High School DxD

Volume 1 Chapter 3

Life.3 I Made a Friend

“Haa…… The road to achieving a successful career sure is hard.”

I’m in my room looking at the ceiling and making a fuss.


That’s my trait and role.

A Pawn, that’s the lowest role.

So I have to aim up from there…… My road to getting a peerage starts by getting onto a rough road. My road to become a proper Devil is full of troubles.

By the way, there is someone else who is Buchou’s [Bishop]. She told me this on the same day when I found out my role as a servant.

“My [Bishop] already exists. But that [Bishop] is not here. The [Bishop] is at a different place, following a different order, working for me. If there is a chance, then I will introduce the [Bishop] to you.”

That’s what she said. Who is that person? Maybe I could meet that person soon. I hope it’s a girl.

So I was chosen as the left over [Pawn]. I have many difficulties to overcome.

When I think about it, was I actually okay with this?

I was killed by a Fallen Angel because of the Kamehameha equipping device, the Sacred Gear. She also used my feelings of love.

Then after that, I was turned into a Devil.

I was picked up by a beautiful Devil who said to me that I was her “Servant” and then was deceived that “I can make my own harem if I rise up”.

I work my butt off every day as Buchou’s servant.

Handing out leaflets. And making contracts.

But my demonic-power is low, so I can’t use the magic-circle to get teleported to the client’s place.

Something like this has never happened before, the worst Devil ever. That’s me.


I inhaled some air. If I think about it, I never had any special features even before I turned into a Devil.

I tried a lot of things to become popular with the girls, but after all, I can’t win against good looking guys.

I also didn’t have any dreams before I turned into a Devil. Well, maybe that’s a good thing that I turned into a Devil because I have a dream now.

Wait, is turning into a Devil even a good thing?

Well, if I haven’t been saved by Buchou back then, my life would have been over. Just like this, I don’t have time to enjoy my youth.

Well it’s kinda……fun. I’m surrounded by a bunch of bishojous and everyone is kind. Well, for a Devil, that is.

Rias-buchou is beautiful, and Akeno-san is okay as long as I don’t piss her off……I think.

Koneko-chan also isn’t a problem as long as I act normal.

Kiba pisses me off, but he talks to me normally even though he’s a good-looking guy...... He’s actually a good guy. Damn good-looking guy.

You really can’t judge people by their appearance. Looks like my imagination of a good looking guy is changing.

Then I remembered about the beautiful blonde Sister, Asia.

She was a beautiful girl. If I was to have a girlfriend……I stop there and covered my face. Wait, I just went through that rough unrequited love.

Damn it, playing with my feelings…… Yuuma-chan, I actually loved you.

Shit. Why is my life always controlled by someone else?

Maybe that's how life works. A lot of mysterious things happen around me, so I have a feeling that I was dragged into it.

Asia……Sister huh. The person who is standing on the opposite side of me.

I probably won’t meet her ever again.

That girl will walk her own path, and I will walk my own path.

We just happen to be the servant of a Devil and the servant of God.

We just met by chance.

We probably shouldn’t see each other again. It might lead us to an unfortunate destiny.

Just like that, I’m thinking something cool.

“Aaaah, yes, yes, I’m just a weak [Pawn]. There’s nothing good about me, so can I even get a peerage……? How about it, Maou-sama? Well, it’s probably useless discussing this with the Maou-sama, anyways.”

I laugh bitterly at myself.

I’m going to have a goal. That’s it.

First of all, my goal will be to use the magic-circle to get transported.

This will be my first step. Yeah, this is it. Yup! I’m getting fired up.

Sobbing time is over. I’ve turned into a Devil. That can’t be changed.

Then I will have to live on as a Devil. And I will make my dream come true as a Devil.

Even if I can’t, working hard to achieve it will be my life goal.

Yeah! I can do it! I’m going to do it!

Part 2

It’s late it night, and I’m on my bicycle heading towards a particular house.

Not a mansion or an apartment, but just an ordinary house.

It’s my first time, so what shall I do?

Since the client isn’t living alone, won’t the client’s family see me?

After all, I actually have to visit the house to make a contract. I was told before that ordinary human can’t detect me, but does it apply to this situation as well?

I’m worried but I realise it when I'm about to push the bell.

The entrance door is open.

……Seriously, leaving the door open in the middle of the night.


I suddenly felt uneasy. What is this? I have a really bad feeling.

But I’m already walking into house.

I look inside from the entrance.

There are no lights in the hallway. There is a staircase that led to the second floor, but there are no lights on.

There is only one room at the end of the first floor with some lights on, and it’s a faint light.

……Yeah, there’s something definitely wrong. I feel no presence of any human.

Are they sleeping? Impossible. Then I won’t be feeling this uneasiness.

I take my shoes off at the entrance and carried them in my hand.

I walk into the room without making a sound.

I’m a Devil, not a thief. I’m thinking of an excuse like that.

I look into the room from the door that is slightly opened, and the brightness is due to the candles.

“……Hello. I’m a Devil from the Gremory’s household…… Umm, is the client here?”

I ask quietly, but there is no reply.

It can’t be helped, so I enter the room.

It’s a living room and there is a television, a sofa, a table, and such. It looks like an ordinary living room—.

Then I stop my breath. My eyes are glued to the wall.

A wall. There is a corpse nailed to the wall. It’s upside down.

……A human. It’s a male. Is he the person who lives here? But why……?

The corpse has been cut viciously. Something that looks like a giblet is coming out from the wounds……


I vomit out the thing inside my stomach on the spot.

I didn’t vomit when I saw that monster, but my body reacted to seeing this corpse.

I can’t endure looking at this corpse any more.

The corpse is attached to the wall with screws, making the shape of a cross upside down.

There are big and thick screws screwed into the palm of each hand, into the feet, and at the middle of its torso.

This isn’t normal. Not normal at all!

You can’t kill a person like this with a normal mind!

There is a puddle of blood on the floor from the drips of blood falling from the corpse.

There is writing on the wall.

“W-What is this……?”

“It’s written as “Punishment for those who did bad deeds!”. I just borrowed the sentence from someone important.”

Suddenly the voice of a young male comes from behind me.

When I turn around, there is a man with white hair. He seems to be a foreigner and he looks like he’s still a teenager.

He’s dressing up like a priest. He’s also a bishounen.

Seeing me, the priest makes an evil smile.

“Hmm hmm. Well, well, if it isn’t a Devil-kun!”

He seems to be really happy.

Then, the thing that Buchou told me comes back to my mind.

—Don’t get involved with people from the Church. Especially the Exorcists. They are our biggest enemy. They can easily eliminate us because their powers are supported by the prayer of God.

He’s a priest, so he’s related to the Church. This is bad……

He even knows that I’m a Devil, so am I in the worst situation there is, again?

“I’m a priest~♪ A boy priest~♪ I cut down devil-like people~, and I laugh at them~♪ I cut the head of you Devils, and receive my meal~♪”

The priest starts to sing.

I-I don’t get it. What is wrong with this guy!?

“My name is Freed Zelzan. I belong to a certain Exorcism organisation. Ah, just because I introduced myself doesn’t mean you have to. I don’t want to remember your name in my memory, so please don’t. It’s okay, since you are going to die soon. I will make sure of it. It might hurt at first, but later you will feel so good that you will cry. Now let’s open the new door -ZE!”

I’ve never met someone like him before. His words don’t make any sense.

So this guy is an Exorcist. I’m in trouble now.

But there’s something I want to say to him. I swallowed down my spit and ask him.

“Hey, was it you? The one who killed this person?”

“Yes, yes. I killed him. Because~, he was a regular criminal who has been summoning Devils, so I had to kill him.”

W-What kind of an excuse is that!?

“Huh? Are you shocked? Aren’t you running away? That’s weird? Really Weird. I mean humans who make a pact with Devils are scum. Scum indeed. Can’t you understand that? No? Is that so? Well you are a scum Devil after all.”

This guy is crazy! You can’t even have a normal conversation with him!

But I will say what I have to!

“How can a human kill another human, then!? Aren’t you only supposed to kill Devils?”

“Haaaaa? What the fuck is that? A mere Devil like you is lecturing me? Hahaha. I will laugh at this. You probably could get a reward for being funny. Okay then, listen carefully you shitty Devil. Devils also use humans' greed to survive. Relying on a Devil proves that you are no longer a human. It’s the end. That’s why I killed him~. I make a living by killing Devils and those that are contracted to a Devil. That’s my job.”

“Even Devil’s won’t go this far!”

“Haa~~? What are you talking about? Devils are trash. Do you know they are a shitty existence? Do you know this is common sense? Didn’t you know? Seriously, you should start your life back from a toddler. Wait, it’s useless to tell this to a reincarnated Devil like you. More like, I have to kill you! Hahahaha. It’s awesome, isn’t it? It’s the best, isn’t it?”

The priest pulls out a sword that had no blade, and a gun.


A sound vibrates in the air.

The sword that only has a handle turns into a thing like a beam saber.

What is that? It looks like a beam saber from Gundam.

“You kind of irritate me, so can I cut you? Can I shoot you? Is it OK? Okay then. Now I’m going to stab your heart with this blade of light, and I’m going to blow your head with this cool looking gun! Man, I’m seriously going to fall in love!”


The priest came sprinting towards me!

He slashes his blade of light at me.

Oh crap!

I just dodged it, but intense pain runs through my leg.

There are smokes coming out of the priest's gun. Was I shot?

But I don’t hear any gunshots. Then suddenly I felt another shot of pain on my leg again.


I fell on my knees while moaning. This time, I was shot on my left calf!

It hurts! But I know this pain!

“How is it!? The special bullet made for the Exorcists, the bullet of light! And it doesn’t make any sound. Since its bullet of light. This situation turns both of us on, doesn’t it?”

The pain of light. Yeah, this is the pain of light.

To a Devil, light is poisonous. Once hit, the pain goes through your entire body.

“Die, die, Devil! Die Devil! Turn to dust and disappear! This is all for my entertainment!”

The priest is laughing madly and is about to finish me off.

“Please stop!”

Then there is a voice of a woman I am familiar with.

The priest froze his posture to where he was about to attack me, and looks towards the direction where the voice came from.

I also look to the same direction.


A girl is there, and I know her.


Yes, the blond Sister is standing there.

“Well if it isn’t my assistant, Asia-chan. What happened? Did you finish putting the barrier?"

“! N-Noooooooo!”

Asia screams after seeing the corpse that is nailed to the wall.

“Thank you for the adorable scream! Oh yeah, this is your first time seeing a corpse like this, isn’t it, Asia-chan? Then look carefully. We have the humans that are entranced by a Devil die like this.”


She then looks at us and gets shocked to see me.

“……Father Freed……that person……”

Asia looks at me directly.

“Person? No, no. This shit here is a Devil. Hahaha, what are you misunderstanding?”

“—! Ise-san is a……Devil……?”

She seems to be shocked to find out the truth, and didn’t know what to say.

“What, what? You guys know each other? Wow. Now this is a big surprise. Is it the forbidden love between a Devil and a Sister? Seriously? Are you serious? ”

Freed, the priest, looks at both Asia and me.

……I didn’t want her to know.

It should have stayed like that. It's better that she didn’t know. I didn’t plan on seeing her again.

I just wanted her to think of me as a kind high school student who lives in this town.

Man, I don’t know what to say. What a rotten destiny. Asia’s eyes are making me feel bad.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being a Devil.

“Ahaha! Devils and humans can never coexist! Especially humans from the Church and the Devils are the biggest enemies! Also, we are a group of heretics that was deserted by God. Asia-tan and I are humans that can’t survive without the support of Fallen Angels-sama.”

Fallen Angel?

What does he mean? Don’t priests and nuns work under God?

“Well now, leaving that aside, I need to kill this trash here or else I can’t finish my job, so here I come. Are you ready?”

The priest thrusts his sword toward me again.

If I get stabbed by that in my chest, I will be killed…… Even if I do survive, I will end up like that the client who is nailed to the wall and then have my body slashed.

Feeling of fear controls my body when I think about it. This is bad. This situation is really bad!

I will be killed without being able to move my body!

While I was thinking about it, the blond Sister walks between the priest and I.

She stood in front of me with her arms spread as if she is protecting me.

The priest puts on a stern look when he sees this.

“……Hey, hey. Are you serious? Asia-tan, do you know what you are doing?”

“……I do. Father Freed, I beg you. Please forgive this person. Please let him go.”

I became speechless after hearing her.

Asia? Are you protecting me?

“I can’t stand it any more…… You can’t kill people just because they are entranced to a Devil and you also can’t kill Devils. It’s wrong!”

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!? Don’t talk shit, bitch! You also learned that Devils are trash at the Church! Seriously, is there something wrong with your brain!?”

Freed now has an anguished expression.

“There are good people, even among Devils!”

“There aren’t, idiooooooot!”

“T-That’s what I thought until recently…… But Ise-san is a good person. That fact doesn’t change even after I found out that he is a Devil! Killing someone is unforgivable! This kind of act! God won’t allow such acts!”

She saw the corpse, and she found out that I’m a Devil, so she should be shocked. But Asia isn’t backing down to speak her beliefs to the priest.

What a strong willed girl. This girl is amazing.



The bastard priest hit Asia to the side with his gun.

Asia fell to the ground.

“Hey, Asia!”

I went to Asia who was struck away.

……There’s a bruise mark on her face. That bastard actually hit her.

“……The Fallen Angel girl told me very strongly that I can't kill you. But I’m getting a bit pissed. Since I can’t kill you, than can I rape you or something? If I don’t, I won’t be able to heal my heart. But before that, I need to kill that trash over there.”

The priest points his blade of light at me again.

……I can’t run away while leaving Asia here.

I can’t leave her here with him who just talked about doing scary stuff!

If I’m running away, then it will be with Asia. So I have to fight……

Can I fight using my Sacred Gear? Even though I don’t know its effect?

I’m also the weakest Piece, [Pawn]. I have a slim chance of winning.

But I have to……

“I can’t leave a girl who just defended me. So come!”

I made a fighting posture in front of the priest.

The priest whistles and seems really happy.

“Eh? Eh? Seriously? Seriously? You are going to fight me? You will die, you know? You will die with a lot of pain? I have no intention of killing you painlessly, okay? Now then. Let’s see if I can make a new record for the smallest minced-meat!”

He’s talking something creepy again.

But I can’t act pathetically front of Asia!

The priest jumps up high, —then the floor glows in a blue and white colour.

“What is this?”

The priest becomes suspicious when the floor glows. The blue light starts to form a shape.

—It’s a magic-circle.

And I have seen this before.

The magic-circle of the Gremory household! I-Is it……!


The magic-circle that appeared on the floor shines. Then the people I know appear from it. I mean, Devils.

“Hyoudou-kun, we came to rescue you.”

Kiba smiles at me.

“Ara ara. This is awful.”


Akeno-san and Koneko-chan!

Yes, my comrades.

Kuu! They came to rescue me!

I’m so moved that I feel like crying! Great! Something like this actually happens!?

“Hyahou! Here’s a present for a group of Devils!”

The priest starts slashing his sword.


The sound of the metal echoes through the room. Kiba blocks the priest's attack with his sword.

“I’m sorry. He’s one of us! We can’t let you lay a finger on him!”

“Oh, oh! A mere Devil being concerned about their comrade? What are you guys? Devil Squadron, the Devil Rangers? That’s nice. I can feel the heat. I’m getting turned on! So how is it? Are you the one sticking it in, and is he the one bending? So are you guys in that sort of relationship?”

They are exchanging swords but the priest is getting cocky and sticking his tongue out while he is shaking his tongue and his head.

That guy is completely looking down on us!

Even Kiba has an anguished expression. Yeah, that guy is definitely disgusting.

“……What a vulgar mouth. It’s hard to believe you are a priest…… Oh, that’s why you are a “Stray Exorcist”, right?”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m vulgar! Sorry about that! That’s because I strayed away! I was kicked out! That’s why, screw the Vatican! I’m all right as long as I get to cut Devils whenever I feel like it!”

Both of them are still exchanging their swords.

Kiba has a calm expression, but his eyes have already captured his foe.

The boy priest, Freed, is still laughing and enjoying the fight.

“You are the type that is the most hard to deal with. Someone who feels like they are living by cutting Devils……the one who causes the most harm to us.”

“Haaaaah!? You know, I don’t want to be told off by a Devil? I’m trying to live now just like other people! I’m not in a position where pests like you can talk down to me!”

“Even Devils have rules.”

Akeno-san is smiling, but her eyes are serious.

She is showing a sign of will to fight and hostility towards Freed.

“Nice. I like those passionate eyes. Onee-san, you are the best. I can feel your urge of wanting to kill me. Is this love? No. I think it’s a killing intent! Superb! This is great! I love the feeling of intending to kill and getting intended to kill!”

“Then disappear.”

The person who appears on my side is the crimson-haired girl, — Rias-buchou!

“Ise, I’m sorry. I never expected that a Stray Exorcist will visit this client’s house.”

Buchou, who is apologising to me, narrows her eyes after seeing my wounds.

“……Ise. Did you get wounded?”

“Ah, sorry…… I was shot……”

I try to deceive her by laughing.

Ah, looks like she will yell at me afterwards. Sorry for being weak, Buchou.

But Buchou didn’t say anything to me and gives a cold expression to the priest.

“Looks like you have been looking after my cute servant?”

Her voice is low and sounds scary.

Wow, Buchou is pissed. Am I the reason?

“Yes, yes. I have been playing around with it. I was planning to cut his body all over but I was interrupted and it finished as a dream.”


A section of the furniture behind the priest is blown away.

It’s Buchou. Buchou shot out a ball of demonic-power.

“I make sure I never forgive those who harm my servants. I especially can’t forgive a lowlife like you damaging my personal possessions.”

Her intensity causes the atmosphere to feel frozen.

Her killing intent lurks around the room. There is a thing that looks like waves of demonic-power surrounding Buchou.

“! Buchou, there seems to be few Fallen Angels heading to this house. At this rate we will be at a disadvantage.”

Seems like Akeno-san detected something and informs us.

The Fallen Angels are approaching? Those guys with black wings?

Buchou gives another stare at the priest.

“……Akeno, we will return to our headquarters once we retrieve Ise. Prepare for teleportation.”


Akeno-san starts to cast a spell as soon as Buchou urges her to. Teleport?

Are we running away?

I then look at Asia.

“Buchou! We have to take her as well!”

I say it to Buchou.

“It’s impossible. Only Devils can use the magic-circle to transport. Also, this magic-circle can only teleport me and my servants.”

N-No…… My eyes and Asia's eyes met. She just smiles at me.


“Ise-san, let’s meet again.”

That was the last words we exchanged at this place.

Next moment, Akeno-san finishes casting the spell, and the magic-circle on the floor starts to glow blue again.

“Like I will let you escape!”

The priest came slashing at us, but Koneko-chan threw the sofa against him.

By the time the priest smacks away the sofa with his sword, we were already teleported to the club room.

I don’t have the time to think about the impression of my first teleportation through the magic-circle, and I only remember the smile Asia gave me last.

Part 3

“There are two types of Exorcists.”

I’m listening to Buchou’s explanation while having my legs heal.

“The first are the Exorcists who receive the blessing from God to perform exorcism in the name of justice. This group of Exorcist borrows its power from God and Angels to eliminate Devils. And there is another one. — “Stray Exorcists”.”


Buchou nods at my question.

Again with that “Stray”.

“Exorcism is a holy ceremony that is performed in the name of God. But sometimes, there are Exorcists who starts to enjoy the act of killing Devils. They are beings who have found killing Devils as joy and as their purpose of life. So they get kicked out from the Church without exception. Or they get erased for being found guilty.”

“Erased……so they get killed.”

“But there are those who survive. What do you think happens to those Exorcists? It’s simple. They go to the Fallen Angels.”

“Fallen Angels are the ones with black wings, right?”

“Yes. Even though Fallen Angels are beings that were kicked out from the heaven, they still have the power of light, — the power to eliminate Devils. The Fallen Angels also lost a lot of their comrades and their men in the previous war. That’s why they started to collect servants, just like us.”

I understood the situation as soon as she told me that much.

“So the Fallen Angels who finds the Devils a nuisance and the Exorcists who wants to kill Devils have the same objective, right?”

“Yes. That’s why they are called “Stray Exorcists”. So the dangerous Exorcists who became addicted to Devil-hunts started to attack Devils and the humans with connections to Devils by borrowing powers from the Fallen Angels. The boy priest from earlier is exactly that. He’s a “Stray Exorcist” who belongs to an organisation with the support of the Fallen Angels. They are not proper Exorcists, but they are still dangerous like the proper ones. No, since they have no restrictions on them, they are much harder to deal with than the actual Exorcists. It’s not smart to deal with them. So, the Church you went to before does not belong to God but to the Fallen Angels.”

……I knew they were a threat.

I realised how dangerous they are when I was fighting that shitty priest.

He is really evil. He only thought about fighting and has joy in killing Devils.

Getting involved with the group where more shits like that exist is dangerous. I know that. I really do.

But. But!

So I have to say it to Buchou.

“Buchou, I need to save that girl, Asia!”

“It’s impossible. How will you fight them? You are a Devil. And she is a servant of Fallen Angels. It’s the two kinds that cannot coexist. Saving her means making the Fallen Angels your enemies. ……If that happened, we would also have to fight.”


I couldn’t say anything back to her. I will cause trouble to Buchou and others due to my selfishness.

I compared Asia with Buchou and others.

But I can’t find the answer. Which one is more important?

That……that will be……

I realised what a small man I am, because I can’t find the right answer.

I can’t save even a single girl.

I am too weak.

Part 4



I've skipped school today, and I’m currently sitting on a bench in a children’s park while making a sigh.

The wounds I received from the priest on my leg yesterday haven’t completely healed.

According to Buchou, “The Fallen Angel who gave its power to that priest must have a dense power of light”, so it seems like they will be troublesome for us Devils since light is poisonous to us.

With this leg, I can’t do the Devils’ job for a while, so I was told to take a break by Buchou.

Buchou probably has already talked to the teacher so it should be fine. That’s because Buchou controls the school from the shadows.


My stomach rumbles. Now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten since morning.

I have been thinking about Asia and my career as a Devil the whole time.

How can I save Asia? Before that, does Asia even like her current situation?

That, I don’t know.

But I have made my own assumption that she won’t enjoy working in the same place as a psycho priest who will hit her.


If I do things on my own, it will cause a lot of trouble to Buchou and the others.

……I want to get stronger.

That’s the only thing in my mind right now.

There are many things that are possible to do only if you are strong. In my short life as a Devil, that is the only thing I’m sure of.

It seems like I have to be stronger in order to achieve my dream.

Since then, I've learned how to make my Sacred Gear appear whenever I feel like. But since I don’t know how to use it, it’s a waste. But maybe relying on the Sacred Gear makes me a weakling.

All right. Once my wounds heal, I’m going to start building muscles! I’m also going to ask Buchou and Akeno-san how to use demonic-powers.

……I’m not happy, but I’m might ask Kiba to teach me how to use sword.

Anyway, I have my plans now.

I’m going to get stronger than that shitty priest. No, I need to be strong enough to run away from the Fallen Angel on my own.

I’m a [Pawn], but I can do it as long as I work hard. I want to believe that.

Yeah, since I have a new plan, I’ll buy lunch somewhere and go home!

When I got up from the bench, the colour gold appears to my eyes.

When I look carefully, there is a blond haired girl that I’m familiar with.

She also notices me. Both of us are shocked at this meeting.



Part 5


It’s a strange sight. A Sister is getting confused in front of the register.

“W-What would you like to order……?”

Even the employee doesn’t know how to handle this situation.

Its lunchtime and I took Asia to a fast food restaurant at the business district.

It seems like Asia never came to this kind of place before, so she is having a hard time choosing her meal.

I offered my help, but she said proudly, “It’s fine, I will manage it somehow”, so I have been watching her the whole time……

Thinking carefully, you can’t speak Japanese.

Seeing the chance, I help her.

“Sorry. She will have the same order as me.”


The employee takes the order. Asia on the other hand is shocked.

“Auu, I’m ashamed. I can’t even buy a single hamburger by myself……”

“W-Well, first you need to get used to Japanese.”

We head towards the empty table as soon as we got our meals while I encourage Asia who is feeling down.

While we are moving inside the restaurant, most of the male customers are looking at Asia.

It’s because she is a nun, but also because she’s really cute.

Well, any guy will look at her if they saw her.

We sat opposite each other, but Asia is taking a really good look at the hamburger and isn’t eating it. Rather, does she even know how to eat it?

Wow, what a strange development.

“Princess, you can eat this by taking the wrap off like this.”

I showed her how to do it while smiling.

“T-There’s actually a way to eat like that!? A-Amazing!”

……What a new reaction. You are seriously cute, Asia.

“You also eat the fries like this.”

“Oh my!”

Asia is looking at me eating the fries with very keen eyes.

“No no, you also eat, Asia.”


She takes a small bite of the burger.

She starts eating it.

“D-Delicious! This burger is very delicious!”

This girl is saying it while her eyes are shining. What does she normally eat?

“You never ate a burger before?”

“No. I have seen it often on television, but it’s my first time eating it. I’m moved! It’s delicious!”

“Oh. So what do you normally eat?”

“Mainly bread and soup. I also eat vegetable and pasta food.”

Such simple food. Is Church like that?

“Is that right? Then eat it carefully so you remember the taste. “

“Yes. I will eat it with joy.”

Asia starts eating it deliciously. But why was she at that park?

She said she has time off, but it seems like she is running away from something.

When she saw me, she seemed relieved.

I wanted to ask her but that might been a thoughtless question. I probably should wait till she feels like telling me.

I will help her any time.

There is also the thing about Buchou and the others. But I can’t tell her that.

It’s so irritating.

Oh well, since she is enjoying eating her hamburger, I feel bad asking her something that will make her depressed.

Yeah, that’s it. Just for today, we shall forget about everything.

That was the answer I got.



“We will go and have some fun now.”


“Let’s go to the game centre.”

“The legendary fastest downhill driver, Ise!”


I put my foot down on the accelerator, and quickly change the gear around the curve!

I then went past both cars!

“Fast! You are so fast Ise-san!”

Fufufu, are you watching me Asia? Now fall in love with my driving handling technique!

Just like that, I was playing a racing game at the game centre.

Even though I look like this, I didn’t join any school club before joining the Occult research club.

The three of us, Motohama, Matsuda, and I went through all of the game centres nearby.

Racing game or not, I can beat any games!


The sign that shows my victory appears on my screen.

Yeah, looks like I made a new track record again…… Like that, I was falling for myself.

Then I lost sight of Asia. When I looked, she is standing in front of the crane game.

“What is it?”

“Hau! N-No…… I-It’s nothing.”

When I ask her, she tries to hide it.

“Is there something you want?”

When I look inside the crane game there is a doll of “Rache-kun” inside. It’s a cute mascot based on a mouse. If I remember correctly, this character came from Japan but it’s popular worldwide. So that’s why Asia also knew it.

“Asia, do you like Rache-kun?”

“Eh? N-No, t-that is……”

Asia’s face gets red, and she nods her head shyly.

“Okay. I will get it for you!”

“Eh? B-But……!”

“It’s okay, I will get it.”

Strike while the iron is hot. I put the coin in immediately and started controlling the crane.

Even though I look like this, I’m pretty good at crane games you know?

Well, that’s what I thought, but I had a hard time getting it.

On my first try I dropped the doll on a good location, and on my second try I totally missed.

On my third and fourth try I missed it as well, but when Asia became worried on my fifth try, I finally managed to get it!


I made a victory pose and took Rache-kun which I just dropped out. I then give it to Asia.

“Here you go, Asia.”

Asia became so happy that she held the doll to her chest.

“Thank you very much, Ise-san. I will take care of this doll.”

“Hey hey, if a doll like that makes you happy, then I’ll get you more next time.”

That’s what I said to her., but she shook her head.

“No, this Rache-kun that you gave me represents the wonderful day I met you. Since today is the only day I met you, I will take good care of this doll.”

……Her words makes me shy.

But, when this girl says it, it actually seems natural.

Well, never mind!

“Okay! We haven’t started yet! Asia, we will play for the whole day today! Follow me!”


I took Asia’s hand and went further into the game centre.

Part 6

“Ah, we played a lot today.”

“Y-Yes……I’m a bit tired……”

We are walking on the street while laughing.

It’s already evening.

Hahaha, I've skipped school today and had fun till dusk.

We are lucky that we didn’t get caught by the police. If we did, then I will have been taken into custody right away.

I ended up being tired. Both Asia and I.

It was fun to see Asia’s reaction when we went to the game centre and other shops.

Rather, I feel the dating plan that I had made for Yuuma-chan has proven to be of good use. You really can’t tell what will happen in life since I never expected to become useful.


I almost tripped over because of the uncomfortable feeling on my leg.


Then I felt a bit of pain as well.

It’s the wound from yesterday. The place where I was shot by that shitty priest still hurts.

Looks like the day when it gets healed will be quite far from now.

“……Ise-san, are you injured? Is it from yesterday……”

Asia’s expression gets cloudy.

I think I messed up. We were having a good time, but I made her remember something painful. But Asia bends down and starts to check my injuries.

“Can you please lift your trouser up?”


I lift my trousers to have my calf exposed. The bullet mark is still there.

Asia then places her palm there.

A warm and gentle light shines on my calf.

It really is a warm light. It’s a green light. It’s like Asia’s eyes and it looks so beautiful.

It feels like her kindness is inside her light.

“How is it?”

Asia stops her light, and she urges me to move.

I move my leg a bit.

Oh? Wow. This is amazing!

“This is amazing Asia. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore! I don’t feel any pain at all!”

I run around a bit.

Asia smiles happily when she sees me.

“You are amazing, Asia. The healing power, it’s an incredible power. ……This is a Sacred Gear, right?”

“Yes, it is.”

Just like I thought.

“To tell you the truth, I also have a Sacred Gear. Though, it’s not much of a use. Right now, that is.”

Asia puts on a shocked face after hearing my confession.

“Ise-san, you also have a Sacred Gear? I didn’t realise it at all.”

“Hahaha, I don’t even know its effect. And to compare it, Asia, your power is amazing. This can heal humans, animals, and also Devils like me, right?”

She put on a complicated expression, then a sad face.

Soon after, a single drop of tear falls from her eyes.

Then, more tears starts flowing out from her eyes.

She then got down and starts to cry.

I don’t know what to do, so I took her to a spot where we can sit.

We sit on the bench on the roadside.

Then, she told me a story about the girl who was once called the “Holy Maiden”.

In a certain region in Europe, there was a girl who was discarded by her parents.

She was raised in a Church nearby by a nun along with other orphans.

The girl who was a strong follower of the Church received a special power at the age of 8.

She healed a wounded puppy, and a person from the Catholic Church witnessed it by chance.

From there on, her life changed.

The girl was taken to the main Catholic Church and she was symbolised by many as a “Holy Maiden” because of her healing power.

She used her power to heal many believers and they were told it was a power of divine protection.

Rumours brought rumours and she was respected as a “Holy Maiden”.

Even without her approval.

She had no dissatisfaction for how she was treated. People from the Church were kind and she didn’t hate healing people.

She instead was happy that her power was of use.

The girl was thankful to her power which was bestowed to her by God.

But she was a bit lonely.

She didn’t have any friends she could open up to.

Everyone treated her nicely and was nice to her. But there were no one willing to become her friend.

She understood why.

She knew that they were looking at her power as something irregular.

They didn’t look at her as a human but as a creature that could heal humans.

But one day, it changed.

By coincidence, there was a Devil nearby and she healed it.

A wounded Devil. The girl couldn’t ignore it.

She thought that even if it was a Devil, she had to heal it if it was injured.

It was her kindness that made her take such an action.

But that changed her life forever.

One of the people from the Church saw that incident and notified others of the Church.

The ministers of the Church were shocked about it.

“A power that can heal Devils!?”

“Something absurd like that cannot happen!”

“The power of healing can only heal the followers of God!”

Yes, there were several people who had the power to heal.

But the power to heal the Devil was out of the question. The people of the Church thought it was common sense that the power of healing doesn’t work on Fallen Angels and Devils.

Apparently, a similar incident had happened in the past.

The power to heal Fallen Angels and Devils that were not protected by God. But that was feared as the power of a “Witch”.

So the people saw her as a heretic.

“Damn witch that heals Devils!”

The girl who was respected as a Holy Maiden was then feared as a “Witch” and the Catholic Church abandoned her.

She didn’t have anywhere to go and the organisation of “Stray Exorcists” picked her up.

In other words, she had to get divine protection from the Fallen Angels.

But the girl never forgot to pray to God. She also never forgot to thank God.

Even so, the girl was abandoned.

God didn’t save her.

What shocked her the most was that there was not even a single person in the Church that was willing to defend her.

There was no one who cared about her.

“……It’s because I didn’t pray enough. It’s because I’m clumsy. I’m so stupid that I can’t even eat a burger by myself.”

The girl, Asia, wipes her tears while laughing.

I didn’t know what to say to her.

I didn’t know what to say after finding out her devastating past.

Just like she showed before, she is a Sacred Gear possessor that has the power to heal even Devils.

“This is also a trial that the lord gave me. Since I’m a clumsy nun, the lord gave me this trial. So I have to endure it.”

She was laughing as if she was talking to herself.

You don’t have to say anything any more……

“I’m sure I will make lots of friends one day. I have a dream. I want to go buy flowers with a friend, buying books and……talk……”

She is full of tears.

I can’t look at her any more. She must have been enduring it the whole time.

She has been waiting for God to save her the whole time and has been hiding her feelings all along.


Hey God!

What’s the meaning of this!? Why don’t you save this girl!

She has been longing for your help!? She has been respecting you more than anyone!

What are you doing!? Why aren’t you doing anything!?

I don’t know a single thing about you and I also don’t believe in any religion. On top of that, I’m a Devil!

But even a Devil like me can talk to her!

Weren’t you the one that gave us the Sacred Gears?

This! This is wrong!

Ah, I know. This is what I’m going to do! Watch me, God!

I took her hand. I say it to her while looking directly to her eyes which is wet with her tears.

“Asia, I will become your friend. No, we are already friends.”

Asia stands there looking puzzled.

“I’m a D-Devil, but it’s all right. I won’t take Asia’s life, and I won’t take any price! You can call me whenever you feel like it! Ah, and I will also give you my mobile number.”

I put my hand inside my pocket to get my mobile phone out.


“It’s not why! Asia, you played with me for the whole day right? We talked right? We laughed together right? Then you and I are friends! A human, a Devil, or God doesn’t matter! We are friends!”

“……Is that a pact with a Devil?”

“It’s not! Asia and I are going to become actual friends! We will put other things aside! We will talk when we want to, we will play when we want to, and yeah, I will also go shopping with you! Whether its books or flowers, we will go shopping much as you want! Okay?”

Even I think that I suck at conversation. It’s not even romantic. Kiba probably knows the right thing to say at a time like this.

But Asia put her hand on her mouth, and once again starts to shed tears.

Though, this time, her tears didn’t seem sad.

“……Ise-san. I have no common sense.”

“We could learn by going around the city! If you go around looking at different things, you would learn eventually.”

“……I can’t speak Japanese. I also don’t know about its culture.”

“I will teach you! I will even make you speak using a proverb! Leave it to me! We could even go to museum to look at Japanese national treasure! Samurai! Sushi, and geisha!”

“I also don’t know what to talk about with a friend.”

I hold Asia’s hand tightly.

“You talked to me normally for a whole day. That was fine. We were already talking like friends.”

“……Will you become my friend?”

“Yeah, so let’s get along from now on, Asia.”

She nods her head and smiles.

Yeah, with this it’s OK.

Asia and I are friends! But this situation sure makes me blush.

I will probably tremble with embarrassment once I go to bed after this.

But it doesn’t matter.

If Asia will smile, then it’s okay.

The incident from her sad past. I won’t know how painful it was.

But I’m positive that I can keep her smiling from now on!

Even a human and a Devil can be friends! I thought it was impossible at first, but I don’t care any more.

I am definitely going to see her from now on as her friend. I won’t let anyone get in our way!

I will protect Asia!

“It’s impossible.”

A voice which rejects all my thoughts.

When I look towards the direction of where the voice came from, I become speechless.

That’s because the person I am familiar with is standing there.

A slender girl with silky black hair.

Amano Yuuma-chan is standing there.


She laughs of amusement when she hears my trembling voice.

“Heh. You survived. And as a Devil? Seriously, that is the worst.”

Her voice isn’t the cute voice of Yuuma-chan, and she sounds more like that of a bewitching adult.


Asia calls her by that name.

Raynare? Yeah, that’s right. I totally forgot.

Amano Yuuma is a Fallen Angel. That’s right. I almost forgot about that.

I see, so it’s the Fallen Angel Raynare. So that’s her real name.

“……What does a Fallen Angel like you want?”

She sneers when I said that to her.

“I don’t want a filthy low-class Devil like you talking to me.”

She stares at me as if she is looking at something very disgusting.

“That girl. Asia, is our personal belonging. Can I have her back? Asia, you know it’s useless to run away?”

Run? What does she mean?

“……No. I don’t want to return to that Church. I don’t want to return to the people who kill other people. ……Also, you people did things to me……”

Asia replies back with disgust.

What happened? What happened inside that Church?

“Please don’t say that, Asia. Your Sacred Gear is essential for our plan. So please come back with me? I also took the time to look for you. Don’t make trouble for me.”

Raynare approaches us. Asia hides behind me. Her body is shaking with fear.

I take a step forward to protect her.

“Wait. Can’t you see she doesn’t want to? Yu-, no Raynare-san, what are you going to do with her after taking her back?”

“Low-class Devil, don’t call me by my name. My name will get filthy. What’s between us doesn’t have anything to do with you. If you don’t go back to your master’s place quickly, you will die, you know?”

Raynare gathers light in her hand.

Is it the spear?

I was killed once because of it.

I need to make the first move!

“S-Sacred Gear!”

When I shouted towards the sky loudly, lights cover my left arm and forms into a red gauntlet.

Yeah! It’s a success!

Looks like secretly practicing on how to make my Sacred Gear appear without making the posture paid off! Seeing my Sacred Gear, Raynare shows a shocked expression for a moment and then starts to laugh.

“I was told that your Sacred Gear was a dangerous one before from the higher-ups, but it looks like they were totally wrong!”

The Fallen Angel starts to laugh as if she found it amusing.

What? What’s so funny?

“Your Sacred Gear is one of the common ones. It’s called the [Twice Critical]. It doubles the power of the possessor for a temporally time, but having you double your power is not a threat to me. Truly, a fitting object for a low-class Devil like you.”

The ability that doubles the possessor's power? Is that the power of my Sacred Gear?

And she said it’s one of the common……

But that’s good enough for now.

I need to shake Raynare off somehow, and run away with Asia!

But where to? The school?

I can’t. I can’t cause trouble for Buchou and others.

My house? How shall I explain it to my parents?

……Damn it. Even though I’m her friend, I don’t know where to take Asia!

Damn! I will think about it later! First of all, I need to beat this Fallen Angel in front of me!

Shit! It’s the worst case that I have to fight my ex-girlfriend!

Why do I always get into this mess?

“Sacred Gear! Activate! You can double my power, right!? Then activate!”

Then the jewel on the gauntlet starts to glow.


A sound is made. Next moment, I felt power flowing into me.

Is this what it means to double my powers!?

Yeah! With this—!


A nasty sound. Something stabs my stomach.

The spear of light. She threw at me, again.

“Even if your power is doubled, you can’t even evade this small spear I made. Even if the power of 1 is doubled, it’s only 2. You can’t narrow the power gap between us. Do you understand now, low-class Devil-kun?”

I fall down.

This is bad. Light is poisonous. It’s poisonous for a Devil. And I was hit in my stomach. This is—

I prepare myself for the intense pain which will be followed by certain death, but I don’t feel any pain at all.

That’s because a green light is enveloping around my body.

When I look, Asia is healing my wound. She is putting her hand on my stomach and is healing my wound for me.

The spear of light gradually gets smaller, and it eventually disappears.

I don’t feel even the slightest pain. Instead, I can feel Asia’s warmth.

“Asia. If you don’t want that Devil to be killed, come with me. Your Sacred Gear is essential for our plan. Your power, the [Twilight Healing], is a rare Sacred Gear unlike the Sacred Gear of the Devil over there. If you don’t come with me, I will have to kill that Devil.”

Raynare gives a cruel order.

I’m the hostage!? Like hell I am!

“S-Shut up! I can defeat you—”

“Yes, I understand.”

Without hearing me, Asia accepts the Fallen Angel’s order.


“Ise-san. Thank you for today. It was really fun.”

She makes a big smile. My stomach has completely healed.

After she confirms it, she walks towards Raynare.

“Good girl, Asia. That’s it. Problem solved. With today’s ritual, you will be freed from your suffering.”

Raynare put on a lecherous smile.

Shit! She doesn’t look anything like the Yuuma-chan that I know!

Also what does she mean by ritual!? It only sounds like something bad!

I then shout towards Asia.

“Asia! Wait! We're friends, aren’t we!?”

“Yes. Thank you for being friends with someone like me.”

I promised to protect Asia.

“I-I have to protect Asia!”

She turns around, but she is still smiling at me.

I become fascinated with her smile for a moment.


She says her farewell.

Raynare covers Asia with her black wings.

“Low-class Devil, looks like you were saved because of this girl. If you get in my way again, I will definitely kill you. Goodbye, Ise-kun.”

The Fallen Angel who sneers at me flew up high while holding Asia.

They disappear into the sky.

The only thing left is me, black feathers, and Rache-kun that Asia has left behind.

—I couldn’t do anything.

“I will protect Asia”. What a laugh.

I got on my knees and started punching the ground.

I bite my teeth hard and I cry out with frustration.

Damn it. Damn it.



I cry out the name of my friend towards the sky.

There’s no reply.


For the first time in my life, I cursed myself for being weak.

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