His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 27 New Friendship 2

Lin Zheng squinted his eyes at the three youngsters and asked, "Why does no one say anything? You don't like to have a friendship like mine?"


The three of them felt the sweat on their back. How could they say no? They could feel the chilling aura from the general. Did he… feel offended? But truly… he was really a bit too proud of his weird friendship.

Lin Jian could only shake his head in defeat. He knew how unreasonable his father was sometimes. Just let the old man happy then! He flattered him, "Of course, we love how your friendship blossoms. Who doesn't know about both of you in An Yang City? Both of you are so famous!"

Yao Ying and Yao Ling stared in Lin Jian in disbelief. Did they really that popular? They became curious about the reason. Please… please… please… don't say about the bet! Wasn't it too embarrassing for the Wang household? They really needed to inquire this matter by asking Xiu and Xiao Yu. Also… they were very curious about the nature of their overall bets. They wanted to know what other creative bets those old men had thought about.

Interesting! These two old men were really amusing!

Yao Ying didn't want to offend General Lin and became the target of his pettiness, "I also admire your friendship. I'm pretty sure we would follow your footsteps." Yao Ying didn't even know he could flatter anyone by lying through his teeth.

Lin Jian and Yao Ling looked at him in amusement. Lin Jian thought that this Yao Ying was also smart and it looked fun to be friend with. On the other hand, Yao Ling laughed inwardly. She never thought there would be a day she would see Yao Ying groveling to people in such manner. She knew how much Yao Ying hated fake flattery, but just now… he had to do it himself.

Yao Ling smiled softly at General Lin and said, "I also enjoy the banter between the two of you. Why doesn't General tell us more stories about your friendship?" She was really curious. She didn't mean to curry any favor. She just wanted to know what was the inside story of their funny friendship.

Lin Jian said, "I don't think that's possible. My father wasn't the talk…" Before Lin Jian finished his sentence, Lin Zheng cut him off with only one shocking word, "Sure."

Lin Jian looked at his own father with a complex expression. Was this really his father? Just now, he was going to say his father wasn't a talkative person. That was the truth! He only talked a lot when discussing military matters. His father was never talkative about his own personal matter.

Was the man in front of him really his father? He wanted to pinch his father's cheek to convince himself, but he didn't really have the gut to do that. Maybe the sun would set from the east today? He couldn't imagine how the conversation would go.

Yao Ling beamed at Lin Zheng. "Great!"

"Next time, I will invite you and Yao Ying again. I need to attend another matter, so you young people should enjoy yourself and go." Without waiting for their answer, he just dismissed them. The youngsters had no choice but left the study room. Of course, they politely bid their goodbye.

Lin Jian led them out. "How about we find a good place and drink tea? I think we need to discuss further your performance just now."

Yao Ying nodded excitedly. He didn't feel satisfied with their conversation just now. Lin Zheng didn't explain too much, but judging from his personality, Yao Ying naturally understood. He could only find more information from Lin Jian.

Yao Ling understood this was probably inappropriate if she went with them. It was better if they talked by themselves. Anyway, she didn't understand much about martial arts. Yao Ying could tell her the summary later. She felt she needed to give him some space.

"Both of you can go. I need to deal with some matters at 'Fu Rong'."

Yao Ying nodded at Yao Ling gratefully. He knew why she didn't want to go with them and he appreciated her understanding. "Be careful on your way back," Yao Ying said softly to his wife.

"I'll take Xiao Yu back with me. You also need to be careful too." After saying that, Yao Ling turned to Xiu who stood behind Yao Ying, "Take care of your master."

Xiu smiled and responded politely, "I will, Young Mistress."

Yao Ling nodded in satisfaction with Xiu's reply. Then she heard Lin Jian cleared his throat and said in a mock anger, "Please don't be so intimate in front of a single man like me. This young master will feel envious and heartbroken."

Yao Ling blushed in embarrassment at what Lin Jian said. She didn't mean to act too intimate. She was just worried about her husband. "That's not what I mean," Yao Ling said weakly.

Yao Ying laughed. "Please don't tease my wife! Maybe you need to find a woman for yourself, so you won't feel envious with our intimacy."

Lin Jian could only raise both of his hands in defeat. "Fine… fine…" He grinned, showing that it was just a joke. "If I tease any further, Yao Ling gu niang's face will get redder than a tomato."

Yao Ling smiled helplessly at Lin Jian. "I better leave now. Nice to meet you, Lin Jian gong zhi." Then she turned to Yao Ying, "I will go first, Husband. I will see you at home."

After bid her goodbye, she quickly went back to 'Fu Rong' with Xiao Yu. Yao Ying loved to see her cute embarrassed face, but he still didn't forget about her jealousy. Hmm… She couldn't run from him tonight. He smiled to himself, imagining what would he do to her later that night.

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