High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 1

Life.1 Heat Up Occult Research Club!


The dull clanging of metal reverberated through the azure sky.

“All right. I've got this one.”

I promptly caught the soaring baseball with my gloved hand.

“Nice catch, Ise.”

Buchou smiled and gave me a thumbs up. We, the Occult Research Club, were practising baseball on the backyard of the old school building where no grass was growing. Nope, this isn’t a Devil's job.

“Next week is Kuou Academy’s 'Ball Tournament'. It’s a battle between clubs that we can’t lose.”

So said Buchou with a firm voice. Yeah, one of the school’s biggest events, the “Ball tournament”, was closing in. Overall, it is an event where we play ball-related sports, such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and tennis. These matches include contests between classes, genders and obviously, there are also some between clubs. Whether or not you belong to a sports club, it's club mandatory; naturally, that includes the Occult Research Club. What the clubs actually play is announced on the day of the event, we don't know what it will be. When club member numbers differ, the set up is for fair play, at least number wise. According to the Student Council announcement, some sports may require more players, so we need to make sure we have the reserves. And in conclusion, we were practising sports likely to arise. Today happens to be baseball. As it was evening, the sky was beginning to darken. Typically, we spend our time chatting away in the club room. Recently, we began to change into our PE uniforms and practice sports. Well, while I don’t hate moving around for fun, for someone like me who trains in the morning, my stamina is drained the entire day. Training in the morning, lectures at school, practising sports and Devil's jobs at night... To tell you the truth, it wouldn't be surprising if I died... Being a Devil is the only reason for my prolonged survival.

“Batting practice is fine now. If it’s baseball, then Koneko will be the fourth batter.”


Well it is natural for the superhuman girl, Koneko-chan, to be the fourth batter. No need to complain about that. Even if we voted on it, Koneko-chan would win.

“Now! We'll practice a “knock"[1 1]! Now everyone! Put your gloves on and spread out!”

Buchou was in high spirits. She was so energetic and lively that she was basically on fire.

“Ufufufu. Buchou likes these kinds of things.”

Said Akeno-san while giggling.

“I think I understand. My “Onee-sama” hates to lose.”

“Yep, that’s it. Of course, there’s no way that we can lose unless we make mistakes.”

I consented. As Devils who are fundamentally stronger than humans, on the sports day we will have to hold back. Naturally, we wouldn’t have a hard match. On the flip side, we had to learn the rules and features of baseball. Which is the reason why Buchou is making us practice.

“Even if your brain knows, your body has to as well.”

Said Buchou. Quite an amazingly strong spirit. That’s our Buchou, theory and practicality. Regardless of our superior physiques, is necessary because we don't know what might happen.

“Here, Asia! Here I go!”


Buchou hit the ball towards Asia.

“Haaan! Aaau-aaau-aaau... Aah!”

The ball went through Asia’s legs. Needless to say, Asia's sports sense is below exceptional. At times, she'll even trip over nothing.

“Asia! If you fail to catch it, go fetch it!”


Since the Raiser incident, Buchou started to show a lot of concern about matches. She seemed to really regret that loss to Raiser. However, it is obvious that we were disadvantaged. But the fact that we lost damaged Buchou’s pride... She did say she really wanted to win... If only I weren't useless...

“Next is Yuuto! Here!”


Buchou hit the ball to Kiba. This should be a piece of cake for Kiba, he's the fastest runner in our group. He can do pretty much anything. -Is what I thought...



Kiba stood there like an idiot and got hit. Hey hey hey!

“Kiba! Get a hold of yourself!”

I yelled at Kiba. He then looked at me with a puzzled expression!

“...Aah, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

Kiba picked up the ball and threw it back to Buchou. Buchou caught the ball with a sigh.

“Yuuto, what’s wrong? You've been acting rather strange lately. It’s not like you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Kiba sincerely apologised. Buchou was right. This guy has been thinking about something serious lately. Even during discussions in the Occult Research Club, he would look somewhere else and not participate. I even heard that it became a hot topic in his classroom, “A prince in his thoughts.” The girls were worried and excited over his expression. Die, handsome person! -Is what I usually think... but even I thought that he was acting strange lately. This guy was always smiling so this was rather unexpected... If my intuition is right, he started acting strange after we had that club "activity" in my house. Was it the photo? In the Raiser match, his voice harboured some hatred while he spoke to the enemy “Knight”. Apparently, Kiba is like this because of “Holy swords”. But that's that; for now we have to work hard for the “Ball Tournament”.


Oh, Buchou picked up a baseball manual. Buchou tends to read when things come up. Quite a book worm she is. At home she reads some complicated texts.

“Ara ara. By the way, Ise-kun, did you know?”

Asked Akeno-san.

“Know what?”

“Recently, Buchou started a manual on love.”

“...A love manual!?”

I-I’m quite shocked... For Buchou to be reading a book about love... Does this mean she found someone that she likes...? My Buchou... getting touched by another man... Noooooo! I don’t want to think about it! Seeing me grabbing my head in shock, Akeno-san began to laugh.

“Ufufufu. Ise-kun, you don’t have to worry about it. It'll be all right. It's impossible for Buchou to have a lover while you're not around.”

“A-are you sure? I'll believe in you. Ahhh, if Buchou were ever to get a boyfriend I would die...”

“If Buchou were in your shoes, she'd be deeply shocked. Ufufufu, it’s her first time. You'll be in trouble, Ise-kun.”


While I didn’t understand what Akeno was trying to say, it's not a problem as long as Buchou didn't fall for another man.

“Okay, continuing!”

Buchou swung her bat once, and the training recommenced.

Part 2

Lunch time, the next day.

The “Ball tournament” was approaching. Today we would most likely train hard as well. We were informed to go to the club room after lunch. Apparently, this would be our last meeting. Buchou sure is serious.

“Club-room today as well?” Asked Matsuda while eating his curry-bread.

“Yeah, training for the tournament.”

“Hah... Occult research club practising to play ball. But... everyone in your club is sporty, right?”


We're Devils after all. Compared to humans, we're strong.

“Ise. You should be careful. There're bad rumours about you.” Motohama said suddenly while fixing his glasses.

“Wh...what are you talking about?”

“The wild beast Ise, playing around with beautiful girls. He's got a hold on Rias-senpai and Himejima-senpai. He's forcing them to do evil, sexual acts against their will. "Fufufu. The dignified Ojou-sama is making such a slutty face for me! You pig!". Then you abuse them with words and violence.”

“Heeeeeeeey!! What the fuck is thaaaaat!?”

I shouted over these insane rumours. Of course! The hell's with that!?

“There’s more. The beast finally set his filthy fangs on the school’s mascot, Koneko-chan, who has a loli body. Then he instigated intense sexual intercourse that could easily break her body. He feasted on an underdeveloped body. "Senpai... please stop...". But her words were futile to the beast. His lust for sex then reached the Angel who had just transferred to our school; he attacked Asia-chan on the first day. "I'll teach you about Japanese culture with my special after school lesson". He made the Angel fall down to the abyss at dawn... You took her into your house. The never ending hell took place in your small room. The brute Ise’s hunt for beautiful girls never ends. ...Well something like that.”

“...Are you serious? So everyone is seeing me like that?”

I made a sweeping look around the class. It may be a mistake but it felt as if there were people looking as if I were a lusting animal... Uuu! It’s just my imagination! I’m just imagining it! Damn it! Who the hell is spreading rumours about me!?

“Well, we spread those rumours.”


Motohama and Matsuda confessed without remorse. It sounds like a lie, right? These guys are my friends!


I hit them without a word! Of course! These fucking shit-heads!

“It hurts, you brute!”

“Yeah. Don’t take it out on us, you beast!”

“Don’t fuck around! Spreading rumours about me?! You guys! Do you really want to die, seriously!?”

“Hm... We'll go crazy with jealousy if we don't do things like this.”

“Hahaha! More like our heads are already fucked over!”

“Regret a little! What are you guys trying to do to my school life!?”

“By the way, there’s also a rumour about you and Kiba being a gay couple.”

“The beast's lust for sex finally reached the school prince! We spread that as well.”

“It’s really popular among some girls.”

“Kyaaa! Who’s bending down and who’s sticking it in?”

“Die! Seriously die!”

They are the worst friends possible! Shit! If I didn't known them for so long, I would have beaten the crap out of them already! Seriously these guys! Hah...

As enjoyable as lunch time with my friends is, I have to go to the club room. I left after putting my empty lunch box in my bag. Where's Asia? Oh, she’s having her lunch with another girl in the corner. I’m glad that she’s fitting in. She did tell me that she made a friend.

“Sorry Matsuda and Motohama, I'll leave now for the club room.”

“Oh, you're working hard. That’s good for you.”

“Were you that into sports?”

“Can’t help it. Buchou’s order. And since I'm training I'll definitely win this.”

“Energetic. Until recently you only became hyped up over porn and stuff.”

“You really did change. Did you eat something bad? Does your life change when you see real tits?”

“Well, no matter how many times you see real tits, it’s always amazing.”



Hmph! Hate me all you want. While you guys are talking crap about me, I'll get to see Buchou’s tits! But... did I really change? Really? Well... I did turn into a Devil.

“Hey Asia. Finished lunch?”

“Asia, your boyfriend is calling.”

The glasses wearing girl sitting near Asia, Kiryuu Aika, said so with a perverted face.

“B-b-b-boy friend!!?”

Flustered. I've never seen her like this before. Well, any girl would get flustered if someone calls her close guy friend her “boyfriend”.

“Eh? I’m wrong? But the two of you are always together, so I thought you two were going out.”


Asia’s face began to turn crimson. If you say something like that in a classroom, everyone will look at you... And I’ll get embarrassed!

“Hmmm. Is that so? You guys look like a couple. You 're always together and get along well, kinda like a combination. You guys are also living together with your parents' permission, right? A young boy and a girl living under one roof. That'll be... Mufufufu. By the way, I was the one who told her about 'bathing together'! So?! Did you enjoy it?!”

“It was you! What do you mean 'combination'!? Don’t say things as if we were robots that can combine! It's rude! Well... I do want to do these things, but I can’t do something like that to Asia!”

That’s right! I'm the one who has to protect Asia! So I can’t do something like that!

“Hmm. That’s weird. Asia li... Mugah!”

Asia covered Kiryuu’s mouth with both hands.

“Aaaah! Please stop, Kiryuu-san!”

Asia...? I'd never seen her face so red before... Her eyes were watery as well. Does Kiryuu hold some secret that Asia doesn’t want me to know? Hmmmm... it’s probably girls’ talk so it’s hard for me to intrude.

“Anyway, Asia. We were told to go to the club room so let’s go.”


Asia had yet to calm down. Well, discussing things like this is too stimulating for her when you consider where she was raised. Even I would feel embarrassed if I were told that she were my girlfriend... But, if Asia were my girlfriend, then I would live a happy life. However, right now, I have stronger feelings of protection for Asia. I couldn’t consider my life without Asia any more. Asia’s smile became a part of it. Musing about my happy life, we neared the club room.

Part 3

When we entered the room, the other members were already there…….and there were also those who didn’t belong to the club here as well.

! I got shocked when I saw the person sitting on the sofa besides the club members.

“Student President......”

Yes, the person sitting on the sofa is our school, Kuou Academy’s Student-President-sama. Student President is a beautiful and slender female student, and has a cold and strict atmosphere around her. She is so beautiful that she doesn’t look Japanese, but her name is Shitori Souna-senpai. She is my senior who is in third year. At school she is the third most popular. Of course the most popular is Rias-buchou, followed by Akeno-san. She has a scary atmosphere that won’t let anyone come near her. It’s also because she has the eyes of a strict person, but she is also quite the beauty. She’s more popular amongst female students than male students, and she may be more popular than Rias-buchou and Akeno-san with girls. If I looked carefully, there was one other male student besides Kaichou who is from the student council.

“Oh so you didn’t mention us to Hyoudou, Rias-senpai? It’s also weird not to notice us, when we are Devils as well.”

Isn’t this the guy who joined the student council recently as a secretary of the council? Kaichou then said it quietly to the secretary guy,

“Saji, it can’t be helped because we are not supposed to contact each other at normal times. Also it hasn’t been that long since he became a Devil. Hyoudou-kun is responding like he is supposed to.”

…..Wh…..what!? By the way she just explained, then that means that the people of the student council are also……? So there were other Devils besides me and the members of the occult research club!? Akeno-san explained to me who got really shocked,

“The Kaichou, Shitori Souna-sama’s real name is Sona Sitri. She’s a High-class Devil who is the next heir of the house of Sitri.”

H-High-class Devil!? And the house of Sitri!? I’m not actually sure about it, but I know that it’s an important house just like Buchou’s and the house of Phoenix! Wha……. I became speechless. I became really shocked to find out that there was another High-class Devil in this school! Akeno-san then further explained to me.

“The house of Sitri is one of the 72 pillars that survived the Great War just like the house of Gremory and the house of Phoenix. This school is actually controlled by the house of Gremory, but at day time, it is the student council……in other words the house of Sitri is in control. The time of being in charge is split between day-time and night-time.”

Is that so…….. Then the members of the student council are…… The secretary guy spoke,

“You guys are getting peaceful school life because Kaichou and us, the Devil servants of Sitri, are working at daytime. It won’t be bad for you to remember that, you know? By the way, my name is Saji Genshirou. I’m in second year, and I am Kaichou’s “Pawn”.”

“Oooh, the same year as me and also the same “Pawn” as me!”

What an unexpected meeting! I was a bit happy. For there to be another [Pawn] besides me and also in the same year as me! The secretary guy, Saji, made an opposite reaction to me and made a sigh.

“Actually you damaged my pride very badly. For you, one of the three pervs, to be the same “Pawn” as me…….”

“W-What did you say!?”

This bastard! I was thinking of getting along with him!

“Oh? You wanna go at it? Even if I look like this, I’m a “Pawn” that consumed 4 pieces of “Pawns”. Even if I just turned into a Devil, I won’t lose against someone like Hyoudou.”

Saji made a provoking comment against me, but Kaichou glared at him sharply.

“Saji, stop that.”

“Bu…but Kaichou!”

“The reason we came here is to introduce our new servants amongst fellow High-class Devils where we both have this school as our base. In other words it is a meeting to introduce you and Rias’s servants, Hyoudou-kun and Asia-san. If you are my servant, then don’t make a shame out of me. Besides…..”

Kaichou then looked at me.

“Saji, you can’t win against Hyoudou-kun right now. He is the one who defeated the third son of the house of Phoenix. Consuming 8 “Pawn” pieces was not just for show.”

“8 pieces!? Wait, this is the guy who defeated the Phoenix!? For this guy to beat that Raiser….. I thought that it was Kiba or Himejima-senpai who rescued Rias-senpai……”

What, what? What are they on about? Also can you stop looking at me with those weird eyes. I’m not an animal in the zoo that is doing something weird. Then Kaichou bowed her head down.

“I am sorry Hyoudo Issei-kun, Asia Argento-san. My servant hasn’t experienced as much battles as you two, so he still has some rude attitude in him. If it’s okay, can you please get along with him?”

Kaichou said it to us while smiling. I think you call this a cold smile. I didn’t feel anything bad from the smile, so she must be a person who can only smile like this.


“Eh? Ye…yes! Please get along with me……..”

Saji also bowed his head down at me reluctantly. He seemed like he wasn’t satisfied with it.

“Yes. Let’s get along.”

Asia replied back with a big smile. Asia sure is a good child.

“If it’s Asia-san, then I am very happy!”

Saji grabbed Asia’s hand and made an attitude opposite to the one he gave me. Thi….this bastard! I took Saji’s hands off Asia’s, and shook his hand while gripping it hard.

“Hahaha! Saji-kun! Please look after me as well! Also I’ll seriously fucking kill you if you lay a finger on Asia. Okay, Saji-kun!?”

I said it with a fake smile. Then he also smiled and held my hand stronger.

“Yes! Yes! Let’s get along Hyoudou-kun! To have the blond bishoujo for just yourself. You really are a Brute-kun! Man, I wish there was a divine punishment which falls on you! I wish you die when a lightning falls on you while you are on your way home!”

We made negative comments against each other. It must have looked weird. But I couldn’t forgive this guy! He was different than Kiba but I couldn’t stand guys like him! Actually, I seriously wanted to hit him! I seriously won’t let him walk alive if he touches Asia!

“You must have a hard time.”

“You too.”

Buchou and Kaichou both made a sigh while looking at us.

“Chi. Members of the student council are stronger than the members of your club.”

Saji said it while letting go of my hand. So the members of the student council belong to Kaichou’s household and are Kaichou’s servants. Kaichou took a sip of green tea and said it with a small voice,

“I love this school. I also think that the work of the student council is worth the effort. That’s why I will not forgive those that ruin the peaceful life of this school. Whether they are human or Devils. That applies to you, the people in here, and also Rias.”

I understood immediately that those words were directed to us the new Devils which are me, Asia and Saji. In other words she will not forgive anyone that ruins the school life. So this person loves this school, Kuou Academy, that much. No wonder she is the kaichou.

“I think this is enough for introducing our rookies. Then we will pardon ourselves now. There’s also a document which I want to finish during lunch time.”

Kaichou got up and tried to leave.

“Kaichou. No Souna Sitri-san……..sama. I will be in your care from now.”

“Y…yes! Please take care of us!”

I bowed my head towards Kaichou and greeted her, and Asia did the same. It’s a greeting as a newbie Devil. She is a High-class Devil and also Buchou’s acquaintance. Even if her servant is “that”, I think it’s an obvious thing to do as a new Devil of the Gremory household.

“Yes, let’s get along.”

Kaichou replied and smiled at us.

“Rias, I will be looking forward to the “Ball Tournament”.”

Kaichou said to Buchou with a smile, before she left the room.

“Yes, me as well.”

Buchou smiled back at her. Oh. I understood immediately that these two are really close. Then she could have helped us in the quarrel between the old houses from the previous incident. But then I thought that it’s not that simple to put your head inside the problems between High-class Devils. Or did she believe that Buchou would be able to clear the problem herself? Kaichou left the room after saying that.

“Ise, Asia. Get along with Saji-kun. You will also meet the other members of the student council who are Devils, but don’t fight with them. Since we are all spending our school life at the same school. Okay?”

Buchou said to us while smiling.


If Buchou says that, then I will listen to her without complaining! I won’t fight even though that guy is a jerk! But for there to be Devils besides us at this school….. Seems like there are more secrets within this school……

Part 4


The sound of the start of the ball tournament echoed in the sky. From today’s weather broadcast, it’s going to rain in the evening. Please don’t rain until the tournament finishes.

[Tsukmoto-kun of the “Manga research club”, Hashioka-sensei is calling you. Can you please come to the teacher’s room immediately.]

The PA which is placed throughout the school ground was making announcements endlessly. All of us members got changed into our PE uniform and gathered at one place and were resting up till the start of the match. But the club matches were at the end. First of all, there were the class matches. I think my class is going to compete in baseball. Me and Asia also have to participate. The practice we did after school wasn’t in vain. After that there was a match amongst genders. Then after lunch there was a match between clubs. I did some light exercises as a warm up. Asia was stretching with the help of Akeno-san. Koneko-chan was sitting on the plastic mattress on the ground reading the rule book for ball games. Kiba……was still thinking about something. He had been staring at the sky. Buchou went to check the category sports for the club matches……. Oh she came back. Buchou, who just came back, was smiling fearlessly.

“Fufufu, we have won this match already.”

“Buchou, so what is the sports we are playing then?”


I only had a bad feeling about this.

Part 5

“Buchouuuuuu!! You can do it!”

I was cheering for Buchou from the tennis court fence. Sob……Buchou in a tennis uniform! The thigh you could see from the mini-skirt was wonderful! Buchou was representing the girls of her class, and was competing against other senior girls.


Buchou was playing around with her opponent with her smooth move, but the opponent was quite good as well!

“Kaichou-samaaaaa! Kyaaaa!”

The girls were shouting with a shrill voice. Yes, Buchou’s opponent was none other than the student president, Shitori Souna-senpai.

“Ufufufu. It’s wonderful that we can see a match between High-class Devils in a place like this.”

Akeno-san was also enjoying watching it beside me. It was just like she said. I never expected that there would be a match between the High-class Devils here. And both of them weren’t holding back. They were seriously hitting the ball with their racket.

“Here I come, Sona!”

“Yes, you may, Rias!”

Both of them were exchanging words like that, and they were both really into this match. It looked like a situation in a sports-comedy manga! Even I was getting fired up just looking at them!

“Kaichouuuuu! Please winnnnnnn!”

Ah, Saji was also cheering in the fence opposite of me. He was even swinging a flag which had a writing “Student Council” on it. Wow, he’s also fired up!

“Take this! Shitori-style spin-ball!”

The ball Kaichou had just hit went rushing towards Buchou.

“You are too naïve! Take this Gremory-style counter!”

Buchou tried to hit it back with her racket, but the ball changed it’s direction and went down! Uoooooo! Is it a magic ball!?


“Noooooo, it’s Kaichou’s point!”

“You are doing well Souna. To be expected from my rival.”

“Ufufu. Rias, you haven’t forgotten the promise where the loser has to pay for the udon with all the toppings at Kobashiya, have you?”

“Yes, I haven’t. It will be my shame if you taste that before me. That’s why I will definitely win! Did you know that I have 108 styles of magic ball?”

“I will accept that challenge. I will hit back all the balls that come into my “Shitori-Zone”.”

I don’t know why but both of their eyes were burning….. But princesses, why is the thing you two are betting so……common? Well maybe that’s the good thing about Buchou and Kaichou. Maybe they started to have sense as human because they lived in the humans' world for so long. After all the final match between Buchou and Kaichou lasted so long, that both of their rackets broke and they both got first places. Well, of course, a normal racket would break if they do an intense rally like that. Then the tournament moved to the club matches……

Part 6


I became shocked after seeing what Asia was wearing. It was not the school’s PE uniform shorts but a bloomer! Before the start of the club matches, Asia suddenly disappeared, and when I thought she came back she was wearing a bloomer. Oooo……her white legs……her thighs…..! Man! She has nice legs like always! Asia was wriggling while making her face red.

“………Ummm……I heard from Kiryuu-san. That the proper uniform for dodge ball is bloomer…… An…and also that Ise-san will be happy if I wore this……”

Ki….Kiryuuuuuuuu! That damn bitch! Why on earth did she teach my cute Asia-chan this wonderful…no I mean shameless thing! Shit! Kiryuu's, also known as “Master-mind”, actions are shaking my heart!

“You don’t like it?”

Asia asked me with a shy voice while looking up at me. !........ I felt something burst inside me.

“No, no. It’s great, Asia. Thank you very much. Thank you very much!”

I took Asia’s hand and thanked her a lot. But Asia herself didn’t know what was going on.

“Raise your spirit up, you two.”

Buchou was still energetic even after that intense tennis. Well, I was also fired up!

“Osu! I’m getting fired up with Asia’s bloomers! Since I’m doing it, I’m not going to lose!”

“Good reply, Ise! I will give you a reward if you work hard!’

………! Wh…..what!! Are you serious, Buchou!? I felt some unknown power flowing within me!

“Uooooooo! Oppai!”

I definitely can’t lose! Buchou’s breasts are mine!



I screamed. Of course, because Asia stepped on my foot.

“Ise-san how about you hand “that” out to everyone?”

Asia said it with a displeased voice. When I looked she had an unpleasant face. She was in a bad mood. Sob……lately Asia-chan had learned how to use violence against me. She must be at a rebellious age. Just like Asia said, there was something I had that I wanted to give to everyone. Fufufu, I made it last night.

“Everyone! Let’s put this as a team!”

What I got out was a headband, which had an embroidery “Occult Research Club” imprinted on it. It was handmade by me.

“Ara, you are well prepared.”

The first one to take it from me was Buchou.

“Yes, Ise is more skillful than I thought. It’s well made.”

“Hehehe. I was secretly practising.”

Yes I was using my spare time to practice making it. I’m not good with home economics, but I believed that I would get good at it if I practiced little by little every day. Thanks to it I gained a skill for it. Well, it’s not good if you compare it to one made by a person skilful at it, but it still should look good.

“……It’s unexpectedly good.”

Thank you Koneko-chan!

“Ara-ara. Certainly the other clubs are wearing an item to symbolise the team. Like uniforms and caps.”

“That’s right Akeno-san! That’s why I also made it!”

Everyone took them from my hand and put them on their forehead. It made me happy. It was worth the effort making them at night. Then I gave it to Kiba who was still acting weird.

“Here Kiba.”

“……Ye…yeah. Thanks.”

“……Let’s concentrate on winning now.”

“……Win, huh. Yeah…… Winning is important.”

Hm? He sounded as if he meant something. He seemed like he lost at something.

[Members of the occult research club and the baseball club. Please gather at the ground.]

The announcement which called for us! Our battle was about to start!

Part 7

“Aim for him! Aim for Hyoudou!”

“Uoooooo! Screw you guys!”

I was shouting at the same time crying while I was dodging incredibly fast balls. The match between clubs that started! The sports we had to do was dodge ball and our first opponent was the baseball club. These guys couldn’t hit anyone besides me from their viewpoints!

Buchou. One of the “Two Great Onee-sama”. The really popular school idol. Can’t aim for her.

Akeno-san. One of the “Two Great Oneesama”. School idol. Can’t aim for her.

Asia. The Angel and the number 1 beautiful girl of the second year. And also a Blondie! Can’t aim for her.

Koneko-chan. A loli-loli girl who is our school mascot. You feel bad if you hit her.

Kiba. Enemy of every male students in our school, but the girls will hate you if you hit him. Can’t aim for him.

Me, Ise. Everyone thought “I don’t understand why that guy belongs to the occult research club”. It’s not a problem if you hit him. No, you have to hit him instead. Damn it. Die. Aim every ball at him! Head shot! Die, die you wild beast!

I felt like I could hear their thoughts! The ultimate way to eliminate me! And everyone's evil intents concentrate at me! From every student of this school!

“Kill Iseeeeee!!”

“Asia-chaaaaaaaaan! Bloomer’s are the best! Iseeeeeee, die!!”

“Please! Take Hyoudou down! For Rias-oneesama’s sake! For Akeno-oneesama’s sake!”

“You have to bring Asia-san back to the good side!”

“Die! Right! No, throw at head on!”

“Kill him!! Die!! There should be only one loli-con, and that is me!”

“You wouldn’t have gotten killed if you didn’t come out!”

Even the crowds were telling me to die! Fuck all of you! All of their eyes were sending an intent to kill directed at me! Damn it! Why did this happen! My bad feeling turned into reality!

“All of the balls are concentrated towards Ise! In terms of strategy, this would be “sacrifice”! Ise, this is a chance!”

“Buchouuuu!! I will do my best! Shit! I’m not doing this for fun!”

If Buchou was counting on me, then I had to work hard even if that meant using my body as a shield! A ball aimed at me was blocked by Koneko-chan, who then used the ball to take down the opponent in one shot! Yes! At this rate we could get 1st place! The only thing left to do was for me to dodge the ball and run! When I was thinking like that, one big built baseball boy came and aimed for Kiba!

“Shit! I don’ care whether I get hated! You damn handsome!!”

Ooou! That guy had so much hatred towards handsome guys that he aimed for Kiba instead of me! Get hit! Well that’s what I thought……

“What are you doing gazing around for!?”

I went towards Kiba while shouting because he was still in his own world. I stood in front of him to protect him.

“…Ah. Ise-kun?”

Ah Ise-kun? My ass! What the heck are you doing!? And the ball came towards me! Can’t be helped! I will use my body to stop the ball! When I was thinking like that, the ball changed it’s direction. The ball came down like a fork-ball and came in to my crotch…



A direct hit…… My balls…got crushed by…a ball…… Guhaa… I went down holding my crotch because of the insane pain it gave me…… You can’t explain how painful it is………the pain only that guys know…… The club members came rushing at me. Buchou held me up.


“I have the ball! You did well Ise! Now, it’s time to hunt down the prey who took down my cute Ise!”

O…Onee-sama… You have really scary eyes… But……seriously my balls…… I can’t even breath…… Auaa auuuuu…………

“Ara ara. Buchou. You are wrong. It seems like a different ball is in a serious condition.”

Th…that’s right Akeno-san…… Buchou seemed to realise the situation and became speechless.

“…! How can this be! Asia, please come over here. I will be in trouble if it gets useless because of a thing like this!”

“Y…yes. Did Ise-san get hurt……?”

“Yes, apparently his important part. Can you heal him behind the building?”

“Important part? I don’t really understand but I got it!”

“Koneko. Can you take Ise to a place where there’s no one around?”


…Looks like they were discussing about something while I was fainting in agony.

“B-Buchou…… I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of much use......”

“It’s alright, Ise. You did well. Leave the rest to us.”

Buchou patted gently at my cheek with her hand.


Someone grabbed me by my collar.


I was getting dragged. Of course the one dragging me was Koneko-chan.

“Ise-san! Please keep a hold of yourself!”

Asia was cheering me while following me.

“This is a battle of revenge for Ise!”

I could hear Buchou’s energetic and mad voice from far away. She sounded as if I had died… Aaah, if Buchou gets serious, then it should be all right even without Koneko-chan… Like this, I retired for the first match temporarily and was dragged behind the gym.

Part 8

I was taken behind the gym where there were 0 sights of other people…… My crotch still hurt……

“Ise-san, I will start healing. Please show me the place you injured yourself.”

……! I can’t do something like that……

“N…no, I can’t……”

“What are you saying!? If you don’t show me where you hurt yourself then I can’t heal you!”

She seemed really motivated but I couldn’t… We are talking about balls, you know? My balls. If I did that then my “stick” will also fall out as well…… There’s no way Asia could handle this…

“……Asia……I beg you…… Please don’t trouble me any more……”

“N…no! I was just trying to help……”

Aaah. She was making a really sad face…

“Asia, don’t cry… Can you just use your powers around my hips…? I think it will heal that way…”

Asia has a Sacred Gear “Twilight Healing” that can even heal Devils. It’s also the lifeline of our group. It has a splendid healing ability and can heal most injuries immediately. I was sure it could also heal “this” damage but I just couldn’t show it to her…… There was a warm light coming out of her hands. At the same time I could feel the pain disappearing from there. Amazing…… What a warm light…… Aaaah, the pain was disappearing as if it was just a dream… So Asia’s Sacred Gear also works significantly for damages on balls…

“……A situation I can’t describe by words.”

Koneko-chan made a sigh. That’s rare.

“Ise-san. Please rest for a bit.”

I was lying down and Asia approached me and lifted my head… Then I felt a really soft sensation from my head!? This sensation was the feeling of a thigh! Am I getting a “Thigh pillow”!? Are you serious!?

“Ise-san, you looked really happy when Buchou was doing this to you…… Maybe I might not be good enough……”

That’s not true! It’s a bloomer, you know? A thigh pillow, you know? It’s a dream to get a thigh pillow while a girl is wearing a bloomer!

“Sob… Thank you. Thank you.”

I thanked her a lot while shedding tears.

“Ufufufu. Ise-san is thanking a lot today.”

[The Occult research club wins!]

The good news which the announcement just made also reached my ears.

Part 9


It was raining hard outside. We were lucky that it rained after the tournament.


There was also a bitter sound which echoed along with the sound of rain. Buchou just slapped someone. Not me. It was Kiba.

“How is it? Did you wake up?”

Buchou was quite angry. For the ball tournament, we, the occult research club, got 1st place. Me, Asia and Koneko-chan went back and obtained 1st place as a whole team…… But there was one person who didn’t cooperate. I’m talking about Kiba. He did contribute a couple of times but he was doing nothing most of the time. Buchou got angry at him a couple of times during the match but he didn't seem to care. I would have gotten pissed if Buchou didn’t. Even if he got his cheek slapped, Kiba still didn’t make any expression nor talked. What is this guy…… Is he really Kiba? Because of the sudden change he looked like a totally different person. He was a good looking guy who always had a refreshing face. Then he suddenly made the usual smiley face.

“Are you done now? The ball tournament has finished as well. We won’t be practicing anymore so can I take a rest until it’s night time? I’m a bit tired so I will take a break from the usual club activity. I’m sorry for my behaviour this noon. Seems like I didn’t feel well today.”

“Kiba, you are really weird lately?”

“It’s none of your concern.”

I asked him but Kiba replied coldly with a smiley face.

“Even I’m getting worried about you.”

“Worried? Who worries about who? I think it’s normal for Devils to live by how they want. Well, I think I’m at fault for not listening to my master this time.”

Hmmm, maybe I should tell him a bit. But why am I supposed to do this? It’s usually the other way around. I say something insane, and Kiba calms me down.

“It’s troublesome a situation like this when we are trying to form a proper group. That’s how we felt after we went through that bitter experience in the previous match, remember. Don’t we have to cover for each other’s weak points from now on? We are comrades.”


Kiba then made a gloomy face.

“Yes, comrades.”

“You are always burning…… Ise-kun, lately I started to remember the basic things.”


“Yeah, that’s right. The reason why I am fighting.”

“Isn’t it for Buchou?”

That’s what I thought. That’s what I believed in hard. Just by my own thinking. But he rejected it immediately.

“No. I’m living so I can seek my revenge. Holy-sword Excalibur. Destroying that is the reason why I am living.”

Kiba had a face with a strong determination. That time, I thought that I had seen his real face.

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