High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 3

Life 3: The plan to destroy the Holy-sword!

“Nooooooooo!! I’m going home!!”

Saji was screaming and trying to run away. Koneko-chan held onto him and didn’t let him go. When I suggested the plan to destroy Excalibur, Koneko-chan thought about it and agreed.

[I will help as well. It’s about Yuuto-senpai, right?]

As expected of Koneko-chan! Saji on the other hand turned blue and tried to run away immediately. And Koneko-chan caught him.

“Hyoudou! Why me!? It’s your group’s problem, right!? I belong to the House of Sitri! I shouldn’t take part in this! Not at all!!”

Saji argued while crying.

“Don’t say that Saji. The only Devil that I know who seems willing to help me is you.”

“Bullshit! There’s no way that I will help youuuu! I’m going to get killed! I’m going to get killed by Kaichouuuuu!!”

Oooh, the fear you have towards Kaichou is appearing on your face. Kaichou must be really scary, huh.

“Your master, Rias-senpai, might be strict and kind! But you know what! You know Kaichou!? She’s strict AND strict!”

Yeah. Buchou is strict but also kind. Is that right? So Kaichou is strict, huh. That’s good for you. After I made up my mind, I went looking for Shidou Irina and Xenovia inside the town with Koneko-chan and Saji.

“Hey Koneko-chan. You know that Kiba is a victim of the “Holy-sword Project” and also harbours a grudge towards Excalibur, right?”

Koneko-chan nodded at my question.

“When Irina and Xenovia came to us, they said this.”

[The Church decided that it would be better to eliminate all the Excaliburs rather than letting them be used by the Fallen-Angels. Our minimum objective is to get the Excaliburs away from the Fallen-Angels.]

“So in other words they have to destroy the stolen Excaliburs or retrieve them, right?”

“……Yes. That’s right.”

“That’s why I thought we could help them retrieve those. By making Kiba the main person. Three swords were stolen, so they won’t mind if we retrieve or break one of them.”

“……You want Yuuto-senpai to overcome Excalibur and to fulfil his wish, right?”

That’s right. I nodded my head with a smile. If that happened, then Kiba would accomplish his revenge and everything would be okay. Then he would continue doing the Devils' job with us with a smile. That’s what I thought.

“Kiba wants to win against Excalibur and accomplish his and his former comrades' revenge. Xenovia and Irina want to retrieve the Excaliburs from the Fallen-Angels even if they have to destroy them. We have the same aim then. What’s left is to see if those two will listen to the words of us Devils.”

“……It seems hard.”

“Hmmmm yeah.”

It was just like Koneko-chan said. To tell you the truth, the possibility of it happening wasn’t that high. And also……

“……It’s a secret from Buchou and the other members.”

Yeah. It was just like she said. We couldn’t let this to be known by Buchou and Akeno-san. Buchou would definitely disapprove.

[Even if it’s for Yuuto’s sake, we can’t put our neck in the problems involving Angels.]

That’s what she would say. She is a high-class Devil after all, so she would be strict about this stuff. When I went to rescue Asia, she was against it. I also had to keep it a secret from Asia. She’s the type who can’t hide things. She’d be bad at lying as well.

“……When we go and talk to them it might lead to a fight and the tension between us and them might get even worse.”

It would be the end if that happened. I would have to do something even if I had to risk my life. Uoooo. I might die then……

“That’s why you can leave, Koneko-chan. Saji. You can also run away if it gets dangerous.”

“Let me run nowwww!! That’s the worst! I’d get killed by Kaichou if I do something like destroying the Excaliburs without her permission! She will definitely torture meeeeee!”

Now now. Don’t cry and stick with me. You can run away if it gets dangerous.

“Maybe the negotiation will be a success. If that happens, then I want you to help me.”

“Uwaaaaaa! That’s so irresponsible! I’ll die! I’d definitely get killed!!”

You are right. But there aren’t any other male Devils that I can talk to. I’m depending on you, Saji.

“I won’t run away. It’s for our comrade.”

………Koneko-chan said it to me with eyes filled with strength. This girl… No matter what she says, she’s always burning inside. She was also in high spirits in the match against Phoenix. I think her feelings towards comrades are very strong.

Twenty minutes after looking for them in the town. It wouldn’t be easy to find two women wearing white robes in an undercover mission……

“Please give blessings to the lost lamb-“

“Please give charity to us on behalf of the father in heaven!”

We found them easily. There were two girls wearing white robes, praying on the road. Wow. They were standing out. It was easy to find them. It looked like they were quite troubled. People walking past them were giving them odd glances.

“How can this be? This is the reality of the developed country of Japan? That’s why I don’t like countries that don’t have the smell of our beliefs.”

“Don’t say that, Xenovia. We lost all the money we had. So we have to rely on charity from these heretics or else we can’t get food, you know? Aaah, we can’t even buy a single loaf of bread!”

“Hmph. It all happened because you bought that fake looking painting.”

Xenovia pointed at a painting of a saint that was drawn really badly. What the heck was that? Did they get cheated in a fake exhibition?

“What are you saying? This painting has the drawing of someone who looks like a saint! That’s what the person in the exhibition said as well!”

“Then do you know who the person in the drawing is? I certainly don’t.”

The person in the picture certainly looked like a foreigner and was wearing poor clothing and had something on his head. There was also a baby Angel on the background with a trumpet who was floating in the air.

“……I think it’s……Saint……Peter……?”

“Don’t mess around. Saint Peter wouldn’t look like this.”

“No, he must have looked like this! I’m sure about it!”

“Aaah, why did my partner have to be someone like you……God, is this also a trial?”

“Hey don’t hold your head down. You really get depressed when you are down, don’t you.”

“Shut up! That’s why the Protestants are called heretics! You guys have different beliefs than us Catholics! Show more respect to the saints!”

“What! What’s wrong, it is Catholicism where they still abide by the old law!”

“What did you say, heretic?”

“What did you say, heretic!?”

Those two started to argue by banging their heads against each other……


Then we heard the sound of their stomachs rumble when we were a distance away from them. The two of them dropped onto the ground with their stomachs rumbling.

“……First of all, let’s do something to fill our stomachs. Or else it’s not a matter of retrieving the Excaliburs.”

“……You are right. Do you want to get money from the heretics by threatening them? I think God will forgive us if we threaten the heretics.”

“Do you plan to attack the shrine? Or do you plan to steal their offertory box? Don’t do either. Let’s use our swords to put on a performance. It’s an international entertainment that works in every country.”

“That’s an excellent idea! If we can cut fruits with our Excaliburs, then we can gather cash!”

“Well, we don’t have fruits. It can’t be helped. Let’s cut that picture.”

“No! You can’t cut this down!”

The two of them started arguing again. I went towards both of them even though I was getting a headache. Seriously. They didn’t seem like the girls I had an argument with in the clubroom just a few days ago.

Part 2

“Delicious! Japanese cuisine is delicious!”

“Yes, yes! This is it! This is the taste of the food of my homeland!”

Irina and Xenovia started to fill their stomachs with the food they ordered at a family restaurant. Man they eat a lot. Are they really assassins sent from the Christian Church?

When they saw us earlier, they looked at us with hungry eyes.

“Ummm…we are going to eat now, so do you guys want to come as well?”

When I asked them, they said “okay” straight away.

[We sold our souls to the Devils.]

[This is also to accomplish our mission.]

They were saying something like that while we were on our way here. I was worried about my money but Koneko-chan said she would also pay. It’s not manly if I make a girl pay! Especially since she is my junior! That’s what I wanted to say, but after seeing these two eating I would be in deep shit if we didn’t pay together. Th…this is also for the club. It’s for our group. Damnnnn you Kibaaaa! I’m going through all of this shit for you! I’m definitely going to make Kiba introduce me to one of his hot clients!

“Phew. Now I’m calm. It’s the end of the world to get helped by a Devil.”

That was what Xenovia said.

“Hey. We are treating you to food and that’s what you say?”

I said it while holding down my emotions. I couldn’t talk to them with strong words. Otherwise we couldn’t negotiate.

“Pheeeew! Thank you for the meal. Aaaah God, please give charity to these Devils.”

Irina said while using her cross.


At that moment I got a headache. The same thing happened to Koneko-chan and Saji so they were touching their head as well. Seems like us Devils received some damage because she used her cross.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I did it without thinking.”

Irina smiled with a cute face. These two look like a bishoujo if you look at them normally. Xenovia drank a cup of water and took a deep breath. She then asked.

“So, why did you come to us?”

! I never thought she would get right to it. Well, it didn’t look like we met them by coincidence.

“You two came to this country to retrieve the Excaliburs, right?”

“That’s right. We already told you that before.”

Both of them didn’t seem like they were giving us hostile intent because they had just finished their food. There was no point battling us in this family restaurant, and even if we did battle they were confident that they could beat us with ease.

“I want to help you destroy the Excaliburs.”

Both of them looked surprised at what I just said. They were also looking at each other.


I swallowed my saliva and waited for their decision. Wow, it’s scary. Scary! If they reject us then we are in deep shit. It might turn into a battle between Angels, Fallen-Angels and Devils! To think about it, the Excaliburs are supposed to be quite an important thing. And to destroy that together with Devils like us might be an insult to them, perhaps? I was getting worried about things like that, when Xenovia opened her mouth.

“Yeah. Maybe it’s okay leaving one sword to you guys. If you can destroy it, that is. But make sure that your identities aren’t revealed. We also don’t want our high-ups and enemies to think that we are connected to you guys.”

……I just opened my mouth because I didn’t expect that she would give us permission like that. Is it alright? Are you serious? For real?

“Hey Xenovia. Are you sure? Even if it’s Ise-kun, he’s still a Devil, you know?”

Irina raised an objection. Well that’s the normal response.

“Irina. To tell you the truth, it would really be tough to retrieve the three Excaliburs and to battle Kokabiel with only the two of us.”

“I know that. But...!”

“The minimum objectives we have to achieve are destroying the three Excaliburs or take them back. If our Excaliburs are going to be stolen as well then we should break them before it happens. Even if we use the last resort, there’s only a 30 percent chance that we will succeed in our mission and return home safely.”

“Even so, we thought that the success rate was high enough to come to this country prepared to put our life on the line.”

“Yeah. The high-ups also told us to continue with our mission as well and dispatched us to this country. It’s almost self-sacrifice.”

“And isn’t that what we, the followers, desire for?”

“I changed my mind. My beliefs are flexible. So I can act in the best way.”

“You! I have been thinking about it for a long time, but your faith is a bit weird!”

“I won’t deny it. But I think that it’s our duty to accomplish our mission and return safely. I’m going to live and continue fighting for God. Am I wrong?”

“……You are not wrong. But...”

“That’s why we won’t ask for help from the Devils. Instead we ask for help from a Dragon. The high-ups didn’t tell us not to borrow the strength of a Dragon.”

Xenovia then looked at me. Dragon…… She was talking about me. The being that is residing in my left arm……… Sekiryuutei.

“I never thought that I would meet Sekiryuutei in a distant country like this. Even if you turned into a Devil, I see that the dragon power within you is still present. If it’s like the legend says, then you can increase your power to that of a Maou, correct? If you gain a power to that of a Maou, then you can break the Excaliburs without a sweat. I also think that it was God’s doing that we had this meeting.”

Xenovia said joyfully.

“C-Certainly they didn’t tell us not to borrow the power of a Dragon……… But you are just saying nonsense! Your belief is certainly weird!”

“Weird is fine with me. But, Irina. He’s your childhood friend, right? Let’s trust him. The power of a Dragon.”

Irina became silent at Xenovia’s words, but her expression showed that she was okay with it for now. Oh! It’s okay then? Are you serious? But for me to increase my power to that of a Maou, I have to increase my ability even further. But if I transfer my power that I boosted to the max to Kiba, he can be equal to or surpass Excalibur. I’m sure the possibility is really high.

“Okay. The negotiation is a success. I will lend you guys my Dragon's power. Then can I call my partner for this cooperation, then?”

I got my phone out and called Kiba.

“……I understand the situation.”

Kiba put his mouth on the coffee after he made a sigh. We called Kiba to the family restaurant.

[I’m with those two Excalibur wielders. I want you to come here as well Kiba.]

When I said that, he came here without any complaint.

“To tell the truth, I feel unsatisfied when the wielders of the Excaliburs are giving me the permission to destroy it.”

“That’s a rough way to speak. If you were a “Stray-Devil”, I would have cut you down without any time to spare.”

Kiba and Xenovia glared at each other. Hey, hey. Let’s not fight before the co-operation strategy.

“So you do hold a grudge regarding the “Holy-sword Project”. Against the church and the Excaliburs.”

Kiba sharpened his eyes at Irina’s words.


He replied with a low and cold voice.

“But Kiba-kun. Thanks to that project, the research on holy-sword users showed results. That’s why it created people like Xenovia and I who can synchronise with the holy swords.”

“Do you think it’s a forgiving act to kill all the test subjects because the project was thought to be a failure?”

Kiba looked at Irina with eyes filled with hatred. Certainly killing them is cruel. It’s too cruel. I think that it’s an inhuman act for those who believe in God. Even Irina didn’t know how to respond. Then Xenovia spoke,

“That incident also became one of the worst cases among us and people felt disgusted about it. The person in charge of that project at that time was said to have a problem with his belief. So he was charged with heresy. Now he’s one of those people on the Fallen-Angels side.”

“On the Fallen-Angel’s side? What’s the name of that person?”

Kiba took interest and asked Xenovia.

“……Balba Galilei. The man who is called the “Genocide Archbishop”.”

Balba. So that’s the name of Kiba’s enemy.

“………If I go after Fallen-Angels, then can I reach him……”

Kiba’s eye had the colour of a new determination. Just knowing his target was a big step for him.

“Then it looks like I have to share information as well. The other day I was attacked by a person who had the Excalibur. At that time, he killed a priest. The one who was killed is probably from your organisation.”


Everyone became surprised. Obviously! I never thought that Kiba would have been involved before us! So why was he quiet about it the whole time? I’m sure that he had something in his mind.

“The name of that person is Freed Zelzan. Does this name sound familiar?”

Freed! That shit priest! I remember him very well. He’s the crazy priest from the previous incident! He was still in this town!? Xenovia and Irina both made sharp eyes at Kiba’s words.

“I see. So it’s him.”

“Freed Zelzan. Former exorcist of the Vatican. The genius who became an exorcist at the age of 13. He had lots of big achievements because he kept on eliminating Devils and mystical beasts.”

“But he overdid it. He even killed his allies. Freed never had any beliefs towards our God from the start. The only thing he had was fighting instinct and killing intent towards monsters. And an abnormal obsession for battles. It was a matter of time that he’d be charged for heresy.”

Aaah. So you guys also have had problems with him. I understand that feeling.

“Is that so? Freed used the Excalibur he stole to kill our fellow followers. For us to pay the price because the disposal group couldn’t take care of him that time.”

Xenovia said it with hatred. Freed sure is hated by lots of people. Well obviously.

“Anyways, let’s move onto the cooperation strategy.”

Xenovia took out a pen and used it to write on a memo pad. She gave us her contact details.

“If something happens, call this number.”

“Thanks. Then we should also……”

“We already received Ise-kun’s number from oba-sama.”

“Are you serious!? Mum!? She gave it without my permission!?”

She told her son’s number without my permission.

[Why don’t you call him?]

She probably gave her my number like that because we are childhood friends!

“Then that’s it then. I’ll repay you for the meal another time, “Sekiryuutei” Hyoudou Issei.”

Xenovia got up after saying that.

“Thanks for the meal, Ise-kun! Treat me again next time as well! Even if you are a Devil, God will allow it if it’s Ise-kun who treats me to a meal! It’s okay if it’s food!”

Irina thanked me while giving me a wink. Is it alright for your religious belief to be like that? We sent the two of them off, and we all gave out a deep breath.

Fuuuu. It somehow went smoothly. I thought it was a reckless plan, but it was easier than I thought. I felt chills when I thought that I might have gotten cut down by the Excaliburs if I’d failed in the negotiation. It could have been the trigger for the war between the Devils and people from God’s side…… That was quite a bold move for me.

“……Ise-kun. Why did you do this?”

Kiba asked me quietly. He was certainly wondering why I was helping him out with his revenge.

“Well, we are comrades. And we belong to the same group. And you helped me out before as well. It’s not like I’m trying to repay you, but I thought I would give you a hand this time.”

“If I act by myself, then I would cause trouble for Buchou. That’s also the reason, right?”

“Of course. Buchou would get sad if you were to go around in a rampage. Well, the fact that I made this plan by myself will cause trouble to Buchou as well. But it’s better than you becoming an “exiled”, right? Well it turned out to be a success, since we made an agreement with those guys from the Church.”

Kiba still didn’t look satisfied. Ummm, he’s quite hard to deal with. Then Koneko-chan spoke.

“……Yuuto-senpai. I would get lonely…if senpai disappeared.”

Koneko-chan put on a sad face. She is usually unemotional, so the sudden change had a lot of impact on all the guys here.

“……I will help you……that’s why please don’t go.”

…Koneko-chan’s appeal. Oh crap. Even if she wasn’t saying it to me I felt my heartbeat go up. Aaah, I definitely can’t betray our group. If a kohai (junior) says that to me, I definitely can’t rebel! Kiba seemed troubled, but then put on a smiley face.

“Hahaha. I give up. If Koneko-chan says that to me, then I can’t do reckless things. Okay. I will work with you. Thanks to Ise-kun, I know who my true enemy is. But since we are doing this, we are definitely going to defeat the Excalibur. “

Oh! Kiba was eager to do this as well now! Koneko-chan smiled because she felt relieved. Crap! You look so cute Koneko-chan! I felt my heartbeat go up even though I’m not a lolicon!

“Okay! Now we have formed the group to destroy the Excalibur! Let’s defeat the stolen Excalibur and that shit Freed!”

I was all pumped! Okay! We are going to go like this! I think we can do it if it’s me, Kiba and Koneko-chan! No, we can do it! Wait for us Excalibur, Freed! But there was one guy who wasn’t that eager to do it.

“……Ummm, do I have to do it as well?”

Saji asked us while he put his hand up.

“I mean, I’m totally uninvolved in this…… After all, how are Kiba and Excalibur related?”

Oh yeah. This guy didn’t know about Kiba and Excalibur. To Saji, he probably didn’t understand what was going on in the earlier conversation.

“……Let’s talk a bit.”

Kiba then started to talk about his past after he drank the coffee. The project that the Catholic Church planned secretly. Project Holy-sword. The test to make lots of people who can use holy-swords was taking place in a certain institute. There were boys and girls who had talents at using swords and a possessor of Sacred Gear. Day after day, they were going through inhuman experiments. They were being experimented on and had their rights of freedom taken away. They weren’t treated as humans and their lives were ignored. But they had a dream. To live on. They were forced to believe that they were loved by God, and they were just waiting for “that day” to come. They believed that they would become special beings. They believed that they could become people who could wield holy-swords. But the result was “disposal”. Kiba and his comrades couldn’t use the holy-swords.

“……Everyone died. They were killed. Killed by those who serve God. No one saved us. Just because we couldn’t use the holy-swords. Other boys and girls were put under poisonous gas while still alive. They put poisonous gas on us while saying “amen”. We vomited blood and suffered on the floor. Even so, we were seeking help from God.”

Kiba told us his story. We listened to him silently. Kiba somehow managed to escape from the laboratory, but the poisonous gas had already infected him. Apart from certain people, the test subjects who had lower abilities than average were all disposed of because they weren’t needed. Kiba who managed to escape, met Buchou who came to observe Italy as he was dying. And now he was here.

“I want to accomplish my comrades’ regrets. No, I don’t want to make their deaths be in vain. I need to keep on living in their place, and I have to prove that I am stronger than Excalibur.”

…What an intense past he had. Asia also had a sad past. But Kiba had been going through a life that was so hard to imagine… To tell the truth, I cant’t understand the pain Kiba went through. But I think it’s hard to live on, just for revenge. Buchou said that she made him her servant so he could use his talents on something besides defeating holy-swords.


We were listening to Kiba’s past with serious faces, but we heard someone crying. It was Saji. He was crying aloud. He had so much tears falling out of his eyes, and was crying so much. He also had a dripping nose……… Saji took Kiba’s hand and said,

“Kiba! It must have been horrible! It must have been painful! Damn it! There isn’t any God or hope in this world! Right now I feel so much sympathy for you! Yeah, it’s a horrible story! I understand why you hold a grudge against those people from the church and Excalibur!”

Oooh. Look at how Saji is talking.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t like you before because you were a good looking guy……But it’s different now! I will also help! I’m willing to receive the punishment from Kaichou! But before that we have to destroy Excalibur! I will also work hard! You also have to live on! Don’t ever betray Rias-senpai who saved you!”

What he was saying was weird…but he was also like me, he was full of passion! More like he was a good guy. Yeah, he wasn’t a bad guy. I felt bad dragging him into this, but it seemed like it was alright after all.

“Okay! It’s a good time! I want you guys to hear my story! You guys should know about me if we are working together!”

Saji seemed a bit shy, then said it with glittering eyes.

“My dream is to……make Kaichou pregnant and marry her! But, you know…… making a girl pregnant and marrying her is hard for an unpopular guy like me. There aren’t any girls that I can make pregnant to begin with… But I will one day make her pregnant and marry her……”

………After hearing Saji’s confession, there was something inside me that was coming out. Then there were loads of tear drops flowing out of my eyes. Of course. Of course idiot! This guy! Saji! He’s the same as me! He’s the same kind as me! He has the same understanding of the world as me…… I almost cried out because I was moved. But I put my hands on my mouth to stop it. I took Saji’s hand and said it straight at him,

“Saji! Listen to me! My aim is to grope Buchou’s oppai……and then suck it!”



After a pause more tear drops were flowing out of Saji’s eyes.

“Hyoudouuuu! Do you know what you are saying? Do you understand how hard that dream is, to touch the High-class Devils oppai…… To touch the oppai of your master?”

“Saji. You can touch it. You can touch the High-class Devils oppai…… You can touch your master's oppai! I actually groped Buchou’s oppai with this hand.”

I said it while moving my hands. Saji looked at my hand with a shocked face.

“Impossible!? Something like that is possible!? You are not lying, right!?”

“It’s not a lie. Master’s oppai is far away. But it’s not like you can’t reach it.”

“Sucking it…!? Sucking Ka…Kaichou’s oppai… You are talking about the nipple right…? The place where you can suck is the nipple right…?”

“Dumb ass! If you are going to suck oppai, then the nipple is the only thing you can suck! Yes! I’m going to suck the nipple!”


Saji started to cry like a man after hearing my strong words.

“Saji! We may be useless “Pawn”s if we are just by ourselves. But it’s different if it’s the two of us. We can fly if it’s the two of us! We can fight if it’s the two of us! We can do it if it’s the two of us! We can make them pregnant and marry them if it’s the two of us! Let’s have sex with our own masters!”

“Yeah. Yes!”

Nothing is impossible if it’s two guys who fell in love with their master’s oppai! We took each other’s hand and nodded. Comrade. War buddy. Even if I use many words, I can’t explain the relationship between us. At that time Saji and I felt something with our spirits and we connected with each other.


“………You are the worst.”

Kiba and Koneko-chan who were next to us sighed. If I’d looked around, everyone in the restaurant would be looking at us with weird eyes. Well don’t mind them. Like this the “Excalibur destroying squad” was formed.

Part 3

A few days later...

I was sitting at my desk in my classroom, sighing heavily. Every day the four of us; me, Kiba, Koneko-chan and Saji searched for the Excalibur. Our opponent was that shit priest Freed who worked under the Fallen-Angels. Apparently, he was hunting down priests sent by the Church. So we wandered around the town dressed in priests’ outfits but still couldn’t find him. Well my true feeling was that I didn’t want to ever see him again. We were wearing the priest outfit that Xenovia gave us that kept our magical power down, but still couldn’t encounter him. Where was that shit priest hiding? I wanted to find him so Kiba could destroy the Excalibur… At this rate, we would get caught by Buchou and get into deep shit. She had started getting suspicious of us…… I’m sorry Buchou for doing something like this without telling you. I will apologise to you a lot afterwards. I will work hard as well. That’s why please let us do this. Like that I was apologising to her within my heart.

“You have a serious face lately, Ise.”

Motohama said to me while fixing the position of his glasses.

“Eh? Aaah, yeah kinda. Even I have to think about certain things sometimes.”

“Is it that? Were you thinking about groping Rias-senpai’s oppai or Himejima-senpai’s oppai?”

“I always have a hard time choosing that every day, Motohama. By the way, in terms of size, Buchou wins. Buchou also wins in terms of fullness. But in terms of softness Akeno-san wins…… No, Buchou has more meat but Akeno-san’s ones has good balance with the oppai and the areola. So it reminds me of something like Yamato Nadeshiko! In terms of having fun, groping Buchou wins. But Akeno-san’s oppai is also big.”

“If you keep on doing that, you are going to get killed by senpai’s worshipers one day, you know? There are many of them at this school.”

“Motohama…… Oppai is more important than life.”

“…That’s deep. I felt a shock in my heart.”


There was someone pinching my cheek. It’s Asia-chan. She seemed like she was in a really bad mood.

“Ahia-khan vhat ar yu duong?”


Asia was pinching my cheek without saying a word. But it did seem like Asia, because she wasn’t pinching me hard. She must have heard everything I just said……

“Damn it! Ise, you Ero-daiou! [1 1] You have violated the Occult Research Club! And not only that, but you also receive that kind of treatment from Asia-chan! Nuooooooo!”

Matsuda was spitting out his anger at me while holding his head down.

“…We know, Ise. Apparently you link your arms with Rias-senpai and Asia-chan after your club activity, don’t you? Are you trying to go home while having two flowers in your arms? You should get blown away to a different dimension and get melted by slimy monsters.”

No,no Motohama. It’s not as simple as you say. That’s because Asia and Buchou are competing with each other for some unknown reasons. That’s why I feel awkward since I am in the middle of it…… More like there isn’t any space to breath when I’m between them! Every time that happens, I imagine bad things like “Can I actually become a Harem King?” I’m a useless guy because I can’t even control a single girl.

“By the way, Ise. What are you going to do about the plan for karaoke and bowling?”

Motohama asked me after he reverted to his usual self. Yes. We were planning to play for half a day during the next weekend with the three of us, Asia, and Kiryuu. We had also invited Koneko-chan and Kiba. Asia and Kiryuu were coming. Surprisingly, Koneko-chan was eager to come as well. I thought that she would decline for sure……… The problem was Kiba. I had talked to him, but it was this situation……

“Asia and Kiryuu are going. So is Koneko-chan.”

“Uooooooooo! Asia-chan and Toujou Koneko-chan! I can put my tension up with this!”

Matsuda shouted. Oh, he’s even shedding tears… It seemed as if he was craving to talk with girls. I’m sorry Matsuda. I’ll keep on moving ahead of you. That’s because I spent my everyday life with bishoujos. But there are also difficult things in it as well.


There was someone who smacked Matsuda on the head. It was the girl with glasses, Kiryuu.

“I’m sorry for going as well.”

She made an unpleasant face.

“Fu. You are just an extra of Asia-chan. We already have a person wearing glasses, and that’s Motohama. Well it’s alright.”

“What’s with that attitude, Matsuda? Don’t put me in the same group as that perverted glasses. He will just taint our group.”

“This woman! Motohama’s glasses are special because it can calculate the BWH of girls! He’s different from you!”

But Kiryuu just smirked after hearing Matsuda.

“Did you actually think that he is the only one with that ability?”


All of us felt uneasy! Kiryuu then looked down at our crotch!

“Hmm I see, I see.”

I felt something dangerous so I hid my crotch with both hands! When I looked, Motohama and Matsuda had done the same! After looking at our reactions, Kiryuu’s glasses shone.

“Fufufu. My glasses can calculate the size of guys’ “thingy”. From length to circumference.”

Wh…what a terrifying ability! Then does Kiryuu know the size of all the males' “thingy” in our classroom!? I was getting scared. But Kiryuu put her hand on my shoulder and smirked.

“It’s okay. Your size is quite big. If it’s too big it would put down women, but you still need a certain size for it. Yes, Rias-senpai and Asia would definitely be satisfied.”

Uoooooooo! It’s sexual harassment! I’m getting sexually harassed by a girl!

“Good for you, Asia.”


Asia became confused with Kiryuu’s words. You don’t have to tell her those kinds of things!

“Geez, it can’t be helped. I’m saying that Hyoudou’s thingy……”

Kiryuu whispered into Asia’s ear!

“He, hey! Don’t tell weird stuff to Asia!”

I pulled Asia towards me to guard her. Man, I can’t let my guard down in front of this girl. We…well, Asia has already seen my thingy before……

“Anyway. Then everyone except Kiba-kun is going, right?”

Kiryuu changed her attitude quickly after she realised that she couldn’t continue this conversation.

“No, I will try to make Kiba come as well somehow. He did say he would come as well before.”

Yeah. I will take him somehow. We are going to have the time of our life!

Part 4

After school on the same day.

We gathered in the park and changed to the priests’ and sisters’ clothes after finishing our normal club activity. The crosses we were wearing were fakes. If they were real then we would had gotten injured. We walked around town in these clothes. We walked mainly in places where there weren’t any people. I seriously wanted to get some leads today.

Though I was thinking that, time went by quickly and now it was already evening…… We would get in trouble if we didn’t return soon. This action was kept secret from Buchou and the others, and it would also be troublesome if we got caught by the student council.

“Fuu. No progress today as well.”

Saji said as if he lost interest. Saji was the one who was most eager to do this. This guy is truly a nice guy. Our first meeting was the worst, but it seems like we can get along. He’s perverted at the same level as me. You can say that he’s the Sitri group’s version of me. I was thinking like that, but Kiba who was walking in front of us stopped his feet.


Koneko-chan also seemed like she felt something.


That instant I felt chills in my body. This was a killing intent? Was it aimed at us?

“Look up!”

Saji shouted. When all of us looked up, there was a white haired boy priest falling down with a long sword!

“Something like a divine protection for the group of priests ay!”


Kiba took his demonic-sword out quickly and blocked Freed’s slash.


“…! Is that voice you, Ise-kun? Heeee. Well isn’t this a weird reunion!? How is it? Has your Dragon power increased? Is it all right to kill you now?”

This bastard has a crazy attitude like always! So the sword he’s holding now is the Excalibur? I can certainly feel the dangerous aura coming out of it, just like Irina’s and Xenovia’s. We took off the priest clothes, revealing our usual uniform. Koneko-chan also took off her sister’s outfit. Well, a small sister also looked cute though.

“Boosted Gear!”


My power increased. My duty this time was to support. I transferred my power boost to Kiba. I wanted Kiba to fight as much as he could, but I would have to help if it got dangerous.

“Stretch my line!”


Something that looked like a skinny black hand left Saji’s hand and headed for Freed. On his hand, there was a cute looking deformed lizard face equipped. The line was coming from its mouth. Then that skinny hand was the tongue of the lizard!

“Such a pain!”

Freed tried to knock it away with his holy-sword, but the lizard’s tongue changed its direction and went downwards. It stuck onto Freed’s right foot, and it started to swirl around his leg. Freed tried to cut the tongue off with his swords, but it went past as if the tongue didn’t have any physical form.

“You can’t cut it that easily. Kiba! With this he can’t escape! Beat him down!”

Good work Saji! I see, he stopped his movements! Freed has fast legs. It’s a good idea to stop him from escaping. You have a sharp head, Saji!

“Thank you!”

Kiba rushed in quickly! He was going towards Freed with two demonic swords.

“Chi! So it’s not only the “Holy Eraser”, I see! Having multiple demonic-swords. Are you the possessor of “Sword Birth”, perhaps? Wow. You are guilty of having a rare Sacred Gear, you know!”

Freed seemed like he was enjoying it, which was the opposite of what he was saying. So he was still a crazy battle freak like always!

“But. Normal demonic swords can’t put up a challenge against……”


Kiba’s two demonic swords broke after making a sound of a crack!

“……my Excalibur-chan.”


Kiba once again created demonic swords. But it seemed like the Excalibur was too powerful. It could break the demonic swords in a single swing!

“Kiba! Do you want to receive my power?”

“I can still go on!”

Kiba declined my support. It seemed he was quite ticked off. Well that was to be expected. Kiba already lost to Xenovia's Excalibur once already. His pride probably wouldn’t allow him to lose this second time as well.

“Hahaha! The way you look at my Excalibur is scary. Do you perhaps hold a grudge against it? Well I don’t know what happened to you! But if you get cut by this, you can’t avoid being eliminated without a trace you know? You will die, you know! You are going to die! Just die!”

Freed jumped! Kiba tried to block him by making the demonic swords appear around the area. But…


The holy-sword, which was covered in white-blue light, broke Kiba’s swords in a single blow! Freed did his second strike without any moment to spare! That was bad! Kiba was going to get killed! Then I felt something weird……… Huh? Am I being lifted up? I looked down timidly, and it was Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan was lifting me up!!

“……Ise-senpai. Please help Yuuto-senpai.”


I got thrown with a lot of power! I got thrown up into the air by a shoujo with super-human strength! Uwaaah! Koneko-chan, I’m not an object! You can’t throw me!

“Uooooooooo! Koneko-chaaaaaaaan!!”

I got closer to Kiba as I screamed. Shit! It can’t be helped then!

“Kibaaaaaaaa! I will transfer my power to youuuu!”

“Uwah! Ise-kun!”

I activated my Sacred Gear as I approached Kiba.


It made a sound and the Dragon's power went into Kiba! There was an aura coming out of Kiba’s body. There was quite an amount of magical power covering his body.

“……I have to use it since I received it! “Sword Birth”!”


There were blades coming out around the whole area! From the ground! From the light pole! There were different shapes of blades popping out from different places.


Freed made a noise with his tongue, and then started to break the demonic swords going at him.


Kiba disappeared with his demonic-sword as soon as he found an opening. He used the demonic-swords as a platform and moved around freely! Wow! With my eyes, I could only see something moving left and right! That’s to be expected from the “Knight” with speed! Freed was following Kiba’s movement with his eyes!


Along with the sound of the wind, there was a demonic-sword heading towards Freed! Kiba threw one of the demonic swords when he was using the demonic-swords as a foot path! No! It’s not just one demonic-sword! There were several demonic-swords coming from every direction!

“Uhaa! That is a good circus trick! You rotten Devil!”


Freed knocked away the demonic-swords one after another with an expression of excitement!

“My Excalibur is “Excalibur Rapidly”! In terms of velocity, it won’t lose to anything!”

The holy-sword that Freed held started to vibrate at the tip, and then disappeared! It meant the holy-sword was moving that fast! Freed destroyed all of the demonic-swords and then rushed towards Kiba!


“It’s not working!”

The demonic-swords that Kiba had in both hands crumbled.


The moment Freed’s sword was going downwards at Kiba……


Freed’s body was pulled back, and he lost his balance.

“Like I would let you!”

It was Saji! The lizard pulled its tongue back, which made Freed lose his stance! At the same time, the lizard’s tongue made a shallow light. It looked like it was coming from Freed and going into Saji.

“……This is!? Shit! Are you absorbing my powers!?”

Absorbing!? Did that tongue that was coming out of Saji have some kind of special ability?

“Heh! How’s that! This is my Sacred Gear “Absorption Line”! As long as this line is connected to you, your power will continue to be absorbed by my Sacred Gear! Yeah! Until you lose your consciousness that is!”

Sacred Gear! I see! So Saji is a Sacred Gear possessor as well! So if that is connected to you, you continue to have your power absorbed! And you can’t even cut it with a holy-sword! Now I don’t feel like fighting against Saji………

“……Dragon-type Sacred Gear is it!? The most troublesome type. The initial ability isn’t that much of a threat. But when it grows, the destructible power surpasses other Sacred Gears on a whole different level. Scary. Man, it is such a nuisance!”

Freed tried to take it off again with his holy-sword, but there wasn’t a scratch on Saji’s Sacred Gear. Is it the type you can’t damage with physical swords? And did he say Dragon-type? That lizard is a Dragon!? I don’t understand it, but that’s a nice Sacred Gear!

“Kiba! It’s not the time to be complaining! Just beat that guy! The problem with the Excalibur can come after that! This guy is seriously dangerous! Just standing in front of him makes me tremble! If we leave him be, he will also cause harm to me and Kaichou! I will weaken him by absorbing his power with my Sacred Gear, so take him down at once!”

Saji suggested a plan. It was a good plan indeed. I also thought that was the best method. This guy was seriously dangerous. It was better to finish him here. But Kiba put on a complicated expression. I knew the reason. He was regretting because he couldn’t win with his own power. But Kiba should have also understood that it would be beneficial to finish him off now. Kiba created a demonic-sword as if he had made his determination.

“……I feel reluctant, but I also agree to finish you off here. There’s still two more Excaliburs that were stolen. I will have to hope that the other two are strong.”

“Ha! I’m stronger than the other two, you know? So! The moment you four beat me, there aren’t others who will put up with you guys! Are you sure? If you kill me, you won’t have any holy-sword battle that would satisfy you.”

Freed said it with a disgusting smile. Kiba’s eyes also changed after hearing that. Nggggg. He was such a nuisance! This Freed was!

“Hmmm. “Sword Birth” huh? It’s a Sacred Gear that can have an infinite number of powers depending on the possessor.”

Then there was the voice of another person. When I looked that way, there was an old man wearing priest clothes standing there.

“……Is it you old-man Balba?”

Everyone became shocked at Freed’s word. Balba!? Isn’t Balba the guy who Xenovia was talking about? The one who disposed of Kiba and his comrades during the “Holy Sword Project”…… Just like the Excaliburs, what a fateful meeting!

“……Balba Galilei!”

Kiba glared at the old man with eyes full of hatred.

“I certainly am.”

The old man admitted it normally. So this guy was Kiba’s enemy.

“Freed. What are you doing?”

“Old-man! I can’t run away because of this guy’s weird lizard tongue!”

“Hmph. You still can’t use the holy-sword perfectly yet. Use the “element” I gave you more wisely. I’m researching because of that. Gather the holy element that is running throughout your body to the blade of the holy-sword. With that, you should be able to cut it.”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Freed's holy-sword had started to gather auras and started to glow!

“Like this! Horyah!”


Saji’s Sacred Gear was cut with ease, and the only thing that was holding Freed was gone! This was bad! He was going to escape!

“I will be escaping now! The next time we meet will be the time of our ultimate battle!”

Freed said that but……

“I won’t let you escape!”

There was someone who went past me with a very fast speed.


There was a blade clashing with Freed’s holy-sword that was igniting sparks! It was Xenovia!

“Yaho! Ise-kun.


Irina was also here as well. Ooooh! The partner’s of our cooperation were here!

“Freed Zelzan. Balba Galilei. Rebels. I will cut you both down in the name of God!”

“Ha! Don’t say the name of the hateful God that I hate! You bitch!”

Freed and Xenovia exchanged swords, but he took something out. It was a ball of light. That was!? The item used for escaping!

“Old-man Balba! We are escaping! We are going to report to the boss, Kokabiel!”

“There’s no other way.”

“See ya! The alliance of Church and Devils!”

Freed threw down the ball of light on the ground.


I couldn’t see anything! The light covered the whole area and blinded our eyes! By the time we regained our sight, Freed and Balba were gone. Shit! We came all the way here and we lost track of him!

“We are going after them Irina.”


Xenovia and Irina nodded at each other and sprinted from here.

“I’m going after them too! I won’t let you escape Balba Galilei!”

“He…hey! Kiba! Geez! What’s going on!”

Everyone was doing whatever they felt like! The ones who stayed behind were me, Koneko-chan and Saji. We loosened our battle stances and took a breath. Then I felt the presence of someone behind me.

“When I thought that the flow of power was irregular……”

“This is certainly troublesome.”

I turned around after hearing a familiar voice and……

“Ise. What’s the meaning of this? Explain.”

Buchou and Kaichou were standing there with serious faces. I turned blue.

Part 5

“……Destroying Excalibur. You two……”

Buchou didn’t have a pleasant face and she put her hand on her forehead.

After the incident with Freed, Buchou and Kaichou took the three of us, Saji, Koneko-chan and me, to the nearby park. Then we were forced to do seiza [2 1]in front of the fountain.

“Saji. You were doing something like this behind me? You truly are a troublesome child.”

“Auuu…I…I’m sorry Kaichou……”

Kaichou was also talking to Saji with a cold expression. Saji’s face became so blue that it was dangerous. He must have been truly scared.

“So Yuuto went after that person called Balba?”

“Yes. I think he’s with Irina and Xenovia…… I think that he’s going to call us if something happens……”

“Do you think Yuuto who became an avenger would call us normally?”

You are absolutely right. Buchou then looked at Koneko-chan.



“Why did you do this?”

“…I don’t want Yuuto-senpai to go away……”

Koneko-chan told her true feelings. Buchou looked confused rather than angry when she heard that.

“……Saying this when it has already happened won't change anything I guess. But what you two did could have affected the world of Devils. You understand that, right?”



Koneko-chan and I nodded our heads at the same time. We understood that very well. No, we didn’t know how serious it was. I was acting while thinking that there was a bit of danger involved. So the scale of this case that Buchou imagined and the one I imagined are different. Seems like I was taking it too lightly.

“I’m sorry Buchou.”

“……I’m sorry Buchou.”

Koneko-chan and I bowed our heads. I didn’t think she would forgive us with this, but I had to. I’m truly sorry Buchou.


When I looked at the direction from where the sound was coming from, Saji was there getting his butt spanked! Oooou, Saji! What a sad view!

“Looks like you need to reflect on your behaviour.”

“Uwaaaaaaan! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please forgive me Kaichouuu!”

“No. 1000 spankings.”


Kaichou was covering her hand with demonic-power. He was getting spanked with that hand! It seemed quite painfull! Man, getting that when you are a high school student must be truly painfull!

“Hey Ise. Don’t look away.”

“I sent my familiar to search for Yuuto. Let’s go to him with the rest of the club members when he is found. We will decide what to do from there. Okay?”



Koneko-chan and I replied to Buchou’s words.


Buchou pulled us to her and hugged us. I could feel Buchou’s warmth.

“……You two really are stupid children. Making me worry so much………”

Buchou said it with a gentle voice while she patted me and Koneko-chan’s head. Buchou… I’m sorry. To make you worry about us…… Aaaah, I can feel her kindness. I’m glad I’m her servant. To have a kind master like her.

“Uwaaaaaaan! Kaichouuu! They finished with a good atmosphere!”

“They are them. We are us.”


It looked like Saji’s spanking wasn’t going to end anytime soon. Looks like making Kaichou pregnant and marrying her is really far away.

“Now Ise. Show me your bottom.”

…………Huh? Bu…Buchou……didn’t you forgive me………? Buchou smiled with her hand covered with a crimson coloured aura.

“It’s the master’s duty to discipline their servants. You're also getting 1000 spankings.”

That day, my ass died.

Part 6

By the time Buchou and I arrived home, the sun was setting, it was almost night time. We parted ways with Koneko-chan along our way home. She was apologising to Buchou until she left. But she seemed like she didn’t regret it. Same as me. Also Kiba…… He followed those guys but he should be safe, right? ……And most of all, my ass hurts. I felt the love Buchou has towards her servants with my own butt.

“We are back!”

When Buchou and I took our shoes off and were about to walk the hallway, mum showed her face from the kitchen. She then waved her hands at us telling us to come silently. Mum you have a lecherous face. Buchou and I looked at each other and went towards the kitchen.

“Come here, Asia-chan.”


Asia leaped forward as if she was pushed by mum. Asia was wearing an apron. That’s what I thought but it was different. I think her skin was exposed more than it should have been…… N…no, this is…!?

Asiaaaaaaaaa!! What a wonderful……! No, what an indecent appearance!

“……A friend of mine in our class told me…… That you have to wear nothing under the apron when you work in a kitchen in Japan…… It’s e…embarrassing…but I have to get used to Japanese culture…………”

Asia said it with a red face.


There was blood coming out of my nose. Asia was trying to kill me……! She had started to become an erotic girl because of Buchou’s influence already. Who on earth told her something like this?

“Asia…… Who told you this?”

“Yes, my friend Kiryuu-san. Of course I’m not wearing my underwear…… It feels cold…… Aauu…”

She’s not wearing underwear… Asia told me something I didn’t even ask for. She was definitely becoming an erotic airhead girl! Certainly I thought I could see her important part if I looked carefully…… No! No! I can’t look at Asia with such lecherous eyes!

“So it’s her! That perverted glasses woman!”

That damn Kiryuu! So she’s the main culprit behind all this! ……I felt a bit pathetic because there was a part of me saying “Good job mastermind!”. But I should warn her. Shit! That Kiryuu! Her plan as a mastermind definitely shows results! She did a good job!

“Ufufufu. She looks cute in it doesn’t she? I’m definitely supporting these things. Aaah, I remember when I was young……”

Mum!? What are you saying!? You did something like that with dad!? Yeah, you guys definitely are my parents! It’s perverted! But I didn’t want to hear stories like that about my parents!

“……I see. So there was a strategy like that.”

Buchou said with a regretful voice. Bu…Buchou-sama……? Wh…what is in your mind?

“Asia you can become a real Devil. You really are a lecherous girl.”

“Eh!? I don’t want to become a lecherous Devil!”

Buchou smirked and Asia replied with a troubled face and teary eyes. What is going on in here…?

“Wait a bit. I will also do the same. Asia. You have done well by making the first move.”

Buchou turned around and left the scene quickly.

“Wait Rias-san! I will also help!”

Mum went after Buchou. Hey! What are you guys doing!?

“Ummm, what’s going on? I don’t understand the situation……”

I put my hand on Asia’s shoulder while blood dripped from my nose.

“Asia. Yeah, it looks good on you. I will just say that for now. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

I thanked her a couple of times. Asia looked shy as well. Hmmmm, it’s only the two of us, so I should say what I wanted to now.



“Even if those guys from the Church come, I will protect you. I will drive away anything that scares you.”

I told Asia my feelings. I won’t forgive anyone who points their fangs at Asia. I don’t want to lose this child ever again… Asia hugged me silently. Uooooo, she was hugging me while not having anything under the apron.

“……Ise-san. I don’t regret turning into a Devil. I also haven’t forgotten my faith to God. But I have gained something more important than my feelings to God.”

“Something important?”

“Ise-san. Buchou-san. Everyone in the club. School friends. Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Oka-sama. Everyone is important to me. I don’t want to lose them. I want to be with them forever. I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Asia said it in my arms with a small trembling voice. This child was always alone. God didn’t help her. Others didn’t help her. I will not let Asia be alone. I will never let her be alone again!

“Asia, you aren’t alone. I will never let you be alone! We will be with you. Hahaha. It might not be good, but I will always be with Asia. That’s why you can’t cry. So smile. A smile suits Asia the best!”

“……I’m glad I came to this country. I met with Ise-san. Ise-san……… Ise-san……”

Asia put her face in my chest with a sweet voice. So I also hugged her and…


My hand stopped. Asia’s back was fully exposed…! Of course. She’s only wearing an apron to cover the front, so she had nothing to hide her back. Asia-chan, your pretty bottom is exposed! Haaa… Asia’s white skin looks so silky. I wanted to grind her skin once, but the “Good Heart” within me stopped myself from it! What should I do!? What can I do!? My hands were shaking because I had lost the place to position it. Her bottom!? Should I grab or fondle her pretty bottom!? I can’t do something lik…… Actually I want to do it! It feels like Asia will allow me even if she gets shocked about it…… No, no. I can’t use Asia, who is a person that I have to protect, for my own greed…… Aaah, my hands were moving towards her butt…

“I got kicked out. Rias-san got embarrassed…… Ah…… Ara ara.”

Mum returned and looked at me and Asia with a smirk.


“Oh my. Looks like the old granny got in your way. It's okay you know? The kitchen is also a battlefield. It’s not a problem to do it as long as you clean the mess, you know? Aaaah, I really want to see my grandchildren soon.”

Uwaaaaaaaah! I couldn’t stay here any longer so I got away from Asia and left the scene! I never expected to feel so…! Feel so……! Embarrassed being caught by my parent in a scene like that!

“Ise! I have also worn it!”

I heard Buchou’s voice, so I turned around……


More blood came out of my nose! Buchou appeared in an even more erotic apron than Asia’s! The apron JUST covered the important parts. It’s something that you can JUST understand that it’s an apron!

“Now Asia. We will start cooking with this.”


Both of them stood in the kitchen… But it was basically nude from behind…… Blood…… I didn’t have enough blood!

After that, dad returned from work and he also had blood coming out of his nose. So the father and son sat together and had tissues inside their nostrils.

“Daddy is blessed. All my stress from work disappeared.”

“Yeah, me too, dad. Somehow I can forget all the sad things now.”

“You have to make both of them your wives, my son. Then both Rias-san and Asia-chan would become my daughters.”

“Hahaha. I will do my best Otou-sama.”

We had a conversation of father and son while putting on a really happy face.

Part 7

That night, Buchou, Asia and I also slept together. But both Buchou and I woke up because of an enormous pressure we had never felt before. Buchou jumped off the bed and stood in front of the window. Asia also got up after feeling something. When I looked down from the window, there was someone looking up……

“……Shitty priest!”

The one who had a sickening and evoking smirk was the white haired priest, Freed. That bastard! What happened after that? What happened to Kiba? Shit! I’m getting curious!? He waved his hands at us.

“……A Fallen Angel.”

Buchou said it with a voice filled with hatred and clicked her fingers. She instantly got into her uniform and opened the room's door.

“Yaho! Ise-kun. Asia-tan. Looks like you guys are in a bad mood. Were you doing alright? Ara ara, were you guys having sex? Then I’m sorry. Not reading the atmosphere is my charming point.”

When we got out of the house, the shitty priest talked to us with a weird speech.

“What do you want?”

I asked him, but he just shook his shoulder with a laugh. Was that pressure from before coming from this guy? No. I could feel something weird from this guy, but that was it. That heavy pressure surpassed that of a High-class Devil.

Buchou seemed like she noticed something and looked up. There was someone floating in the sky with the moon behind him. It was a………Fallen-Angel who had his black wings growing out from his back. One, two, three……… He had 10 black wings!? It was a young man who was wearing a black robe with detailed accessories. He smirked after seeing Buchou.

“This is our first time meeting, daughter of the house of Gremory. The crimson hair is beautiful. It reminds me of your brother that I hate enough to make me want to vomit.”

Uoooo! He suddenly gave such a provocative speech! I could feel hatred coming from his words. Buchou also had a cold face. S…scary……

“Nice to meet you, one of the leaders of the Fallen-Angels, Kokabiel. And my name is Rias Gremory. I will also add one more thing. We and the house of Gremory are a being who are closest to the Maou, and also the furthest from it. If you are here to discuss about politics with me, then it’s no use.”

Kokabiel!? The Kokabiel!? The leader of the Fallen-Angels!? Isn't he the actual guy who appears in the bible and books!? He’s so famous! Crap! This is certainly bad! If I looked, Kokabiel was carrying something. I looked carefully……a person? Was he carrying a person?

“This is a gift.”

He then threw the person he was carrying at me.


I reacted immediately and tried to catch it.


The one who dropped into my arms was……Shidou Irina! She was covered in blood! She was breathing heavily! Her whole body was covered in wounds! Did this happen after she went to chase Freed!? What happened to Kiba and Xenovia!?

“H…hey Irina!”

Even though I called her, she reacted painfully and didn’t respond. This looked bad!

“She came into my base. So I gave her a welcome. Well, I couldn’t catch the other two.”

Kokabiel said it with a laugh. From his story, Kiba and Xenovia escaped.


I put Irina on the ground, and made Asia heal her. There was a green light coming out of Asia’s body, which covered Irina. Irina’s expression started to soften and she started to breathe gently. She didn’t have her Excalibur. What happened to it? Kokabiel continued to talk without caring about my doubts.

“I wouldn’t do something as stupid as talking with a Maou. Well, if I rape and kill his little sister, then Sirzechs’ anger will be pointed towards me. That won’t be bad.”

Buchou glared at Kokabiel with disdainful eyes.

“……So what is your motive for contacting me?”

Kokabiel answered Buchou’s question with joy,

“I will be rampaging in this town using your base, Kuou Academy, as the starting point. Then Sirzechs will also appear, right?”


“If you do something like that, the War between God, Fallen-Angels and Devils will begin again you know?”

“That’s what I’m wishing for. I thought that Michael would start a War if I steal the Excalibur......... But what he sent were grunt Exorcists and two holy-sword wielders. It’s boring. I’m really bored indeed! That’s why I’m going to rampage at Sirzech’s sister’s base. See? It looks fun, right?”

Buchou made a sound with her tongue. It was proof that Buchou was really pissed. But. What insane plan was he trying to pull!? Isn’t Michael an Angel who is the most important next to God? Even someone like me who was new to this World has seen his name in books. He’s trying to start a War with someone big like that!? To be expected from the leader of Fallen-Angels!

“……You battle-freak.”

Buchou said it with hatred. But Kokabiel laughed with joy.

“Yeah. That’s it! I was bored and bored after the war between the three sides! Azazel and Shamza weren’t that keen on the next war. They then started to collect something boring like Sacred Gear and started to do some weird research. Something useless like that won’t be of any use to us! ……Well, it’s a different story if it’s a “Boosted Gear” like the one the brat over there has… But it’s not something you can find so easily.”

Kokabiel then looked at me. What enormous pressure…… My body was shaking unbelievably…… I then said it with a strong voice.

“……Are you guys also after my Sacred Gear?”

“At least I’m not interested in it. But Azazel might be. His collection hobby is crazy.”

Azazel? I think he was the Governor of the Fallen-Angels. Is he collecting Sacred Gears?

“Either way, I’m going to be starting a battle involving the holy-swords, Rias Gremory. For starting a war! A school where both little sisters of Sirzech's and Leviathan's go to. It must be filled with demonic-powers so that I can enjoy the chaos! It’s also the best place to release the real power of Excaliburs! It’s a good place for the battlefield.”

He was talking nonsense! He was seriously crazy!?

“Hyahahaha! Isn’t my boss the best? His craziness is the best. So I’m also eager to do it. He even gives me treats like this.”

What Freed took out was an Excalibur! He had one of them in each hand! He also had two of them on his hips!

“The one on the right is “Excalibur Rapidly”. The one on the left is “Excalibur Nightmare”. The one on my hip is “Excalibur Transparent”. I also received “Excalibur Mimic” from the girl over there! I also feel like getting “Excalibur Destruction” that the other girl has. Hyaa! Am I the first person in the World to be in possession of this many Excaliburs? I also received an element from the geezer Balba that allows me to wield holy-swords. Right now I’m in a hyper mode that allows me to wield all of them, you know? I’m invincible! I’m wonderful! I’m the strongest! Hyahahahahahahahaha!”

Freed laughed as if he found it really funny.

“Balba’s holy-sword research. It’s the real deal if it shows this much result. To tell the truth, it seemed suspicious when he joined my plan.”

So Kokabiel and Balba are together.

“What are you planning to do with the Excaliburs!?”

Buchou asked him. Kokabiel moved his ten black wings and moved his body in the direction of the school.

“Hahaha! Let’s have a War! Little sister of Sirzech Lucifer, Rias Gremory!”


Freed took out an item to blind us! This again!? Our sight was taken away for a while, but by the time it returned Kokabiel and Freed were gone!

“Ise! We are going to the school!”


A big battle against the leader of the Fallen-Angels was about to start!

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