His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 9 An Yang City 3

The next day, Wang Luo Hai invited them for breakfast. He wanted to know the couple background and characters. He wanted to know whether they were worth it. Such a talent was important to him, but also other traits - for example hardworking. The business deal would be judged based on that.

"Please enjoy the breakfast. We can talk and get to know each other, before talking about the business deal," he welcomed them. "After breakfast, we can discuss it further in our study room."

Yao Ying and Yao Ling both nodded in agreement. When Wang Luo Hai asked about their background, they told the truth. Their honesty made Wang Luo Hai happy. He also showed his sincerity by telling them about his business.

Wang Luo Hai was born in a merchant family. In his hands, their business grew stronger and bigger. Just like the pedestrians said, embroidery business was indeed the most prospering in this city. Wang Luo Hai was popular because he had discerning eyes in finding talents and his honesty in conducting business. He never tried to swindle money from his needleworker; he always gave them a suitable price.

He also cleverly found customers. He could match what they preference of embroidery with the suitable embroiderer. Yao Ying could understand this much from what Wang Luo Hai told him. What he liked from Wang Luo Hai was the fact that he told his background story matter-factly and humbly. He didn't try to boast.

After breakfast, they quickly went to the study room. Wang Luo Hai said merrily, "I like both of you. Don't worry! I won't propose a business deal that makes you eat a loss. I can give you at least one embroidery work per day and if you want there will be more. Judging on last night embroidery speed, you can do more. But I don't want to give you a pressure. After you know your limit, you can just tell me whether you want me to increase your work or not."

"I don't want my wife to be overly tired." Then he turned to Yao Ling and asked her, "What do you think?"

Yao Ling was touched by his thoughtfulness. "I'm fine with it. One embroidery per day at the moment. However, regardless of how fast my speed is, I also need to look at the pattern difficulties and how big the embroidery is. Sometimes, it can take a few days."

Wang Luo Hai nodded, "Of course. Generally speaking, what I mean for the one embroidery each day is only for small things like a handkerchief. I don't want to make too many things at once. I want your work to be rare, so the demand will increase. The small things are just for promotion and the real profit will be from the rich and officials.Don't worry I will be the one who manages the promotion."

Yao Ying discussed the fee with Wang Luo Hai, while Yao Ling was listening on the side. She had no interest in this kind of thing. She could manage the money, but she somehow knew this bargaining thing should be handled by Yao Ying. When handling business, Yao Ying seemed like a different person.

Yao Ling paid attention to his serious expression. He was very assertive and blunt. Even Wang Luo Hai was surprised by the young man's skill. He seemed adept in the business world. What kind of background this young man has? Yao Ying already told him about losing his memories and it made him feel intrigued.

He laughed joyfully, "Young man, why don't you work for me too? I can use your skill too." Wang Luo Hai felt happy, meeting this couple. What a stroke of luck!

They agreed to work together. Even Wang Luo Hai prepared a little house for them. Actually, he even asked them to live with him. But they declined. They didn't want to impose and exploit his kindness. The couple wanted to pay rent but was declined.

"No need! No need! We are working together. I'm not a stingy person nor stupid. Just live there." Wang Luo Hai said earnestly.

The house made of good-quality wood and it's sturdy. Inside there's a dining room, small kitchen, and bedroom. It's enough for both of them. They smiled happily at each other.

"This is a good start for us, Husband."

"Indeed. We are lucky to meet Wang Luo Hai. We have to work hard," Yao Ying said. He offered her hand to her, "Come. Let's go inside the house."

Yao Ling accepted his hands and both went into the house. They started to realize that they complement each other in many aspects, including making money.

They were feeling content with this marriage. They hoped the future would as blissful as the start like this.

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