His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 21 Lin Zheng 3

Yao Ying and Yao Ling wanted to do something to change the heavy atmosphere, but they didn't know what to do. They didn't know Lin Zheng good enough to understand what topic that he liked. The man was practically an ice block with unreadable emotions.

Contrary to the expectations, it was Lin Zheng who broke the silence. He looked at Yao Ying and asked, "Kid, do you know martial arts?"

Wang Luo Hai was surprised with the question too. He was also in the dark; he didn't know whether Yao Ying had a martial art background or not. He stared at Yao Ying and asked, "Really? You know martial art?"

It kept Wang Luo Hai wondering. What was actually this kid's background? Having a talent in business was already a surprise, but also martial arts? It seemed Yao Ying wasn't from an ordinary background at all.

Yao Ying nodded. He asked Lin Zheng, "How does General Lin know?"

"I can distinguish the difference between an ordinary person – for example like him," he paused and pointed at Wang Luo Hai.

Wang Luo Hai felt wronged. "What ordinary person? I just don't practice martial arts. But my brain is perfectly fine for making money, unlike you who can only use your burly body for a fight!"

Wang Luo Hai always behaved like a teenager again, when he met Lin Zheng. He was the only one who could aggravate him to this level. That old man wasn't only cold, but also had poisonous tongue – but only to him to be exact. He wasn't sure how many times he wondered how could he end up being best friend with Lin Zheng.

Yao Ling tried to hold back her laughter, but a giggle managed to come out. Wang Luo Hai looked so childish at this moment and she never saw him this way before. Lin Zheng really enlightened her with this side of her father-in-law.

Wang Luo Hai glared at Yao Ling, trying to warn her. If his eyes could talk, the glare would probably mean like this: 'You.. young lady… if you continue laughing, I'll ask your mother-in-law to punish you.' This thought sobered Yao Ling up and she put on a serious face that satisfied Wang Luo Hai.

What Yao Ling didn't know was… Wang Luo Hai's mind was full of despair. His image was shattered in front of the children. Why did he bring them to meet Lin Zheng? He just wanted to boast that he got these two as his children, but this plan has backfired. That damn Lin Zheng! How could he? He didn't even give him face in front of his children.

Lin Zheng didn't bother to pay attention to Wang Luo Hai. He continued speaking while scrutinizing Yao Ying's body, "Your body shape and muscle can make me determine it. I trained a lot of people to know that. And you are also good at it."

This time Lin Zheng didn't need to ask. He was confident with his eyes and knowledge. This kid's martial art was good.

Yao Ying paid attention to Lin Zheng's words and nodded. "Yes, I know a bit of martial art. But I lose my memories, so I don't remember the training or what level I am. So, I really can't say whether I am good or not." Yao Ying helplessly said. "I only trained myself in the morning based on what my body remembers."

Lin Zheng seemed interested in this aspect. "Lose memories?" His eyes flickered to Wang Luo Hai. Wang Luo Hai never mentioned this to him, but he knew his best friend wasn't stupid enough to gamble his own family. A person from an unknown background was usually dangerous, but if he lost his memories, then we couldn't blame him.

"Spar with me, if you have time. I will let you know your level. Just go to my house, if you ready." Lin Zheng offered his help.

Yao Ying cupped his hands and bowed. "Thank you, General Lin."

Wang Luo Hai scowled. "My child is busy with our business. He has no time to visit you."

Yao Ying and Yao Ling looked at each other helplessly. Wang Luo Hai seemed like trying to aggravate Lin Zheng all the time. Judging from Wang Luo Hai's tone, he wasn't serious. But he always lost to Lin Zheng's short answers all the time. Father ah~ where was your dignity?

Hearing Wang Luo Hai's answer, Lin Zheng just calmly drank his tea. His next words were quite lethal, "No worry. Rather than working to death, you both just follow me and become my stepchildren. Wang family has too many women. I bet your little wife will be bullied. In my household, I only have one child and no woman. He always wants a brother. You can become his brother, Yao Ying."

Yao Ying and Yao Ling were speechless. "…"

Wang Luo Hai stood up angrily, "What did you just say? Do you want to snatch my stepchildren? Ha! In your dream!"

Lin Zheng looked at him and brushed him off. "Then why you don't let him visit me? I'm just showing you what I'll do if you don't let him visit me. If I'm bored, I'll take him in."

"You… you…" Wang Luo Hai was speechless. Since when his best friend's shamelessness beat him to this level? Damn him!

Then he turned to Yao Ying, "Fine.. you go there tomorrow. Yao Ling, you go with him. Don't let this old fox deceive Yao Ying. You must bring him back home."

Yao Ling could only nod. She could see Lin Zheng's smile. His mouth only curled up a little, but she got the sense that he won big. Father ah~ You were really dancing under his palm. General Lin could really play with you.

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