His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 14 Meeting the ‘Wang” 3

"Prepare the tea," A soft but firm voice belonged to Madam Wang was heard. After giving the order to the servants, then she turned to look at Yao Ling. "I already prepare the tea for you. When you come into this family, you have to serve tea for the elders."

Yao Ling looked at Madam Wang gratefully. "Thank you, Mother."

Madam Wang didn't have the stunningly beautiful face, but she had a soft likable face. She seemed to be a thoughtful person and just as Xiao Yu said… good temperament. For Yao Ling, it was actually a bit uncomfortable to call another person mother. It hadn't been long since her mother was gone and it felt a bit unfilial.

She comforted herself. She got married to Yao Ying and the one who became their child was actually Yao Ying. Thus, Madam Wang was her mother-in-law.

She felt a bit baffled though. When Yao Ying and Yao Ling first came to this house, they could feel the main wife didn't like them. Was that only their imagination? Or there was something that changed her mind? Or this woman was too good at covering her real feeling? Yao Ling felt a bit uncertain.

From the matriarch's expression, she could feel the old woman quite like her. Although at some degree, she could also feel her wariness. She could understand that. Even now, Yao Ying and Yao Ling also felt a bit wary in this household. After all, before this they were practically strangers to each other.

"No need to thank me. We are a family now. From now on, I will treat you both just like my own children." Madam Wang smiled softly. When she noticed the servant already brought the tea over, she gave a pointer to them both, "Pay respect to your grandmother first."

Yao Ying and Yao Ling obeyed her and each took a cup of tea, then they presented them to the matriarch. The matriarch received it one-by-one and drank them gracefully. She was satisfied with Madam Wang's arrangement. This daughter-in-law always made her feel satisfied.

Then, both of them also served Wang Luo Hai and Madam Wang tea. There was no need to serve the concubines. Though they were Wang Luo Hai's women, in the household, they didn't really have a high standing in the household. Since Wang Luo Hai and Madam Wang took them in as their children, naturally son and daughter-in-law of the main wife had higher standing than them.

Wang Luo Hai introduced the three concubines. But before Yao Ling could pay attention to each of their expressions, the matriarch dismissed them. It seemed she didn't like the concubines that much. It left only five of them.

"Let's eat breakfast first before you and Yao Ying went to work. Yao Ling… today you can accompany this old woman and your mother, so I can get to know you more." The matriarch told them.

No one dared to dispute the matriarch's decision. Yao Ling told Yao Ying what needed to be done on her part for the day and let him help her do it. The matriarch quite liked the efficiency of this couple and nodded in appreciation.

After eating breakfast, Wang Luo Hai and Yao Ying went to work. Yao Ling stayed behind and accompanied the matriarch and Madam Wang. The matriarch had a habit. After eating, she loved to walk around the garden to digest the food. They did just that.

They walked in silence until the matriarch broke it. "I'm going to be honest with you." She turned to Yao Ling and her expression was strict, but Yao Ling could feel a hint of softness.

"Actually… at first, I don't really like the idea of having step-grandchildren. I honestly prefer our own bloodline. I really thought what possessed my son's mind, when he proposed the idea," The matriarch told her bluntly.

"I'm not one with honeyed words. If I hate you, then I will tell you directly I hate you. It's also the other way around. If I like you, then I like you."

Listening to the blunt words made Yao Ling sweat, but she honestly appreciated this bluntness better. She hated the idea of being stabbed from the back.

"I sent people to check your background." The matriarch admitted it but didn't sugarcoat any of it. Yao Ling felt like the matriarch was a scary tiger and nothing could get passed through her eyes. Even for her who did nothing wrong, she could instill a bit of fear to her.

She knew the next part of what she said would decide her standing in this household. Heaven or hell. Hated by the matriarch would be an agonizing path. She tried to find something from her expression – whether she liked them or hated them, but she couldn't find anything at all.

Her eyes flickered to Madam Wang, but she also couldn't get anything from her calm face. It felt like this was just a casual talk where they were talking about the weather.

'This is too scary ah~' Yao Ling screamed inside her mind.

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