High School DxD

Volume 1 Chapter 2

Life.2 I Start as a Devil


It’s midnight and I’m pedalling my bicycle at full throttle.

The reason is simple.

I’m handing out the leaflets. They have an easy to use magic-circle on them.

When humans with strong greed take these in their hands and wish for what they want, then we, the Devils, will be summoned before of them.

I then look at the portable machine in my hand. The monitor is displaying the map of the town I’m currently in and there are red lights flashing on it.

I’m heading to those areas pedalling my bicycle.

When I arrive at the flashing point which is the house belonging to someone, I put the leaflet inside their mailbox.

Then I move towards the other flashing points nearby.

I keep on repeating this procedure.

Over and over again.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! It can’t be helped! This can’t be helped! After all, I’m a Devil!”

I’m pedalling my bicycle while screaming out loud.

I think back to the day I found out I was a Devil.

The day I found out I was a Sacred Gear possessor, when I found out that Yuuma-chan is a Fallen Angel, and when I found out that Rias-senpai is a Devil.

By the way, my Devil wings disappeared immediately after that. After all, they're something that will become a hindrance to my daily life. Apparently, the wings can be used to fly if I get used to them. The feeling of having wings is really gross……

It was a bit of a shocking experience to have wings grow out from my back.

“If you work under me, your new life might become very bright you know?”

Rias-senpai says this to me with a wink while I'm looking down after learning I’m a Devil. Apparently, in exchange for being reincarnated as a Devil by Rias-senpai, I have to live on as her servant.

It seems like that’s how it is.

Those who get reincarnated as a Devil from being human have to become the servant of the Devil who reincarnated them. More like, this is the rule of the Devils.

What? I’m her servant……? It might not be that bad to become the servant of a beauty, but still, I can’t agree with it.

“But you know, there are ranks among Devils. It’s something called peerage. I also have one. The place of your birth and your family background plays a big role in it, but there are also Devils who have risen up. Everyone starts off as a novice first.”

“Could you please stop talking like this is a recruiting commercial!? But are you serious? I still can’t believe it.”

Senpai starts whispering into my ears while I'm complaining.

Her crimson hair smells so nice. It feels like my brain will paralysed. Oh, is this also demonic power?

“By the way, you might be able to start a life where you can become popular with girls you know?”


Those words started going around my mind.


Words came out of my mouth before I tried to think about it.

My perverted guts, it’s quite remarkable if it’s this bad.

Wait, this may be the work of the demonic-power Senpai cast onto me. Even I think I have a high tension than I usually do.

“Majority of the pure Devils were killed in the war that took place long time ago. Because of that, Devils started to desperately gather servants. Well, Devils don’t have the strength or the influence they originally had when they leaded their armies. Even so, we need to keep on increasing the number of the Devils. Just like humans, the Devils split in genders of male and female and are able to give birth. But even with normal birth, it will take a lot of time to get back to the same population as before. After all, Devils have a very low birth rate. Then we won’t be able to stand up against the Fallen Angels. So we find humans who seem to have potentials and make them into Devils. As our servant, that is.”

“So, I’m servant after all.”

“Oh, don’t make a face like that. Now, I will get to the point. Since this only increases the number of servants, it doesn’t increase the number of powerful Devils. So the Devils decided to give chances for power to reincarnated Devils— those who were reincarnated from a human. They decided to give peerage to reincarnated Devils as well, as long as they are powerful. Because of that, there are many Devils in humans’ society. There are also numbers of Devils like myself who came to humans’ society as well. Ise, even though you haven’t realised it, I’m sure you have passed through some Devils in this town.”

“So Devils were always nearby then!?”

“Yes. Though there are humans who can distinguish which ones are Devils and those who can’t. A person with a strong greed or a person who wants to get help from Devils usually can distinguish us strongly. We are usually summoned by the ones who can distinguish between them, through the leaflet with magic-circle that we give out. There are people like you, Ise, who can distinguish Devils but don’t believe in our existence, but majority of them usually believe it if they see our demonic-powers.”

What!? So the reason I summoned Senpai was because I had a strong greed!

Looks like there is change in the Devils society as well!

It must be a difficult thing, but that doesn’t matter now.

The important thing is that there is also a chance for me as well!

“T-Then! That means I can also get a peerage with how I do things!?”

“Yes. It’s not impossible. Of course, it would take a lot of time and effort to achieve though.”


I shout. Inside this clubroom.

“Are you serious!? Me!? I’m able to make my own harem!? I-I can have sex with them as well, right!?”

“Yes. I think it’s fine if it’s with your servants.”

A thunder strikes my body.


Something like that is actually possible!?

In the real world and also as a human, it’s really hard to build your own harem.

There’s no way you can gather herds of girls if you are just an ordinary human.

That’s because the situation I am currently in is bad.

I don’t even have a single girlfriend. Well, I did, but I was killed by my ex-girlfriend.

It’s different now! Now I can……!

“Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!! Being a Devil rocks! Hell yeah! I can’t calm myself any more! I can probably throw away my porn magazine that I am secretly hiding—”

I stopped what I was about to say, and then started thinking about the decision I’m about to make.

“No. Not the porno magazine. Not that. I can’t throw that away. That’s my treasure. I could still use that until my mum finds out about it! This and that is a different issue. Yeah. It’s a different issue!”

“Fufu. This boy really is funny.”

Rias-senpai is laughing as if she finds me really amusing.

“Ara ara. It’s just like you said Buchou. He does make me feel like, “I think I have a very idiotic brother now”.”

Even Himejima-senpai is laughing while saying “Ufufu”.

Ahaha, she is kind of saying bad things about me.

“Anyway, Ise. You are all right with being my servant, right? If you have potential, then you will eventually stand out. And then, you might be able to receive a peerage.”

“Yes, Rias-senpai!”

“Wrong. You will have to call me ‘Buchou’.”

“Buchou? Can’t I call you Onee-sama?”

I got carried away and ask her.

I always wanted a “Onee-sama”. It’s not even a yuri situation, but all of the guys have a desire to call an older beauty a “Onee-sama”.

Rias-senpai thought about it seriously for a while, and then shook her head.

“Hmm. That also sounds wonderful, but since I operate mainly in the school, being called Buchou has a better ring to it. This is Occult Research Club after all, and everyone here also calls me that.”

“Okay! Then, Buchou! Teach me how to be a Devil!”

At my words—Buchou puts on a devilish smile. It seems like she is truly happy.

“Fufufu, good reply. Good boy, Ise. Okay, I will change you into a man.”

Buchou starts to touch my chin with her fingers.

O-Onee-sama! It’s my Onee-sama!

I will awaken as a Devil while serving under her from now on! No, I will rise up!

This should be fine!

After all, I can’t revert back to being a human any more right? Then, I will just have to walk straight ahead!

I've already accepted the situation I am in.

It might sound stupid, but its fine I guess. I have already convinced myself.

It’s more like my perverted guts are functioning to the MAX! It’s also because my tension is high too.

I’m relieved that I'm a guy who works for his ambition towards sex!

Rather than thinking about the new world I stepped my foot in, I will just enjoy my current life.

“I’m going to become a Harem-King!”

If I think back calmly about that day, I may have been tricked into this situation by Buchou’s demonic-power.

Well, that’s okay, I guess.

We are talking about a harem here. Being able to create a harem is amazing.

With this, I became a member of the Occult Research Club.

Few days have passed since I became a Devil.

I’m just peddling my bicycle like crazy in the middle of the night.

Since that day, I've become Rias-buchou’s servant and I have been working a lot.

First, we gather at the old school building at night.

This is because we Devils can use our power more sufficiently at night.

The unknown phenomenon that happens to me is the power of a Devil.

Since I’m a Devil, my power increases during night time. It’s such a wonderful thing.

But the reason why I feel weak in the morning is also due to me being a Devil. Devil hates light. It seems the stronger the power of light is, the more lethal it becomes to our bodies.

Lights are poisonous—

That’s what I was told by Buchou.

It seems like the Fallen Angels and the Angels who uses light as their weapon is the natural enemies of Devils. I was told to run away if I ever encounter them. But once you get used to it, it seems like you will be okay under the sun.

The reason why I’m weak in the morning is because I was resurrected as a Devil recently and my body can’t stand the morning light.

It seems like I will get used to it after a while.

The reason why I was left alone when I was resurrected as a Devil was because she wanted me to realise the changes in my body by myself.

She was planning to tell me the truth and was waiting for the right time.

That was the day when I was attacked by the guy wearing the suit, so I certainly feel like it was destiny.

Anyway, I’m working hard as Rias Gremory’s Servant Devil.

Since I just became a Devil, I was told to study about the Devils’ society and how it works.

I was ordered to give out these leaflets at night, so I can get used to it.

I thought my parents will get worried if I was gone every night but Buchou said this to me with a smile.

“That day, I did all the necessary things when I met your parents, so it’s fine”.

Certainly, my parents didn’t get mad when I come home late after finishing my work.

They just say “Welcome home”.

Hmm, Buchou’s demonic-power is amazing.

Speaking about amazing, I was really amazed how much authority Buchou have in the academy. The academy we go to is Buchou’s territory. That’s why she is like the controller of the academy behind the scene.

It seems like the person in the highest position in our academy have ties with the Devils and therefore can’t oppose the people from the House of Gremory.

In other words, the academy is basically Buchou’s personal belonging.

That’s also the reason why we are able to enter the school at night.

And now back to my current work.

Every day, I go around on my bicycle, posting a leaflet which can summon Rias Gremory’s group inside the mailboxes by using a mysterious device.

It seems like the device I’m holding onto is a secret machine developed by the technology of the Devils.

It has a shape of those current portable game devices.

There’s a screen, and it has buttons. It’s a touch-pen type device. So it comes with a touch-pen.

And I’m using the device the way I was told to.

The monitor displays the map of the town I live in, – Buchou’s territory.

Each Devil is given a certain territory in the human world, and they can only do their job within their territory.

Our job— in other words, we get summoned, we then make contract, and then we grant their wish.

As a price, we receive an award fitting for the particular wish they make. It can be money, an object, and at times even their life.

Well, it seems like there aren’t any contractors who will go far to use their life to make a wish.

Even if there was a person like that, it usually gets cancelled since the price doesn’t match up with their wish.

According to Buchou, “People’s values aren’t equal”.

Yup, it’s harsh.

And the light flashing on the monitor shows the houses where people with a lot of greed live.

So I go to these areas to hand out the leaflet which comes with a magic-circle.

As long as there are lights flashing on the monitor, my work isn’t finished.

Because I turned into a Devil, other people and even the police don’t pay attention to me. Since I’m already active as a Devil, humans don’t realise my presence when I’m working.

I have been pedalling my bicycle every day, but the light displayed on the monitor never disappears.

That’s how much humans are being with strong greed.

Once you make a wish, it apparently becomes an addiction to keep on wishing for other ones.

Making a contract is basically limited to occur at night. That’s because Devils are only allowed to work at night. The daytime is a time for the Angels and God. That is the part that I still don’t understand.

The leaflets can only be used once, so once they use it, then I will have to hand it out again.

In other words, my work will last forever.

Well, thanks to that, Rias-buchou and the others can continue to be active and we never run out of jobs. So we are certainly increasing our point as being a Devil.

It seems like we get acknowledged by the King of Devils if we keep on making contracts and granting the wish of a human.

I see. So if I continue working like this, then I will be able to receive a peerage from the King!

So it’s better to take on bigger jobs.

I want it! I also want to make a contract!

“Uoooooooooooooooooooh! I want to be surrounded by girls soon as I caaaaan!”

But right now, I have to be patient and keep on doing these simple tasks!

But how long do I have to continue doing this……

Part 2

On a certain day, after school.

I went towards the old school building after splitting apart from my two mates.

To begin with, it seems like my job of handing out the leaflets was originally a job assigned to Buchou’s familiar.

Senpai changes the forms of the mouse and the bat that she owns into a form of a human, and makes them hand out the leaflets like I did.

She says they do this, both day and night.

The reason why I was assigned to do it was because Buchou wanted me to know what kind of job Devils have to do from the beginning.

This is something Kiba and the others did as well.

Kiba, Toujou Koneko-chan, Himejima-senpai are all Servant Devils of Rias-buchou. So they are my senior.

So they all have experience in doing the work I did. So each person has a history of doing it. Ah, they aren’t persons but Devils.

It may not be important, but I got an approval from Toujou Koneko-chan and Himejima-senpai to call them “Koneko-chan” and “Akeno-san” respectively.

Looks like I got one step closer to getting along with them.

Fufufu, I called them by their name in front of Matsuda and Motohama on purpose. The expression on their faces was the best.

I haven’t told Motohama and Matsuda about me. They won’t believe me even if I did, and I also think it will be really dangerous for them to step foot into this world.

I also did die once, so I can’t drag them into this.

By the way, I still call Kiba, Kiba. Die, handsome. I will never call you “Kiba-kun”!

And so, today, I was called over to the clubroom.

I went inside the old building that I’m getting familiar with and head towards the room on the second floor.

“I’m coming in.”

When I went inside after saying that, everyone is already there. Oh, am I the last one?

The room is dark and the window is covered to block the light from entering.

The only light in the room is from the candles spread variously on the floor.

“So you came.”

As soon as Buchou confirms that I’m here, she gives an order to Akeno-san.

“Yes, Buchou. Ise-kun, please come to the centre of the magic-circle.”

Akeno-san tells me to come by using her hand.

A beauty is waving her hand at me! Thank you very much! That alone is a reward for me.

I walked to the centre of the circle. So what now?

“Ise, your work of giving out the leaflets is over. Well done.”

Buchou is smiling. I see, so I’m done with handing out leaflets.

“Now I will have you do the actual job of a Devil.”

“Oh! Now I can make contracts!?”

“Yes, that’s right. Though, since it’s your first time, it’s going to be a contract with someone who wants to make a small wish. There’s two reservation contracts with Koneko. Since it’s hard to do both, I will leave one to you.”

“……Please help me out.”

Koneko-chan bows her head.

So I’m going on behalf of Koneko-chan. That’s okay.

I was getting tired of handing out the leaflets.

Unexpectedly, peddling a bicycle every night and handing out the leaflets made me lonely.

The other members are outside the circle. Akeno-san who is inside the circle is casting something.

Then, the magic-circle starts emitting blue and white lights.


“Keep quiet, Ise. Akeno is currently inserting your carved seal into the magic-circle.”

Buchou says.

My carved seal? It seems like the magic-circle inside this room represents the “Gremory”.

I was told that for us, Servant Devils of Buchou, it’s something like a family crest.

So for people who are trying to summon us, and for people who want to make a contract with us, this sign represents our symbol.

So the activation of the so-called demonic-power is related to this.

Kiba and the others have these signs on their bodies in different sizes and it operates whenever they use their demonic-powers. That’s what I was told.

I thought about getting engraved with the same signs, but it seems like you have to learn how to control demonic-powers when you first become a devil, and then using demonic-power which creates natural phenomenon by coordinating it through the magic-circle after that.

Well, that’s what I thought.

“Ise, put your palms towards here.”

I put my left hand towards Buchou, just like she said. Buchou writes something on my palm with her fingers. Is she writing a charm?

It feels like she is drawing something like a circle……

Then my palm glows.

There is a circular symbol, a magic-circle engraved in my hand. It’s glowing in blue and white.

Wow, a magic-circle!

“This allows you to transport to the client's place instantly by making you go through the teleportation-type magic-circle. And when the contract is done, it lets you return to this room.”

Oh, I get it now. So it has that kind of ability.

“Akeno, are you ready?”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Akeno-san steps out the magic-circle.

“Now stand in the centre.”

I stand at the centre of the magic-circle like she urges me to.

Then the magic-circle starts to make a stronger glow.

Somehow, I can feel power coming from it. When I’m touching this magic-circle, the power inside me is flowing out. So is this the trait for being part of the group?

“The magic-circle is responding to the client. You will be teleported to that location now. You already have the manual for what to do after getting teleported right?”


“Good response. Now, get going!”

I have my tension rising up!

My first job! I’m definitely going to accomplish it safely!

The magic-circle starts to glow even stronger. It looks like I’m getting teleported there instantly.

There are many lights which are covering my body. I closed my eyes because of the brightness. Next time I open my eyes, I will be at the client’s place! Kuu! I’m looking forward to this!

And then—






Hm? Hmm.

Huh? Have I teleported? Is it done?

I open my eyes timidly.

………… I got speechless because of my surroundings.

—It’s the club room.

Huh? What about the instant teleportation? Where’s the client?

When I look, Buchou seems to be troubled and is putting her hand on her forehead.

Akeno-san is saying “Ara ara” with a disappointed face.

The bastard Kiba is making a sigh. He pisses me off, but did something happen to me?


Buchou calls my name.


“It’s unfortunate, but it seems like you can’t use the magic-circle to get transported to the client's location.”

Huh? What does that mean?

I put on a puzzled expression, and Senpai explains to me.

“Magic-circle requires certain amount of demonic-powers…… It doesn’t require that much demonic-power. No, it’s a feat that could be done by any Devil. Even children. Transportation through the magic-circle is the first and the easiest step of being a Devil.”

W-What does that mean……?

“In other words Ise, your demonic-powers are below that of children. No, it’s so low that the magic-circle can’t respond to it. Ise, your demonic-power is incredibly low.”



“W-What the heeeeeeeeeeell!”

I was speechless.

Eeeeeh! So that means that I can’t use the magic-circle to teleport to the client’s location because I don’t have demonic-powers!?

Aren’t I a Devil? I’m a Devil, right?


Koneko-chan says it expressionlessly. That is a severe hit, Koneko-chan.

“Ara ara. We are in trouble. What should we do, Buchou?”

Akeno-san also has a troubled face and asks Buchou.

Uggh. My debut as a Devil starts from a rough start……

Then Buchou says it clearly to me after thinking for a while.

“Since there is a client, we can’t let him wait. Ise.”


“This never happened before, but you will have to go there on your own feet.”

“By myself!?”

I’m in shock. I wasn’t predicting that, Buchou-sama!

“Yes, just like how you handed out the leaflet, you will have to go to the client’s house by bicycle. This can’t be helped. You don’t have any demonic-powers after all. You will have to make up for that with your own body.”

“On a bicycle!? I will have to go to the client's place on a bicycle!? Are there even Devils like that!?”


Koneko-chan points at me silently. Koneko-chaaaaaan, you sure like to make me feel miserable, huh……

“Hurry and get going! It’s a Devil's job to make contracts! You can’t make humans wait!”

Buchou urges me. She has a serious face.

Ugggh, my goal for getting a peerage starts from a bumpy road!

“U-Uwaaaaaah! I will do my best~!”

I left the club room while crying.

Part 3

It’s midnight and I was peddling my bicycle at maximum speed.

My eyes are covered with tears. I’m crying. Yeah, I’m crying.

A Devil who can’t get summoned through a magic-circle. That will be me. Apparently this is the first case ever, ladies.

Thanks to that, my tears aren’t stopping.

What does she mean that I don’t have demonic-powers!? Dammit! Will I actually be able to get a peerage at this rate!?

Using the Devil’s portable device, I’m peddling my bicycle towards the person who called me.

It’s an apartment located 20 minutes away from the school. The client is in one of those rooms.

If it’s a delivery service, customers will get mad because of the late delivery.

It’s usually instant teleportation. But I made the client wait for 20 minutes. If you are working in a store, then your manager will be mad at you.

My manager was troubled when I did that. Did I leave a bad impression on him?

Hmm, living as a Devil sure is hard.

I knock on the door.

“Good Evening! I’m an errand from the Devil Gremory-sama! Excuse me, but this is the house that summoned us right?”

It should be okay with this.

Devils can only be sensed by humans who want to make contracts. Even if I do something like this at middle of the night, the neighbours won’t know what’s going on.

It seems like only the client can hear what I just said. During the time when we are doing our job as a Devil, a special demonic-power gets activated and it won’t cause trouble to those who isn’t involved in it. That’s what Buchou told me.

“W-Who’s there!?”

What I heard is a voice of panicked man.

“Umm, I’m a Devil. I’m a newbie and I came here because I was called by you.”

“D-Don’t lie! There isn’t any Devil that knocks on doors! Devils come out from this leaflet! That’s how it was for the past summoning! And the one I called for is Koneko-chan!”

Yeah, he’s right.

I will apologise for that. I’m sorry.

It’s also an unexpected incident for me and the others.

“Ah, I’m sorry. It seems like I don’t have enough demonic-powers, so I can’t appear from the magic-circle.”

“You might just be a pervert!”

I got pissed off as soon as he said that.

“I’m not a pervert! And how should I know! If I could, I also wanted to appear through the magic-circle! What kind of loner would peddle their bicycle through the town in middle of the night!?”

“Why are you the one getting pissed, you super pervert!”

“Super pervert!? Fuck you! I’m telling you that I’m a Devil!”

“Go home!”

The client opens his door. The client complains.

He’s a skinny man. He looks unhealthy.

He looks angry but as soon as he looks at my face, his expression softens.

“……Are you crying?”

“Eh? Me?”

When I put my hand on my cheek, tears is on my hand.

I’m crying.

“Is that so? So you were shocked to find out that you can’t teleport through the magic-circle……”

“Looks like it.”

I was allowed to come into his room.

He even made tea for me.

The incident about the teleportation and the argument earlier crushed my heart more than I expected, and unconsciously I was crying.

Of course I want to cry.

The client, Morisawa-san, who saw that allowed me to come inside his room after feeling sorry for me.

His room looks clean. It’s a tidy room for a single guy like him to live in.

He told me that he works for the government during the day.

Morisawa-san does his job seriously, but he was craving to get in touch with other people, so he ended up summoning Devils from that leaflet.

“So it’s not Koneko-chan……”

He fell in love with Koneko-chan at first sight who was the first Devil he made contract with, and since then he has been summoning her.

“I’m sorry, but apparently that girl is popular with other clients as well. It seems like she is in charge of the “cuteness” department.”

When you summon a Devil, you can wish for which Devil to summon by calling out that Devil’s name.

Well, that’s how it was explained to me.

And today Koneko-chan’s job was passed to me.

There are cases when the Devil they chose can’t be summoned, so another Devil goes as their substitute.

“I wished for a Devil from the cuteness category when I used the leaflet……”

“I’m a cute newbie, so can you be okay with that?”

“Hahaha! You talk of something impossible! If I had a silver sword with me, I would have stabbed you!”

Onii-san, you are laughing but your eyes looks serious.

“By the way, what were you going to wish for when you tried to summon Koneko-chan?”

That is my question. Maybe I can also grant that wish of his.

But that is instantly shattered when Morisawa-san took out a certain thing from the corner of his room.

“I wanted her to wear this.”

Which girl’s school uniform is that from? I think I have seen it somewhere before. Or maybe, I haven’t.

“It’s the uniform of Nagato Yuki.”[1]

“Nagato……ah! From Suzumiya Haruhi.”

Even I know it. Suzumiya Haruhi series. It was a popular anime last year.[2]

“Devil-kun, do you also like Nagato?”

“No, I’m more of an Asakura Ryouko fan.”[3]

“And your reason?”

“Her breasts.”


Morisawa-san lost his word when he heard me reply without a second thought.

Asakura Ryouko, a regular character from Suzumiya Haruhi series, and a beautiful girl with a glamorous body.

“So you are a big breasts lover?”

“Yes, oppai are packed with dreams. That, I am very sure of.”

I then imagine Buchou’s naked breasts bouncing.

Buchou, I've fallen in love with your oppai at first sight. I was too embarrassed to say it in front of you, but I will definitely protect your oppai, Buchou.

Morisawa-san makes a lecherous expression while smirking.

“You have good eyes. Seems like you have an extremely high passion towards oppai. I see, so you have an opposite fetish as me. I like small breasted girls.”

“I can understand that. I have a friend with the same taste.”

The guy that appears to my mind is my evil buddy who wears glasses, Motohama. He is a genuine pervert. That, I am very sure of.

“Yes. Don’t you think she, Koneko-chan, looks similar to Nagato? For example her atmosphere. Though she’s a bit short.”

When you say it like that, Koneko-chan has a small body, she shows no expression, she has a body with no curves, her hair is short, and so they do seem similar. Nagato Yuki is also a character like that.

“That’s why I wanted her to wear this. I really wanted her to wear it!”

Morisawa-san shed tears of regret. He sure is regretting it.

He really wanted her to wear it, huh?

“I’m sorry about it. Okay then. Let me wear it—”

“I’ll fucking kill you, bastard!”

Morisawa-san turns down my kind offer while shouting. Please don’t get mad while crying out that much. It’s a joke. I ‘m just kidding.

Morisawa-san tries to calm down after whipping off his tears.

He takes a deep breath and calms down.

“Well, never mind. So what is your special skill? You are a Devil so you should be good at something right? Something like using a mysterious power. Just to tell you, Koneko-chan has extreme strength. She carried me like a princess.”

Morisawa-san says it with pride. Where has your pride as a man gone off to?

Yeah, there must be people who get all high by being lifted up by a girl.

But, my special trait? Hmm.

I crossed my arm and then say it seriously.

“My special skill is Kamehameha.”[4]

“Go kill yourself.”

“What! What’s with that response! You shouldn’t say that right away! And your words had so much killing intent in it!”

“Of course I am! In what kind of world is there a Devil that has Kamehameha as his special skill!?”

“Here! Right h~e~r~e!”

I said it strongly while pointing it myself.

“Then do it!”

“I will!”

“If you can shoot it, then shoot! Don’t look down on us, the generation who grew up with Dragon Ball! When we were in junior school, all of us practiced doing Kamehameha during break every Monday. We even tried to collect spirits so we could use the genkidama, though nothing happened! Don’t look down on our generation!”[5] [6]

“Shut up! So who cares if you were raised while watching Dragon Ball! I have all of the manga volumes! I even bought the special cover version in first print as well! Me and my mates also played “Hide and seek by using ki”!”

I talked back to all of his argument.

I’m pissed! Yeah, I’m really pissed!

Then, I’ll show you! Hyoudou Issei’s version of Kamehameha!

I activate my Sacred Gear!

First I close my eyes, and then put my left arm upwards. I then imagine Son Goku in my head……and put my arm down while making a pose of doing a Kamehameha.[7]

I put all my energy in it! Shit! Take this, you Dragon Ball generation! This is my ultimate attack!


Flash! Instantly, my left arm glows!

The Sacred Gear, a red gauntlet, appears while covering my left arm.

How’s that! This is my Sacred Gear!


I then look at Morisawa-san, and he is crying hard.

He then grabs volume 1 of Dragon Ball from his bookshelf.

He grabs my hand and we exchanged a passionate handshake.

“Let’s talk about it!”


Tears are also flowing out of my eyes.

That’s enough to understand what he is trying to say. Any Dragon Ball fan will understand what he is trying to say.

“Yes, let’s talk about it!”

So the long night starts.

“Hahaha. Me too. I also think it was good that Wakamoto-san voiced Cell as well.”[8] [9]

“Yeah. It sounded just like how I imagined it to be.”

After he got his manga, we’ve been laughing and talking for the past 2 hours.

As we talk, we forgot the age gap between us and have already became friends.

Fufufu. He had a bad first impression, but when we started talking, we realised we can get along.

“Okay! Maybe I should make a contract with you as well?”

“Yeah! President! Thank you for the contract!”

Yes! Yes yes yes yes!

I’ve gotten my first contract!

My road to getting a peerage has started! My legend starts from here!

“Okay it might be a standard wish, but can I wish to become rich?”

I see. That is indeed a normal but a popular wish people would ask.

“Okay. I’ll check.”

I turned on the portable device for Devils, and operated it.

When I input his wish, the answer appears.

“Ah, umm, in your case, for you to fulfil that wish, your price would be your life. So you will die.”


“Yes, in the Devils’ world, they say that “Individuals life isn’t equal”. I’m sorry. So for you to wish becoming rich, Morisawa-san, you would have to die.”

“It feels like I just got my heart ripped out, but that’s okay. Anyway, if I make that wish, where will I die?”

“Umm. Ah, you will die as soon as the money starts dropping from the sky. Looks like you can’t even touch it. This is awful.”

“Guha! So I can’t smack the money onto your face then!?”

“Hey, don’t try to hit me with it.”

Yeah, I just witnessed someone’s dream getting crushed.

I see. Like I thought, making a wish like that is basically near impossible for Morisawa-san.

So this is what Buchou means that people’s value isn’t equal. What an unfair world we live in.

“T-Then how about a harem? How about wishing for lots of girls in a sumptuous feast!?”

Oh. So you will go there, huh!

I’m a bit moved. He’s a guy, after all. Of course he will wish for something like that.

“Morisawa-san! I also love harems! It’s every man’s dream after all! Amazing! I think I can enjoy drinking alcohol with you one day! Even though I’m a minor!”

“I don’t care about that, so what does it say?”

I input his wish in the device. Oh my, that’s a harsh answer.

“Well, it says that you would die as soon as the beautiful woman and girls come into your sight.”

“I’m going to die just by seeing them!?”

“No, it says as soon as they come into your sight, so you won’t be able to tell whether they are beautiful or not. That’s harsh. Isn’t it better to walk past beautiful girls in the city?”


Suddenly Morisawa-san who is an adult, starts to cry.

“So I was a human who didn’t have much worth!? Uggh, I can only say I’m sorry for being born……”

I pat softly on Morisawa-san’s shoulder.

“Let’s continue talking about Dragon Ball till morning. You want to battle-play Dragon Ball? I will be Goku and you can be Freeza. Is that okay?”

Morisawa-san nods his head while crying.

Like this, my first contract became invalid because I have to take care of my client.

Part 4

Next day, after school.


Buchou is angry. She’s lifting her eyebrow and she didn’t say a single word.

I’m standing in front of her and my face is pale.

Yesterday, I was playing Dragon Ball with my client and finished the night with it.

Oh yeah, Kiba said something like this with a bitter smile earlier.

“This kind of case has never happened before.”


The tone of her voice is deep and scary.


“You talked with the client about manga, and what happened after that? What about the contract?”

She came straight to the point. I have sweats coming out of me.

“T-The contract became invalid…… We battled-played a certain manga till morning!”


“Y-Yes! You act as a character from that a specific manga and then start an imagination fight!”

Why am I explaining something like this so seriously?

Explaining this to her is making me want to cry.

“I-I know that as a high school boy I should be embarrassed— no, as a professional Devil, I should be also embarrassed! I-I’m regretting it! I’m very sorry!”

I bow down my head while apologising.

Seriously, what on earth was I doing till morning?

“……After the contract, we ask the client to fill in the questionnaire on the leaflet we gave them. We ask the client, “How was your contract with a Devil?”. The questionnaire which is filled appears in this leaflet, but……”

Buchou shows the paper with the feedback for the questionnaire to me.

So there’s a thing like that, huh. Devils job are more complex than I thought.

“……[It was fun. It was my first time having a good time like this. I would like to meet with Ise-kun again. I hope I can make a good contract with him next time]…… This is the questionnaire filled by the client.”


My chest became hot.

Morisawa-san…… I wasn’t able to do anything, but you……

“This is the first time I received a feedback like this. I wasn’t sure what to do first. That’s why I put on a weird expression because I didn’t know how to react to this.”

Buchou isn’t mad?

But it’s true that I didn’t make a contract……

“To Devils, what’s important is that we actually make a contract with humans who summoned us. We then receive the price from them. That’s how Devils have lived for a long time ago. ……I didn’t know how to react because this is the first time I encountered an incident like this. You might have failed as a Devil but the client was happy with you……”

Buchou has a puzzled expression, but she then smiles.

“But it’s interesting. That is certain. There wasn’t any Devil like you, but you really are an interesting boy. You might become the number 1 Devil for unexpected things. But remember to do the basics. You make contracts with the clients, you grant their wish, and then you receive the price. Okay?”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

Buchou forgives my actions.

That alone makes me so happy that I feel like dancing.

Buchou, next time I’ll definitely do it!

Part 5

At night after I made a vow.

Once again, I’m doing my job.

I’m on full throttle peddling my bicycle towards the client’s house at night.

This time, I’m heading towards a mansion that is 30 minutes away from the school.

It took me 30 minutes to reach even though I was going at full speed. The client isn’t pissed, right?

I stand front of the door and rang the bell. A Devil who has to ring the door bell truly is saddening.

I also want to get summoned through the magic-circle soon.

Then after a short time, there is a reply through the inter-phone.

“It’s opened. Come in-nyou.”

It’s really a thick voice. It’s a guy. Huh? “Nyou”? Did he just say “Nyou”?

No, it must be my ears.

I open the door, took off my shoes at the entrance, and walk timidly into the mansion.

The moment I open the door, I became speechless.


A humongous body. And an overwhelming presence.

It’s an enormous guy with incredible muscles wearing a gothic-lolita outfit.

If I look carefully, the buttons on the outfit looks like they are about to fall off. There also some places in his outfit which looks like it’s about to get ripped.

More than that, his eyes are filled with overwhelming killing intent –-but his eyes have a glow of a pure innocent person.

No, the most unusual thing is his head.

He has cat-ears.

I swallow down my spit. A single sweat drops from my cheek. My hands are shaking because I’m getting nervous.

This isn’t a man. He is a man among all man!

An overwhelming presence and the sense of being in danger.

I have a hunch. A hunch that I will be killed in an unreasonable death.

“U-Umm……a Devil……did you summon a Devil from the Gremory group……?”

I ask him timidly.


The man’s eye glows while making sound effect.

It feels like there is intense battle spirit between us.

I’m going to get killeeed! Hii!

Even though I’m a Devil, I changed my posture to protect myself.

“That’s right -nyou. I called Devil-san because I want to make a wish–nyou.”

Unexpected words came out from his thick mouth.

His ends his sentence with “nyou”!

Impossible……is he even allowed to do that?

“I want you to make Mil-tan a Magical Girl –nyou.”

“Please teleport to another world then.”

I give him my answer right away.

It’s impossible. That’s really impossible. Seriously.

I hold my head down because of his wish is something beyond what I expected.

Mil-tan!? What the heck is Mil-tan!?

This man’s words starts to confuse me.

With that body of yours, you can go to another dimension and return back here alive! You can probably defeat Satan as well!

“I already tried that –nyou.”

“You actually tried it!?”

“But it was impossible -nyou. There was no-one who would give Mil-tan magical powers –nyou.”

“Well, you can say that this situation is kind of magical……”

“The only option left is to ask my arch-enemy, Devil-san -nyou.”

I already have myself treated as his enemy without realising it….. But I won’t say anything to him.


The voice released by this man —Mil-tan, shakes the whole room.

What is this!? Sound magic!?

“Please give Mil-tan a fantasy-like powers -nyoooooou!”

“Don’t worry; you look fantasy-like enough! I’m the one who feels like crying!”

I start to cry for real.


How come all the clients I’m in charge of are bunch of perverts!? What’s the meaning of this!?

“Mil-tan! Mil-tan, calm down! I will listen to what you have to say!”

First things first, I think I need to calm this man down and listen to his story.

Mil-tan puts on a big smile with his scary face after he wipes his tears.

“Then let’s watch “Magical Girl Milky Spiral 7 Alternative” together–nyou. The story about the magic starts from there –nyou.”

My long night has begun.

Part 6

It’s already the next day, and I’m on my way home after the regular club activity ended.


I made a sigh.

Even today, Buchou put on a weird expression. My contract became invalid twice in a row.

But I got the best feedback.

Buchou became confused again because she encountered an incident that she never has experienced twice in a row. I’m sorry for getting involved in a weird situation.

I feel bad, but it seems like my road to getting a peerage will be harder than I thought……

Last night, I watched the anime DVD till morning with Mil-tan.

At first I wasn’t serious in watching it, but I got hooked to the Magical Girl anime due its hot actions and the story which made me cry, so I ended up watching till morning.

Besides that, why are all of my clients a bunch of perverts?

“Ahaha, Hyoudou-kun must have a demonic-power that attracts people like that.”

Kiba said something like that to me earlier with his refreshing smile.

Die, handsome. I hear that the chances of him being summoned by beautiful older woman is high.

Dammit! What kind of contract does he have with them!?

Is it sex!? Or sex related!?

Just thinking about it makes me want to murder him. Shit! Damn you, Kibaaaa!


Hmm? A sudden voice.

At the same time I heard the voice from behind me, there is also a sound of something dropping on the ground.

When I turned around, there is a Sister who is on the floor.

She is spreading her arms wide open and has her face on the ground. That certainly is a clumsy way of falling down.

“……A-Are you okay?”

I approach the Sister and give her my hand so she can stand up.

“Auu. Why do I keep on tripping over…… Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you very much~.”

Judging from her voice, she is young. Is she the same age as me?

I take her hand to lift her up.

Wind blows

The Sister’s veil flies off because of the wind.

Her blonde hair, which is hidden underneath, falls down onto her shoulders. Her straight blonde hair is sparkling with light because of the sunshine.

Then my eyes move towards her face.


My heart is taken by her instantly.

A blonde hair beauty is standing front of me.

Both of her green eyes look so beautiful that it feels I will be sucked into it……


For a while, I was gazing at her.

“U-Umm……is something wrong……?”

The Sister looks directly into my face with a worried expression.

“Ah. S-Sorry. Umm……”

I can’t say it.

There’s no way that I can tell her I was fascinated with her.

Rather, this girl is it. Yeah, I’m talking about that. Yes, that.

She looks exactly like my ideal girl (Blonde beauty version)! Of course I would be attracted to her!

It feels like I need to continue talking to her!

Is this is a flag!? I’m thinking something selfish like that.

Then the travelling bag she is carrying on her shoulder appears to my eyes. If I think about it, it’s a rare occasion to see a nun in a town. It’s my first time seeing one.

Before that, I need to pick up her veil. Luckily, it landed nearby.


“No, that’s not it. I was appointed to the Church in this town…… You must be a resident of this town. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She bows her head.

Hmmm. Getting placed in the Church of this town. Staff reassignment? Looks like the Church is also having a tough time.

“I have been in trouble since I got here. Ummm……I can’t speak Japanese that well……I was lost and other people couldn’t understand what I was saying……”

She holds her hand together in front of her chest and looks really sad.

……So that means this person can’t speak Japanese.

The reason why she can speak with me is because this is the power of a Devil. That’s what Buchou told me before.

“When you turn into a Devil, one of the unique ability you attain is “Language”. The moment you turn into a Devil, everyone in the world can understand what you are saying. People listening to you will hear it in the language they are most familiar with. If they are American, then they will hear it in English. If they are Spanish, then they will hear it in Spanish. And also the opposite. If they speak in a language besides Japanese, you will hear it in Japanese.”

Yeah, its happening just like Buchou said.

During the English lecture, I heard everything in Japanese. I was shocked. When I was told to read an English paragraph by the English teacher, I somehow read it and all of my classmates looked shocked.

Of course they would. Since I can speak English naturally now, so obviously my classmates will be shocked.

Even the teacher froze because of it.

Well, the letters and vocabulary didn’t change to Japanese because it’s limited to sound only.

But that’s good enough. It’s too amazing if I can exchange language anywhere in the world.

Just like that, I turned into an “international” high school student without any requirements.

“I think I might know where the Church is.”

I think there is an old Church in the outer part of this town. I think it’s that Church.

But is that Church still even used?

“Y-You do! T-Thank you~! This is all thanks to God!”

She smiles at me with tears flowing from her eyes. This girl is really cute.

But when I look at the Rosario glowing from her chest, it gives me an extremely negative reaction.

Well, of course it does, since I’m a Devil. She is the type of human that I shouldn’t talk to or get involved with.

But I can’t leave a girl in trouble alone. Like this, I took this Sister to the Church.

On our way to the Church, we went past a park.


What I heard was the cry of a boy.

“Are you alright Yosh-kun?”

He will be fine since he is with his mum. It seems like he just tripped over.

But suddenly, the Sister who is walking behind me walks towards the park.


Sister went inside the park and went towards the boy who is sitting down and crying.

I also followed the Sister.

“Are you okay? Boys shouldn’t cry with a minor injury like this.”

Sister pats the boy's head gently.

The boy probably didn't understand what she is saying. But the Sister has a very kind expression. The Sister put her palm where the boy has injured himself.

Next moment, I was in shock. A green light orb appears from the Sister’s palm and is flashing onto the boy’s knee.

What’s that? Demonic-powers? Buchou said that it can only be used by Devils and someone related to Devils so it can’t be.

When I look carefully, the boy’s injury starts to disappear.

Is the light from her hand healing the boy’s injury?

Something appears on my mind.

—Sacred Gear.

A special power which is bestowed upon certain people. I think that’s what Kiba said before.

I somehow feel this is it as well. Looking at that light makes my left arm ache. This has to be related.

Did my Sacred Gear react with her Sacred Gear? Is it responding to it?

When I look again, the boy’s injury is gone and there isn’t even a trace left.


This is also the power of a Sacred Gear…… There are so many different types of it.

The boy’s mother is in shock. Anyone who sees unimaginable things will have a similar reaction.

“Here, your wounds are healed. The pain should be gone now.”

The Sister pats the boy's head and looks at me.

“I’m sorry. But I had to.”

She laughs while sticking her tongue out.

The boy’s mother, who was shocked before, shook her head then grabs the boy's hand so they can leave quickly.

“Thank you, Onee-chan!”

The boy’s words. Words of gratitude.

“He said, thank you Onee-chan.”

She smiles happily after I translated for her.

“……That power……”

“Yes, it’s the power to heal. It’s a wonderful power that God gave me.”

She looks a bit sad, even though she’s smiling.

Somehow it seems like she has some dark past or something.

I probably shouldn’t get too deep into it.

It’s not the atmosphere where I should say “Actually, I have a Sacred Gear as well!”. It’s an unusual power, and maybe some people may suffer because of it.

Even I didn’t feel happy when my Sacred Gear was covering my arm. Instead, I was really shocked. I still didn’t know how to use this Sacred Gear, therefore I wasn’t happy at all. The only thing I can use it for is to mimic Kamehameha.

The conversation ends there, and we continued walking towards the Church.

We reached an old Church after walking for a few minutes.

Yeah, the only Church I know is this. It’s just as old as I remember.

I never heard that this place is still being used, but you can see the light inside the Church, so that means that there are people inside.


I have chills, and sweats are coming out of my body. It’s been like this since before.

I knew it. I’m a Devil, so the Church, which belongs to the God and the Angels, will be an enemy's territory for me.

Even Buchou said that I should never get close to a Church or a shrine very strongly.

“Yes, this is the place! I’m so glad.”

Sister shows a sigh of relief after having compared our location with the map she has.

Oh, so this is the right place. That’s good.

I shouldn’t stay here any longer. It’s getting dark so I should be going now.

It’s a waste to say good bye to a beauty like her, but I’m a Devil and she is a nun……

Love between different sides may sound romantic, but this would be a different case.

That’s because I’m getting really scared of the Church. My whole body won’t stop shaking.

This sign of fear must be a special trait for Devils. It feels like I’m a frog being watched by a snake.

No, rather I’m a frog who doesn’t know what to do after being found by the snake.

“Then I’ll be on my way.”

“Please wait!”

I say my farewell and tried to leave, but the Sister’s words stops me.

“I would like to make you some tea as a gratitude for taking me here—”

“Oh, I’m in a rush so I have to get going.”

“……But that’s……”

She’s troubled.

She probably wants to make me some tea to show her gratitude, but drinking tea here will be dangerous. It’s a shame, but I have to refuse.

“My name is Hyoudou Issei. Everyone around me calls me Ise. So you can call me Ise as well. What’s your name?”

When I give her my name, she responds with a smile.

“My name is Asia Argento! Please call me Asia!”

“Then, Sister Asia, let’s meet again.”

“Yes! Ise-san, I will definitely come and see you!”

Asia bows her head down.

I left the place after waving my hands towards her. She watched me until I was out of her sight.

I understood that she is a good girl.

And this was our fateful destiny and our first meeting.

Part 7

At night.

“Don’t ever get close to the Church again.”

I’m being scolded by Buchou in the club room. Buchou’s expression looks more serious than usual. More like, she is really mad at me.

“To us Devils, the Church is an enemy's territory. Just stepping into it can cause a rift between the Devils and God. Since it was an act of kindness by taking the nun to the Church, they didn’t harm you, but the Angels are always on the lookout. You were in a situation where it wouldn’t be strange for them to hit you with a spear of light.”

……Are you serious?

Was I in such a serious situation……?

If I think about it, the chills I felt before wasn’t normal. I only felt fear at that time.

So that’s what it means to detect danger. So my instinct as a Devil was telling me that it was a dangerous situation.

“Don’t get involved with people from the Church. Especially the Exorcists who are our biggest enemy. They could easily eliminate us because their powers are supported by the prayer of God. More so if it is an Exorcist with a Sacred Gear. That would be the same as standing on the boundary of death, Ise.”

Buchou looks at me directly with her blue eyes while waving her crimson hair.

Her eye is serious, so she isn’t joking.


“You could avoid death as a human by being resurrected as a Devil. But Devils who are exorcised become completely terminated. They return to nothing. —Nothing. There is nothing left and you feel nothing. Do you know how serious that is?”

……Nothing? To tell you the truth, I don’t.

Buchou shakes her head after seeing my confused face.

“I’m sorry. I got too heated. Anyway, be careful from now on.”


My conversation with Buchou ends there.

“Ara ara, did you finish lecturing him?”


Akeno-san is standing behind me and I didn’t even realise it. She is smiling like usual.

“Akeno, did something happen?”

Akeno-san’s expression changes after Buchou asks her.

“We received an order for a hunt from the Arch Duke.”

Part 8

--Stray Devils.

There are beings that are called as such.

The Devil who was turned into a Servant Devil of a Devil with a peerage but who betrayed or killed its master. Cases like that rarely occur.

The power of Devils are enormous. You can’t even compare it to the time when you were a human.

So there will be those who choose to use that power for their own self-interests.

Those Devils leave their master's place and cause destruction at different location.

That is a “Stray Devil”.

The Fallen Angel Donaseek who wore a suit mistook me for a Stray Devil.

In other words, a stray dog.

Stray dogs create troubles. When found, the master or the other Devils are ordered to eliminate them. That is the law of the Devils.

Other beings such as Angels and Fallen Angels sees them as threats and they will eliminate the Stray Devils whenever found.

There is nothing scarier than a Devil who does not abide by any rule.

I went to the unused building located at the outer part of the town along with Buchou, Akeno-san, Kiba, and Koneko-chan.

Every night, a Stray Devil is luring humans to the building to feed on them.

As such, there was a request from the High-class Devil to hunt them.

[Since it has escaped to the territory of Rias Gremory, I would like to ask you to eliminate it.]

Apparently, this is also one of the jobs of a Devil.

Eating a human…… There are evil Devils like that as well……

No, naturally, Devils are like that.

So the only reason they are quiet is because they abide by the law……

Yeah, they are Devils after all……

It’s midnight. It’s a world of darkness.

There's lot of tall grasses surrounding me, and I can see the unused building far away from here.

It’s one of the Devils’ traits to have a clear view at night.

Hmm, having a clear view of a creepy place like this isn’t so good....

“……Smell of blood.”

Koneko-chan covers her nose with her uniform after she says that.

Smell of blood? I can’t smell anything. So it means Koneko-chan has a good sense of smell.

It becomes quiet.

I can feel the presence of an enemy nearby, and its intent to kill us isn’t normal.

My legs are shaking. I’m really scared. If the others weren’t here, I will have escaped. Buchou who is up at the front putting her hands on her hips looks very reliable!

“Ise, it’s a good opportunity to experience what it's like to fight.”

Buchou says something reckless.

“Wait, are you serious!? I’m positive that I won’t be of much use!”

“Yes. It’s still impossible now.”

She says it straight at me. I kind of feel sad.

“But you can watch what a Devils' battle is like. Today, just concentrate and look at how we fight. Oh, yes. I will also explain the traits the servants have.”

“Explain? The traits servants have?”

I put on a confused look, but Buchou continues.

“Devils, who are the master, give traits to those who will become their servants. ……Yes, it’s probably about time I explain about it and also about the history of Devils.”

Buchou starts to explain about the current situation of the Devils.

“Long time ago, there was a three sided war between the Devils, the Fallen Angels, and God with its Angels followers. All three sides had a large army and they fought for almost eternity. As a result, all three sides lost most of their troops and the war finished several hundred years ago with no side winning.”

Kiba continues after Buchou.

“The Devils were no exception. Big Devils with peerage who commanded about 20 or 30 troops lost most of their underlings because of the war. They lost so many that they couldn’t even form new armies.”

Akeno-san continues on from there.

“I heard that most of the pure Devils passed away in that war. Even after the war, there are still problems between the Devils, the Fallen Angels and God. Even though the Fallen Angels' and God's side also lost most of their troops, we are still in a position where we can’t let our guard down, or else we will be in trouble.”

Then, Buchou speaks again.

“Then, the Devils decided to use a system to form a small group of soldiers. And that is the [Evil Piece].”

“Evil Piece?”

Seems like it’s going to get complicated, but it looks like I have to listen to it seriously.

“Devils with Peerage decide to use the traits of the human’s game “Chess” to their Servant Devils. It was also sarcasm, because most of the servants are Devils that were reincarnated from humans. Since then, Chess became a popular game in the world of the Devils. We’ll leave that aside. Devils who are masters are a [King]. In our case, that is me. From there, they created 5 special traits that consist of [Queen], [Knight], [Rook], [Bishop] and [Pawn]. Since they couldn’t make an army, they decided to have a small number of Devils and give them enormous powers. This system was made in the past few hundred years, and this unexpectedly became popular amongst Devils with peerage.”

“Popular? You mean the Chess rule?”

“They started to compete against each other. For example like, “My Knight is stronger!”, or “No, my Rook is stronger!” As a result, High-class Devils started to play a game like that of Chess against each other using their Servant Devils. We call it the “Rating Game”. Anyway, this game became very popular amongst the Devils. Now, there are even tournaments for it. The strength of their [Pieces] and also how strong they are at the game affects the Devils' social position, and their peerage. There is a thing called [Piece Collect] where they gather humans with talents and make them into their [Pieces]. It’s very popular recently. Talented servants become their status.”

I see.

So being strong in that game means that you are a splendid Devil. It also becomes your pride then.

……Umm, so Servant Devils are former humans and they function by becoming the [Pieces] in the game.

I feel it's complicated. So will I be someday forced to fight in that game?

“I’m not a matured Devil yet, so I can’t participate in the official tournament. Even if I could, there are things that I need to go through, or else I can’t play. In short, Ise and my other servants here won’t be participating in a game for a while.”

“So does that mean that Kiba and the others haven't played in that game yet?”


Kiba answers my question.

The world of Devils is strange. I used to imagine them being evil and scary, but it looks like my imagination is incorrect.

Or maybe I feel like that because I’m still ignorant of the ways of the Devils' world.

Before that, there is something that is bothering me.

Yeah, my position is a [Piece].

“Buchou, what is my role and traits? And what piece am I?”

“Ise, you are—”

Buchou stops there.

I also know the reason why. I can feel chills all over my body. That’s because of the presence of the enemy and its intent to kill became much stronger.

There is something approaching us! Even a guy like me who just turned into a Devil knows it.

“I can smell something disgusting. But I can also smell something delicious. Is it sweet? Or is it sour?”

A low voice which is coming from below the ground.

This weirdness isn’t normal. Just hearing its voice scares me.

“Stray Devil Vaizor. We are here to eliminate you."

Buchou says that.


The abnormal laughter echoes around us. Ah, I now clearly understand.

This isn’t a laugh of a human. It’s also not a laugh of a Devil that I know of.


A topless woman appears from the shadow. But the woman’s body is floating.



A heavy footsteps. The next thing that appears is the body of a gigantic beast.

It’s a grotesque being with an unnatural form having a woman’s upper body and the lower body of a monster.

It’s holding something that looks like a spear in both of its hands.

The lower body of the monster has four fat legs with sharp claws. Is it a snake tail? Wow! The tail is moving on its own!

From the size of it, it’s definitely more than 5 meters tall. If it stands on its hind legs, won't it be much taller?

Either way, it’s a monster. Is this also a Devil?

Well duh, since Buchou called it a “Stray Devil”.

Man, there are things like this as well!? I confirmed it again. Devils are scary!

“Leaving your master’s side and rampaging as you please definitely deserve death. In the name of Duke Gremory, I will gladly eliminate you!”

“You are cunning for a little girrrrrrl! I will rip your body, and colour it in red just like your haaaaaaair!!”

The monster barks, but Buchou just laughs with her nose.

“Grunts sure do speak in a stylish manner. Yuuto!”



Kiba, who was near me, sprints ahead as soon as Buchou gives him an order. Fast. He’s insanely fast. I can’t even respond to it!

“Ise, I will continue from the lecture before.”

Buchou says.

Lecture? The thing about Evil Piece’s traits or something?

“Yuuto’s position is [Knight]. Its trait is speed. Those who become a [Knight] have their speed increased.”

Just like Buchou said, Kiba’s speed increases, and eventually I wasn’t able to follow his movements with my eyes.

The monster is using its spear to attack, but it didn’t seem like it will hit.

“And Yuuto’s ultimate weapon is swords.”

Kiba stops and suddenly he is holding onto a European sword. He took it out of the scabbard, and the drawn sword is reflecting the light of the moon.


Kiba suddenly disappears again. Next moment, the scream of the monster echoes.


When I looked, both of its arms are cut from its torso along with the spear. Blood gushes out of its wound.

“This is Yuuto’s power. Speed that you can’t follow with your eyes, and sword skills of a professional. By combining these two, he becomes the fastest Knight.”

There is a shadow near the monster’s legs…… Wait! That’s Koneko-chan!

“Next is Koneko. She is a [Rook]. The trait of a Rook is its—”

“Damn inseeeeeeeeect!”


The enormous monster tries to stomp on Koneko-chan!

K-Koneko-chan! Hey, she’s in trouble—

But the monster’s foot didn’t hit the ground. It wasn’t able to stomp completely.


The girl with a tiny body is lifting up the monster’s foot.

“The trait of a [Rook] is simple. Absolute strength. And also very high defence. It’s impossible for a Devil with that calibre to stamp on Koneko. It can’t crush her.”


Koneko-chan completely lifts up the monster.


Koneko-chan jumps high and punches into the monster’s stomach very sharply.


The enormous body of the monster gets thrown backwards.

I then remembered the word of the client that loves Koneko-chan, Morisawa-san.

—Koneko-chan has extreme strength. She carried me like a princess.

It’s not something you call extreme strength!

That enormous monster went flying with just one punch!

Yeah, I will make sure not to mess with Koneko-chan. I will probably get killed just by getting poked by her finger.

Super-human girl. Scary indeed. Morisawa-san who fell in love with her is also scary.

“Lastly, Akeno.”

“Yes, Buchou. Ara ara, what should I do?”

Akeno-san is laughing while walking towards the monster that is on the ground after being hit by Koneko-chan.

“Akeno is a [Queen]. She’s the one who is the strongest after me. She is the unbeatable Vice-president of our club who has all the traits of [Pawn], [Knight], [Bishop], and [Rook].


The monster stares at Akeno-san. Akeno-san makes a fearless laugh after seeing the monster’s gaze.

“Ara ara, seems like you still have some energy left in you. Then how about this?”

Akeno-san puts her hands towards the sky.


Next instant, the sky sparkles, and a lightning bolt strikes down the monster.


The monster gets electrified violently.

Its entire body gets burnt and smoke are coming out from it.

“Ara ara, looks like you still have some energy in you. Looks like you can take more.”


Another lightning bolt hit the monster.


The monster gets electrified again. It already sounds like its dying.

Even so, Akeno-san strikes down the third lightning.

Akeno-san's face while striking down the lightning bolt looks scary and cold even though she is smiling.

Uwaah. That person is enjoying it…… She’s laughing after all.

“Akeno excels at attacks using demonic-powers. She could use natural elements like lightning, ice, and fire. And most of all, she is the ultimate sadist.”

Buchou confesses it like if it’s nothing.

A sadist!? That’s not something you call a sadist!?

“Usually, she’s very kind, but once the battle starts, she won’t stop until she calms down.”

“……Uuu, I’m scared of Akeno-san.”

“You don’t have to be afraid, Ise. Akeno is very kind to comrades, so it’s not a problem. She even said that you were cute. Next time, get spoiled by her. She will definitely hug you kindly.”

“Ufufufufufufufu. How much of my lightning can you take? Right, monster-san? You still can’t die yet, okay? The one who finishes you off will be my master. Ohohohohohohoho!”

……Buchou, I’m getting very scared of the person in front of me who is laughing very loudly....

I thought she was the one with the most common sense……

She is a Devil after all. That has to be it. A Devil I tell ya. So they will be scary.

For a few minutes, Akeno-san’s lightning attacks continues.

After Akeno-san calms down, Buchou confirms it and nods her head.

Buchou approaches the monster that has already lost its will to fight.

Buchou put her hand towards the monster.

“Any last words?”

Buchou asks.

“Kill me.”

That’s the only thing the monster says.

“Then disappear.”

A cruel reply. Buchou’s voice gave me the chills.


A gigantic black mass of demonic-power is shot out from Buchou’s palm.

It’s so big that it can cover all of the monster’s body.

The mass of demonic-power devours the monster’s body. When the demonic-power disappears, so did the monster’s body.

Just like Buchou said, it disappeared.

Confirming that, Buchou makes a sigh.

“It’s over. Good work everyone.”

Buchou says it to the club members. Everyone returns back to their usual self. So the “Stray Devil” hunt is over, huh?

The fate for the Stray Devils. I don’t know what to say. That thing also left its master’s side because it had something in its mind……

So this is the battle of a Devil…… It was a fierce fight. Along with the Stray Devils, there are still many things in this world I am unfamiliar with.

So I have to aim up high from here……

Maybe I have to think in decades.

Then I remembered the problem. The thing about position of Evil Pieces from earlier. Since I’m a servant of a Devil with peerage, then I should have a certain [Piece] too.

“Buchou, there is still a thing that you didn’t tell me.”

“What is it?”

Buchou responds with a smile.

“My Piece……more like, what is my role as a servant.”

To tell you the truth, I already predicted the worst case. More like I knew it is that. But I still have a naive hope.

There are two [Pieces] left since, Akeno-san is a [Queen], Koneko-chan is a [Rook], and Kiba is a [Knight].

The [Bishop] and……the [Pawn].

I was hoping for it, but it gets shattered instantly. The crimson-hair beauty smiles at me and says it clearly.

“You are a [Pawn]. Ise, you are a Pawn.”

I’m the lowest.

Translator's notes and references ↑ Nagato Yuki(長門 有希) – A female character from the “Suzumiya Haruhi series”. It was originally written as “Tanmon Kiyu(短門キユ)”due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Suzumiya Haruhi series(涼宮ハルヒシリーズ) – One of the bestselling lightnovels of all time in Japan. It was originally written as “Atsumiya Akino(暑宮アキノシリーズ) due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Asakura Ryouko(朝倉 涼子) – A female character from the “Suzumiya Haruhi series”. It was originally written as “Yorumina Kako(夜水可子)” due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Kamehameha(かめはめ波) – One of Goku’s signature moves. It was originally written as “Dragonha(ドラゴン波)”due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Genkidama(元気玉) – One of Son Goku’s signature moves. It’s called “Spirit Bomb” in English dub. It was originally written as “Goukidama(豪気玉)” due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Dragon Ball(ドラゴンボール)- One of the famous anime in Japan. It was originally written as “Drag so-Ball(ドラグ・ソボール)”due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Son Goku(孫 悟空) – The main character from Dragon ball. It was originally written as “Soramago Satoru(空孫悟)”due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Wakamoto Norio(若本 規夫) – The voice actor of Cell from Dragon Ball. It was originally written as “Oimoto-san(老本さん)”due to copyrights reasons. ↑ Cell(セル) – One of the major villain from Dragon Ball. It was originally written as “Dell(デル) ”due to copyrights reasons.

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