, he would frequently appear at the Merit Pagoda Forest.

He often lay like this, and sometimes he would leave for a while.

There was probably someone he cared about in Merit Pagoda Forest!

Xiao Yueyue, who was following behind him, saw Li Mu’s face and was frightened at first. She walked around Li Mu and followed behind Chang Ming.

After a long time, seeing that Li Mu seemed to be a “dead person,” she wasn’t afraid anymore.

She walked in front of Li Mu and sized him up carefully.

The next evening, when Xiao Yueyue saw Li Mu again, she directly squatted in front of Li Mu.

“Is Uncle Dead?”

As she spoke, she tugged at Li Mu’s collar.

Li Mu almost vomited blood when he opened his mouth.

When Chang Ming, who was sweeping the floor, heard Yueyue’s words, his heart was in his throat. He hurriedly said, “Yueyue.”

He knew that the one who could lie here without any worries must be a powerful disciple of the Xuantian Sect.


Yue Yue was startled by Chang Ming’s call.

Chang Ming turned around and found that the person lying on the ground was still lying there as if he was not interested in them.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

Yue Yue turned around and saw that Chang Ming was fine. She tilted her head and looked at Li Mu.

Then, she reached out and held Li Mu’s nose.

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