High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 6

Life. ∞ vs Power ∞ I Came to Keep My Promise!

When I wake up, there is a familiar ceiling above me.

——It’s my room.

……Why am I here?

I try to remember desperately of what happened.

……I was supposed to be having a match. The [Rating Game] between Buchou and Raiser. The stage was the replica of the school I go to.

Our base was the old school building, and I was running through the battlefield along with Kiba and Koneko-chan, aiming towards the enemy’s base which was the new school building.

Koneko-chan fell, Kiba fell, Akeno-san fell, and then——.

Then I got my mind straight.

What happened to Buchou!? The match!? The outcome!? Did we defeat Raiser!? Why—am I here?

When I got my upper body up.

“It looks like you are awake.”

The woman next to me speaks to me. The silver haired maid, Grayfia-san.

“Grayfia-san! The match? What happened to Buchou!?”

“Raiser-sama won the match. Rias-ojousama resigned.”

——! I-It can’t be…… I got speechless. I don’t know what to say.

Did I lose? Was I beaten by Raiser?


I’m such a shameful and useless guy……

I acted so big and I couldn’t do anything and went down right in front of Buchou……

I’m weak…… Why am I so weak……? Even Asia could have continued to live as a human if I was a bit stronger back then.

Even for Buchou, if I could have used my Sacred Gear even more effectively, it wouldn’t have ended like this……

I can’t stop myself from crying. Even if Grayfia-san is next to me, I didn’t stop myself from crying. I’m so frustrated. I feel so shameful at myself. I’m so weak. And I’m so pathetic……

“Currently, the engagement party for Ojou-sama and Raiser-sama is taking place. It’s at the assembly hall in the Underworld that was prepared by the House of Gremory.”

“……Where are Kiba and the others?”

“They went to escort Ojou-sama. The only ones who aren’t at the hall who are related to them are Issei-sama and Asia-sama.”

Asia? So Asia didn’t go.

“Due to Rias-sama’s wish, Asia-sama stayed here with me taking care of you, Issei-sama. She went downstairs to get a new towel for you.”

I see. So Buchou left Asia by my side for me……

Looks like I made her worry about me.

Buchou…… Engagement…… It’s probably the middle of the party right now……

“……Can’t you come to agree with this?”

That’s how Grayfia-san asked me.

“Yes. Even if the battle is over, I can’t come to accept it.”

“You do know that Rias-ojousama obeyed the family’s decision?”

“I understand that! I know that! Even so I—”

I can’t agree with something Buchou is against! I don’t want to see Buchou who has to obey her parents against her will! That bastard! I don’t want to hand Buchou to a bastard like that!

I understand it. This is jealousy. I’m feeling really jealous towards that bastard as a same guy! I don’t want to hand over Buchou to someone like him!


Suddenly, Grayfia-san laughs quietly. It’s my first time seeing her smile. She always seems cold and calm......

“You are a very interesting person. For a long time I have seen many Devils, however it is my first time seeing someone like you who shows what you are thinking with your face, and acts accordingly to what you believes in. My master, Sirzechs-sama, was watching your effort in the battle from another place and said that you were “interesting” you know?”

Seriously? Maou-sama thinks about me like that? If Buchou’s brother who is also the king of Devils calls me “interesting”, I don’t know how to respond to that.

Grayfia-san takes out a single paper. There is a magic-circle written on it.

“This magic-circle allows you teleport to the hall of the engagement party of the House of Gremory and House of Phoenix.”


W-Why does she have something me this!?

“I have a message from Sirzechs-sama for you.”

She pauses for a second, and then speaks with a serious face.

“[If you want to save my sister, barge into the hall]. That’s what he said. There is also another magic-circle on the back of the paper. Please use it when you take back Ojou-sama. I am definitely sure that it will be useful to you. ”


I don’t know how to respond. Grayfia-san leaves the paper with magic-circle in my hand, and she then stands up and tries to leave my room.

“When you were sleeping, I felt a very enormous power within you, Issei-sama. The Dragon is the only being that didn’t form an alliance with either God, the Devils, or the Fallen Angels. If it’s that dreadful power, then—”

Grayfia-san stops there and left my room.

I’m left alone in my room. ……There’s no need to think about it.

I got up from my bed and I went to find something to wear. I then found the new uniform on my table.

……So the old one got torn and damaged that badly in that battle. Did someone prepare this for me? Was it Grayfia-san? Or Buchou? Whoever it is, I thank you.

It happens when I put my uniform on and grabbed the paper. The door opens, and Asia comes in.

“——! Ise-san!”

As soon as Asia sees me, Asia drops the towel and bucket of water on the floor. She then jumps into my arms.

Wow. Asia, what’s wrong……? I will feel embarrassed if you suddenly hug me like this.

“Thank god. I’m so glad. You slept for two days even when your wounds healed…… I thought you were never going to open your eyes again…… Ise-san……”

Asia starts to cry in my arms. Oh man, I made her cry again.

I try to calm her down while patting her head.

More importantly, I was sleeping for two days……? So two days had passed since we lost the match huh.

“Asia, listen to me. I’m going to Buchou’s side now.”


She seems very shocked at what I had just said. She seems to know what I’m about to do.

“……It’s not……to celebrate it……yes?”

“Yeah, I’m going to take back Buchou. It’s not a problem. I got my hands on a ticket to go to the hall.”

“I’m going too!”

Asia said it without a second thought. She has a serious face. Oh man……

“You can’t. You stay here Asia.”

“I don’t want to! I can fight along with you, Ise-san! I learned how to use my demonic-powers! I don’t want to just be protected any more!”

Asia grabs my hand.

It feels like she is saying that she doesn’t want to be away from me. No, that’s what she must mean.

“No. You will stay, Asia. I will bring Buchou back. You know, Boosted Gear expertise for something like this. It’s all right. I will beat up Raiser easily and—”

“It isn’t all right!”

Asia raises her voice. Her voice is mixed with her cries.

There are tears that are coming out from her green irises, and she has a very sad face.

“……You will get bloody, battered, and mushy again…… Are you going to go through all that pain again……? I don’t want to see Ise-san in that state ever again……”

I received critical injuries when I took Asia back from the Fallen Angel and the group of Stray Exorcists. I also got battered in the battle against Raiser.

I probably would have died if I didn’t get healed by Asia.

I can even imagine Asia crying while healing me.

I will probably continue to make this girl go through sadness even from now on.

I imagined a bit about the future like that.

While putting on a big smile, I grabbed Asia’s hand.

“I won’t die. Absolutely. I promise. Remember how I was alive when I saved you? That’s why I will be okay. I will not die. I will live, and will stay with you even from now on.”

Asia nods while wiping her tears.

“……Then please promise me one more thing.”


“Please definitely come back with Buchou-san.”

Asia says that to me with a smile.

“Yeah, of course.”

When I answered her like that, Asia smiles really happily.

Oh I remember now. There’s something I want to ask Asia.

“Asia, the truth is—”

When I told Asia the circumstances I’m in, she agrees to it and went to her room to bring a certain thing.

Now, the only thing left is…… I close my eyes, and talk within my heart.

(Oi, come out if you can hear me. You are there, aren’t you? Welsh Dragon Ddraig! If you are there, I need to talk to you. Come out!)

Shortly after I called out to him, a creepy laugh echoes within me.

[Yeah, what is it brat? What business do you have with me?]

Part 2


I teleported to an unfamiliar place with the magic-circle Grayfia-san gave me. I thought that I couldn’t transport because I lack in demonic-power, however it seems like it worked, possibly because this magic-circle may be special.

I look around the place I appeared in. It’s a very spacious corridor. On the wall there are rows of candles that is lined up till the end of the building.

Oh, there is also a huge portrait of a man with crimson hair on the wall. Is it Buchou’s relative?

Oh, I don’t have the time to be wasting here. I walk towards the direction where I can hear noises.

Then there is a gigantic door that is opened. There are huge engravings on the door. ……Is it a model of some kind of mystical beast? Well, that isn’t important right now.

When I looked inside from the door, there are lots of Devils who are dressed up and are having a good time. These kinds of things are similar to the high society parties of humans. Well, I had never been in one though. Somehow, I imagined it to be like this.

I look at the Devils slowly to try and find familiar faces.

However, it certainly is a spacious hall. Isn’t it bigger than the school field? The ceiling is really high up. The enormously gigantic chandelier is also amazing. So this is the hall people from Buchou’s household organised. Oh my, rich people sure are amazing. I want to get my peerage quickly and become someone important.

When I was thinking something like that, a crimson colour appears to my eye.

A woman who has her crimson hair tied up—. She is wearing a red dress. I knew it with a single glance. Of course. That’s because, she is the person I admire——.


By the time I realise it, I had called out to Buchou so loud that it echoes throughout the hall. It gathers the attention of the Devils around me, and Buchou also looks towards my way.

That moment, I didn’t miss the glimpse of Buchou who opens her eyes wide and shed a single drop of tear.

I also realise that she moves her lips saying “Ise”.

The bastard Raiser, who is next to Buchou, also notices me. That jerk is trying to show off by wearing a fancy tuxedo! I then declare it after taking a big breath.

“To all the High-class Devils here! And Buchou’s brother, Maou-sama! My name is Hyoudou Issei from Kuou Academy! I have arrived to take back Buchou, Rias Gremory-sama!”

The hall becomes even noisier.

Without any care about them, I walk towards Buchou and Raiser.

“Hey, you! Do you know where this——”

A person who seems to be a guard comes to stop me. However, there are those who comes in to stop the guards as well.

“Ise-kun! Leave this to us!”

It’s Kiba. It’s Kiba who is wearing a white tuxedo.

“……You are late.”

A small build girl who is wearing a dress comes in to stop the guards as well.

“Ara ara, so you finally showed up.”

Akeno-san who is wearing an expensive looking kimono is also present. All of them are stopping those who are trying to get in my way.

“Thank you.”

I thanked them quietly and went towards Raiser confidently. When I faced him upfront, I say it straight at him.

“Buchou—Rias Gremory-sama’s virginity belongs to me!!”


Raiser makes a face that you can’t explain with words.

“What’s the meaning of this, Raiser?”

“Hey, Lady Rias. What’s the meaning of this?”

Relatives and authorised people are making unsettled faces and they are panicking. So the Devils, just like humans, gets confused when they face unexpected things huh.

“It’s an event that I organised.”

That moment, a man with crimson-hair who was sitting at the far back walks towards us. It’s the person who was drawn in the portrait at the corridor. He seems to resemble Buchou……


Buchou called this man that. Wait, Oni-samaaaaaaaa!?

T-Then this person is…… M,M,M,M,Maou Sirzechs Lucifer-sama!?

“I wanted to see the power of the Dragon, so I asked Grayfia.”

“S-Sirzechs-sama!? You can’t do something irresponsible like this!”

I don’t know who’s relative he is, but a middle-aged man is panicking.

“It should be fine. The [Rating Game] from last time was very entertaining. But it was a bit disadvantage for my little sister who had no game experience to face off against Raiser-kun who is a prodigy from the House of Phoenix.”

“……So Sirzechs-sama, you are saying that the last game wasn’t fair?”

“No, no, not at all. If a Maou such as myself says such thing, then I would be making the old nobles look bad. The connection between the High-class Devils is important after all.”

Maou-sama says it with a smile. From the way he spoke, is he aiding Buchou?

“Then, Sirzechs. What do you want to do about it?”

A middle-aged man with crimson hair asks Maou-sama. Crimson hair……is it Buchou’s father!?

“Father. I want to make my cute little sister’s engagement party into a flashy one. Dragon versus Phoenix. Don’t you think it’s the ultimate event? To stir up the party by having a battle between legendary creatures. There aren’t any entertainment which can surpass this.”

Everyone in the hall becomes silent with Maou-sama’s words. Sirzechs-sama then looks at me.

“Dragon user-kun. You have our permission. Raiser, can you show your power once more right in front of Rias and I?”

Hearing Maou-sama’s wish, Raiser makes a fearless smile.

“Very well. There is no way I can decline if Sirzechs-sama asks me. This Raiser will show his last performance before getting married!”

……Looks like he is eager to do this. With this, the stage for the battle between us is set.

Only thing left is for me to win! I’m raising my spirit, and Maou-sama asks me.

“Dragon user-kun, what prize do you want when you win the match?”


“What are you saying!?”

The relatives starts criticising at Sirzechs-sama’s offer. However—.

“He’s a Devil, so we need to give him something fitting for it since we are asking him to do something for us. Now then. I can give you anything. A peerage? Or the most beautiful woman?”

Maou-sama asks me while ignoring the voices of others around him.


That is the best offer I can ask for. My dream lies in there. A peerage. And the most beautiful woman. With one word I can have either of it. However, I have already decided on what I will wish for.

“I ask you to give me Rias Gremory-sama back.”

Maou-sama makes a very happy face when I answer him without any pause.

“Very well. If you win, you may take Rias with you.”

With this conversation, it’s decided that the battle between Raiser and I will commence in this hall.

“Thank you very much.”

I bow my head to Maou-sama who went back to the end of the hall.

Part 3

The centre of the hall was cleared in a hurry.

The Devils in the hall are standing around the space, watching with keen eyes. The club members are sitting in the same place as Buchou. Maou-sama is also next to Buchou.

On the other hand at the House of Phoenix side, their relatives, their servants, and Raiser’s sister are sitting there.

And Raiser and I are confronting each other at the centre of the space. So this must be a Devil's ring then. I already have my Boosted Gear on my left arm. Raiser has a confident face.

“Please start!”

The Devil male who is in charge of the battle gave a call for the start of the match. The battle starts! There’s no more turning back! Yeah, I just have to win! But before that happens!

Raiser who has his fire wings out points at my gauntlet.

“All of your ability is already cracked. A Sacred Gear that keeps on doubling the power of the user, the [Boosted Gear]. Also it seems like you gained a new ability that can transfer the multiplied power into an object or your allies.”

So he knows about the ability of [Boosted Gear Gift].

Yeah, I expected it. Also, “Gift” is a million times stronger if I fight with my allies. I make a big grin towards Buchou.

“Buchou. I will finish it in 10 seconds.”


Buchou makes a doubtful face. It’s all right. I will show it to you now.

“You sure talk big for saying that you will finish it in 10 seconds. Then I will finish you off in 5 seconds. It won’t be like last time, Rias’ [Pawn]!”

Raiser Phoenix! I’m going to crush you down with everything I got!

“Buchou! Please allow me to use “Promotion” here!”

Buchou nods at my request.


I heard the noise within me. This feeling is the approval from Buchou who is allowing me to use “Promotion”.

“[Promotion]! [Queen]!”

I then promoted to the ultimate piece! I can feel the power that is coming from within me! The start of the battle will be the climax! Here’s the next one! Let’s go, Red Dragon Emperor! Let’s go, my Sacred Gear!


I shout towards Buchou.

“I don’t have talent for swords like Kiba! I’m not a genius like Akeno-san at using demonic-power! I don’t have a crazy strength like Koneko-chan, nor do I have a healing power like Asia! Even still, I will become the “Strongest Pawn”!”

I promise. I promise you Buchou!

“For you, I will even beat God! With this Boosted Gear! My only weapon! I will make sure that I will protect you!”

I will definitely protect you and become stronger along with my comrades!

“Shiiiiiine!! Over Boost!!”

[Welsh Dragon over booster!!!]

The jewel in the gauntlet releases a red light.

The red light shines throughout the entire hall. A deep crimson colour aura covers me.

—This power.

—Your power is flowing into me.

[Yeah, use it. However, only for 10 seconds. Your body can’t endure more than that.]

I know that, Red Dragon-san. I will settle it in 10 seconds!

[That’s right. With 10 seconds you will—]

Yeah, if I have 10 seconds I can—.

“We can take him down!!”

I leap forward while emitting a red aura.

My body is equipped with a red armour. A plate-armour that has the motif of a Dragon.

The whole armour has a sharp shape. The gauntlet I always have on my left arm also is equipped to my right arm.

The jewel that was present on the gauntlet also appears on both my arms, shoulders, knees and the middle of the torso.

On the back there is something like a rocket booster propulsion.

“An armour!? You made the power of Sekiryuutei shape into a physical form!?”

Raiser is shocked. His comment is acute.

Well, I do look like a small red Dragon. Even my face is covered by the armour.

“This is the power of the Emperor of Dragons! The Balance Breaker, [Boosted Gear Scale-mail]! —If you want to stop me, go and ask Maou-sama! After all, it seems like this is the “The Hated Forbidden Technique”!”

The scale-mail’s ability is to releases a destructive power for 10 seconds.

Once released, I will be invincible for 10 seconds.

However, there is a big risk. 10 seconds after unleashing this ability, I won’t be able to use my Sacred Gear for three days. That’s how the red Dragon—Ddraig, explained to me. So it’s a sink or swim invincible mode.


The count starts. Since this is activated, there’s no time to spare!

I will end this right away, Raiser Phoenix!

I lift a little gap between my hands while bringing them close, and then created a mass of demonic-power between my hands.

I shoot it towards Raiser right away.

The demonic-power created from the palm of my hand got enormous and went towards Raiser!

What an enormous amount of demonic-power! It’s so huge that it takes up about half the size of this hall. Even I, who shot it, is shocked!

“It’s enormous!’

Since it was so big that it betrayed Raiser’s prediction, he chooses to evade it instead of taking it.

—This is the chance!


The countdown has already started. I know. Don’t rush me!

I jump towards the place where Raiser will possibly run to.

The propeller located on the back of the armour releases a demonic-power. That instant, it releases an explosive speed!

Because of the G force, I can’t move my body, however it reduces the distance between me and Raiser.

Since I’m coming towards the place he ran to in an insane speed, Raiser puts on a shocked face, and he makes a stance while not having any counter measure for it.

I will attack here! Well that’s what I like to say, but without doing anything I—.


I crashed into the wall. Such a disappointment! That was a chance!

When I crashed, I guarded with both my arms so I don’t have any damages. However, there is a huge hole in the wall.

Wow amazing! Both my body and the armour aren’t damaged, despite crashing into the wall in that insane speed! With this hard armour, doesn’t it guarantee that my opponent will receive a critical damage if I simply crash into them with an insane speed?


8 seconds left!

I got up and shook off the fragments of the wall and confronted Raiser again.

Raiser becomes more vigilant than before after seeing my attacks.

His body starts to get covered in a rainbow colour aura. I can feel his enormous demonic-power with my skin.

“Shitty Sekiryuutei brat! Sorry but I won’t hold back! I don’t want to admit it, but right now you are a monster! In front of your master, Rias, peeeeeerish!”

A giant pair of wings of fire appears on Raiser’s back who was howling. There’s a whirlwind of fire surrounding him and the hall is surrounded by an intense fire.

It’s so strong that even the Devils who are within this hall starts to create a barrier to protect themselves. It must mean that there won’t be a bone left if you get hit by that.

“Fire bird and Fenghuang! The hell fire of our clan that was praised as being that of a Phoenix! Taste it with your own body and turn into ashes!”

Raiser who is covered in flames rushes towards me really fast. There is an insane amount of flames right in front of me.

The silhouette resembles a gigantic fire bird.

The intense mass of fire that are created from his wings. Will it be bad if I touch it?

[The fire of the immortal bird Phoenix can also leave a scratch on the scale of Dragons. It isn’t a good idea to continue being hit by it.]

Is that so, Ddraig?

But I can’t do that. That person is looking.

I will stop that attack while Buchou is looking at me!

“There’s no way that I will perish from a crappy fire like yours!”

I run towards him while shouting! The propeller on my back releases fires made up of demonic-power!


When both of our fists hit each other's face, it shakes the whole hall because of the impact created from our powers clashing. At the centre of the hall, Raiser and I started exchanging punches.

Guu! I get struck by a heavy impact every time I get hit by his attack!

Then a hot flame attacks me! It’s hot! Shit! It’s so freaking hot! The temperature of the flame I feel from Raiser’s fist. If I didn’t have this armour on, then it may not have left a bone for real.

I’m scared! I want to leave here! I don’t want to die! The more fists I exchange with Raiser, the more I realised the difference between our actual powers.

When I remove this armour, the power difference between Raiser and I will be that of an ant and an elephant. After all, I’m just a mere Lower-class Devil and he’s a High-class Devil. Maybe he realised I’m feeling scared, so Raiser smirks.

“Are you scared!? Are you afraid of me!? Of course! You are merely a trash if you didn’t have a Boosted Gear! If you didn’t have that armour, then you would have perished before my fist reached you! That’s right! If you take that gauntlet off, then you have no value!”

He’s saying whatever he feels like! But he’s right! If you take this gauntlet away from me, then I will be nothing!


The serious battle between Devils. Fear struck my whole body. I don’t want to experience something scary like this!


I pull out a certain thing that I was hiding in a section of my gauntlet.


My fist hit right into Raiser’s face with a cross-counter. Raiser bends back.

“That won’t work on—”


There are a lot of blood coming out from Raiser’s mouth. My hit was critical against Raiser.

Of course. After all, I am holding onto this with my hand.

I open my hand, and show what I’m holding onto to Raiser!

“A cross!? You have a cross!?”

Raiser is shocked. I can even hear screams from the Devils inside this hall.

That’s right, an item that Devils are weak against. The cross. I punched Raiser while holding onto it.

It’s the thing I borrowed from Asia. I got it from her on my way here which I hid it away.


“I punched you while increasing the effect of the cross with my Sacred Gear. A holy attack that has increased drastically can even be used against High-class Devils. Even if you are the immortal bird Phoenix, you won’t be able to heal this attack that easily, right?”

“Absurd! Crosses bring intense suffering to Devils! Even if you wear a Dragon’s armour, touching it is absolutely foolish—.”

That instant, Raiser notices the change on my left arm for the first time. You won’t notice my left arm is only a section of the Dragon’s armour that is covering my whole body, but you will be able notice it if you take a good look at it.

The difference between the whole armour that looks like it is made up of inorganic material, and my left arm that is continuously giving out a pulse.

“……Did you give your……left arm to the Dragon residing in the gauntlet……? So that’s the reason for your insane powers……!”

“Yeah, that’s right. I gave my left arm in order to use this power for a temporary period. My left arm is the arm of an actual Dragon. That’s why a cross doesn’t work on me.”

Changing my left arm was the sacrifice needed to use Ddraig’s absolute powers. I gave my left arm so I could fight on par with Raiser. The gauntlet became a part of my left arm.

“If you do that, then your left arm won’t return to normal! Do you know that!?”

“What about it?”


The countdown is decreasing while we are talking about useless things.

“Buchou will come back just with one arm of someone like me, you know? It’s a pretty cheap deal, don’t you think?”

Raiser's eyes changes after hearing what I just said.

“You are crazy…… So that’s why you can hit punches without any hesitation…… You are scary. I have become scared of you for real, for the first time. And for that!”

Both of Raiser’s wings turns into a bigger flame.

“I’m going to beat you with everything I have!”

Fire bird—. He rushes towards me while the surroundings are engulfed by fire.

I won’t lose! I will not lose!



I put all my power to the cross I’m holding on to! One hit! I will put everything I have into this cross! Raiser’s fist! And my fist! They crash against each other!


The clash between two incredible powers. A flash created from the collision blinds my eyes!

I can also feel the sensation of the things I’m wearing disappears. The same feeling you have when you take your rain coat off when you get home on a rainy day. It’s similar to that.

At the same time I can feel the heat that is surrounding my body. It’s hot like crazy! Until before I didn’t feel anything hot like this!

When I got my sight back I realised the change in me.

–The armour is gone!

The armour of a Red Dragon that was covering my whole body disappeared! Unprotected body. The only thing left is my left arm of a Dragon.

My cross that seemed to have been knocked off during the previous attack is lying on the floor a bit away from me.

Hey Dragon Emperor! What’s the meaning of this!?

It hasn’t been 10 seconds yet! Why has the armour disappeared!? Wait, are you telling me the price I paid only let me use it this much!?

[No. The price you paid to attain my power was enough. But your basic stats are too low to control my powers. You lack training.]

……Damn it! I trained that much with everyone and yet I’m lacking it!?

[That was nothing compared to the long-life a Devil. A training of Devils means something if you train for dozens of years.]

Ah, dammit! I don’t need things like that now!?

Give me the armour one more time! What do I have to pay this time!? My eyes!? My legs!? I will give you anything!

[Using the second armour in this short time is impossible for you now.]

……Is that because I am weak……? Shit, why do I look so uncool at crucial times……?

That was the only thing someone useless like me could do!

[The moment the power of the armour disappeared, I transferred a bit of the power to the jewel. You can overwhelm Raiser Phoenix for a short time, but that’s it. To beat those from Phoenix clan—.]

I have to beat him down hundreds of times or eliminate him with absolute power.

[Yeah. Sadly, you won’t be able to beat him many times with the current power of the gauntlet. Even the multiplied power is far from close to the “absolute power”. You don’t have either of the two.]


I was grabbed strongly by my collar. –It’s Raiser. I got lifted up from the ground while having my neck choked.

Raiser chokes me strongly while smirking. It’s painful……

“I praise you for doing this well for a [Pawn]. You really did well. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to do this well. The power of the Dragon user, I was able to taste that with my own body. If you had a year, no six months for you to get used to your Dragon's power I would have lost.”

……He doesn’t seem to be joking. He has a serious face.

If it’s only six months……then wait for the marriage for another six months! That’s what I want to say.

Raiser’s clothes and body are worn. Like I thought, even for Raiser who had a very high regeneration ability, the rate to heal the damage from holy attacks is taking long.

His wings of fire are smaller than before. So he received quite a lot of damage from me……

“There’s nothing you should feel ashamed about. I will train you after I become Rias’ groom. You will become a strong Devil.”

Shut up! That’s none of your business!

“Now, it’s about time I put you to sleep. You will lose consciousness for a short while. By the time you wake up, the ceremony would have finished safely. You don’t want to suffer any more than this, right? I’m not a sadist, so I will end this right away.”

Raiser puts on a face that he has confirmed his victory. I’m going to lose? No, that will be unforgivable.

— Please definitely come back with Buchou-san.

Yeah I know Asia.

—First of all, aim to become the strongest [Pawn].

Yes, I know Buchou!

Let’s go home together. Akeno-san, Kiba, Koneko-chan, Asia, and I are all waiting for your return!

That’s why—.

I take out a small object from my pocket.

“To extinguish fire you need water, right!?”

The thing I’m holding on to is a small bottle that contains holy water. This was the other thing I prepared before I came here.

An item that doesn’t have that much effect against High-class Devils. If the Devils here in the hall sees this, then they will have just laughed with their nose. However, Raiser’s face turns pale.

That’s right. What do I possess in my left arm? What ability does my left arm have?

Answer me, Raiser Phoenix!

“Damn it!”

Raiser’s hand that is choking me becomes even stronger. Ku, my throat is about to get crushed……but before that!

I open the lid and sprinkled the holy water on Raiser.

I then multiplied the effect of the holy water! To the level that the High-class Devils can’t ignore!

“Boosted Gear Gift!”


The multiplied power flows from my gauntlet to the holy water on Raiser’s body.


It was too late by the time Raiser realised my attack. The transferred power multiplied the effects of the holy water on Raiser’s body.


The sound of the water vaporising from fire echoes throughout the whole hall.

Raiser’s wings of fire starts to look weird because he can’t maintain its form.

The holy water burns Raiser’s body insanely. There is smoke coming out of his whole body.

I got out from his grip and take my distance while holding onto my throat. Man, he choked me really hard!


Raiser starts to writhe with the effect of the holy water.

“……Is he going to die?”

[No, even if the effect of the holy water has increased, it won’t be simple to kill someone from the Phoenix clan.]

Is that right, Ddraig?

[However, the effect of the holy water extinguishes a lot of their stamina and their force of will. Even if it’s a Phoenix who can come back to life from ashes, losing a great amount of stamina and force of will is— He won’t be able to recover his emotional strength right away.]


The smoke that is coming out from Raiser’s body weakens. What’s left is Raiser who has a worn out body and clothes.

I pick up the cross from the ground with my Dragon arm. I hold it tight and put my power in it. I also sprinkled the second holy water I was hiding on my hand.

“Asia told me this. That Devils are weak against the cross and the holy water. So increasing the ability of both of them at the same time would give enormous damage to Devils, right?”


Raiser who is suffering from the effect of the holy water makes a scared face after seeing my next move.

I look around Raiser and his surroundings. There is nothing except Raiser. Yeah, there’s no problem.

“Kiba told me this. To widen my line of sight and look towards the enemy and its surroundings.”

I gather all of the demonic-power in my body at one point. I then changed it to a Dragon's power, and transfer it to the holy water and cross.


With this, the holy attack gained incredible powers.

“Akeno-san told me this. To gather the demonic-power that flows throughout your whole body. To concentrate and feel the wave of the demonic-power. Yeah, even an idiot like me can feel it, Akeno-san.”

I then changed my stance so I can hit my opponent.

“Koneko-chan told me this. When you hit someone, aim at the middle of the body and nail it deep into their body accurately!”

They were all the things I learned from the training. Yeah everyone. I remembered them all. They all became useful.

I’m going to take back Buchou with the power of everyone!

When I aimed my fist at Raiser, he starts to panic.

“H-Hold on! Do you even know what you are doing!? This engagement is important and necessary for the future of Devils! It’s not something a Devil brat like you can butt into!”

“I don’t know anything complicated. But there’s something I remember vaguely when I lost against you and became unconscious. –Buchou was crying. She was crying! And she was also crying before! That reason is enough for me to beat the shit out of you—!”


My fist that has the cross and the effects of the holy water nails deeply and accurately into his stomach!


Raiser takes a few steps backwards while coughing blood.

“For me to lose like this……”

He said that and falls on the ground.

He doesn’t stand up after that.

Part 4

I glance at Raiser who doesn’t seem to show any movements and then I walk towards Buchou.

Then someone gets in my way. Its Raiser’s sister.

She glares at me silently and seems like she wants to complain to me.

I point my Dragon arm towards her and then say,

“If you have a complaint, then come to me. I will take you on any time!”

Raiser’s sister backs down because of my intensity and makes a path for me.

I went past Raiser’s sister and stand in front of Buchou. I say it to her while smiling.

“Buchou, let’s go home.”


I then look at the person next to Buchou.

It’s a dandy man with crimson hair. It’s Buchou’s father. I walk in front of him and bow my head down. Then I say it clearly.

“I will take back Buchou, Rias Gremory-sama. I’m very sorry for my actions. But I will be taking Buchou with me.”

Buchou’s father doesn’t say anything and closes his eyes.

Maou-sama who is supposed to be sitting next to him isn’t there and is gone.

I want to thank him…… I will, the next time I see him—.

I take Buchou’s hand.

I then take out the magic-circle that Grayfia-san gave me. I think she told me to use the magic-circle on the other side of the teleporting one after I retrieve Buchou……

When I turn the paper around, there’s a glow.


What appears from the magic-circle is a four legged beast with wings that I can’t even tell whether it’s a lion or an eagle


I heard someone in the hall saying that. Oh, so this guy is called Griffon.

So is Grayfia-san telling me to escape from here by riding this?


Griffon makes a roar and then starts to move towards the hole I made earlier. I say it to Kiba and the others before I left.

“I’ll be waiting at the club room!”

With my words, everyone waves their hands at me with a smile. And the Griffon flies up to the sky of the Underworld while carrying me and Buchou.

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