His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 10 An Yang City 4

The past two months, Wang Luo Hai couldn't believe in what he saw. He never thought that having this couple was the best decision in his life. Yao Ying's knack for business was a lot better than him. He knew Yao Ying never had any basis in embroidery business, but only in one week he already got the hang of everything.

Regarding the production, he could find the best material at a lower price than before. That material quality was far better than the previous one. He also cleverly managed the customers. He didn't personally come to meet them.He trained the servants to pay attention to each customer's like and dislike. With only small changes like that, their selling profits were doubling.

When he asked how he did it, Yao Ying merely smiled at him. Wang Luo Hai Just shrugged it off. He just needed the result. Deep inside his mind, he knew that when the time came for Yao Ying to surpass him, he had to let him go. A young man usually had more ambition and he didn't find any fault in that.

After the materials were bought, then they would be processed by Yao Ling. It was embroidery time.

Wang Luo Hai asked the embroiderer leader to teach Yao Ling about the materials and what they were the best use for. She understood it perfectly and she also had a lot of ideas regarding the product and embroidery pattern. These two talents are beyond amazing.

One thing that caught his interest was Yao Ling's stitching and embroidery technique. She produced a rare and complicated technique. It was a rare subset double-sided embroidery - which required ultimate skills and artistry. The front and back of the piece might have different designs, but the ends weren't knotted but woven in so the back couldn't be distinguished.

When Wang Luo Hai saw it, he decided to ask Yao Ling, "Girl, where do you learn embroidery? I can see that this embroidery technique is very special and your master mustn't be an ordinary person."

Yao Ling looked at him, contemplating. "The one who taught me this was my deceased mother. Indeed, she was very talented. But, she was only a peasant with a bit of medical knowledge."

Wang Luo Hai nodded his head, "I understand. But this technique is very hard to master. I've only seen royal palace embroiderers are the only one could do this."

"Are you sure, Sir?" Yao Ling asked politely. She remembered that she once asked her mother. If she could make this beautiful embroidery, why didn't they just selling these instead of farming? Jiu Lan just smiled and told her it was only a hobby. She didn't allow Yao Ling to ponder about it too much, so it slipped Yao Ling's mind.

"I've been in this business for a long time. I'm pretty sure I'm not mistaken. Generally, this technique is only passed down there. There's no law or ban to learn this technique and spread it to the world, so when we produce them there will be no problem. But it will certainly rouse attention." Wang Luo Hai explained.

Yao Ling realized that even her deceased mother wasn't from a simple background. It seemed like her life in the village was only a dream. Then she heard Wang Luo Hai asked again, "Are you sure you want to sell this?"

Yao Ling was touched by Wang Luo Hai's kindness and concern. As a merchant, it would be best to sell it and gain profit, but he still worried about her. "Maybe not now." Wang Luo Hai agreed readily and sighed in relief. He didn't want the couple to be in trouble.

Yao Ling told the conversation to Yao Ying at the very same night. They discussed it further. "It seems mother-in-law used to have a connection with the royal palace. It's not going to be easy to find information. You are correct; we shouldn't sell it for now. We haven't started building our foundation yet and the attention will bring us more trouble."

Yao Ling nodded in agreement. "That's what I thought too. I'm actually quite confused why mother didn't let me ponder over the embroidery matter. It seems like she didn't tell me her whole life story. Not only that... a woman with a medical skill is rare. That's why we never mingled with the villagers."

A sudden realization popped up in her mind. Her mother wasn't an ordinary person – what Wang Luo Hai guessed was correct. She continued talking, "It's lucky for us Wang Luo Hai told me about it. Otherwise, the trouble would catch us unprepared."

"Wang Luo Hai is a nice man, Wife. He can choose to say nothing and gain profit from it, and yet… he decided to warn us. He really is our benefactor. Usually, people will get wary with people from an unclear background like us. But he's not only trusting us but in a way, he's nurturing us in business."

"Yes, that's true."

"It seems like the three of us was brought together by fate. We are actually from unknown past and then become a family. It seems farfetched, but look at us! If not for mother-in-law's kindness and medical background, we would never live until this day." Yao Ying concluded.

Yao Ling nodded in agreement. It was certainly true. Their lives were given back by her mother from the brink of death. It seemed they had another work to do. They wanted to find out about Jiu Lan's past and her connection with the royal family.

That night, they both were deep in thought and had a sleepless night.

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