His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 16 Finally… The Tension is Gone!

Yao Ling never felt this dumbfounded before. Was the matriarch just put on a performance or was she the real deal? She decided to throw it to the back on her mind for now. At least she liked her… she liked her… If she didn't like the performance might become real. Yao Ling shuddered at the thought.

The matriarch held Yao Ling's right hand with hers and slowly pat the back of Yao Ling's hand softly, trying to comfort her. "You are still young and yet already lost your mother. It's not an easy life." Then the matriarch also took Madam Wang's hand and held both of their hands together.

"From now on, both of you will be a real family. A real mother-daughter. Yao Ling a~ I'm not going to let you forget your real mother. If you want to pray for her, you can do it. In this household, no need to feel like an outsider anymore. I hope you can receive Ji An as your mother too. Receiving Ji An as your mother, it doesn't mean you forget about your deceased mother. Your late mother will always stay in your heart." The matriarch kindly talked to them.

"Ji An, I know your grief. You always want children. Now, Yao Ying and Yao Ling have become yours. I also hope both of you can accept each other. Yao Ying will be busy with Luo Hai and Yao Ling will be filial to you. Aren't you, Yao Ling?"

It was like a simple question from kindhearted grandmother, but the meaning was clear. They are soon going to become mother and daughter. As a daughter-in-law, Yao Ling should be the one who took care of Madam Wang. She has to be filial! The warning was loud and clear.

In Yao Ling's mind, the life of upper-class persons was really tiring. If they wanted to warn someone, they had to pay attention to their elegance bearing and the warning was hidden deep in between words. Why couldn't just they talk openly? Peasant's behavior was pretty much simple. I liked you then I would say openly without trying to warn you. The matriarch said she liked Yao Ling in words, but there was still hidden distrust. It started to make Yao Ying get a headache, but what else could she do?

"Of course, Grandmother." Yao Ling answered the matriarch with a smile. Then she turned to Madam Wang, "Mother, don't worry. I won't disappoint you. If I lack something, please teach me, Mother. Yao Ling was a peasant and had no impressive bearing or etiquette, hope Mother wouldn't blame Yao Ling for this."

Yao Ling didn't feel embarrassed with her background. She was a peasant and she couldn't erase that background. If she were ashamed of it, wouldn't it mean she was also ashamed of Jiu Lan? In Yao Ling's perception, they already knew it before she was a peasant, so they should also accept her lack of bearing. Take it or leave it!

But she also had to state this part first, so later they wouldn't put it on her if she made a mistake regarding this. Ugh! Restrain….restrain… she had to restrain herself. Smile…smile… don't forget to smile! Yao Ling reminded herself.

The matriarch and Madam Wang looked at each other. They knew this little girl was trying to smile. But, her smile was actually very stiff and scary. They knew they might be pushing the limit button of the girl and couldn't help but laugh out loud. Yes, their gentle bearing was gone and it was a full-blown laughter.

Yao Ling stopped smiling and looked at them in confusion. She asked, "Why are both of you laughing?"

The matriarch and Madam Wang even had to wipe their tears. Just like this and finally… the tension was gone. Madam Wang finally answered, "Not to hide the truth. At first, I don't really like you and Yao Ying. It doesn't have to do with your peasant identity. Both of you just appeared out-of-nowhere and gained Luo Hai's favor in just three months. I was pretty sure both of you have a bad intention and sent by someone that has become our enemy. But… it seems like I'm wrong."

Yao Ling didn't know her funny expressions just now really put their mind at ease. If Yao Ling were someone that person sent, then she wouldn't have been making a loophole like this. Yao Ling didn't act at all…

"Enemy? Father has an enemy?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

Madam Wang brushed her question off, "Don't worry about that for now. Sooner or later you will know about it. Do you know why we laughed just now?"

Yao Ling shook her head.

"Your smile just now was too scary! Don't you ever smile that way again!" The matriarch explained to her while laughing.

Yao Ling's mouth slightly twitched. Scary? She tried to smile elegantly, but it turned out become scary? She felt like crying without tears.

Madam Wang patted her head, comforting her, "It's okay. I don't care about your background. Peasant or not, you are now my child. Don't think too much and just behave like usual. Really… It was weird!"

Evil! Really evil! She thought that the magnanimous Madam Wang was so kind that she comforted her, but she still teased her. But truly… for Yao Ling, this was much more comfortable ah~

The matriarch also added, "Yes! This is the first time I laugh so long! I have never seen that kind of expression before."

Grandmother ahhh~ You also tease me. Yao ling could only blush in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about etiquette. It can be learned. I will give you Zhang Mo Mo. She's my trusted maidservant and she will teach you step-by-step." The matriarch said in between tears.

What else could Yao Ling do? She could only nod.

At least, after that, they talked to each other in a nice atmosphere and became closer.

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