High School DxD

Volume 1 Chapter 5


……I got up from my bed after getting woken up by the alarm clock with a boyish-girl’s voice.

I set the alarm one hour earlier than usual.

I needed to go to the club room at all cost even if I have to scratch out my eyes!

I left the room after getting into my uniform.

Part 2

“Ara, so you came on time."

When I arrived in the club room, Buchou is the only one present.

The school hasn’t started yet.

I came here early in the morning because last evening we were told that we will have a meeting in the morning.

Buchou is sitting on the sofa, drinking green-tea elegantly.

“Good morning, Buchou.”

“Yes, good morning. Looks like you have gotten used to the morning.”

“Yes, thanks to you.”

She then looks at my legs.

“How’s the wound from the Fallen Angel?”

I had my thighs pierced by the spear of light from the battle few days ago.

“Yes, it’s completely healed thanks to that healing power.”

I answered her with a smile.

“Is that so? It seems like that girl’s healing power is something you can’t ignore. I can see why a single Fallen Angel would desire it, even by keeping it a secret from her superiors.”

I sit on the sofa opposite Buchou.

There are several things I want to ask her.

“Umm Buchou? If there is the same number of [Evil Pieces] as in chess itself, then it’s possible to get 7 other [Pawns] besides me, right? So will there be a day when another [Pawn] besides me will join us?”

Yeah, just like in the real chess, there should be the same number of [Pawn] pieces. So it’s possible to get more [Pawn] pieces besides me. I asked her thinking it will turn out like that one day.

But Buchou shakes her head to the side to my question.

“No, my only [Pawn] is you, Ise.”


Eh? Should I be happy?

Is it a confession? Something like “Ise is the only one I want!” or something like that?

“When reincarnating a human to a Devil we use the [Evil Pieces], but depending on the ability of the person being reincarnated, more [Evil Pieces] will be consumed.”

……So it’s not a confession……

Huh? Piece consumption?

“There’s a saying like this in the world of chess. Queens have a value of 9 Pawns. Rooks have a value of 5 Pawns. Knights and Bishops have a value of 3 Pawns each. Like this, there are standard values that also apply to the Evil Pieces. A similar phenomenon happens to those reincarnated. If there are those who can only be reincarnated with 2 Knight pieces, then there are also those who need 2 Rook pieces to be reincarnated. There’s also the compatibility with the pieces as well. You can’t use 2 separate Pieces to give them different roles, so it’s important to think how to use the pieces. Once you use it, Devils won’t be given a new [Evil Pieces].”

“How is that related to me?”

“Ise, I used all of the [Pawn] pieces when I resurrected you. If I hadn't, I couldn’t have made you into a Devil.”

All!? Seriously?

So do I have a value of 8 [Pawn] pieces then?

“When I found out, I decided to definitely make you into my servant. But I couldn’t find the reason for a while. But now I’m convinced. The Sacred Gear that is said to be supreme. Because it was you, Ise, who possess the [Boosted Gear] which is said to be one of the supreme Sacred Gear, the [Longinus], therefore it had that much value.”

I look at my left arm.

The red gauntlet. A insane embodiment of power which doubles my power every 10 seconds.

Depending on how you use it, it’s said that it can even kill God.

This Sacred Gear is something which is too good for me, but it can’t be helped since its residing in me.

“When I was trying to reincarnate you, the only pieces I had left were 1 Knight, 1 Rook, 1 Bishop and 8 Pawns. To make you into my servant, I could only use all 8 pieces of Pawn. And your compatibility with the Pawn was also good. The other pieces didn’t have the power to reincarnate you. To begin with, the value of [Pawn] is still a mystery. Also including its [Promotion]. That’s why I gambled on that possibility. As a result, you were the best.”

Buchou smiles happily.

She pats my cheeks with her fingers.

“Our matching is also great since its crimson and red, “Crimson-Hair Ruin-Princess” and [Boosted Gear]. Ise, first of all, aim to become the strongest [Pawn]. If it’s you, you can definitely do it. After all, you are my adorable servant.”

—The strongest [Pawn].

It sounds so great.

Buchou brings her face closer when I was thinking about it.

Close! You are too close Buchou!

Then Buchou’s lip touches my forehead.

“This is a good luck charm. Get stronger.”

Kiss on the forehead……


I became unsteady because of what just happened, and my face turns red.

Uwa. Uwa. Uooooooooooooooooooooo!

Something triggers in my head! I am so happy that I’m about to dance!

Oh man! Oh man!

My first kiss from a girl!

It wasn’t a kiss on the lip or cheeks, but there’s nothing happier than this!

I’m about to cry because of the joy!

I! I will work harder Buchou! I promise with this kiss! I definitely will!

“I probably should stop adoring you here. The new girl might get jealous of me.”


What is she talking about?


Voice came from behind me. I have heard this voice before.

When I turned around, the blond girl, Asia, is trying to smile.


Eh? Is she mad?


“It has to be…… R-Rias-buchou is very beautiful, so even Ise-san will also like her…… No, no. I can’t think like that! Oh, lord. Please forgive my sinful heart.”

Asia made a prayer but she then screams “Auu”.

“I have a headache.”

“Of course. If a Devil makes a prayer to God, of course you will receive damage.”

Buchou says that normally.

“Uu, that’s right. I turned into a Devil. I can’t face God any more.”

Asia seems a bit troubled. Asia, please don’t make a sad face like that.

“Do you regret it?”

Buchou asks Asia.

Asia shakes her head.

“No, thank you very much. No matter what situation I am in, I’m happy as long as I am with Ise-san.”


My face starts to turn red because of her embarrassing reply.

T-This is something which makes me happy. For a guy, it’s the ultimate praise.

Hearing that, Buchou also smiles.

“I see, then its okay. From today you will also be my servant, and I will make you work along with Ise.”

“Yes! I will do my best!”

Asia replies very energetically.

She will have to do the leaflet handing first, but I wondered if she will be all right?

I feel uneasy.

Then I realised the change in Asia. Why didn’t I realise it until now?

“Asia, that uniform……”

Yes, Asia is wearing the school uniform of our school. Kuou Academy’s girl uniform.

“D-Does it suit me……?”

She asks me shyly.

Of course!

Another Angel have descended to our school! I can already hear the guys in our school talking about it.

You look great in it!

“It’s the best! Let’s take a photo with only the 2 of us.”

“Eh, y-yes.”

She was troubled with how to react, but it's true that she looks cute in it. Aaah, my school life is becoming glorious!

“I decided to make Asia attend our school. Since she is about the same age as you, she’s also in 2nd year. I also made her in the same class as you. Today will be her first day, so make sure to look after her.”

Buchou says that to me.

Are you serious!? My class!? Asia will be in my class!?

“I will be in your care, Ise-san.”

Asia bows her head.

I start to imagine introducing Asia to Matsuda and Motohama already. I can’t stop laughing, thinking about how jealous they would get.

“Yeah. I will introduce you to two of my pals.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Fufufu, Matsuda and Motohama, looks like I’m getting closer to becoming an adult.

Pals, my life as an unpopular guy is over!

While I was imagining that, Kiba, Koneko-chan and Akeno-san enters the room.

“Good morning, Buchou, Ise-kun, Asia-san.”

“……Good morning, Buchou, Ise-senpai, Asia-senpai.”

“How are you all doing, Buchou, Ise-kun, Asia-chan.”

Everyone greets us.

Everyone called me “Ise” and acknowledged Asia as a member.

It’s great.

There’s nothing better than this.

Buchou stands up.

“Since everyone is here, shall we start the party?”

Saying that, Buchou clicks her fingers.

Then, a big cake appears on the table. Wow, is this also demonic-power as well?

“It might be good sometimes to gather in the morning to do these kinds of things, right? S-since we got new members, I made some cake, so let’s eat it together.”

Buchou says it shyly.

But handmade cake! I will gladly eat it!

Buchou, first of all, I will aim to become the strongest [Pawn].

I will work hard along with Buchou, Asia, Kiba, Koneko-chan and Akeno-san.

After making a promise to myself, I got ready to do kamehameha to rise up the mood for this party.

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