High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 4

“Rias-senpai. We have covered the school with a large barrier. With this, unless something disastrous happens, there will be no damage outside.”

Saji reported the current situation to Buchou. We, the Occult research club and the student council, had gathered at the park located right in front of Kuou academy. Only Kiba wasn’t there. Where are you Kiba…… The injured Irina was transported to Kaichou’s house. She avoided the worst case scenario thanks to Asia’s power. Saji from the student council was explaining about the barrier to Buchou. Possibly because of the spanking he got earlier, he stood unnaturally. According to his story, Shitori Souna-senpai who is the kaichou(Student President) had gathered everyone from the student council and put a big barrier on the school after she heard the situation from Buchou. It was a measure used to keep the things occurring inside from leaking outside. The opponent was one of the leaders of the Fallen-Angels who appeared in the bible and books.

“This is to keep it to the minimum. To tell you the truth, if Kokabiel were to fight seriously, not only this academy, but the whole region would be annihilated. Adding to that, he has already gotten ready for that. My servant has seen him releasing his power at the school grounds.”

Wha…… I became speechless at Kaichou’s words. Are you serious!? We are talking about something that big!? So it meant he was someone that serious……… He seriously was a troublesome Fallen-Angel leader! He was going to destroy my town because he wanted to do what he wished, which was to start a war!? Don’t mess around. Don’t fuck around you shitty Fallen-Angel! I won’t let you do as you please! I’m planning to live and enjoy my life in this town with Buchou, Asia and everyone! My anger was at its MAX, and Kaichou continued to explain.

“My servants and I will continue to place the barrier to reduce the damages. I want to minimise the damages as much as possible…… It’s hard to prevent having our school getting damaged. But it looks like we have to since it’s the leader of the Fallen-Angels who is moving.”

Kaichou made a sharp eye and looked in the direction of the school with eyes filled with hatred. She was probably directing it to Kokabiel. Then it was confirmed that the school would get damaged. The school I……we go to……

“Thank you, Sona. We will do the rest from here.”

“Rias. Our enemy is a monster with strength above ours. It’s still not too late. We should get your Oni-sama……”

Buchou shook her head.

“You also didn’t call your Onee-sama.”

“My Onee-sama is…… Your Oni-sama loves you. Sirzechs-sama will definitely move. So……”

“I have already informed Sirzechs-sama.”

Akeno-san said it over Buchou and Kaichou’s words.


Buchou criticised. But Akeno-san had an angry expression.

“Rias. I know that you don’t want to cause problems for Sirzechs-sama. It happened in your territory. In your base. And it happened after the family problem. But it’s a different story if the leader of the enemy appears. It is a problem that surpasses the level that you can solve. Let’s borrow the strength of a Maou.”

……It was my first time seeing Akeno-san telling Buchou off. But, just as I thought, Akeno-san calls her “Rias” during private times and talks casually towards her. Buchou seemed like she wanted to say something. But she took a deep breath and nodded. Akeno-san put on her usual smiley face after she saw her.

“Thank you for understanding the situation, Buchou. Sona-sama. Sirzechs-sama’s reinforcement will be here in one hour.”

“One hour…… I understand. In that time, we, the student council, will vow to continue to place the barriers in the name of Sitri.”

Buchou seemed like she had made her decision as well after hearing Kaichou’s decision.

“……So one hour. Now my servants. We will be on the offensive. We will go inside the barrier and draw Kokabiel’s attention. Unlike the battle against Phoenix, this is a battle of life and death! Even so, I will not forgive you if you die! We will survive and continue to attend that school!”


We replied to her with energetic voices!

“Hyoudou! I will leave the rest to you.”

“I know that, Saji. You should worry about the damages on your ass.”

“Don’t say that! It feels like it will hurt even more if you say that! How about your ass?”

Ngggh! My ass started to hurt after he said that!

“Fufufu. Buchou’s love certainly hurts. Well the situation right now is the same as having our asses on fire.”

“No, no. I can’t laugh at that. So Kiba isn’t here yet?”

“Yeah. I believe that he is safe.”

“Yeah. I also believe in him as well.”

Saji and I put our fist together and prayed for our missions. It was a decisive battle! If it became serious, then I would also……

[Leave it to me, partner. Our opponent is Kokabiel. He’s not an insufficient opponent. Let’s show him.]

Yeah, Ddraig. We will show him. The power of the Dragon that picked a fight with God and Maou.

Part 2

We went in straight from the main gate. The moment I entered, I used promotion to promote from “Pawn” to “Queen” so my power increased. My “Queen” was still weak compared to Akeno-san because I had only been a Devil for a short-time.

……I became speechless after seeing a bizarre scene. In the middle of the school field, there were four swords that were releasing extreme lights while floating. Having the swords at the centre, there was a suspicious looking magic circle spread in the whole school field. There was an old-man located in the middle of the magic circle. Balba Galilei? That geezer. What was he planning to do by using the magic circle?

“What is this……?”

I spoke out my doubt.

“I’m going to make the four Excaliburs into one.”

Balba said it as if he found it amusing.

“Balba. How much longer will it take for the Excaliburs to merge?”


There was a voice from up in the sky! When all of the club members looked up, there was Kokabiel who had the moon as a background. He was sitting on a chair up in the sky while looking down on us…… Was it the power of a Fallen-Angel that was making the chair float? He was crossing his legs confidently!

“It won’t even take 5 minutes, Kokabiel.”

“Is that so. I will leave it to you.”

Kokabiel moved his eyes from Balba to Buchou.

“Is Sirzechs coming? Or is it Serafall?”

“In the places of Oni-sama and Leviathan-sama, we……”


After the sound of the wind, there was a sound of explosion that echoed throughout the area! The sound came from the place where the gym is. No, where the gym WAS. There wasn’t even a trace of it! Did it get blown away!?

“Boring. Well that’s okay. It will be entertaining.”

There was a big pillar made of light where the gym was located. Was that perhaps the spear of light? Yo…you must be joking…… That’s too big! If compared with that Fallen-Angel woman, it was like comparing a toothpick and a fishing rod! If I was to get hit by that……

[Are you scared partner?]

Ddraig directly talked to me. Of course I would get scared after seeing that! It was not a matter of being beyond us! It was totally on a different level to us!

[Yeah. It’s on a different level. He is so strong that his name has been recorded in the bible since ancient times. He is the one who survived the battle against God and the past Maou.]

Can we win? Can I beat him?

[If it becomes serious, I will beat him even if I have to turn most of your body into a Dragon. Even if you can’t beat him, I will give him damage that will freeze him for an hour. You can leave the rest to the Maou.]

……So he’s that powerful. Looks like I have to make my decision as well…… Well, using the armour will be my last resort. That only makes me strong for 10 seconds. The power of my Balance-Breaker that ignores the limit of my stamina and demonic powers would become invincible once I activate it. But after using that, I can’t use my Sacred Gear for three whole days. Using it would be a sink or swim situation.

“Now. I will have you all fight my pet that I brought from hell.”

Kokabiel clicked his fingers. Then from the depths of darkness there was a sound of the ground rumbling as it came closer to us. That thing was something that far exceeded my expectations. Eight……no it probably was ten meters tall. It had a large body. It had four legs, and each leg was thick. Also the claws that grew from each leg looked so sharp that I felt chills behind my back. The eyes that were glittering from the darkness were red. From its mouth, what it had were dangerous looking fangs. The fangs were close to each other, and from the gaps there were white breaths pouring out. The animal which resembled it the most was a……dog. But dogs aren’t this big! That’s because dogs don’t have three heads!


Its howl was so loud it felt like it shook the ground! The three heads howled at the same time!


Buchou said it with a voice filled with disgust.


“Yes. It’s a famous creature that has the nickname of Guard-dog of Hell.”

Guard-dog of Hell……!? So this dog was a monster that sounded that dangerous!?

“It lives in the gate to Hell, no to the Underworld. But to bring it to the humans' world!”

“Is it bad?”

“We have to do it! We will blow it away, Ise!”

Ooou, Buchou. She’s pumped up! Then I will have to be pumped as well!

“Yes Buchou! Let’s do it, Boosted Gear!”


Okay doggy! Since it looks like you haven’t been tamed properly, I will have to discipline you! I was enthusiastic to do it, but Buchou put her hand on my shoulder.

“Ise. This time, we will back you up.”

“So do I give him the finishing blow by charging my power?”

Buchou shook her head at my question.

“No. I will have you support us. You will be transferring your boosted power to us. Boosted Gear is a Sacred Gear that powers you up and also increases the power of your comrades in a team battle.”

Increasing the power of comrades by using the ability of Gift. If I were to transfer the boosted power to Buchou and Akeno-san who were stronger than the normal me…… Also in terms of healing, if I were to increase Asia’s ability then the effect would become absolute! So I’m going to put my boosted power on top of the group members! Then perhaps it might be effective against Kokabiel? Even if we can’t give him an enormous amount of damage, we might gain the power to block his attacks!

“By the way, Ise. Including your power up, how many times can you transfer your powers?”

Buchou’s question. Yes, my Sacred Gear had a limit to how many times I could use it. My Sacred Gear that can multiply my power belongs to an unreal category. The number of times I can use it depends on the possessor, me. If I were to use it up, the Sacred Gear would stop functioning. Then my body would lose all strength.

“Right now with my current stamina, I can only transfer it 3 or 4 times with the maximum boost. No, I might faint after the fourth time so please think that I can only do it three times.”

“I see. So we can’t waste it.”

I’m sorry Buchou. If I were to use it with fewer boosts I could use it a bit more. But because of the one we are facing, it wouldn’t be like that. Somehow it felt like I had turned into a useful “item” for the whole day…… Well, that’s okay.


Buchou got her wings out from her back and flew up into the sky with Akeno-san.


Cerberus jumped after making a growl!


One of the heads looked towards Buchou who was flying and breathed out fire! Wow! It seriously was a monster!

“Too naïve.”

Akeno-san stood in front of Buchou and froze the fire instantly. Just to be expected from our “Queen”!

“Take this!”

Buchou jumped from behind Akeno-san and released an enormous black block of demonic-power. The blow from the power of destruction. Buchou’s demonic power is a powerful one that eliminates everything it touches.


The other head of the monstrous dog shot out a ball of fire! Buchou’s demonic power and the fireball of Cerberus clashed against each other violently! Then the other head shot out a fireball! Shit! Three attacks in a row! The second fireball assisted the first one that was getting pushed by Buchou’s strike! The strength of fire increased and it started to push Buchou’s strike. Then Cerberus tried to shoot another one! If it did another one, then even if it was Buchou……

“I have found an opening in you.”


Koneko-chan who jumped from beside me did a heavy blow onto Cerberus’s head! It made a loud sound! I don’t want to get hit by that, Koneko-chan!

“Here’s another blow.”

When Akeno-san pointed her fingers up, there was lightning created in the sky. She then pointed her fingers to Cerberus and……


After a single flash, Cerberus was surrounded by violent lightning! Akeno-san gave an extra special lightning to the doggy! Buchou’s blow also added to that! But Cerberus’ body didn’t get terminated and it just struck the side of its stomach. There was dark black blood coming out of the monster dog’s stomach. There was smoke coming from it. But it still had a shine in its eyes. It could still move even after receiving those attacks? And my power up…… It still hadn’t reached the limit. I was promoted to “Queen”, but I hadn’t become as strong as the “Queen” Akeno-san was. I still lacked training. My stats as a Devil were still low. I wanted to get stronger…… I was definitely going to survive this battle! Then I was going to get even stronger and become the “Ultimate Pawn” that Buchou was talking about!


Ummmm, I could hear a dangerous howl…… I turned around with scared thoughts and……

“There’s another one!?”

Another Cerberus appeared from the darkness! Don’t joke around! It’s not a joking matter that another one appeared!


It made a howl and it came towards me and Asia! Crap! Should we run!? The boosts won’t get reset as long as I don’t attack and receive any attacks! I had to run while carrying Asia! But it seemed like there was nowhere to run to in a school field like this!

“Ise! Just use the boost to increase your powers!”

Buchou gave me the permission to use the boosted power. That would be the best choice. But if I used it here, then it seemed like it would be used just to run away! But it couldn’t be helped if it was to protect Asia! It happened when I was about to do it.


One of the heads of the Cerberus that was coming at us went up into the sky. It was cut! By who? Kiba? But the person who appeared was the one who wielded a long Excalibur. It was Xenovia. The head of the Cerberus that was cut turned to dust.

“I have come to back you up.”


After saying that, Xenovia went on slashing towards the Cerberus' torso. The Cerberus howled in pain because it lost one of its heads.


The Cerberus’ torso split in half after receiving a fatal strike. There was smoke coming out, and the Cerberus started to vaporise. It was the effect of the holy-sword.

“The strike of the holy-sword. It gives critical damage to creatures.”


Xenovia thrust her sword deep into the Cerberus’ chest to finish it off. That moment, the Cerberus’ body turned into dust and disappeared.

My gauntlet started to flash. It hadn’t even reached the limit. But what was this phenomenon? I was feeling doubtful when Ddraig talked to me,

[It’s telling you that it has reached the stage where the Cerberus can be defeated if you transfer it to Rias Gremory or Himejima Akeno.]

Are you serious? Since when did it get such a convenient system?

[It means that both you and the Sacred Gear are evolving day by day. It has made possible what you desired. As you can’t tell the power difference between you and the opponent, you didn’t know how many boosts you needed. It has started to tell you now.]

I certainly thought about that, but it actually responded to my weak point? So it means it can respond to the power difference between me and my opponent now. That’s certainly a good thing! I shouted towards Buchou and Akeno-san who were flying up the sky.

“Buchou! Akeno-san! I have got enough power to take down Cerberus!”

Hearing that, Buchou and Akeno-san looked at each other and nodded. Both of them came down to me at the same time.

“Ise! You increased the strength of the cross and holy water in the battle against Raiser, right?”

“Eh? Ah, I certainly did.”

“So it’s possible to increase both of us at the same time then! Please transfer the power to Akeno and I!

Ddraig. It was all of a sudden that time, but is it possible?

[Yeah. If it’s just two at the same time then it’s possible. Except that I can only transfer 70 to 80 percent of the boosted power.]

I explained that to Buchou and Akeno-san. The two of them were okay with it.

“I think that would be enough.”

“Yes. We can do it.”


Buchou and Akeno-san replied at the same time. I put my hand on Buchou’s and Akeno-san’s shoulders and activated my Sacred Gear.

“Let’s do it, Boosted Gear!”



An enormous amount of power went to Buchou and Akeno-san through my body. They instantly gained an enormous amount of demonic-power. Both of them were shocked at the amount of power that was overflowing from them.

“……We can do this.”

Akeno-san nodded to Buchou’s daring smile.


“Yes! Thunder! Resound!”

Akeno-san pointed her fingers to the sky and started to control the thunder. Her fingers were aimed towards the Cerberus.

! The Cerberus tried to run from the spot as if it predicted the upcoming thunder!


Countless swords pierced through the Cerberus' limb! The swords were coming out from the ground! This is……

“I won’t let you escape.”

The person who appeared was our “Knight”! It was Kiba’s Sword-Birth! That guy came at a good time!


The thunder went down at Cerberus after it lost its movement due to the demonic-swords. The lightning was so big that it couldn’t be compared to the one before! The lightning covered more than half of the school grounds!



The howl of the Cerberus was overshadowed by the sound, and its body turned to nothingness from the lightning. Because of its major power up, the potential demonic-energy got used up rapidly responding to the strength of it. Even if it was Buchou and Akeno-san, continuous shots would have been hard for them as well. The moment the big dog disappeared, Buchou pointed her hand towards Kokabiel!

“Take this! Kokabiel!”


There was a gigantic mass of demonic-power that shot out from Buchou’s hand!

“It’s huge!”

I slipped my words. It was more than 10 times bigger than the usual shot Buchou fires! It gained high velocity and went towards the leader of the Fallen-Angels who was sitting up in the sky! The power of destruction fell on top of Kokabiel! Perish with that! But… He just stretched one of his hands to the front.


He was blocking Buchou’s shot with only one of his hands! You must be joking! He stopped a gigantic shot like that with only one hand!?


Kokabiel faced his palm towards the sky. The shot that was fired by Buchou changed its direction and went up to the sky and disappeared. Kokabiel showed his malicious smile after seeing the smoke coming out of his hand.

“I see. Rias Gremory’s power would grow this much because of the power of Sekiryutei. Interesting. This is very interesting indeed. Kukuku.”

Kokabiel started to laugh by himself as if he find it funny.

“…It’s complete.”

Balba’s voice. Then the four Excaliburs that were placed on the center of the school field started giving out incredible amounts of light. What is it? What was happening? Kokabiel started applauding.

“The four Excaliburs are going to become one.”

It started giving out divine light that spread throughout the school field. Because of its brightness, we covered our faces with our hands. When I stared at the center of the school field, I saw that the four Excaliburs were put on top of each other. Excalibur that was originally one. It was split into seven, but four of them were going to become one. When the bright lights were gone, there was one holy-sword at the center of the field giving out a blue-white aura.

“Because of the light created by the Excalibur when it turned into one, the spell on the ground is also complete. This town will collapse within 20 minutes. The only way to dispel it is by beating Kokabiel.”

Balba said something astonishing. I became speechless. Of course. Because the town I live in would collapse in less than 20 minutes! The magic circle spread around the whole school field and it started glowing and gathering power. Did it activate!? Are you serious!? Is the town I live in…… Is the town we live in seriously going to disappear!? Lies! That’s a lie! We didn’t have the time to be saying something so easygoing like "we have to withstand it until Sirzechs-sama and the others arrive"! By the time Maou-sama’s reinforcement would have arrived, this town would already have been blown away!


Kokabiel called out the name of that shitty priest.

“What’s up, Boss?”

A white haired boy priest emerged from the darkness.

“Use the Excalibur in the circle. It shall be the last entertainment. Fight while using the Excalibur that has turned into one from the four Excaliburs.”

“Yeah yeah. Geez. My Boss sure uses people recklessly. But but! It’s like I’m so honoured to use the Excalibur-chan that has become super wonderful! Something like that? Uhehehe! I will just chop some Devils now!”

Freed put on a crazy smile while holding the Excalibur located at the centre of the school field. So he could use it. He did say that he received a factor from Balba. Xenovia then spoke to Kiba.

“Rias Gremory’s “Knight”. If the cooperation is still valid, let us destroy that Excalibur together.”

“Is it okay?”

Xenovia laughed fearlessly at Kiba’s words.

“At worst, it won’t be a problem if I collect the “fragment” of the Excalibur that is acting as the core of it. Since Freed is wielding it, that is a holy-sword but it isn’t a holy-sword. Even if it’s a holy-sword, it’s the same as any other weapon. It changes depending on the person using it. That is a sword of heresy.”


Someone was laughing at the duo’s conversation. It was Balba.

“Balba Galilei. I am a survivor of the “Holy-sword Project”. No. I am the one who was killed by you to be more precise. I have continued living by being reincarnated into a Devil.”

Kiba said calmly to Balba. But his eyes were filled with flames of hatred. Depending on Balba’s answer it might become an explosive situation.

“Hou. The survivor of that project. This is such a misfortune. To meet you in a far east country like this. I feel fate. Fufufu.”

What a disgusting way of laughing. It was like he was making a fool out of us.

“You see. I like holy-swords. I like them so much that they come out in my dreams. Possibly because my heart was fascinated by the legend of Excalibur since I was a child. That’s why when I found out that I can’t use Excalibur I went into despair.”

Balba suddenly started talking about his life. A story about the geezer's past, huh.

“I held admiration for those who can wield it because I couldn’t. That feeling became so powerful that I started an experiment to create those who can use them. Then it was complete. It’s thanks to you and the others.”

“What? Complete? You disposed of us after finding us to be a failure.”

Kiba lifted his eyebrows seemingly in doubt. From Kiba, Buchou and Xenovia’s story I heard that the experiment failed. Didn’t they dispose of them because they found them to be a failure? But Balba shook his head.

“I realised that there was an essential factor needed to wield holy-swords. So I used the numerical value of the “factors” to investigate its capability. Most of the test subjects had the “elements” but they didn’t have the numerical value needed to wield the Excalibur. Then I reached a conclusion. Is there a way to take out the elements and gather them?.”

“I see. I understand now. The thing that is put inside the holy-sword wielders when they received a blessing is……”

Xenovia seemed like she learned the truth and grit her teeth hatefully. Wh…what did she mean? I was in doubt and Balba continued to talk,

“That’s right holy-sword wielder girl. We take out the holy-elements from those who have them and crystallise them. Just like this.”

Balba took out an orb that was giving out light. It was a shiny orb. It has the so-called holy aura in it.

“With this, the research on holy-sword wielders improved. Even so, those fools from the Church banished me for heresy and took away my reports on the research. By looking at you, I see that the project was succeeded by someone. That Michael. He made me look like a criminal and this is the result? Well it’s that Angel we are talking about. Even if he takes the elements out from the test subjects, he wouldn’t go as far as to kill them. That part only would make him more human than me. Kukukuku.”

Balba laughed pleasantly. I see. Even an idiot like me understood now. At present, to create holy-sword users artificially, it required a sacrifice. So Kiba and Xenovia were victims of the project started by Balba.

“……You killed my comrades and took out the elements needed to wield the holy-swords?”

Kiba asked Balba with his voice filled with killing intent.

“That’s right. This orb is from back then. I have used three of them on Freed though. This is the last one.”

“Hyahahahaha! Other guys besides me died because their bodies couldn’t synchronise with the elements! Hmmmmm. If I think like that, that makes me special.”

If it was just like Freed said, then the other ones who stole the Excalibur died. Chi! It would have been better if Freed was the one to die! Guys like him end up being tough.

“You thought that guys like me would end up being tough, didn’t you Ise-kun? No, no. I won’t die easily like that.”

Don’t read my thoughts, shitty priest!

“……Balba Galilei. How many lives have you sacrificed for your greed and experiments……”

Kiba’s hands were shaking and there was an aura of anger coming out of his body. What an incredible intensity.

“Hm. If you say that, then I will give this orb to you. My research has reached the stage where it is possible to mass produce them in the right environment. First of all, I will destroy this town with Kokabiel. Next I will gather the legendary holy-swords stored around the world. Then I will mass produce holy-sword wielders and start a war against Michael and the Vatican with the combined Excaliburs. I’m going to show the result of my research to those foolish Angels and their followers who have convicted me.”

So that was the reason why Kokabiel and Balba teamed up. Both of them had hatred towards the Angels. Both of them sought war. They were the worst pair! Balba threw away the orb as if he had lost interest in it. It rolled on the ground and went to Kiba’s foot. Kiba leaned down silently and picked it up. He patted the orb sadly, lovingly, and dearly.


There was a tear on Kiba’s cheek. His expression was filled with sadness and anger. Then it happened. The orb that Kiba held started giving out shallow lights. The lights started to spread and it eventually covered the whole school field. From the ground there were lights coming out and it started to form a shape. Then it formed into a proper shape. It took the shape of people. There were boys and girls who were giving out blue-white lights and they were surrounding Kiba. Were they perhaps……

“The various powers that are present on this battlefield made the spirits within the orbs appear.”

Akeno-san said. Things like this happen? Demonic-swords, holy-swords, Devils and Fallen-Angels. Everything was present here. So it was not weird for this to happen?

They looked at Kiba with a dear and sad expression.

“Everyone! I………I!”

Yes. Even I understood. They were also the ones who were involved in the “Holy-sword project”. They were the ones who were disposed of.

“……I have always……always thought about it. Was it all right that I was the only one that survived…… There were those who had more dreams than me. There were those who wanted to live more than me. Is it all right that I am the only one to have a peaceful life……”

Then one boy's spirit smiled and it seemed like he wanted to say something. He was moving his lips but I couldn’t understand what he was saying because I couldn’t read lips. Then Akeno-san read it for me,

“……[Don’t worry about us any more. You are alive at least]. That’s what they are saying.”

There were tears coming out from both of his eyes because it seemed like their thoughts reached him. Then the spirits of boys and girls started to move their lips in a rhythm. Were they singing?

“…The sacred song.”

Asia mumbled.

They were singing the sacred-song…… Kiba started to sing while shedding tears. When they were going through the painful experiment, this was the only thing they obtained to keep their hopes and dreams. This was the only support they had to continue living during their harsh life. Kiba and his comrades had the smiles of innocent children.

! Their bodies started to glow blue-white. Those lights were getting brighter, with Kiba in the center.

[We were no good alone.]

[We didn’t have enough elements to wield the holy swords. But.]

[It will be okay if we are together.]

I could also hear their voices. I heard that originally the sacred-song was supposed to make us Devils suffer. Maybe because there were different types of powers in this place, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Instead I felt warmth. Something warm that was thinking about friends and comrades… There were tears flowing out of my eyes suddenly.

[You have to accept the holy-sword.]

[It’s not scary.]

[Even if God is watching.]

[Our hearts are always…]


Their spirits went up into the heaven and they turned into a big light that fell down to Kiba.


Then Ddraig spoke to me. What is it? In an emotional situation like this!

[That “Knight” has reached it.]

I’m asking what do you mean!

[Sacred Gears change and evolve while using the feelings of the possessors as a key. But there is a different territory to that. When the feelings and the wishes of the possessor does a dramatic change that it changes the flow of this world, the Sacred Gear reaches it. Yes. This is……]

Ddraig made a laugh of enjoyment.

[Balance Break.]

The light that split the abyss night looked as if it was giving blessings to Kiba.

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