Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem

Chapter 16: The Princess of Prophecy and the Rainbow Blade

「Former Shinto Priest Groom……Don’t tell me that person is!? He has been in the royal family performing divine rituals for the late king since long ago. He is a splendid person who serves the country」 (Kirika speaking)

This name that came out of Celesta’s mouth is precisely the person under the influence of Iblis and is the spy that is working behind the scenes against Rabadeia.

By the time we discovered such an astonishing fact, the wagon which soared the open wilderness was about to reach the Tower of Revelations.

「Fun(exhales), Think about the longevity of the demon race. Planning a patient plot which would take a hundred years is nothing for someone like Iblis. It is likely that since he discovered the existence of the Princess of Prophecy, he has started to monitor the country from behind the scenes and was lying dormant until the opportunity arose」 (Palmyra Speaking)

「How could this be……?!」

The tower was covered in grey clouds and was getting wet from the trickle of rain, not a single shadow of a person could be seen.

In the vicinity of the entrance to the tower, a wagon that looked much like the one Celesta was riding on was parked outside and uninhabited by people.

「Were we one step late?! If it’s like this we’ve got no choice, we will storm the tower with our current party members, everyone with me! 」

「Alright, we need to save the Princess!」

We really don’t know what the demon is planning to do with the Princess of Prophecy, so we need to act quickly.

I was preparing to get off, I glanced at Celesta who fainted in the back of the wagon.

「Shall we use all the methods…..Under our disposal? 」

「Princess Sistina! Please get away from that man! 」

At the very top of the tower it was an open ceiling, the Tower was very spacious in width.

The Princess Knight called out towards the woman who was wearing a pure white dress, she was going up a spiral stair case along the inner walls of the tower, along with an elderly person who was wearing a cassock like vestment similar to the one back in earth.

They are probably Princess Sistina and Groom right?….. Kirika and I was behind them.

「Oh dear, Kirika!? I’m relieved…..That you are safe! 」

She gripped on the hem of her dress, and the Princess tries to run-up towards Kirika, however Groom steps in.

Two soldiers stepped in between the Princess and Kirika without any sound.

「Oya, oya (What do we have here)…..Just when I was wondering who it was, aren’t you the missing Princess Knight? Why have you so suddenly come to this place? 」

「Stop feigning ignorance! We already know the fact that you are the puppet of the demon Iblis, and the fact that you plan to use the Princess as a tool for the Prophecies, everything is already revealed! 」

Groom’s smile was frozen like he was wearing a stiff smiling Noh mask.

「Did you say Demon? What on earth is this about!?」

「Do not listen to her. The Princess Knight seems to have lost her mind…..Do it! 」

With a body posture that was obviously not human, the two guards leaped at us like wild animals.

However Kirika’s reaction was very fast. She moves her foot around painting the character 8, it was like she was wearing a rollerblade as she swerved around and swung her sword, in a flash the two soldiers get taken out and fall at the same time.

And with the same amount of vigor, she pointed her sword at Groom and charged at him.

「……Aguu!!?」(Kirika Speaking)

「Ki, Kirika!?」(Sistina Speaking)

The Princess Shouts out. Kirika flies across the air and lands on her knees taking a defensive stance.

Groom’s right hand, almost as if it was some kind of a grotesque drawing, was bulging out like crazy and swelling many times a normal human’s arm, it became fat and long. Was Kirika struck by that?

「Gugugu…….!(Evil laugh) it was going to be so easy to put the Princess in the tower…….But now you dare to obstruct us, how troublesome……! 」

「Groom, Then you really are……?!」

Instead of answering the Princess, the body of a diminutive elderly person started to transform with strange sound (clickety-clack).

He was covered with an exoskeleton of armor grey in color, and became a gigantic figure that rose to a height of about 3 meters. His head was similar to a horse’s skeleton and the black sockets of his eyes were glowing with an eerie blue fire.

Even though I was quite far away, my body started to tremble, I felt an extraordinary overpowering feeling it was sending warning signals to my brain…….This fellow is dangerous!

「This isn’t good, he’s around the Demonic Knight level! Be careful Princess Knight, In terms of hand-to-hand combat, his abilities may even be on par with demons of the fourth rank!!」

Palmyra dashes out according to my instructions, whilst floating around she continuously pumps out purple magic bullets, however Groom was barely effected and only flinched slightly.

「Tsk, We still haven’t recovered our abilities, with this kind of restraint at the most all we can do is create a diversion」

「That crest, you are a demon…..? Why are you following the likes of a human being? 」

「Silence, you are merely a fifth rank demon! We have our own circumstances here! 」

The demon Groom easily swats away the magical bullets coming at him as if it was some sort of annoying fly.

Kirika doesn’t miss the opportunity to strike whilst he is distracted, and she takes on a low stance as if aiming for the legs she swings her sword….However.

「Kuuuu!? The blade is not, connecting…..!?」

A dull metallic sound is made, her blade which was tinged with the holy aura to increase its attack power was easily repelled by Groom’s exoskeleton.

Impossible, Even if he is a demonic knight, having a blade covered with holy energy unable to pierce him is completely ridiculous.

「I was blessed with a special body given to me by Iblis-sama……! It is the ultimate body capable of destroying/overwhelming and obstacles and it will ensure that I can complete my mission of taking the Princess of Prophecy….!!」

「Tsk, It is likely that he is using a dimensional alteration demonic armor, the displacement armor! What a troublesome thing he has in his possession, With the way the Princess Knight is her skill level, she won’t be able to cut him if all she has is an average weapon!」(Palmyra speaking)

If I look carefully, the exoskeleton armor which covers Groom lightly glitters a rainbow color. That is the same thing that bound Sierra in place when she was captured……In other words he was using the dimension itself as a barrier that cannot be pierced by any attacks, what a freaking cheat.

What should I do?……..If this situation continues even if Kirika used her trump card ability it may not be enough to deal a fatal wound. If I applied the same principle my Enslavement Magic will also be unable to pass through the dimension gap.

「There is no other choice, We will be changing to Plan B, Nina. We will first secure the Princess and then we will withdraw! 」

「Y, Yes! Master you want me to cast mirror image right? 」

It was a magic that misidentifies my actual position by about 2 meters, I frantically dash along the staircase towards the princess who was frozen in fear.

If Sierra, Amelia or Nana was here I wouldn’t be crossing such a dangerous bridge, but they aren’t here so this is unavoidable.

Groom who noticed my presence, was still exchanging blows with both Palmyra and Kirika, however he grabbed a huge splinter off the floor and threw the rock right at my virtual image and completely erased it, the rock sunk into the wall.

(If I got hit by that, I won’t get away with just a bone fracture………Shit, I feel more dead than alive!)

Still I somehow managed to arrive to a girl that was wrapped around in a luxurious and elegant dress, she had platinum blonde hair and big blue eyes.

When seeing her from such a close distance, the Princess was truly unbelievably beautiful. Palmyra also looked like a doll, but just by standing there the Princess emitted a kind of bright radiance and she shone with beauty.

Moreover, there was something really special in that slender figure of hers, one part particularly stood out under her high class lacy pure white dress. The volume of her breasts was vehemently peeking out as if it was making an intense introduction. If someone was to look down at the Princess from above, it was so huge that her stomach wouldn’t even be visible. Isn’t this a grade above Sierra’s huge breasts…? —It’s not the time to be thinking of such things.

「Wh, who on earth are you…..?」

Incidentally, I was still wearing my metallic mask, however there is no time for me to take it off now.

「I am Kirika’s comrade. Whilst Kirika is holding off that monster, we should escape form here, Princess! 」

I extended my hands towards here which was under my robe, and I grabbed unto her graceful fingers which were wrapped in long gloves with a lacy pattern. Unexpectedly, she gripped my hands back quite firmly.

「Please wait a moment. Groom….No, that monster, I don’t think it will be that easy to escape from it. We need to make sure that the girls who are fighting it will be safe, right? 」

I was so sure that she was frightened at the current state, I was surprised to find out that what came out of her was not a voice of panic, it was words that was steady and calm.

Certainly right now both Kirika and Palmyra was barely able to hold off the ferocious attacks of Groom who was currently invincible with his armor, and it was only a matter of time before they received a fatal wound.

「However, The Princess Knight’s sword techniques have no effect against it. Right now, we don’t have the means to defeat that fellow」

「If you are asking for a method……I may have a solution」

Her blue eyes were staring unwaveringly right at me.

I doubted my own ears. What is she saying, this Princess?

「Do you think, that you can pass this on? To Himekishi Kirika? 」

The princess handed over to me something that she was holding under her arms, she handed it to me with utmost devotion as if it was greater than her own life, and the thing that came out was……A big pillow?

Please don’t tell me that you want to throw this pillow at that fellow to defeat him, what a bad joke. Just when I was becoming confused, the princess began to take something out from within the pillow.

It was a “long and slender” thing that was concealed in the pillow all this time.

「Tsu!? That is….?!」

「You are barely tickling me! Didn’t I say…..That your attacks are meaningless!!」


A blow that flies and lands at Groom’s neck was also completely ineffective, on the contrary Kirika receives a severe counter attack from his huge arm and she was forced on the defensive.

Just when she finally thought that her sword was able to pierce the other party, it gets deflected and the ballistic impact actually partly shatters her sword.

「since it’s come to this, I will have you become my tool to coerce the Princess to listen to all my demands….!! If I were to slowly and painfully torture you in front of her, I am sure that she will obediently enter the Tower of Prophecy…….! 」

「Who are you talking to? I won’t lose to someone like you! I also won’t allow you to do such a thing to Princess Sistina! 」

The demonic knight gradually corners Kirika and she is forced to back away slowly whilst still holding on to her broken sword.

Seeing Kirika who was in a desperate situation……I steeled my mind and ran towards her.

「Make sure to catch this, Kirika!!」

I shouted and threw it. The thing I obtained.

Groom who noticed my approach shakes his arm, and crashes it down on the floor, the shockwave flung me off my feet and I am blown backwards……Acute pain shoots up throughout my body as it feels like it is broken into tiny pieces.

「O, Odamori-kun!?」

Whilst staring popeyed at my rash behavior, Kirika managed to grab the thing I threw with her reflexes.

It was a translucent blade that resembled a glass type sword, it was a transparent long sword.

「Eh……!? You’re kidding me, don’t tell me this is…….The Royal Family’s treasured long sword the “Brilliant Long sword Alkanshel”」 (TL: mis-romanization of Arc-en-Ciel, French for “Rainbow”, it is also a misspelling of Archangel, the highest order of angels)

The Brilliant Long Sword: Alkanshel.

It’s one of those things that is passed down from the royal family, it was once used by a Princess Knight to fight the demon race, a treasured sword.

It was stored for safe keeping until someone worthy appeared, The Princess took it out secretly from a treasure warehouse that could only be accessed by the royal family.

She hypothesized that she would be targeted, believed in the fact that she would reunite with Kirika, and in order to entrust it to her……..The Princess did an unthinkable action.

『How did I know that I would be able to meet Kirika again…You ask? This is because I have belief that Kirika will surely appear to save me whenever I am in a predicament』

She said this with so much conviction and innocence in her voice as she let out an angelic smile, I could only smile wryly in return.

This Princess is not only beautiful.

In that case, I will also believe in her. In my loyal slave, in Princess Knight Kirika.

For that particular reason I am more than willing to put my life in danger, bring it on! Or more like isn’t it more interesting like this?

My face is distorted by the pain, Kirika was totally surprised when she saw me and I forced a broad smile to show her that I was fine.

「Odamori-kun, you….?!」

「Use the item I just gave you! She said that you should be able to do something now!!」

She tightly gripped the sword with both her hand as she brandished the weapon, Kirika begins to attack Groom.

Blood splatters out…….From the Demonic Knight’s elbows blood spurts out and scatters into the floor.

「Kugegegeeeeee!? Why, why, why!!! I am supposed to be wearing the armor capable of distorting space!!?」

Beautiful traces are formed/drawn, it was almost as if Groom’s gigantic arm was a piece of butter, and the blade flew past like it was cutting air.

It displayed a gradation of the seven colors of the rainbow, like an aurora the sword would beautifully glitter as it cut down its enemies.

「So this is the power of Alkanshel……. It’s acting in conjunction with Kirika’s holy energy, that blade pierces the very foundations of airspace and brings judgment upon the dimension, it is able to negate the effects of the dimensional distortion. This is a legendary weapon that was used in the decisive battle against the high-ranking demons, it is the anti-space artifact! For such a thing to actual exist…..?!」

Palmyra’s voice was trembling slightly.

Whilst lying on the floor, I clenched my mouth together and let out a strained voice. This is our only chance at victory!

「……..Do it, Himeno-san! I will send all of my left over Magical Energy to you!!」

「Alright, I understand! Leave it to me! 」

I completely opened the link between us and let out all of my magical energy to strengthen Kirika. Power enough to draw out the last blow, everything was poured into the Princess Knight.

Groom was in a frenzy after experiencing damage outside of his expectations, Kirika immediately took action, she invoked Aerial Circle and soared into the air, her black hair and mantle was fluttering about.

The rainbow blade was being held up above her head, and an aurora stretches out several meters beyond her as it continues to expand.

「Holy light that shines with brilliance, Sever the heart of wicked demons! Holy Rainbow Blade, Volaris Alkanshel」 (TL: Volaris is the first advocate of mortals, he is the foreman of death)

「Ma…….Masterrr Iblissss!!」

A light shines through as the blade is lowered, a blow full of conviction by the Holy Blade cuts the dimension………The Distortion armor along with Groom was cleanly bisected into two parts.

Groom’s gigantic figure along with the two dead soldiers, turned into a black puddle of mess, it had an extremely bad stench but it was soon vanishing and bubbling into thin air.

I manage to raise my upper-body from the ground and was bearable able to grit through the pain. Though my whole body seems to be bruised and a feeling of fatigue was starting to set in, my whole body was pretty much in pieces however, with Nina’s recovery magic I should be able to avoid dying, right?

「We were able to win somehow…..! Nevertheless I wonder what prophecy that fellow was trying to get out of her」

At any rate, from hereafter, there was still one important thing I needed to finish, my intended purpose for coming here still remains. I need to make Princess Sistina……..into my loyal slave. However, in the state I am in right now, I can barely get close to her….!

「Ar, are you alright Odamori-kun!?」

「My master!」

「Seriously, you were so reckless….!」(Palmyra speaking)

Kirika and the other girls started to draw near me.

However…..before anyone else arrived, there was a person wearing a pure-white dress who approached me quietly.

「Princess Sistina…..?」

Her face look at me with both anxiety and concern. My mask was broken from the ballistic impact from a while ago, and she was able to see the real face behind the mask……..Her cute round eyes opened up in surprise.

「Ahh…..It can’t be?! Don’t tell me, you are Tooru-sama…….!?」

Eh? How come the Princess knows my name? But I didn’t have time to really think about it.

Bofunyunn (sfx very pleasant sound of being crushed by breasts〜)……. my face was wrapped in a tantalizing smell and an extremely soft feeling.

「…….Npuuuu!?」(gasping for air)

My head was being closely embraced by the full rounded/plump chest of Princess Sistina, it took me several seconds to comprehend what happened. Two marshmallow cushions were suffocating me as they wrapped nicely around my face…………..no, no wait, I’m seriously going to lose consciousness.

Seeing such a scene Kirika and the girls were completely speechless as they could only stand still absentmindedly.

「For a long time, I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time! Slavemancer, Tooru-sama. I am…………Your possession! 」

Princess Knight Kirika (Level Up)

Job: Princess Knight LV7→8

Skill: 【Brilliant BurstLV5→6】【Magical ResistanceLV2】???

Special Equipment: Rainbow Sword Alkanshel (N E W!)

Slavemancer Tooru (Level UP!)

Job: Slavemancer LV9→10

Skill: 【Enslavement MagicLV7】【Demonic ContractLV1】【Slave StrengtheningLV1→2】???

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