His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 23 General Lin’s Estate 1

The next day, they were going to General Lin's house under Wang Luo Hai's permission. They discussed what needed to be done in 'Fu Rong' and Wang Luo Hai would handle it for them.

Before going, they ate breakfast with the big family just like usual. Only the main family ate together, while the concubines ate at their own courtyard. Yao Ling's hands were still sore with all the massage the previous day. When eating, her hand were slightly shaking and making her fail to grab the meat that she wanted to take.

Yao Ying grinned at her predicament, but still helped her by taking the meat for her. Wang Luo Hai asked in concern, "What happened to your hand? Are you sick?"

"No, Father. I'm fine." Yao Ling blushed in embarrassment.

"Her hands are sore because of me," Yao Ying tried to explain in her behalf. What he meant was because of the massage, but his words were slightly ambiguous.

"Sore because of you?" Wang Luo hai choked in embarrassment, while asking the question. Then he shook his head in disagreement, "Ying-er, did you waste too much energy last night? Don't forget today's spar! Save your energy and beat him up for me!"

"Young people these days," Madam Wang could only shake her head and blushed. Was the youngster these days so open-minded? They could even say this kind of thing without batting eyelashes.

"Good! Continue and give me great-grandchildren." Only the matriarch praised them, full of happiness. She glared at Wang Luo Hai, "What wasting energy? It's what youngsters should do! They are newlyweds, of course, they have to spend a lot of energies every night!"

Wang Luo Hai could only eat in silence. Since his mother already talked, he didn't have any reasons to rebuke her. Above of all, the main reason was he didn't dare to oppose his mother. He knew he was being unreasonable, but he just wanted his son to beat that damn Lin Zheng.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling gaped at them in surprise. At first, they didn't realize what they meant until the matriarch's last sentence. Great-grandchildren? They looked at each other in bewilderment. Did they think Yao Ying was talking about their 'night workout'?

Yao Ling felt like she could die in embarrassment. Her face was flushing red – even redder than tomatoes. At first, Yao Ying was also felt like dying in embarrassment, but looking at his wife's face, he couldn't help but laugh inwardly. He didn't dare to show any sign of laughter in front of Yao Ling. He knew sometimes she could be a bit petty and hold a grudge. He didn't want to be kicked again.

"What… that's not the reason why my arms are sore!" Yao Ling cried, denying their thought.

"Yes, that's true! It's because she massaged me." Yao Ying supported his wife and told them the real reason.

"Ah… massage…" The three of them looked at them, nodding in understanding.

"No need to tell us the details of your night pleasure. You can just go ahead and do it! Have fun! Don't forget to make babies." The matriarch laughed heartily at the young love.


Yao Ying and Yao Ling didn't know what else could they say. They truly only did a massage, but their explanation led to horrifying misunderstanding. Somehow, it became amorous.

Yao Ling glared at her husband and scolded him in her mind. 'It's because of you! If you didn't tell me to massage you for a long time, my hands would be fine! Not sore and shaking!'

Yao Ying could only gulp, feeling wronged. Indeed he just wanted to joke with her with this simple punishment. However, last night he really enjoyed her massage and felt sleepy. That's why he forgot to tell her to stop. He could only receive her glare bitterly.

The whole breakfast the couple felt uncomfortable with the elders' gaze. One was in annoyance, one was in happiness, and one was in understanding.

After they finished breakfast, the couple quickly bid their farewell and went to General Lin's house. They decided to ignore the elders' inquisitive gaze. They couldn't explain that they hadn't consummated their marriage yet, so there was nothing else they could say. Just let them believe whatever they wanted to believe!

Yao Ying took Xiu and Yao Ling took Xiao Yu with them. They weren't that familiar with the road to General Lin's estate, so they let Xiu and Xiao Yu lead the way.

Yao Ling asked curiously, "Have you ever been there?"

"Yes. Master often send various things to General Lin's," Xiu explained.

"Oh? What kind of things?" Yao ling asked curiously.

"Too many to count, Young Mistress. They usually love betting on everything. So, the various things usually are sent back and forth. For example, rare wine and tea," Xiu gave an example.

"What kind of bet?" What Xiu said piqued Yao Ying's interest. Their relationship was quite amusing to comprehend. He wondered if he could also find a good friend to share such friendship.

"It's too embarrassing to say!" Xiao Yu exclaimed. She knew how childish her master was and that only happened when it involved General Lin.

Xiu nodded in agreement. "Their bet is certainly very childish. But please don't tell Master I said that or he will certainly punish me!" He grimaced when he remembered the punishment. Wang Luo Hai wasn't a heartless master, but his punishment certainly made people suffer mentally.

For example, Xiu hated the smell of heavy perfume the most. And his punishment? He had to wear heavy perfume for seven days, making him feel nauseous all the time. It wasn't heavy punishment, but still effective nonetheless. It was one of the reasons why they felt lucky as Wang manor's slaves. Usually, slaves were punished by being beaten heavily in even for small mistakes, but in Wang manor, that punishment would be saved for grave mistakes only.

"I won't tell him. Give me one example," Yao Ling asked excitedly.

"Er…" Xiu hesitantly said, "They bet on every little thing. For example one of the current bets is… how long both of you will give master grandchildren." There were more embarrassing things, such as the concubine's next period. Lin Zheng had no concubine, so it was always between the three concubines in Wang manor.

The concubines didn't know about this and only servants that used to privately served master like him knew all about this. But gossiping between servants was usual, even Xiao Yu knew about this. The servants were clever enough to know their place and didn't tell any of the concubines' private servants or they would be punished by the master.

Xiu believed that even the matriarch and Madam Wang knew about this. As long as the bet didn't involve them, they turned a blind eye on it and even joined in amusement. The master was still sensible enough for not involving the matriarch and Madam Wang in their bet.

Sometimes Xiu even wondered whether the master loved his concubines. He saw him stayed the night with them once in a while, but that was it. Their needs would be fulfilled by the master and he seemed like he pampered them, but with that kind of bet? Wasn't it kind of humiliating for the concubines, even though the bet was between two people only?

He didn't understand the mind of wealthy people. Maybe the concubines were just decorations, but this was just his own perception.

Xiu was brought back to reality by Yao Ying and Yao Ling's question. "Even betting on us?" Yao Ying and Yao Ling asked in bewilderment. The two old men were so outrageous. They had a hunch that the bet's idea must have come from their father. The serious Lin Zheng must be forced by him.

Why everyone kept talking about grandchildren? They just became a part of the Wang household and they were still trying to adjust themselves with everything. They didn't think it would be wise to have a baby at the moment.

Both Xiu and Xiao Yu nodded at the same time and thought to themselves, 'This bet is just one of the better examples. If they only know how outrageous the other bets are, they will certainly faint…' Even sometimes they felt ashamed with the content of the bets.

Talking made them lose track of time, and in a flash, they arrived in front of General Lin's estate.

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