His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 15 Meeting the ‘Wang” 4

The Matriarch continued her speech, "I found out that you told us the truth. That's good to know. I want to warn both of you beforehand, in this household, I don't want both of you to cause havoc. We can receive you as a part of this family, but we can also chase you away."

Yao Ling scowled inside her mind. We also knew that was the privilege of the matriarch, but being talked like she and Yao Ying were some kinds of bad and helpless human beings make her feel a bit angry and uncomfortable. She tried to control her face, but as young as fifteen years old and usually in a carefree household, she couldn't exactly maintain her calm demeanor.

If this place were her previous village, she would blurt everything inside her mind. They were 'invited' by Wang Luo Hai into this family. It wasn't like they threatened Wang Luo Hai with a dagger when he made the decision. This was simply annoying.

Yes, she liked bluntness. No, she didn't like to be threatened. Was this actually a bad decision from their part? Became Wang Luo Hai's family was also because they considered the plus and minus side. It would certainly get faster to find out about their past if they could use the embroidery business connection. Although this Wang family was quite prosperous, they didn't have any branch in other cities.

With Yao Ying and Yao Ling's abilities and combined with Wang Luo Hai's resources, they believed they could expand their business. They weren't hypocrites. Who didn't like becoming a part of a wealthy family whom will make them live comfortable? Yes, they liked it.

But if it were the only reason, they would refuse. It was a pain in the arse dealing with the messiness of inner yard like this. But… they did have a purpose and she could only bear with it.

The matriarch could see the fluctuation in the girl's eyes. She was just trying to test the water. Was this girl really that obedient and patient to the bone, then pretending to be a 'white lotus'? Or she had a fiery side that more honest? It was scarier if the acting skill was running deep; it meant they had a deeper hidden plan.

However, she could see Yao Ling felt a bit uncomfortable, slightly angry, and being wronged. But there was no trace of panic or feeling scared. The matriarch nodded in satisfaction with Yao Ling's reaction.

The matriarch didn't elaborate her thought. She turned to her daughter-in-law who kept silent beside her. The matriarch knew Ji An, this kid, also felt worried about this. She didn't dare to disagree openly with Wang Luo Hai, so she came to her. When Yao Ying and Yao Ling first came, Ji An still couldn't hide her disdain. She thought the out-of-nowhere couple would definitely plan something.

How could a couple with peasant background have these amazing abilities? More than that, they could gain Wang Luo Hai's trust in a short time – only three months!

When Madam Wang saw the matriarch looking at her and nodded, she sighed in relief. She believed in her mother-in-law's judgment. It seemed like the girl passed the test. This morning, she pretended to be magnanimous by preparing the tea beforehand. She actually disagreed inside her heart with his decision. But she couldn't embarrass her husband by showing her disagreement openly.

Judging from her mother-in-law's expression, she could really welcome this young couple to the family and really took them as her children genuinely. Ah~ children. In this life, her most regret was couldn't have children on her own. In her eyes flashed a little bit sadness, but she knew nothing could be done about it.

Both the matriarch and Madam Wang saw Yao Ling nodded her head, then she answered, "I understand grandmother's concern. Thank you for the reminder." Her face was back to her calm self, but a trace of being wronged was still there. After all, Yao Ling was still young.

The matriarch finally laughed, "Don't get me wrong. When your father-in-law got married, I also gave the same speech to your mother-in-law. I'm not trying to attack you and Yao Ying. Furthermore, I like you." The matriarch finally admitted her real feelings. She indeed liked Yao Ling.

Yao ling only mouthed, "O…" No wonder Madam Wang seemed calm and saw nothing wrong. That warning was kind of a mandatory for them? She felt funny, but secretly in relief.

The matriarch liked her. At least… this was a good step.

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