His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 22 Teasing Her is a Fun Thing to do

After Lin Zheng got what he wanted, he felt satisfied. Yao Ying and Yao Ling didn't know whether they should laugh or cry because after that, Lin Zheng dismissed them. Yes, literally dismissed them.

After they finished eating, Lin Zheng only said these words to Wang Luo Hai, "Good boy! I know you're sensible. Now, you can go."

Just like that!

Wang Luo Hai's face was very red and everyone could see his vein was bulging. He could feel his anger already reached its maximum, but he was also helpless. This friend of his… was always like that. He felt himself like a moron for keep hanging around him. He, himself, couldn't figure out why. Was he enjoyed being bullied that much? He scowled to himself.

"Yao Ying, Yao Ling, come on! Let's go home!" Wang Luo Hai called them and flung both of his sleeves in a mock anger. Without saying goodbye to Lin Zheng, he went out. Yao Ying and Yao Ling could only say goodbye hastily and followed Wang Luo Hai out. These two old men were really childish. Both youngsters could only shake their head.

Wang Luo Hai didn't say much after that. It was probably because of his bad mood. But he reminded them to visit Lin Zheng the next day. "Don't let me lose face in front of him! If you can, just beat him until no one recognizes him!"

Back in their room, Yao Ying could only laugh bitterly and told Yao Ling what Wang Luo Hai had said. Where did he have the gut to do that? He didn't even know his martial arts level and the other one was a general. Did Wang Luo Hai just give him a suicide mission?

Yao Ling just laughed at Yao Ying's reaction. She understood what kind of thought inside his mind and said, "Don't worry about what Father's said. He was just a bit vexed at the moment. You can see for yourself Father and General Lin have a pretty great bond. I'm pretty sure Father didn't mean it."

Yao Ying understood that point, but he still scowled and felt unhappy. He was involved in a childish quarrel between two old men. Yao Ling laughed and tried to ease his tension. She slowly massaged the black lines between his eyebrows tenderly. Somehow, it worked.

Yao Ying's tensed face became relax in a few seconds. He looked at his wife in gentleness. Honestly speaking, they didn't know each other that long and their marriage was still fresh, but somehow they were always in sync.

Yao Ling was still young, but she knew how to read his mood and understood what's on his mind. Just like this, her tender gaze while massaging the black lines between his eyebrows managed to captivate him. In a close distance, he could see her long eyelashes fluttering softly. Her eyes were looking at him intensely, while her full lips were smiling warmly.

He thought to himself, 'Maybe the best decision in his life is getting married to Yao Ling. If she didn't find me, I'd be dead. If I didn't get married to her, I'd be all alone. She may think she's the only one who gets the benefit from the marriage. I give her protection, but she doesn't realize how she gives me the courage to move on and look up at the future. My missing past always haunts me, but Yao Ling, she becomes my light in the darkness. Fate sure has a way to bring people together.'

Yao Ling saw Yao Ying's passionate gaze at her and couldn't help but ask, "Why are you looking at me like that? Are you still in a bad mood?"

Yao Ying only smiled and said, "Nothing. I'm just feeling grateful." He didn't elaborate more about his thought; he kept them to himself. He knew that sooner or later, he would fall in love with his wife. As long as he wasn't sure about his feelings, he wouldn't tell a soul about it – even to his wife.

"Grateful?" Yao Ling looked at him in confusion but still teased him nonetheless. "Do you love my massage that much? How can your feeling change so abruptly like that? From unhappy to grateful just from a simple massage on your face? Oh, husband~ you are so easy to please." She poked his cheek playfully.

Yao Ying grabbed Yao Ling's hand that kept poking him and bit it in mock anger. "You dare to poke and tease your husband?"

Yao Ling giggled and asked him back, "What? You don't like it?"

"No. So you have to be punished!"

Yao Ying released her hand. When she thought Yao Ying would release her, but instead, he swooped her up and turned to walk to their bed. Yao Ling screamed softly in surprise, but it only lasted for a while because he muffled her scream with a kiss. He kept her in his arm until they arrived at the edge of their bed.

Yao ling felt his soft lips against her. He took the chance to put his tongue inside her mouth when she screamed just now. She couldn't deny his entrance and choose to return him with the same passions. When she started to feel dizzy and out of breath, Yao Ying finally released her and placed her onto the bed.

"Is that my punishment?" Yao Ling asked boldly. In her mind, he's already her husband, so it was justified for her to be a little bit bold.

"Tsk...Tsk... of course not! How could it become a punishment, when you enjoy it that much?"

Yao Ling lowered her head and blushed in embarrassment. She wasn't bold to that level. Saying out loud that she enjoyed it mortified her. "What? Who said that I enjoy it?"

"Oh… really? You didn't enjoy it?"


"Then.. why did I hear you moaning just now?"

"What? No! It must be your imagination!" Yao Ling insisted.

"Why don't we try it again?"

When Yao Ling tried to dodge him, Yao Ying wickedly held him tightly and kissed her again. She couldn't deny it; she was indeed moaning.

"There… you were moaning, right?"


Yao Ling was speechless with her husband's shamefulness. But she couldn't lie to him, because she really enjoyed it. She could only meekly answered him, "Just a little bit!"

Finally giving her mercy, he just roared in laughter. Teasing his wife would be a fun thing to do from time to time. Her bashfulness really made him happy.

When Yao Ling was going to bury herself inside the quilt, he reminded her, "You haven't got punished yet!"

Yao Ling protested, "Just now… you already punished me with the kiss, right?"

"Wife… I already told you… it's not a punishment if you enjoy it," he said exasperatedly.

Yao Ling sighed in annoyance and asked him, "What else do you want me to do?"

"Massage my back, please." Yao Ying asked Yao Ling sweetly.

Yao Ling just grumbled at him, "Just tell me loud and clear that you like my massage. Why beat around the bush like that?"

Although she was complaining, she still asked him to sleep on his stomach and massaged him. She could feel his tensed body started to relax under her massage.

"Do you like it?"


"Can I stop now?"


"I'm tired! Both of my arms are feeling sore!" She complained.

"No… Continue…"

Yao Ling gritted her teeth. She finally realized that Yao Ling was only teasing her. She got angry and kicked his bottom, then slept on her side with her back facing him. She decided to ignore the bully.

"Ouch… Why did you kick my bottom?" Yao Ying whined.

"Serve you right! Who tells you to bully me." Yao Ling answered monotonously.

Yao Ying laughed at her and hugged her from behind. "Aw.. my lovely wife is angry. I'm sorry. I'm just kidding with you."

"Hmph!" Yao ling pretended to be angry. She massaged him, not only because of his so-called punishment. She understood that he was tired from work and also she wanted him to relax because the next day he had to spar with General Lin.

Yao Ying coaxed her by turning her around and kissing her all around her face. This finally managed to make her let out a giggle. After their sweet banter, they slept blissfully in each other's arm.

Sometimes a simple gesture could give warmth to the people around. Yao Ling didn't realize her simple care and attention to Yao Ling just now could worm herself into Yao Ying's heart. Slowly but sure.

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