High School DxD

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Life.4 I'm Saving My Friend!


A sound echoes in the club room. The sound came from my cheek.

I was slapped. Buchou slapped me on my cheek.

She has a serious expression.

“How many times do I have to repeat myself? No is no. I can’t allow you to save that Sister.”

I visited the school after I couldn’t save Asia and reported the story to Buchou.

Even after I reported what happened, I proposed to go to that Church.

Obviously, to save Asia.

But Buchou on the other hand said that she wouldn’t get involved in this matter.

I wasn’t able to agree with her decision, so I tried to convince her even though I knew it was rude. That’s why she slapped me.

The first slap I ever received in my life hurts more than I thought. Especially my heart hurts.

I have been continuing to betray Buchou who holds high expectations for me.

But still, there are things that I can’t give up on.

“Then I will go by myself. I’m worried about the ritual thing. The Fallen Angels are doing something from behind the scenes. There’s no guarantee of Asia’s safety.”

“Are you really that stupid? You will definitely be killed if you go. You won’t be able to come back to life anymore. Do you understand?”

Buchou tries to talk calmly, but she is talking to me as if she is warning me.

“Your actions will affect not only me but also the other members! You are a Devil of the Gremory group! You need to be aware of that!”

“Then let me out of this group. I’ll go there as an individual.”

“I can’t do that! Why don’t you understand?”

I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Buchou this enraged.

I have been causing a lot of trouble for Buchou. But there are things that I can’t back down from.

“I became friends with Asia Argento. Asia is my important friend. I won’t abandon my friend!”

“……That’s a wonderful thing. I think it’s amazing if you can say that face to face. But that is different than what we are talking about now. The relationship between a Devil and a Fallen Angel is not as simple as you think. The two sides have been glaring at each other for hundreds and thousands of years. If you show them a single gap of weakness, they will come and kill us. They are our enemy.”

“Wasn’t blowing away the enemy the Gremory’s way of doing things?”


We glare at each other.

I didn’t back off. I look straight into her eyes.

“That girl was originally from God’s side. She is a person that we cannot ever coexist with. Even if she went with the Fallen Angels, it doesn’t change the fact that she is still the enemy of us Devils.”

“Asia isn’t our enemy!”

I denied it strongly. A kind girl like her can’t be our enemy!

“Even if she isn’t, she has nothing to do with us. Ise, you have to forget about her.”

Even if she says it like that, there’s no way I can forget about her!

Then Akeno-san comes and whispers into Buchou’s ear.

What is it? Did something happen? Akeno-san also has a serious expression. But it looks like it isn’t because of Buchou and my discussion.

Buchou, who is listening to Akeno-san, makes a serious face.

Just as I thought, something definitely happened.

Buchou looks at me, and then looks at the remaining members.

“I’ve got an urgent thing to do now. Akeno and I will go out for a bit.”



“B-Buchou! I haven’t finished talking—”

Buchou put her index finger on my lips.

“Ise, there are a couple of things I need to tell you. First one. You think that a [Pawn] is a weak piece, right? Am I right?”

I nod quietly to her question.

“That’s a big misunderstanding. [Pawn] has a special ability that no other pieces have. That ability is the [Promotion].”

Promotion? What is that?

“Just like the actual chess game, [Pawn] can change into other classes if they reach the opponent's base. They are able to promote to any other piece besides the [King] piece. Ise, when you step foot in the location I acknowledge as “Enemy's base”, you are able to change into any piece besides the [King].”

Oh man! So I can promote to Kiba’s [Knight] class, Koneko-chan’s [Rook] class, and also even Akeno-san’s [Queen] class!?

“Since it hasn’t been that long since you became a Devil, there are restrictions, so it’s probably still impossible for you to be promoted to the ultimate piece, a [Queen]. But you could change to other classes. If you wish strongly for [Promotion] within your heart, then there will be a change in your ability.”

Amazing! Just listening to it gave me a lot of information!

If I add the promotion with my Sacred Gear, then I might be able to beat that priest!

“Also one more thing. It’s about the Sacred Gear. When you use your Sacred Gear, just remember this.”

Buchou starts to stroke my cheek with her hand.

“—Desire. Sacred Gear is driven with the power of desire. And it also determines the power for it as well. Even though you are a Devil, your will to desire hasn’t been lost. The stronger you desire, the stronger your Sacred Gear will respond to you.”


The power of desire will activate the Sacred Gear……

So if I strongly wish for it, this will activate.

“There’s one last thing you should never forget, Ise. Even a [Pawn] can take down the [King]. This is basic in chess. This truth also applies for the Devils’ chess pieces. You can become stronger.”

After saying that, she teleports to some other place through the magic-circle along with Akeno-san.

The only ones left are me, Kiba, and Koneko-chan.

After I take a deep breath, I was already determined to go and was about to leave.


Kiba calls me.

“Are you going?”

“Yeah, I am. I have to go. Asia is my friend after all. I’m the one who has to save her.”

“……You will get killed. Even if you have the Sacred Gear, and even if you use [Promotion], you can’t take down a group of Exorcists and Fallen Angels by yourself.”

Logical answer.

I already know that. I’m very aware of that.

“Even so, I’m going. Even if I die, I will set Asia free.”

“Good determination, that’s what I would like to say but it’s still reckless.”

“Then what am I supposed to do!”

I shouted at him, but he says it straight at me.

“I’m going too.”


I lost my words after hearing something unexpected.

Of course. I just heard something that I wasn’t expecting.

“I don’t know much about Asia-san, but you are my comrade. Even though Buchou said that, there’s a part of me that respects your decision. Also, I personally don’t like Fallen Angels and priests. I detest them.”

……This guy probably has some kind of past as well.

But to hear the word “comrade” from him……

“Remember what Buchou said? “When you step foot in the location I acknowledge as “Enemy's base”, you are able to change into any piece besides the [King]”. So isn’t she indirectly telling us that “I acknowledge that the Church is the location where the enemy of Rias Gremory is”?”


I finally realise it.

I see, so that’s what she meant.

That’s why she told me the information about [Promotion].

“Buchou indirectly approved you to go. Of course, I think she also means that I should support you as well. Buchou may have some kind of plan. If not, she would have stopped you by locking you up somewhere.”

Kiba laughs.

……Buchou, thank you very much!

I have witnessed how gracious Buchou is once again, and thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

If I come back safely, I will work harder!

I’m thanking Buchou who isn’t here silently, and a small build girl approaches me.

“……I’m going as well.”

“Wha-, Koneko-chan?”

“……I feel uneasy for only having you two go.”

Koneko-chaaaaaaaan! I can’t tell what’s going in her mind since she doesn’t show any expression, but I feel like I just witnessed her kindness hidden in her!

“I’m touched! Right now, I’m so deeply touched, Koneko-chan!”

I became emotional with this girl’s word.

“H-Huh? But I’m going as well……?”

Kiba puts on a sad smile. I know, Kiba. Thank you.

I thought that a troubled handsome is a bit cute.

All right! With this it’s possible! We can do it!

“Then let’s go for a rescue mission with the three of us! Wait for us, Asia!”

Like this, the three of us headed towards the Church.

Part 2

The sky is already dark, and it’s already time for the street lamps to be on.

The three of us, Kiba, Koneko-chan, and I, are examining the Church from a place where we can see it.

There is no one entering or exiting the Church.

But the closer we got to the Church, the stronger I started to have a bad feeling. I’m sweating from all over my body.

When I ask Kiba, he says that, “From this presence, it’s certain that there is a Fallen Angel inside”.

So the enemy’s boss is inside.

“Here, look at this map.”

Kiba spread out the map of the building on the road.

The map of the Church. Where did he get if from……?

“Well, it’s basic when you are going into the enemy’s territory.”

The good looking guy makes a smile.

Wow, what swift support. I didn’t even think about it and was trying to get in head on.

I realised how naive I am once again.

“Besides the sanctuary, there is also a dormitory. The sanctuary looks suspicious.”

Kiba points at the sanctuary.

“So we can ignore the dormitory then?”

“Most likely. Most “Stray Exorcist” groups usually make some alteration to the sanctuary. They usually perform suspicious rituals under the sanctuary.”


I told him my doubt. Kiba makes a bitter smile.

“It’s the place they used to respect as a holy place, and by doing something that rejects God there, it makes them satisfied because it’s an insult to God. Because they loved God, because they were rejected by God, they purposely cast evil spells under the sanctuary as a representation for their hatred.”

They are insane. No, even the God who cast away his faithful believers is at fault.

Right now I hate God because of the incident with Asia. That’s why I think that way.

“The sanctuary is located right behind the entrance. I think we can go straight in. The problem is to find the door to the basement once we get in the sanctuary, and also if we can defeat the assassins waiting for us.”


When I heard that word, I start to have a bad premonition.

We look at each other in front of the Church while the moonlight lit our face, and then we nod to each other.

We are set!

Now we only have to enter!

Wait for me, Asia!

We passed through the entrance and went straight for the sanctuary.

The Fallen Angels will have noticed our intrusion by this point.

So the enemy knows that we have entered their territory.

There’s no going back. The only thing left is to head straight in!

We open the door, and stepped inside the sanctuary.

There is an altar and long chairs. It looks like an ordinary sanctuary. The candle lights and the interior lamps lit the sanctuary.

……Oh there is something that didn’t seem normal.

The statue of the person on the cross. It has its head destroyed.

What a creepy site.


Then a clap echoes through the sanctuary. Someone who looks like a priest shows up from behind the pillar.

Seeing his face, I become disgusted.

“Meeting! It’s a reunion! So emotional!”

It's that white haired shitty Priest!

I think his name is Freed. It’s him. So he’s the so-called assassin, huh.

He sure has a weird smile like always.

“Well, I never met the same Devil twice before! You know, since I'm super strong, I cut Devils into pieces when I first meet them! Once I see them, I cut them up on the spot! I then kiss the corpse and say goodbye! That’s how I used to live! But since you guys ruined my style, I’m so lost! That’s no good~. It’s not good to interfere with my lifestyle~! That’s why~! You guys piss me off! I hope you guys will die! Actually die! You trashy Deeeeeeeeeeeevils!”

After showing his joy and sadness, he is in a rage now.

He takes out the gun and handle-only sword from before.


The blade of light appears. It will be a troublesome to get cut by that sword. That gun is also troublesome.

But it’s different from before. It’s 3 against 1 now.

“You guys came to rescue Asia-tan, right? Hahaha! Devil-samas are big hearted for coming to rescue a bitch like that who would even heal Devils! Well, just being entranced to a Devil should make that Sister die!”

Die? What does he mean!?

“Hey! Where is Asia!?”

“Well, there is a hidden stairs under that altar. From there you can go to the place where they are doing the ritual.”

That guy spilled out the location of the hidden basement by pointing at the altar.

Does he even know that he has to stop us? Or did he spill it out because he's confident that he can kill us and it will solve the problem?

“Sacred Gear!”

Synchronised with my shout, a red gauntlet appears on my left arm.

Equipping the Sacred Gear, completed! Okay!

Kiba draw his sword from the sheath and Koneko-chan—

Huh! I’m so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out.


Koneko-chan is lifting up the pews that are several times bigger than her.

“……Get smashed.”

Koneko-chan throws the pews at the Priest! Super Girl that is totally an unexpected method of attack!

“Wow! Oh yeah!”

The Priest did a small dance and cut the chair in half with his blade of light. The chair that is cut in half hits the ground.



When I thought Kiba went ahead, he has already disappeared. He’s so fast that I can’t see him!


There are sparks between Kiba’s sword and the Priest’s blade of light.

So it’s solid despite being made from light huh. After all, even if Kiba slashes straight at him, I can hear the sound of two metals colliding against each other.

“Hmmm! Hmmm! Such a pain! Why are you guys so noisy!? I’m super very bad! I’m sorry for talking in a death language! Forgive me after you die!”

Kiba dodges the soundless bullets with his legs he is proud of while continuing to attack his enemy.

Kiba who is dodging all of the Priest’s attack is amazing.

But the Priest is also something because he can fight on par with a Devil.

Man, he stopped Kiba’s slash again!

I can’t catch Kiba’s movements with my eyes, but the Priest can.

So that shitty Priest is not an opponent that I can take on by myself.

Kiba and the Priest then start to battle head on. Both of them are glaring at each other.

“Impressive. You are quite strong.”

“Ahaha! You too! A [Knight], huh!? Not even a single blind spot! This is great! Yes yes, this is what I’m talking about. Lately, I haven’t had an awesome battle like this! I was about to cry because of it! Hmmm! Hmmm! I’m going to kill you!”

“Then maybe I should also fight seriously for a bit then.”

Kiba is going to fight seriously? What is he going to do?

“Eat this.”

Low pitched voice. I can’t believe its Kiba’s voice because it has some intensity in it.

Then, some black stuff comes out of Kiba’s sword. It starts to cover the whole sword.


If I have to describe it, that will be it.

The darkness covers the sword.

No, it’s more like the darkness is shaping into Kiba’s sword.

The darkness sword that is clashing against the Priest’s blade of light starts to expand and is devouring the blade of light.

“Wha, what the hell is this!?”

The Priest seems confused.

“—[Holy-Eraser], a darkness sword that devours light.”

“Y-You are also a Sacred Gear possessor!?”

Sacred Gear! Kiba too!?

I mean, darkness-sword looks awesome!

Dammit! So good looking ones get a good looking weapon as well!?

The Priest’s blade of light is completely devoured by Kiba’s sword, and it can’t maintain its shape after having the lights devoured.

Now! This is my chance!

I went straight at him!

“Sacred Gear! Activate!”


A sound comes out from the jewel and the power flows into my body.

My target is the shitty priest.

The priest becomes aware of me.

“I’m keeping on telling you! You are annoying!”

He points his gun that is loaded with bullets of light at me. The bullet is shot without making any sound.


“Promotion, [Rook]!”


The bullet of light didn’t pierce through me, and instead returns to nothing.

“-! Promotion!? A [Pawn]!?”

The Priest seems to be in shock.

Yeah, I’m a [Pawn]! The [Pawn] who is going to bash you!

“The traits of a [Rook]!Unreal defence and-!”

My left fist hit the Priest’s face. That’s what I thought, but I felt something hard on my fist.

Even so, I punched as hard as I can!

The Priest gets pushed far back!

“Ridiculous attack strength.”

I laugh while breathing hard.

“That’s for hitting Asia that time. I feel relieved that I hit you once.”

The Priest is on the ground, but gets up slowly and spits his blood onto the ground.

His right cheek is swollen.

Just that? I promoted to [Rook], but looks like I still don’t have Koneko-chan's attacking power.

No, if I look carefully, his handle only sword is smashed up.

Did he use that as a shield just before getting punched by me?

So that’s the hard thing I felt. He has a fast reaction.

“……Hmm ……Oh man, not only I got punched by a trashy Devil, but he’s saying some weird crap to me……—Don’t fuck with me.”

The Priest makes a howl.

“Don’t fuck with me!! You shiiiiiit! A mere Devil shouldn’t act cocky with meeeeee! I’ll kill you! Definitely! I’ll definitely kill you! I’m going to cut you into pieces, you shiiiiit!”

The Priest takes out his second sword which only has its handle.

He still has it!? How many does he have!?

But the three of us, me, Kiba, and Koneko-chan, surround the Priest.

The Priest notices it, and he looks around. He begins to smirk.

“Wow, wow. Is this what you call a crisis? Hmm, for me, getting killed by a Devil is a no-no, so I feel like retreating. It’s a shame that I can’t exorcise you guys, but I also don’t want to die!”

The Priest takes out something round and smashes it on to the floor.

Instantly, our eyes are blinded with a shining light.

Shit! A smoke screen!?

When my eyes healed, I looked around but the Priest is gone.

Then the Priest’s voice comes from somewhere.

“Hey. The grunt Devil over there……Ise-kun, was it? To tell you the truth, I have fallen in love with you. So I will definitely kill you. Definitely, okay? I won’t forgive a shitty Devil who punched me and gave me a lecture, okay? Then, bye-bye.”

When my eyes are healed completely, I looked around again, but the Priest has vanished without leaving a trace.

……He escaped.

He even left some parting words……

I was thinking about it, and realised that I had no time to waste on him.

Kiba, Koneko-chan and I nod at each other and went towards the altar’s hidden stairs.

Part 3

The three of us walk down the staircase under the altar.

It looks like the electricity works even in here.

With Kiba in front of us, we walk ahead.

After the stairs, there is a single passage. Sometimes there are doors in both side of the wall. So this is a basement huh.

Koneko-chan points to the far end by saying, “Possibly at the end of this passage…… I can smell that person……”.

So Asia is there. Then my spirit pumped up.

Wait for me, Asia. I’ll be there soon!

When we went further in, a big door appears.

“Is that it?”

“Possibly. I’m sure there are groups of Exorcists and Fallen Angels inside. Are you ready?”

Koneko-chan and I nod at Kiba.

“Okay. Then we’ll open the door—”

When Kiba and I were about to open the door, the door opens by itself.

While making a large noise, the inside of the ritual place becomes visible.

“Welcome. Devils.”

The Fallen Angel, Raynare, spoke from the end of the room.

The room is full of priests. They all have a sword handle that makes the blade of light in their hands.

I looked at the girl who is attached to the cross and shout.


Asia noticed my voice and looks at me.


“Yeah! I’ve come to save you!”

I smile at her and a tear drops from her eye.

“It’s a touching reunion, but it’s too late. The ritual is about to finish now.”

The ritual is finished?

What does she mean—

Suddenly, Asia’s body starts to glow.

“……Aaah, iyaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Asia screams. She looks very painfully.


I tried to reach her, but the priests surround me.

“I won’t let you interfere!”

“Damn Devils! I will destroy you!”

“Move! Shitty priests! I don’t have time to bother with you all!”


A big sound. When I looked, Koneko-chan punched one of the priests away.

“……Please don’t touch me.”

Kiba also draw his darkness-sword.

“Looks like I will have to go full throttle from the beginning. I hate Priests. If there are this many, then I won’t hold back to devour your light.”

Kiba's eyes become sharp and I can feel chills from him.

The darkness is showing a very dense killing intent. This will be an all-out war.


At the same time, a large light comes out of Asia’s body.

Raynare takes it to her hand.

“This is it! This is the power that I craved for a long time! Sacred Gear! With this, I will be loved!”

With an expression of ecstasy, Raynare hugs on to the light.

Then the bright light envelops the ritual room.

When the light stops, there is a Fallen Angel emitting green coloured light from her body.

“Ufufu. Ahahahahahaha! I finally have it! The supreme power! With this, I can become a supreme Fallen Angel! With this I can payback all those who were looking down on me!”

The Fallen Angel makes a big laugh.

I didn’t pay attention to her and went straight to Asia.

The priests are trying to stop me, but Kiba and Koneko-chan support me by blowing them away.

Kiba’s sword devours the light of the priest’s sword, and Koneko-chan hit the priests who has lost their weapon with one mighty hit. The combination of these two is remarkable, and it’s obvious that it isn't the type of combination possible with a few days of practice.

“Thanks, you two!”

Asia, who is attached to the cross. She looks lifeless.

No, she should still be okay!

I untied the things on her hands and legs, and hold her in my arms.


“Asia, I came to take you back.”


Her voice is very small when she replied, and it didn’t sound lively.

Hey, hey!

She should still be fine, right? She won’t……

“It’s futile.”

Raynare makes a smirk as if she is rejecting my thoughts once again.

“Possessors whose Sacred Gear is taken away from their body will die. That girl is going to die.”

“—!Then give the Sacred Gear back!”

I shout at her, but she just laughs.

“There’s no way that I will give it back. You know I even deceived my superiors to get my hands on this? I will kill all of you and erase all evidence.”

“……Shit. You are nowhere close to the Yuuma-chan that I remember.”

Hearing that, she starts to laugh out loudly.

“Fufufu, it was pretty fun. The time I dated you.”

“……You were my first girlfriend.”

“Yes, watching it was very cute. It’s fun to play around with guys who have no experience with a woman.”

“……I was serious about taking care of you.”

“Ufufu, yes, you did take care of me. When I was in trouble you managed to take care of it right away and made sure I didn’t get hurt. But did you know that I did all of that on purpose? Because it was funny to see your face when you were in panic.”

“……I made sure I planned our first date carefully. To make sure it would become a great date.”

“Ahahaha! Yeah! It was an ordinary date! Thanks to that, I was very bored!”


“Ufufu, I chose that name so I can kill you at Dawn. Wonderful, isn’t it? Right, Ise-kun?”

My rage past its limit. I then shout my anger at her:


“Ahahahahaha! I don’t want a rotten brat like you calling my name!”

Raynare makes a sneer.

I have so much hatred within me that my gut is turning black.

I don’t know anyone who is a bigger scum than her.

She is truly the one who is fitting to be called a devil.

“Hyoudou-kun! Our formation is at a disadvantage while we are protecting that girl! So go upstairs at once! We’ll make the path for you! Now, hurry!”

Kiba says it while taking down the priests.

He’s right. There are still a great number of priests left, so there will be a limit to fighting this Fallen Angel here while protecting Asia.

I glared at Raynare, and then left the place carrying Asia.

“Koneko-chan, we will make an escape path for Hyoudou-kun!”


The two of them starts to take down the priests who are trying to get in my way.

Thanks to their support, I’m able to get to the entrance of the ritual room right away.

“Kiba! Koneko-chan!”

“You go ahead! We will handle here!”

“……Please go quickly.”


“Just go!”

Damn! Kiba! Koneko-chan! Both of you are showing off too much!

But now I will have to rely on them. My senior Devils. There’s no way they will die in a place like this!

“Kiba! Koneko-chan! When I get back, call me “Ise”! Definitely! We are comrades!”

That’s what I said to them. It feels like the two of them smiled.

I left the place and went straight to the passage at once.

Part 4

I went up the stairs holding Asia, and came out to the sanctuary.

There’s something wrong with Asia.

Her face is pale. I laid her down on one of the pews.

“Just wait a bit! You will be free soon, Asia! You will be able to play with me from now on!”

Asia makes a small smile at my words.

She then takes my hand. I can’t feel any strength or warmth from her hand.

“……I was happy that……I had a friend……even for a short while……”

Asia is smiling even though she is in pain.

“……If I were to be born again, will you become my friend once more……?”

“W-What are you saying!? Don’t say that! Let’s go somewhere to have fun! I will drag you even though you don’t want to! We will go to karaoke! Game centre! Let’s also go bowling! Also other places! Also to that place! And there!”

I can’t stop my tears from coming out.

I’m supposed to be talking to her with a smile, but I can’t stop crying.

I know it.

I already know it.

This girl is dying.

She is going to die.

Even so, I want to deny it.

That this has to be a joke—

“We are friends! Always! Yeah, that’s right! I will introduce you to Motohama and Matsuda! They are a bit perverted, but both of them are good guys! They will definitely become your friends! Definitely! We will have fun together! We'll have fun until we can!”

“……If I was born in this country……and went to the same school as you……”

“Let’s go! Come to our school!”

Asia’s hand pats my cheek.

“……You even cry for someone like me……now I can……”

Her hand that is patting my cheeks drops slowly.

“……Thank you……”

Those were her last words.

She passed away smiling.

I lost my strength. I just stood there looking at her face.

My tears won’t stop.

Why? Why did this girl have to die?

She was a good girl. She was a kind girl who would heal anyone injured.

How come no one became her friend?

How come I was never by her side?

“Hey, God!? You are there right, God!? Devils and Angels exist, so you do exist as well, right, God!? You were watching, right!? You were watching all of this, right!?

I shouted at the ceiling of the Church.

I don’t know who will answer me. But I just wanted to scream towards the ceiling.

“Please don’t take this girl away! Please! I beg you! She hasn’t done anything! She just wanted a friend! I will be her friend forever! So please! I want this girl to smile forever! Hey please! God!”

Even though I screamed towards Heaven, no one answers me.

“Did this happen because I turned into a Devil!? Did you abandon her because I’m a Devil and her friend!?”

I bite my teeth with regret.

I have no power. I didn’t have any power at all. If I have more power as a Devil……

If I have the power to at least save Asia……

Even if I regret it now, she will never smile again.

“Ara, a Devil is repenting in a place like this? Or were you wishing for something?”

The voice I heard from behind me is that of Raynare.

When I turned around, there is a Fallen Angel smirking at me.

“Look at this. This is the wound I got from the [Knight] boy while I was coming here.”

Raynare places her hand on her wound.

The shallow green light starts to heal her wound.

“Look. Wonderful, isn’t it? I can heal any kind of wound. To us Fallen Angels, who lost the protection of God, that child’s Sacred Gear was a wonderful present.”


That light belongs to Asia.

Why are you using it?

Are Kiba and Koneko-chan safe? I start to wonder.

“My status will rise since I will be a Fallen Angel that can heal Fallen Angels. I could be of help to the great Azazel-sama and Shemhaza-sama! There is nothing more wonderful than this! Aaah, Azazel-sama…… My power is all for you……”

“Like I care.”

I glared at Raynare.

“I don’t care about that. Fallen Angels, God, and Devils…… Those things had nothing to do with this girl.”

“No, it did. She was a chosen human that possessed a Sacred Gear.”

“……Even so, she could have lived quietly. She could have lived normally!”

“She couldn’t. Those with irregular Sacred Gear would be left out of the world and groups. Because they possess a powerful ability. Because they have a different power than others. You know humans hate those things, right? Even though it’s a wonderful power like this.”

“……Then I would have protected Asia, as her friend!”

“Ahahahaha! It’s impossible! Because she died! That girl is dead, you know? It’s not the matter of whether you protect her or not. You couldn’t protect her! You couldn’t protect her back at evening and even now! You really are a weird boy! It’s so amusing!”

“………… I know. That’s why I can’t forgive you. And myself—”

I can’t forgive everything.

Myself who couldn’t protect Asia. Raynare who killed Asia.

Then Buchou’s words come into my mind.

——Desire. Sacred Gear is driven with the power of desire. And it also determines the power for it as well.

“Give her back.”

——Even though you are a Devil, your will to desire hasn’t been lost. The stronger you desire, the stronger your Sacred Gear will respond to you.

“Give Asia baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!”

[Dragon booster!!]

The Sacred Gear on my left arm activates as if it responded to my shout. The jewel in the gauntlet makes a bright shine.

Some mysterious mark appears on the gauntlet.

At the same time, power flows into my body. From my left arm equipped with the Sacred Gear to my whole body.

I went ahead while having my body overflow with power.

I thrust my fist towards the Fallen Angel front of me who is smirking.

Raynare dodges it easily. As if she’s dancing.

“I will explain it so even a dummy like you can understand. It’s a simple power difference. I have a power of 1000. You have a power of 1. You can’t shorten the gap between us no matter what. Even with the ability of that Sacred Gear, the power doubled is only 2. It’s futile! How can you win against me!? Ahahahahahahaha!”


Another sound from the jewel. The mark on the jewel of the gauntlet changes from [I] to [II].


A second change happens to my body.

The power—something to beat down the enemy in front of me is increasing.


I went charging at her while concentrating my overflowing power to my fist. I’m already promoted to a [Rook].

“Heh! Did your power increase a bit? Still, it’s not enough!”

My attack is dodged again.

Next moment, lights gather to Raynare’s hand and it forms into something.

“I put a lot of power in it! Eat this!”


The spear of light pierces both my legs. It went deep into both of my thighs. Even with the defence of a [Rook], it wasn’t able to defend against it.


I screamed.

My body goes through intense pain, but I can’t get on my knees for something like this.

I grab onto the spear immediately.



The sound of my flesh burning. Hot! It’s burning hoooooooot! Is it because it’s made up of light!? The palm of my hand that is holding onto the spear gets burned.

There are smokes coming from my hand. Also from the wounds on my thighs. It’s burning my hand and legs violently.

Raynare starts to laugh at me after she sees me trying to pull out the spear.

“Ahahahaha! A Devil trying to pull that spear out is foolish! To Devils, lights are intense poison. Just touching it will make you burn. That is the ultimate pain that Devils can taste! For a Low-class Devil like you, it’s—”


I made a scream which you can’t describe in words, but I tried to pull out the spear of light slowly by gripping strongly onto it.

The intense pain caused by the spear that is piercing my legs. The intense pain that is inflicted on me by the power of light. Those things are causing me so much pain.

I’m about to lose consciousness because of it. It feels like I will die if I don’t bite my teeth hard.

So what about it? What about it!?

“This! That girl! This is nothing compared to what Asia went through!!”

I pull out the spear slowly while my tears and drool comes out of my face.

It hurts. It huuuuuurts dammit!

But this! What about this!


The spear is being drawn out from my legs while making horrible noise.

When I got the spear out from both my legs, I dropped it from my hand and it disappears before hitting the ground.


After losing the thing that was blocking the holes on my legs, blood starts to flow out from the wounds.

Even though I took out the spear, the pain still remains.


Even if I was pierced by the spear and stopped my attack, the gauntlet on my left arm continues to make a sound.

It hurts. It really hurts.

I’m crying a lot and I have so much drool coming out from my mouth.


I slipped onto my butt after I lost some strength in me.

I don’t have the strength to stand up. Shit, I don’t have any strength in my legs. No, I don’t have any strength left in my whole body.

Am I in a bad condition?

“……Quite remarkable. A Low-class Devil pulling out the spear of light made by a Fallen Angel. But it’s futile. My light isn’t flashy, but has a high killing ability against Devils. The density of the light is strong. So strong that it is used as the blade of light priests uses. Getting hurt even once will be hard to heal, even for a Middle-class Devil. For a Low-class Devil like you, this is the limit. Fufufu, you can’t look down on the damage caused by the power of light, you know? Especially my light.”

Like always, she is talking long about something I don’t understand.

“The light circulates around your body, and cause damages to your whole body. If you are late at healing it, you will die. No, normally it won’t be weird to die with that damage. You really have a strong build, don’t you?”

Ah, is that right? So for a trash like me who just became a Devil, this wound is lethal, huh.

Just like I thought. I can feel pain even from inside my body. It’s not the pain of getting hit but something worse.

It feels as if my muscles and bones are melting because of the heat. The pain is transmitted directly by my nerves, so letting my guard down even once will feel like it’s going to screw my head.

I will probably die if I don’t get healed soon.


I can’t just sit here. But I don’t have any strength in my legs. Damn.

Is this the end for me?

Then I look at Asia.

A girl who is sleeping quietly.

I’m sorry for being noisy. Yeah, I’m all right. I’m seriously fine. I’m quite strongly built.

So it’s not a problem. See, look? I’m going to ease some of the regrets you have left, Asia.

“At times like this, are we supposed to pray to God?”

Suddenly that slipped out of my mouth without realising it.


Raynare seems puzzled. But I continue to talk.

“But God is no good. He didn’t listen to me before, and he didn’t even help a good girl like Asia at all. Hahaha, such a useless God.”

“I wonder what you are trying to say. Did you finally break?”

“Then, him. Maou-sama, will you listen to my wish? You exist, right? Are you listening? I’m also a Devil, so will you listen to my wish?”

“……He's totally lost it. This boy is talking to himself in a place like this.”

“I’m going to bash this shitty Fallen Angel in front of me, so please make sure no on interferes. I seriously don’t want anyone to interfere. I also don’t need any back up. I will do it myself. And my legs are fine as well. I will get up on my own. So make it a one on one fight. It’s a good situation. My anger is so high that I think I can handle this pain. –Just one hit is enough. ……Please let me hit her.”

My legs can move. I have already lost the sensation in my legs. Just moving it by a millimetre gives me intense pain.

But it can still move. My butt leaves the floor.

My body hasn’t stopped shaking. Even so, my body gets up slowly.

It hurts. My whole body hurts. But I can move. I can still move. I just have to endure it until I hit her once.

“—! I-Impossible! Your body isn’t in a condition to move! Because of the damage of light—”

I approach Raynare slowly who has a shocked look on her face.

And I stood up. Right in front of her eyes. With my feet shaking and lots of blood flowing out of me.

“Hey, Ex-girlfriend. I’ve been through a lot because of you.”

“……There’s no way you can stand! A Low-class Devil shouldn’t be able to stand up with those wounds! The lights are burning your insides from within your body!? A Low-class Devil who doesn’t have the demonic-power to ease the effect of light shouldn't be able endure it!”

“Yeah, it hurts. It really hurts. I’m even close to losing my consciousness. But you know, my hatred towards you is so great that I can endure this.”

I glared straight at my opponent without even blinking.

My next hit will be my last blow. If I use it, I will fall down.

That’s why I have to finish it with my next hit. I can’t look away from my target.

“Hey, my Sacred Gear. You still have the power to punch this thing in front of me, right? Then let’s finish it.”


The sound from the jewel made just now sounded especially strong.

The jewel shines even brighter. Such a bright light. It’s dazzling.

But unlike the light of a Fallen Angel, this light didn’t give damage to me but instead it gives me peace.

Just getting touched by this light feels like I am over flowing with power. It’s similar to the light of heal that belongs to Asia.

So there is a light that doesn’t cause harm to Devils.

I take a step forward. The blood splashes onto the ground from my wounds.

I also coughed some blood. Looks like I’m in a critical condition.

There is no stopping to the pain I’m feeling right now. It even reaches up to my brain. But it’s okay. I can still move.

Even now, my gauntlet is flowing power into me.

When I was against Raynare at evening, I was scared of the power difference between us.

My instinct as a Devil instinct grasped hold of the overwhelming power difference between us, and my body didn’t stop shaking because of it. That time, I thought that I could never beat her.

But it’s different now.

The power I’m receiving from this gauntlet is insane.

I somehow know. It’s possibly because I’m the Sacred Gear possessor.

This power won’t last forever. This power is one time only.

If I use it against my enemy even once, then it will end there. Even though the Sacred Gear isn’t telling me verbally, it’s telling me physically.

I made a posture to punch. I have no experience in fighting. But it will be okay if I hit her once.

My target is the shitty Fallen Angel that is in front of me. I’m definitely going to hit her. I’m absolutely not going to miss it.

“……Impossible. What is this? Why is something like this happening……? Isn’t that Sacred Gear supposed to be the [Twice Critical] which doubles the power of the possessor? ……It can’t be. It’s not possible. Why has your power surpassed mine……? This wave of demonic-power I’m feeling...... is that of a Middle-class……no, that of a High-class Devil……”

My power is that of a High-class Devil? Is it because of my Sacred Gear?

Hey hey, weren’t you supposed to be a Sacred Gear that just doubles my power?

Buchou is the only High-class Devil I met, so it means that I’m currently about the same strength as her.

“Lies! This is all lies! I am the Fallen Angel that has attained the ultimate healing power! I turned into a superior being by obtaining this [Twilight Healing]! I received the right to be loved by Azazel-sama and Shemhaza-sama! I wouldn’t lose to some low-life like you!”

Raynare once again has a spear of light in both her hands.


I hit it to the side with my fist. The spears of light disappear easily.

Seeing me hit away her spears with ease, Raynare’s face gets even paler.


Raynare is flapping her black wings, and is about to fly away.

Is she trying to run away? Hey hey, you were looking down and laughing at me till a few seconds ago.

You run away as soon as you find out that you can’t win? Who do you think you are?

But I won’t let you escape. Like hell I would!


I went up to her at the same time she’s about to fly, and I grabbed her arm. I have unbelievable speed. A speed that even the Fallen Angel can’t react to.

The arm I’m holding onto feels unreliable, and it’s so small that she looks weak.

I pulled her arm towards me. I definitely won’t let her go.

“I won’t let you get away, fool.”

“I’m superior—!”

“Blow away, you shitty Angel!”

“Damn yoooooooou! Low-class Deeeeeevil!”


The gauntlet released all of its energy. All the strength gathered in my left arm, and I concentrated them on my fist.

I used that fist to punch straight and accurately at the face of the enemy I detest.


The hard sound echoes. My fist is dug into her face, and I pushed my fist even further!

Raynare went flying backwards with my punch.


The Fallen Angel crashes into the wall while making a very loud noise. The wall broke and there is a big hole in the wall. Dust starts to spread everywhere.

When the dust disappears, there is nothing left in the direction I punched Raynare towards.

The hole continues till outside of the building where Raynare is on the ground.

She isn’t moving. I can’t tell if she is dead but she won’t be able to move for a while.

—I'd finally paid her back.

“Serves you right.”

I’m smiling from the bottom of my heart. That’s my true feeling. That punch felt so good.

But soon, tears are falling from my eyes.


She won’t smile ever again.

Part 5

After punching the Fallen Angel, I was about to fall down after using my whole power……


Something supports me from my shoulder. When I looked, it’s Kiba.

“Good work. You actually beat a Fallen Angel.”

He’s carrying my shoulder with a smile and is supporting me. What the, even Kiba is torn.

“Yo, you are late Casanova.”

“Fufufu, Buchou told me not to interfere.”

Buchou did?

“That’s right. I believed that you were able to beat the Fallen Angel Raynare.”

When I turned around to the direction where the voice came from, Rias-buchou is walking towards me smiling while wavering her crimson hair.

“Buchou? Where did you come from?”

“From the basement. I finished my business, so I used the magic-circle to come here. It was my first time transporting to a Church, so I was nervous.”

Buchou makes a sigh while talking to me.

I see. So that’s why she came from downstairs with Kiba and the others.

Then all of the Exorcists are annihilated. Since they had Buchou as their opponent, they had no chance of winning.

Then Koneko-chan walks past me. Where is she going?

Buchou stands front of me.

“Looks like you won safely.”

“Buchou…… Hahaha, I won somehow.”

“Fufufu, excellent. Just what I expected from my servant.”

She taps on my nose.

“Ara ara. The Church is in a mess. Buchou, is it alright?”

Akeno-san has a troubled face.

“……Is something wrong?”

I ask Buchou timidly.

“Church's belong to God or religions related to him, but there are cases like this where it is used by Fallen Angels. In cases like this, if we Devils damage the Church, there will be times when we get targeted by assassins. For revenge and payback.”



“But it won’t happen this time.”

“Why is that?”

“This Church was originally an abandoned one. So a certain group of Fallen Angels had come here to use it for their own greed, and we just happened to have a fight in a place like that. So we didn’t step foot on the enemies' actual territory to have war. So it’s just a small fight between a Devil and a Fallen Angel. This happens every time. That’s what happened.”

I see. So it’s a matter of fact of how you sum it up.

“Buchou. I’ve brought it.”

The one who appeared while making a sound of dragging something is Koneko-chan.

She appeared from the broken wall, and what she is dragging is a black wing, Fallen Angel Raynare.

So Koneko-chan is dragging the unconscious Raynare whom I had punched away.

But she said she “brought” it……

She uses unique words for a small girl.

“Thank you, Koneko. Now then, let’s wake her up. Akeno.”


Akeno-san lifts her hand up. Then water appears up in the air.

Is that the power of a Devil?

Akeno-san splashes the water created in the air on Raynare.


Raynare coughs after the splash.

The Fallen Angel wakes up and opens her eyes slowly. Buchou looks down on her.

“How are you doing, Fallen Angel Raynare.”

“……The daughter of the Gremory clan……”

“Hello, my name is Rias Gremory. I’m the next heir of the House of Gremory. It will be for a short while, but nice to have your acquaintance.”

Buchou greets her with a smile, but Raynare glares at her.

Then she sneers.

“……You think you’ve got me, but too bad. This plan was kept secret from the higher-ups, but there are other Fallen Angels with me. If I get in danger, they will—”

“They won’t come to help.”

Buchou says it clearly to reject Raynare’s words.

“That’s because I already eliminated all three of the Fallen Angel Kalawana, Fallen Angel Donaseek, and Fallen Angel Mitelt.”


Raynare rejects what Buchou said while sitting up straight.

Buchou takes out three black feathers.

“These are the feathers of those three. You can tell them apart since you are the same kind as them, right?”

Seeing that, Raynare’s expression darkens.

Looks like Buchou is speaking the truth.

“When I met with the Fallen Angel Donaseek who attacked Ise before, I predicted that there were a few Fallen Angels plotting something in this town. I ignored it because I thought it was a plan that involves the whole Fallen Angel. Even I’m not foolish enough to take on all of the Fallen Angels. Then I heard that the Fallen Angels were moving around secretively so I went to talk to them, taking Akeno with me. When I met them in person, they blurted that it was their own plan. By helping you, they said, they would get promoted to a higher status. Low life that move around secretively for their purpose usually brag about their plots.”

Buchou smirks.

Raynare is biting her teeth with frustration.

“They must have looked down on us because it was just two girls who approached them. So I asked them as a parting gift. Fufufu, they were foolish Fallen Angels who didn’t know who was going to die. Since they were willing to help in your pathetic plot, they themselves were low beings.”

So that’s why. The “thing” Buchou needed to take care of was that.

She took down the other remaining Fallen Angels……

Buchou was thinking about this whole incident as well……

Without knowing it, I said so much bad things about her……

Crap. I’m so emotional that I feel like crying.

“Getting hit by a single shot won’t even leave a trace. The princess of the Duke who has the power of destruction. Buchou is a powerful Devil who is called a genius among the group of young Devils after all.”

Kiba makes a comment to praise his master.

“She is also called the “Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess”, you know?”

Akeno-san says it while smiling.

R-Ruin Princess…… What a scary nickname……

So that makes me part of the Ruin Princess’ group. T-Terrifying……

Buchou looks at my left arm. I think she’s looking at my gauntlet.

“……Red Dragon. Until recently there wasn’t a mark like this…… I see, so that’s what it is……”

Is it me or does Buchou's eyes look like as if she's a bit shocked?

“I found out the main reason why Ise was able to beat a Fallen Angel.”

Buchou says it quietly.

“Fallen Angel Raynare. This boy, Hyoudou Issei’s Sacred Gear isn’t a regular Sacred Gear. That’s why you lost.”

Raynare has a puzzled face after hearing Buchou.

“—[Boosted Gear], a Sacred Gear that is said to be the rarest of the rare. The Red Dragon mark on the gauntlet is the evidence. Even you have heard of that name before, right?”

After listening to Buchou, Raynare puts on a very shocked expression.

“B-Boosted Gear…… One of the [Longinus] …… Even though it’s for a temporarily time, it’s said that it has the power to surpass Maous and God…… Are you telling me that hateful power is possessed in a boy like this!?”

“If it’s just like the legend is told, then the ability of the [Boosted Gear] can double the power of the possessor every 10 second. Even if his power starts from 1, it doubles his power every 10 seconds, and it can reach the power of the leader-class Fallen Angels and High-class Devils. And by mastering it, he could even kill God.”

Are you serious, Buchou!? I can defeat God!?

…… So that’s the power of my Sacred Gear.

There is a mark of a Red Dragon carved into my gauntlet.

So the reason why it kept on saying “Boost, Boost” is because it was doubling my power. So that’s why my power kept on increasing inside me.

So the reason why Raynare was scared of me is because I had attained a power that surpasses her without realising it.

What a powerful Sacred Gear……

I looked at the Sacred Gear on my left arm fearfully.

Boosted Gear. My Sacred Gear. This is an incredible Sacred Gear.

Ah, does this mean I can leave a legend as a Devil?

“Well, no matter how powerful it is, Sacred Gear which needs time has a big risk. There aren’t any enemies that would wait for the user to get stronger. Since the opponent was taking it lightly, this was the outcome.”

Ugh. Buchou nails it.

C-Certainly, there aren't that many enemies that will wait for me to get powered up.

So my Sacred Gear is powerful but it has many weaknesses.

Buchou approaches me. I can smell something nice from her crimson hair.


Buchou starts to pat my head.

“But it’s interesting. Just to be expected from my Servant-kun. Just like I thought, Ise is an interesting boy. I’m going to adore you even more.”

Buchou smiles at me.

It’s a nice smile, but it looks a bit scary……


“What is it?”

Buchou is smiling. I bow my head down because I feel guilty.

“I’m sorry. When I said I was going to save Asia, I said rude stuff to you because you wouldn’t help…… But you were helping us behind the scene and……”

I just want to apologise.

I thought that Buchou was a cold hearted Devil. So I kept on being rude to her.

So I needed to say how sorry I am. But Buchou is still patting my head.

I was crying without noticing it. Yes, I wasn’t able to accomplish my goal.

“B-Buchou……I couldn’t……protect Asia……”

“You don’t have to cry. Seeing you right now, there is no one that will blame you.”

“But……but, I……”

Buchou wipes my tears with her fingers.

“It’s okay. You just weren't experienced as a Devil yet. That’s all to it. Become strong. I’m going to make you work hard from now on, so be prepared. My Pawn, Ise.”


I will work hard. I will definitely become stronger.

I promise.

“Now then, I’ll finish my last work.”

Buchou’s eyes become sharp and it looks ruthless.

Buchou got close to Raynare. The Fallen Angel becomes scared.

“I will have you disappear, Fallen Angel-san.”

It’s a cold tone. It’s filled with killing intent.

“Of course, I will retrieve that Sacred Gear back as well.”

“Y-You can’t be serious!? This healing power is for Azazel-sama and Shemhaza-sama—”

“To live your life for love is beautiful. But you are too tainted with dirt. You have no elegance. And I don’t allow that.”

Buchou aims her hand towards Raynare.

Looks like she will kill her in one blow.

“Me, here.”

Then, a shadow appears from behind the broken wall.

The Priest—, Freed Zelzan.

It’s that shitty Priest! He came back despite running away once!

“Wow! My superior is in serious danger! So what’s going to happen now!?”

Raynare screams at the appearance of the Priest:

“Save me! If you save me, I will give you a reward or anything you want!”

Freed makes a sadistic smile.

“Hmm, hmm. I received a wonderful order from an Angel-sama. Eh? So I can have sex with you? To me, having sex with an Angel-sama is like the best honour and it will become a good social status for me.”

“Ku…… D-Don’t fool around and save me!”

The Fallen Angel’s expression is filled with anger. It also seems like she’s in a rush.

No, she is in a rush. She probably thinks that, “A mere human won’t betray me”.

“Ararararara, you know that I’m actually serious…… I mean, something simple like that should be all right, isn’t it, Angel-sama? So it’s a no? Is that so? Then I will take my leave now. No matter how you look at it, I’m at a disadvantage, so I will just take off.”

Freed says it in a funny tone while curling his body.

“Y-You are a Priest, aren’t you!? You are supposed to save me! I’m an all mighty Fallen Angel! I—”

“I don’t need a superior who loses to trashy Devils. You are pretty, but you lack plans and you are hard headed. The only thing you are useful for is masturbation. So just die away already. Well, a Fallen Angel who is abandoned by God won't go to either Heaven or Hell, but goes back to nothing. Maybe the experience of turning into nothing will be helpful? Ah, that’s impossible. Since there will be nothing left. It’s impossible. So namusan. Wait, that’s Buddhism. Ah, I’m a former Christian! I’m such a naughty boy!”

After saying that, he moves his sight elsewhere, as if he has lost interest in Raynare.

With that, Raynare put on an expression of despair.

She looks miserable. Is this the fate of the Fallen Angel who sought for power and causing a rampage?

Freed makes a big smile at me.

Eh? Me?

“Ise-kun, Ise-kun. You have such a wonderful ability. I’m getting more interested in you. You are so worthy to kill! You are definitely in my Top 5 for the “Devils I want to kill”, so be prepared, okay? Next time we meet, let’s have a romantic fight to the death, okay?”


I felt something cold running through my back.

That guy is smiling but has an extreme killing intent.

A challenge directed at me. No, an advanced notice for killing me.

“See ya then! Bye-bye! Remember to brush your teeth!”

Freed disappears immediately from the scene after waving his hands at us.

He’s quick. That guy just left like that.

But somehow, it feels like I will meet him again.

It’s not a premonition but something weirder.

“Now, Fallen Angel Raynare, who was abandoned by her own servant. Miserable.”

Buchou didn’t have the slightest sympathy in her tone.

Raynare starts to shiver.

Maybe the reason why I feel a bit sorry for her is because she was my ex-girlfriend “Yuuma-chan”.

Well, that was also part of her dirty plan.

Raynare then looks at me. She then makes sorrowful eyes at me.

“Ise-kun! Please save me!”

Her voice is that of Yuuma-chan, when she was my girlfriend.

“This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so much! That’s why, let’s defeat this Devil together!”

Raynare once again acts like Yuuma-chan and begs for help to me while crying.

I was stupid for feeling even a bit sorry for you, Yuuma-chan. No, shitty Fallen Angel.

“Goodbye, my love. Buchou, I’m at my limit…… Will you please……”

Hearing that, the Fallen Angel’s expression froze.

“……Don’t try to flirt with my cute servant. Blow away.”


The demonic-power shot by Buchou left nothing of the Fallen Angel.

The only thing left is the mysterious feeling I have and the black feathers floating around the Church.

Part 6

A green light is floating in the sanctuary.

It’s Asia’s Sacred Gear.

After Raynare was defeated, it got released.

The warm light shines at me. Buchou takes the light to her hand.

“Now, let’s give this back to Asia Argento-san.”

“B-But Asia is already……”

Yeah, Asia can’t be resurrected anymore. After all, I couldn’t save her.

I promised to protect her! I promised to save her!

Even though I defeated the Fallen Angel, it was pointless to come here if I couldn’t save her……

No, that would be an insult to my comrades.

They fought for me and Asia. They didn’t even get a single benefit from it.

“……B-Buchou, everyone, thanks for fighting for me and Asia. B-But still, even with all your help, Asia is……”

“Ise, what do you think this is?”

Buchou takes something out from her pocket.


It’s a red colour like blood and it’s a chess piece that has the same colour as Buchou’s hair.

“That is?”

“Ise, this is a [Bishop] chess piece.”


I made an idiotic voice because of the sudden answer.

“I’m late in telling you this now but a Devil with a Peerage receives 15 chess pieces in total, made up of 8 [Pawns], 2 [Knights], 2 [Bishops], 2 [Rooks], and 1 [Queen]. Same as in an actual chess game. I already used one of my [Bishop], but I still have another one left.”

Buchou then walks towards Asia while holding the crimson chess piece in her hand.

Buchou places the crimson [Bishop] chess piece on the now deceased Asia’s chest.

“The [Bishop]’s role is to support the other members of the group. This girl’s healing power could be useful as a [Bishop]. It never happened before, but I will reincarnate this girl as a Devil.”

A crimson demonic-power surrounds Buchou’s body.

“I order, in my name Rias Gremory. You, Asia Argento. I, resurrect you back to this soil as my servant, and have you reborn as a Devil. You, my [Bishop], be delighted with your new life!”

The crimson chess piece glows and goes inside Asia’s body. At the same time, Asia’s Sacred Gear goes back inside her body.

Buchou stops her demonic-power after confirming that the chess piece and the Sacred Gear went inside Asia’s body.

Then Buchou makes a sigh.

I just look at her in a daze.

After a short while, Asia opens her eyes.

Seeing that, I wasn’t able to stop my tears from coming out.


Asia’s voice.

The voice that I thought I can never hear again.

Rias-buchou gives me a warm smile.

“I resurrected her because I wanted her power that can even heal a Devil. Fufufu, Ise, from now on, you'll protect her. Since you will be her senior Devil.”

Asia raises her upper body. She looks around and finds me.


I hugged Asia who looks puzzled.

“Let’s go home, Asia.”

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