High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 7

Unlike the sky of the humans' world, the colour of the Underworld’s sky is purple.

It looks creepy, but it mysteriously gives me a sense of security. Is it because I'm a Devil?


Buchou’s hand touches my cheek while I was looking at the sky.

“You dummy.”

She says it with a bitter smile. Buchou seems to have a relieved expression. It seems like she was finally released from something painful.


Buchou becomes speechless when she sees my left arm. She is touching my left arm with a sorrowful face.

That may be the appropriate reaction. My left is covered with red scales, and it became so abnormal that it has sharp claws coming out of it.

“Your arm—. So you gave your arm to the Dragon as a price to borrow that power right?”

“Yes. It was a good deal. Someone like me with no talent and who has nothing was able to get the ultimate power just with my left arm! Thanks to that I was able to defeat Raiser and get Buchou back!”

I put on a smiling face, but Buchou narrows her eyes and looks even more sad.

“You know that this left arm won’t turn back to normal any more, don't you?”

“Ah, that’s a bit of a problem. A cosplay item! Oh, that won’t work at school. Oh my, what should I do?”

“Asia will definitely cry if she finds this out.”

......Ugh, she will definitely cry. I have been continuing to make that girl cry......

“......You may have broken this engagement. But a new engagement might be brought in, you know? If you keep on doing this......”

I give my answer with a smile to Buchou who is putting on a sad expression.

“Then I will give my right arm as a price next time. Then my eyes if another one comes in. I will keep on saving Buchou. That’s the only thing I can do. But I will definitely come and save you. That’s because I am Rias Gremory’s [Pawn].”


Right after I said that, my lips got blocked. The thing that is blocking my lips is——.

Buchou put her hands around my neck and put her lips on top of mine. It's not something that happened for an instant.

—— A Kiss.

It wasn’t a deep kiss where we tangled our tongues, but I can feel her feelings from this soft kiss. Her soft lips and the smell of her crimson hair froze my brain.

After about a minute we overlapped our lips, Buchou’s lips left mine. Then Buchou laughs.



I! I-I just had a kiss with Buchou! Kiss! Kissssss!!

Then my brain explodes! Wow, wow, wow, woooooooooooow!

“My first kiss. It’s something that girls treasure in Japan, right?”

“Eh? Y-Yes, it certainly is! Huh!? Your first kissssss!?”

I'm really surprised! T-That's because a first kiss is really important to girls!

“A-Are you okay with it!? T-That it was me?”

“You did something that’s worth having a kiss with me. It’s a reward.”

She says it while smiling at me. Aaaaaah, I feel as if something is going to happen to me! It was worth the effort just for this kiss!

“Speaking of first kiss, do you really want my virginity that much?”

“I do! Ah!”

I answered her straight away. Man, I’m too honest with my greed......

But that's my true feeling. Of course I want it! I even craved for it in front of the whole crowd!

“......Geez, you really are honest with these kinds of things.”

Buchou seems to have a troubled expression, but she is smiling. Umm, I’m sorry for being honest with these kinds of things.

Buchou starts to pat my cheek while I was apologising inside my head. Buchou just laughs happily.

I'm so glad. I'm really glad that Buchou is smiling again.

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