High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 6.1

“Lord Phoenix. I’m very sorry that this engagement turned out like this. I know it’s rude but this engagement—.”

“You don’t have to say any more, Lord Gremory. It was a good engagement for pure Devils, but it looks like we both had too much greed. Both of us already have pure Devil grandchildren. Maybe it’s the greed as Devils that made us crave for it. Or is it because we saw hell in the last war.”

“......No, I also forced my greed onto my daughter.”

“His name was Hyoudou-kun, correct? I wanted to thank him. What my son lacked was defeat. He overestimated the ability of our clan. This will also be a good lesson for my son. Phoenix is not absolute. Just learning that was enough for this engagement, Lord Gremory.”

“Lord Phoenix......”

“Your daughter has a good servant. Looks like the Underworld won’t be bored in the future.”

“......But, I never would have thought that my daughter would pick it up.”

“——Welsh Dragon. I couldn’t believe that that loathsome existence actually came to our side until I saw it.”

“Then the next will be—.”

“Yes, it must be. No, perhaps it already exists.”

“Vanishing Dragon——. It’s a matter of time until the red meets the white.”

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