Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem

Chapter 15: The Name of the Person with her Broken Pride is?

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「This Woman Knight, is not yet a slave. At least for now, that is」

I left the role of driving us to the “Tower of Revelations” to Nina, she is currently sitting in the front of the wagon. When I gave the orders to place the unconscious Celesta in the wagon, both Kirika and Palmyra was a little surprised.

By the way, in relation to the other guards which fainted, we snatched away their weapons, and destroyed the horse stirrups and the wheels of their wagons. Even if they were to later regain consciousness, it is not likely that they will be able to catch up to us.

「Mu? Shouldn’t we be finding the whereabouts of the Princess of Prophecy, or the person whom was able to forecast the attack as soon as possible? 」 (Palmyra Speaking)

「In regards to the Princess’s current location, without a doubt she took a different route in order to travel to the “Tower of Revelation”. This is the reason that we need to hurry and reach the tower before her, so that we can set up an ambush」

「Why are you so sure of yourself? Isn’t there the possibility that the Princess still remains within the safety of the Capital……? 」(Kirika Speaking)

Whilst keeping my eye on Celesta, I slowly shook my head.

「No, that won’t be the case. The reason is………One of the spies under Iblis must have planned for Celesta to be sent as a decoy, so that Princess Sistina will be more vulnerable」

「What did you say? That fellow did what? 」(Palmyra Speaking)

「Have a think about it. Right now Himeno-san is not guarding the princess, furthermore Celesta is also sent away from the Princess along with her most elite guards in order to purposefully clash against us. In the best scenario for Iblis, both clashing parties would receive heavy damages…….In that space/chance, Iblis would be able to easily secure the Princess and make use of her abilities in the Tower of Revelation. For Iblis this would be the ultimate/ideal scenario, wouldn’t it? 」

「Yo, you are right…..!!」(Kirika speaking)

「It only sounds like a legitimate strategy when you call it a “decoy”, however in actual fact the main purpose of this strategy was to separate/disperse the royal guards from Princess Sistina. Seriously, both Celesta and our group got royally screwed over」

It is unknown as to what extent of information, Iblis grasps about us. There is a possibility that the information leaked that “there was an attacker” was a complete bluff made by Iblis without really knowing we were lying in ambush.

However, regardless whether our position has been compromised or not, this was a pretty good plan made by him. Just like Palmyra said, this fellow is a shrewd tactician.

「Indeed, this is just the kind of thing he would do. However, in this case it is even more beneficial to turn her into your magical slave, and make her spit out the name of the spy, in this way we can build a solid plan after calculating the true war potential」(Palmyra Speaking)

「Of course, we will make her spit out everything she knows. But, I have my own reasons why I am reluctant to turn her into my magic bound slave」

Naturally this is for no other reason than, the fact that there is a problem with the “limit/quota” of slaves.

Right now my Enslavement Magic is at level 7, in other words the maximum amount of slaves I can have are seven people. The fact is right now, I already have 6 people under my full control.

Obviously, I am planning on saving the last spot for Princess Sistina or in case an emergency situation arises in which I must invoke the spell on somebody else. After all this is my trump card, in ensuring I have a way of making the enemy powerless and the most efficient method to protect myself.

Another thing is the fact that it will take time to release the subjugation if I choose to enslave Celesta. To sum up, although Celesta is by no means a weak war potential, she is evidently not as strong as Kirika and it is not worth it to use up the valuable quota.

「Therefore, I have decided to withhold from casting my Enslavement Magic on her and use more practical methods of interrogating the information. Well, if she refuses to give in no matter what, then I suppose my last resort would be to enslave her」

「How, however! Celesta is both competent and has a noble spirit, she is even revered as the “Crimson Rose” amongst her fellow knights. I don’t think, she will talk that easily」

「Pu (pfft), what is that two syllable name…….Well I suppose if my interrogation methods were normal, she would be able to resist, however….」

My face warped into a huge grin.

I was just informed by Kirika, in regards to Celesta’s career and character disposition. If my expectations are correct, I have already been able to formulate a method to manipulate the information out of her.

「Nevertheless, This will require a bit of cooperation from Himeno-san. You will help me…..In order to protect Princess Sistina from the demons, right? 」

「Eh? Me? Fo, for some reason I’ve got a really bad feeling about this….? 」

The wagon is getting closer to the Tower of Revelation and the showdown.

Now, it seems that this will become quite the interesting game.

「K……Kill me!!」

Is that the only thing you can say? I almost spouted this out instinctively.

Well, plenty of aristocrats within the Kingdom of Ranbadeia follow their own doctrine of the god of light “Rumein”, in this particular creed, people are prohibited from taking their own life in the form of suicide.

It would seem that Celesta also follows this belief. This actually makes her even easy to read.

「You are quite stubborn aren’t you, Celesta?」

「Fun (exhale/humph)……I don’t know who you are, but don’t you dare look down on me. I’m sure you’ve come here for information about the Princess, but unfortunately for you, I won’t be making any deals nor will I be begging for my life. Rather than enduring the disgrace of betraying the Princess, I would rather choose a noble death! 」

She looked at me with a piercing gaze, and stared directly at me with her long and narrow eyes. She reminds me of a sword formed from ice, her facial features were sharp yet at the same time she has an attractive face that was very elegant. As expected of a young missus from an aristocrat family.

By the way, the upper half of my face was currently being hidden with a metal mask that I obtained from the guild house. Although it hid my face, it was probably insufficient to hide the fact that I was a young person.

「I understand……In that case, before you die shall I tell you something interesting? About Himekishi Kirika? 」

「About, Kirika!?」

Celesta’s complexion changed. Why was her former comrade working for the enemy? Or was it the fact that since the beginning, she was intending to get close to the Princess with ulterior motives? It was the kind of face that worried about the various possibilities.

「As I thought, you would be interested. Himekishi broke all contact with your kingdom, because she fell under my secret arts. As of now she has become my faithful servant」

「What did you say?……You scum, stop spewing out nonsense! 」

Oh dear, she won’t believe me even though it is actually the truth.

「Kukuku (evil laughter), Allow me to show you a souvenir from the underworld………Come over here, Kirika! 」(Illustration: Breaking Celesta’s Will)

I was gradually becoming more entertained as I clapped my hands and continued this theatrical operation.

From the corner of the wagon, Kirika approaches us with her head hang down in shame.

「Kirika, as I thought you are…..wha!? What the heck is that appearance!?」

Celesta eyes are opened wide and she stiffens up, unable to find the words to speak. I suppose it is a natural reaction.

After all, Kirika was not wearing her armor.

Only her most private areas, her breasts and her crotch area were exposed. Her loosened E-cup was shaking with the vibrations of the moving wagon.

And, her neat white skirt was shamefully lifted with her own hands, without concealing anything all her most embarrassing places were exposed in full view.

「Wha, wha, wha…….How shameless!? Is, is that something a Knight would show, Kirika?!」

「Ahh…..Don’t look at me, Celesta……..! Both my body and my mind have been broken by this person. My pride and everything else have been deprived and trampled down…..!」

「Wha, what are you saying!?」

Kirika was letting out a voice of intoxication and Celesta was becoming totally confused.

Just like that Kirika drooped down, and Munyuu…..her huge breasts were pressed snugly against my arm, and she wrapped her plump legs around my waist.

「Kukukuku, You understand right? This is what my Enslavement Magic is capable of doing……As you can see the Princess Knight is completely under my control」

「Wha….So, then you are the Slavemancer that the Princess saw in her dream? Is that your true form?!」

Kukukukuku, I laughed wildly as I nodded my head exaggeratedly.

In the meanwhile, Kirika charmingly bends her body loosely back and forth, as she reverently uses her tongue to suck and lick my fingers.

「Ahaaa, My Venerable Master…….As you have commanded me, I have defeated Celesta……..Please…Give me a reward…….! 」

「Tell me, what do you want? Make sure you say it properly, so that your former comrade will be able to hear it properly」

「Ye, yes……Pe, penis, I want Venerable Master’s huge cock…….」

「St, stop it……! Kirika, what’s gotten into you?! Yo, you weren’t the kind of miserable woman who would fawn over another man with such a lewd voice, where has all your pride disappeared to?!」

Celesta was completely aghast, when she saw the figure of her former comrade turn into an unimaginable female bitch in heat.

Of course, there is a trick as to her sudden change.

(She’s right, what are you making me say?! no, no matter how you see it this is totally ridiculous, you know!?)

Although her gaze was full of protests, I completely ignored her painful glances and continued to control her using my Enslavement Magic.

Kirika was manipulated by me to kneel down close to my crotch area, I pushed her nose right between my groins and she deeply inhaled the scent of my cock as she let out a passionate hot breath.

「I, I can’t hold it any longerr…..Please, plunge your venerable penis into Kirika’s lewd vagina, I beg of you…..」

「Well, it cannot be helped, you are a lewd female bitch after all. I can’t…forget to give you the reward that you deserve, right?!」

「tsu, Ahh!?」

Her black hair is grasped by me, and she let out a scream as I pressed her against the floor boards.

Celesta was unaware of what was happening as it was so sudden.

「You bitch, a little while ago, when you were fighting this Woman Knight, you were holding back weren’t you? Did you think I wouldn’t notice your discretions? Don’t try to fool me. How dare you attempt to disobey my orders?!」

「Pl, please forgive me, please show mercy, My Venerable Master…..!」

「Nay, I will not forgive you. I don’t need any servants who aren’t devoted to me! I already consider you as a toy that will be disposed……as a parting gift, rather than my sword of flesh (penis), I will give you this! 」

I retrieved her Knight’s sword from her waist and I started to lick it flauntingly.

「St, Stop it! What are you planning on doing?!」

「Kukuku I’m sure you can already guess, I am about to plunge this thing into her ass and thoroughly twist and turn it, I shall let her writhe in pain and death as she is watched by her former comrade! Isn’t this the ultimate form of entertainment?!」

「You, bastard! yo, you fiend…..!」

Celesta clenches her teeth and stares at me in pure hatred and disgust, as I continue my act as a cruel villain.

Oi oi, that was not the reaction I expected…..As I thought such things, I slowly lowered the blade, towards Kirika’s trembling white ass. The wagon is shaking and its getting really dangerous, please give in already.

「……Wa, wait! I, I will become your sacrifice instead of her! I will do anything, so please, just let Kirika go!!」

Alright, what a good performance. As expected from a Knight with a high amount of noble pride, her self-sacrifice spirit is just perfect.

I stopped the blade immediately before the tip was plunged into Kirika.

「Hou Hou ? What exactly are you proposing here, hmm? 」

「Th, that is……You want to control women right? In that case…….In her stead, I will allow you to do whatever you like to my body, I pledge by the words of my Knighthood! Are you unsatisfied with the “Crimson Rose” as your partner?!」

There, there, it is exactly as I predicted it to be, I was able to manipulate her to say these words.

Celesta has bottled up her feelings of jealousy, her budding friendship and last of all an unconscious admiration for Kirika.

By protecting Kirika, and volunteering her own body, she is able to obtain a sense of superiority in being able to sacrifice herself for her rival.

Being able to do this in front of Kirika further validates this immoral sense of pleasure that she desires.

Suddenly being bombarded with such shocking information and actions, has led her to be deprived of an accurate judgment. It was really interesting to see that she was slowly being led by me. I induced her responses with deep psychological manipulation.

「Hou, Alright then……However, if you dare to offend me, or if you try to escape from me, I will make sure the Princess Knight, voluntarily destroys her own body in the most painful way imaginable. Don’t think of doing anything stupid」

「I, I understand………I won’t do such a thing as resisting……! 」

Though her words were courageous, her voice was trembling. Well she must be a virgin, it’s to be expected I suppose.

I made Celesta sit on the floorboard of the wagon, a long rock hard penis was placed before her eyes.

「Hii……..Wh, what is that thing? What is that disgusting thing?!」

「Hahah, Celesta, don’t you know of the thing called an erected penis? There is a limit to how naive a person can be」

「E, erected, p, penis……? Uwa, Don, don’t come any closer!? That kind of repulsive thing, I don’t even want to see it……! 」

(Tsk, Did she really have to go that far!?)

I ignored the protesting glance of Kirika who was still stuck to the floorboard, as I pressed my penis, into Celesta’s smooth white cheeks continuously and forcefully. My pre-cum begins to leak down and spill from the tip of my cock.

「Hora, Don’t run away! I will teach you something that they will never teach you in your Knight’s training…….If you want to save/rescue Kirika, first of all let’s have you suck my cock, just like Kirika sucked on my fingers a little while ago, understood?」

「Th, this looks like something that would make a person ill moreover it has a really bad smell, putting something like this into my mouth……..No, I understand, I will do it, you will be happy if I do it right?! uuuu……..Uwaa, such a weird taste…..!」

She was unable to go against my words as I was using Kirika’s life as my shield. Closing her eye’s tightly shut, Celesta crawls the tip of her tongue outwards as it trembles ever so slowly towards the head of my penis.

Pito…..The moment she touched me, her tongue shivered in surprise, and this managed to make me even more aroused.

「Alright, the next step is to completely envelop the tip of my penis in your mouth/lips and use your tongue to circulate around the head………This isn’t some meek and elegant noble’s meal, move your tongue in an energetic manner, so as to make sure that indecent/vulgar noises will come out」

「He, hey……Churu, rero……Njuru, Jururuu……….Nchupa, Reroroo……Is, is that good enough!?」(lick, lick, slurp, ,kiss, lick)

「Kukuku, you are pretty good at this. Yes, it’s even more skillful than when Kirika first did it. Rather than wielding a sword, it would seem to me that you have the talent in serving a penis」

「Gu, Don’t mock me!? I have absolutely no interest in doing such a…….Chubu, Churu bubu! 」

Celesta’s face seemed to be enflamed red as emotions of embarrassment and disgrace are mixed together. Celesta’s movements were desperate as she flamboyantly sucked on my cock.

However, such a primitive technique is most definitely unable to pleasure me to orgasm.

「I will recognize your efforts, however, if that’s the best you can do this will never end…….Allow me to help you, Sora (there)!!」

「……Nn!? Apuu, nnnnbuuuuuu!!?」

I grasped the root of her ponytail, and plunged my cock deep into the interior her throat.

Celesta endures the disgrace as tears start to float from her eyes, I continue to use her mouth-pussy in the way that I please.

「Ku, the snug feeling of your interior mucous membranes is quite exquisite…….Alright, it’s about time that I let out the first shot! Kirika, you should also look carefully. At how your former comrade will be completely soiled by me! 」

「Nbuu, Auuguuuu!? Bu, Buha (exhale of breath), Geho (Cough)…..St, Stop it…….Uwaaa!?」

I pulled out my cock from deep within Celesta’s throat, and my cock was raging on vigorously as it spurt/fired out semen with a byuruu, byuruu!

I firmly gripped unto the head of Celesta and made sure her body was restrained. Her crimson colored armor and her body were all soiled/polluted with my sticky fluids and the strong smell of my semen.

「My, prestigious armor…..You bastard how dare you soil a knight’s pride…..Auuu! 」

「Fufufu, It really suits you Crimson rose, isn’t it the most suitable form of make-up for a female knight slave like you? In any case…..From here on out, that pure chastity of yours is about to be deprived by me! 」

「Wha, Th, that is…….Only that I can’t….Uwaaa!?」

I threw down Celesta (who had both feet and hands still bound) into a position where she was crawling on all fours, and tore off her pure white skirt that was decorated with a red line.

Kirika was struggling to break free from my control, however I had no intentions of stopping.

On top of this being an interrogation, this was a necessary process. Although she has volunteered to become a sacrifice, in order for her to make her disclose the name of the other person, it is necessary to thoroughly destroy this obstinacy and excessive pride of hers.

「Ku, Kuuu…….Even if my body is violated like this, my heart will never falter! This is because I am a knight of the prideful Ranbadeia Kingdom……….! 」

And most importantly, Celesta is a good woman. Caring about the life of her rival, bending her pride so that she can save Kirika, it can be said that she has a true heart and a knightly spirit.

Because of this, my desire to rule her has awoken. I want to make this woman mine.

「Is that so? I will look forward to this……Let me see, is this the pure vagina of a dame that has yet been soiled」 (TL: instead of Woman Knight I will use Dame from now on)

「Hhiiya!? Nhaaaa, iyaa, don’t lick…..That Kind of a placeeee!?」

Her clean and tidy underwear lacked any charm/sensuality, I pulled it down and at the same time I extended my tongue to the slit of her crack that was tightly shut. I faintly taste the flavor of her sweat, however, it is a healthy smell, and it isn’t bad.

I gripped on to her waist which was trying to get away, and when I inserted my tongue and stirred her insides up, Celesta let out a high-pitched shriek like a child that got burnt.

「Hyaa, Hyaaaa!? Wwait, it, it’s weird, a weird sensation is coming over me……Nhiii, Haauuuaaaa!?」

Her sensitivity is way better than I expected. It seems this will be able to proceed more smoothly than I anticipated.

As I rubbed her hipline in a circular motion, I continued to lick, stroke and finger her in her pussy, vagina lips and even her clitoris which was starting to protrude itself, I give her the feeling of pleasure she has never experienced before in her life.

「How is it? Doesn’t this mysterious sensation just pierce through your body? Your body has started to jolt in the pleasure, it’s almost like you are actually caught up in my spell……..Hora, the pleasure will only get stronger you know? Kirika quickly submitted when I did this, it looks like you are also about to fall! 」

「Th, that’s not……..I barely even know who you are, a mysterious sorcerer, and yet the sensations of my body is……..really becoming stronger, HiiiiinHaaaa!?」

Although I only gave her a small suggestion, when Celesta was driven with this new pleasurable sensation, she who was currently under abnormal amounts of stress and tension began to amplify her own sense of tactile touch. This led her into a continuous loop of rising pleasure.

「What is this? Surprisingly you have become slopping wet before I knew it……Look at all the obscene fluids coming out of your pussy like a string of saliva」

「Eh!? It, it can’t be, you must be lying, Ahh, Ahhhh…..!」

When I rubbed my sticky fingers right in front of her eyes, her ponytail shakes in denial, and Celesta desperately refuses to accept the change that her body is currently undergoing.

If it’s this wet it should be fine right?…..Because of the energy enchantment I received from Nina beforehand, my penis is still rock hard, I began pressing into her narrow wet hole.

「Now, Just like your friend the Princess Knight, I will also be taking your virginity……..My name is Slavemancer Tooru! Remember the name of this man who will make you into a woman, along with the pain you shall experience, Dame Celesta!!」

「Ahhh…….Gaa, Higiiii………!? Ah, Uwaaaaaaa…..Ahyaaaaaaaaa!!?」

Nubuu, Nyubububububu………..Puchi, Puchipuchii……! (Sfx of thrusting, breaking of membrane)

I gripped unto her mantle and her ponytail, and just like a dog I deprived her virginity from the back.

Perhaps it was because she was a virgin, or perhaps it was the fact that she was currently being bound but, both of these things seems to have added to the fact that her pussy was extremely tight, she gripped and grinded against my throbbing penis like she was trying to swallow it hole.

「AhhhhhhAhhuuuuuuu, NhaaaaaAAhhhh〜〜〜!!? Higiii, Hyaaaaa yame (stopp), iyadaiyda iyaaa please take it outtt eeee!?」

「Complaining now is way too late! Hora, Kirika is also watching over you firmly as you turn into a woman, it is the exact same penis that violated her! 」

(I knew it already but, he really is the lowest of the worst, this is just purely rape!!)

Kirika was looking at us screwing from the floor, she had watery eyes and she felt sympathy to Celesta and it seemed as if she wanted to protest to me.

In reaction to Kirika’s gaze, it would seem that Celesta’s vagina continued to shrink.

「Ahh, Ahhh…….Don’t look at me, please don’t look Kirika……..This kind of appearance, my miserable and deplorable figure………..HiHyaaan!?」

「Even if you deny it with your mouth, your body is quite honest isn’t it, Celesta?」

「U, Usooodaaa!? (you liee) To such a despicable man like you, who uses others as a hostage, I would never yield to such a person, that kind of thing is impossible……HiGuuuuuuu〜〜〜!!?」

This time around, I was acting as the lowest scum of the earth, however having come this far, I conversely started to enjoy it.

The main point is that Celesta’s obstinate sense of pride is slowly being shattered as she sinks further in pleasure and reacts intensely, her vagina is really wet and it continues to tremble and shake.

Rather than calling her a Masochist, it is more like she is experiencing a kind of sense of relief, and the corrupting pleasure of having something that she defended so fervently up till now being slowly crushed.

Her obligation as a dame, her sense of responsibility to the Princess, her inferiority complex to Kirika, Celesta suppressed all these strong emotions within herself, and for the first time she lets all these emotions out of her heart.

If it’s come this far……she only needs one more push.

「How do you feel Celesta? Being defeated just like the Princess Knight and being unable to defend your own woman’s dignity, surrendering to a man you don’t even like!? Why do you think such a thing is happening to you!?」

「Th, these kind of things, are obviously happening because of you…….!」

「No you are wrong! The reason you are getting screwed over, it because you were fooled! You were made to separate from your Princess, and under the pretext of a “decoy operation” you were tricked by a secret spy/informant! 」

「Whaa…..!? What are you saying……You bastard what are you, Uaaaaaauuu, Hiiiiiiinn!!?」

So that she doesn’t regain her presence of mind, I roughly grinded my hips and thrust it back and forth banging her vigorously from behind. Celesta’s ripe vagina is continually feeling the electric shocks of pleasure.

Adjusting to the shaking of the wagon, our bodies shake little by little, random stimulation is experienced and is mixed in as our bodies continue to jolt. Celesta’s inexperienced voice leaks out disgracefully as I continued to tease her.

「Think back! Didn’t “that person’s” words seem unnatural to you somewhere!? Because you trusted the words of such a fellow, the real intention of the spy was unable to be seen through by the Princess! This result is exactly what you deserve! 」

「It, it can’t be! That kind of thing is not possible…….Hyaaaauuuu!? It’s so deep, stopping hitting it so deeply………………….AhhhhauuuAhhhhh!!」

Dochu, Nuchu, Buchu…….Celesta was rapidly getting used to and conforming to the shape of my cock.

When I tease her weak spot which was located in the same place as Amelia’s (the upper wall of her interior glands G-spot), having such a sensitive spot stimulated she released a scream that was even larger than before.

「That’s right! You must have a general idea to who this fellow is, what is his name?! That fellow is precisely the insect that lives within the den of lions, it is the enemy that is aiming for Princess Sistina……!!!」

Her vagina was gripping me so hard that it seemed like she was trying to bite off my penis, I felt my end approaching near and I gave her one last push with my words, before I filled her up from inside with my semen.

「It can’t bee, it’s not truee, it can’ttt AhhhhaaaAA!!? In, in that case what have I been doing up till now, why am I even here……..P, Princesssssss!? Then the Princess is in danger…….!!?」

Dobyuruuruuru!! Byurururuuu, ByubuBaaaa!!!

「Tsuuu!!? It’s so hottt………..Ahh, AhhhhhhhnnnnooooAaaaa〜〜〜〜〜!!?」

Her flaxen ponytail is disheveled, the line of her backbone is curved like a bow, Celesta received her very first orgasm from my cock as she screamed in ecstasy.

With pleasure that was enough to soften her lower half of the body, my semen was continuously pumped into her, and her sensitive vagina blossomed like a flower as both her womb and her brains were being melted with the pleasure.

「Kuu……Uuu! Indeed I’ve gotten what I wanted to find out…..! 」

「Uu….Auu….No, no wayy…..!」

As I ejaculated into her vagina, she couldn’t think really clearly and she had “disclosed” the information, although there was a glimmer of doubt to the truth of my words, Celesta fainted soon after.

Her delicate thighs were wet because of the sweat, and a large amount of my semen was mixed with her blood of purity and became slightly pink, when the wagon trembles, the fluids gradually leaked out of her.

Kirika was also staring at us in wide astonishment.

In that last instant before she fainted, Celesta leaked out a name.

「Do you think that…….Perhaps Celesta ran into some sort of trouble? 」

Princess Sistina was talking to the person next to her, with a face full of worry. She had transparent platinum blonde hair which was shaking slightly under her crown, and a deep blue colored pupils.

Just by showing her warm smile from a long distance away, hundreds of knights and soldiers would be willing to sacrifice their lives for her, she was the Third Princess of Ranbadeia who was called the greatest treasure of the kingdom.

「Hahaha……Although I did say that she was going to become a decoy, but it is likely that it was all just a rumor, there is nothing to fear, Princess. We will soon be able to join/meet up safely by the Tower of Revelation, please do not be too worried」

The person who answered the princess wore a radiantly tender face, and he was wrapped in a simple white vestment, a thin elderly person.

The symbol of the god of light Rumein was hanging on his chest and it was glittering dully.

「Ehh…..It would be good if that were true. For the Honorable Shinto Priest Groom to be accompanying me on this trip, it kind of feels like this has become a serious matter and I can’t seem to feel relieved」

「I am merely a former Shinto Priest. I am now a retired person, and watching the Princess grow in such a splendid person like this is one the enjoyments as an elderly person……..Am I perhaps being a bother to you? hahaha」

“By the way, what is it that the Princess has been gripping all this time since we have left the castle?” when Groom asked her such a question, the Princess blushed rapidly and her cheeks were going red in shame.

「That is…….If I change my pillow I can’t go to sleep. I have heard that it may take us many days until an accurate prophecy is able to be made from the Tower of Revelation….」

「Hahaha, Although the Princess looks to be such an accomplished person, she still retains some of her more youthful qualities」

「Mou(already), please stop making fun of me already, Groom-sama」

A few droplets of rain sprinkled down, and a gray building with a shape like a thin trapezoid began to appear from the window of the wagon, the cloudy skies was slightly covering the tower.

「It has come into view, that is the Tower of Revelation」

「If it’s at that place, I will be able to seek the truth…..Behind the prophecy that I saw right? 」

“Yes, that is correct”….the former Shinto Priest Groom nodded to her question.

「And, it is also the place where our great master resides, in expectancy of our arrival…..!!」

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