High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 1.1

I'm walking without using an umbrella under the heavy rain.

I think it's a good rain that can cool my head off.

——I had a fight with Buchou.

I rebelled for the first time against my master who saved my life. It was a failure as “Kiba Yuuto”.

However, I had never once forgotten my revenge towards the holy-sword Excalibur. I was just getting senile with the lifestyle at school.

I had made comrades, obtained a lifestyle, and received a name. I also received a purpose in life from my master, Rias Gremory.

Asking for more happiness is a bad thing. It's certainly bad.

Until I achieve my purpose, I have never thought that I can continue to live on behalf of my “comrades”——.


I heard a sound of water that is different from the sound of rain.

There is a priest in front of me. By hanging a cross around their neck, they speak of the holiness in the name of God that I so despise.

They are one of the things I hate. The target of my hatred. I even think that I don’t mind killing him if he is an exorcist.


The priest has a blood patch on his stomach and when he coughs out some blood, he falls down.

Was he attacked by someone? Who? ——An enemy?


Sensing an abnormal presence, I created a demonic-sword instantly. ——It's a killing intent!


There is a reflection of a metal under the rain, then there's a spark.

When I move my body towards the place where the killing intent is coming from, there is someone wielding a long sword who comes to attack me.

This person is wearing same clothes as the priest that just died front of me. —A priest. Except, this one is giving off a powerful killing intent clearly.

“Yahooo. It’s been a while.”

I know the boy priest who is giving a disgusting smile.

A white-haired crazy priest, Freed Zelzan. He’s the one we fought in the previous incident involving the Fallen-Angels.

......He is showing the same disgusting smile that is ticking me off like before.

“......Looks like you are still in this town. What is your business today? I’m sorry, but I’m in a really bad mood today.”

I said that with an angry tone, but he simply laughs it off.

“Well that’s good timing. Wonderful! In my case I’m so happy that I’m going to shed some tears because of my reunion with you!”

So he still has his cocky way of talking. Seriously, he really does get on my nerves. I already hate him for being a priest.

When I try to make a demonic-sword in my left hand, the long sword he is wielding starts to emit a holy aura.

—! That light! That aura! That glow!

——How can I forget!

“I was getting bored of priest hunting, so this really is a good timing. Very Good. Nice timing indeed. My Excalibur and your demonic sword, can you let me check which one is stronger? Hyahahahaha! I will repay you by killing you!”

Yes, the sword he has is the Holy-sword Excalibur itself.

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