His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 26 New Friendship 1

They went to Lin Zheng's study despite the spectators' confusion. Was the spar end just like that? It was only lasted less than five minutes. They didn't understand the problem was, but they realized there must be something wrong. The soldiers knew the general's rules; they weren't allowed to ask questions that they weren't supposed to ask. Curiosity killed the cat. That's why they dispersed themselves and didn't raise any questions.

Only the four of them went inside Lin Zheng's study room. Xiu and Xiao Yu stayed outside. They understood that their masters needed to talk something serious. They just recently became their servants, so the trust bond wasn't there yet. They totally understood about this.

In the study room, the four of them looked at each other in silence. Lin Jian decided to break the silence and talked first, "After you lose your memories, have you ever used your inner strength?"

Yao Ying answered in confusion, "Inner strength?" After thinking for a while, he realized what Lin Jian meant, "Do you mean the warmth that I felt?"

Lin Jian nodded and said again, "If I'm not mistaken, your martial arts level isn't any lower than mine."

Lin Zheng supported what Lin Jian said, "You are not mistaken. I'm certain. I could feel his inner strength power emanated pretty strong before." It was only emanated in a flash, but Lin Zheng's sense was sensitive so he could feel the subtle inner strength power.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling looked at each other in surprise. Truthfully, they never expected this result. They thought his martial arts were so-so. If he were as strong as a lieutenant general, then what would that make him? Who was he actually? High martial arts meant that he wasn't an ordinary person.

Just like what they had just thought, Lin Zheng confirmed it. "I think whoever you are before, you are not just an ordinary person. You might hold a certain level of military ranks if you were in an army. One thing for sure, you weren't in my army. I always remember my subordinates' face, especially the higher rank ones. I will try to make an inquiry to the other generals but don't get yourself too much hope. This is just a possibility."

At first, Yao Ying and Yao Ling were excited with what Lin Zheng said. But the last sentence dampened their spirit for a bit and also gave them a realization. They really couldn't really hold it on him, because what he said was true. There were a lot of possibilities and the military was only one of them. Hopefully, they could find out about Yao Ying's identity soon.

Yao Ying answered Lin Zheng with a short sentence, "I understand."

"Do you know why I let you spar with my son?"

"No. I assumed I was going to spar with you," Yao Ying answered truthfully.

"Ouch!" Lin Jian pretended to be hurt by Yao Ying's words. "Are you disappointed in me?"

Yao Ying laughed guiltily, "No. I'm sorry. That's not what I mean."

Lin Zheng gave a tiny little bit smile and said, "Ignore him! I hope you two can be friends. You need to loosen up a little. You are too serious for your own good, Yao Ying."

The three youngsters looked at Lin Zheng in disbelief. Their mouth slightly twitched. Did he just critique Yao Ying for being too serious? Had he seen himself in the mirror? General Lin was practically the symbol of seriousness. He rarely smiled and it made him look like he had facial paralysis.

"Er… okay?" Yao Ying didn't know how to answer him.

Lin Jian was the only one who bold enough to say, "What did you say, Father? I think you are the one who is the embodiment of the serious word! At least, Yao Ying laughs freely, unlike you. I never once see you laugh!"

Lin Zheng just look at him in disdain, "Why should I laugh to an annoying boy like you? My laugh is reserved only for your mother!"

Lin Jian felt guilty for saying that. He actually just wanted to joke with his father. He knew his father just answered him with the truth, but he could feel a pang of sadness inside him. His father had never laughed since his mother was gone. As long as he could remember, he only saw his father curl up his lips a little – just a tiny smile for a few times.

Lin Jian tried to erase his sadness, so it was gone in a flash. He tried to change the subject, "Fine!" He turned to Yao Ying and grinned, "Let's be friends!"

Yao Ying let out a soft chuckle. "It would be my pleasure. I hope we can get along well."

Lin Zheng nodded in satisfaction. "Good! Maybe you will become the next me and that stupid Wang Luo Hai."


The three of them was speechless. They truly didn't want their friendship became as crazy as the old men! They shuddered thinking about their childish behavior and the bet! Don't forget about their shameless bet! Yao Ling truly didn't hope she would become a target of their bet. If she found any bet including her, she would literally kill Yao Ying!

Yao Ling was pretty happy with the way it went. Yao Ying had no friend. After meeting her, he only stuck with her back in the village. After they arrived in An Yang City, they were busy trying to earn money and all they did was working. His life was only revolved around her and work. Besides, she could see his mind kept wandering around from time to time. She was pretty sure it was all about his forgotten past.

Maybe gaining a new family and friend would have a good effect for Yao Ying. She simply wanted him to be happier. She didn't want him to be held back and bounded by his past. There was no guarantee he could ever remember it again. There was a possibility they could fail to find out about his past. What then? He would be disappointed.

She just didn't want his past to hinder him and miss the present happiness. For this, she felt thankful to General Lin's kindness. Behind his cold façade, he was actually perspective and a nice man.

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