His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 29 I’m Going to Kill You!

They decided to forget the idea of going out, instead, they stayed at 'Lin Fu' to talk. Lin Jian brought Yao Ying to a gazebo at their back garden. Just like the front yard, everything was green. They gave out a peaceful vibe.

Lin Jian asked the servant to serve hot tea and osmanthus cake. Yao Ying glanced at Lin Jian and said, "Stop talking about jealousy. I want to talk about our spar." He didn't beat around the bush and went straight to the point. Somehow, he already felt comfortable talking with Lin Jian. He had personalities that could easily make people like him.

"What do you want to know?"

"How can you know my level just based on that fast spar? I reckon we only fought less than five minutes?" Yao Ying felt quite irritated with his own lack of knowledge, but he didn't let Lin Jian know about his real feelings. He only looked calm on the surface.

Lin Jian was thinking of the best way to explain it to him. It was mainly based on his instinct, so it was kind of hard to say. "Hmm… to put it bluntly, my father and I have a really sensitive intuition regarding inner strength. It runs in the family. When your inner strength came out, I could feel the strength. However, it seems unpolished. To have that strong inner strength, it needs to be cultivated for a long time – unless you are a genius."

Yao Ying asked, "Do you think it's unpolished because of my memory loss?"

Lin Jian nodded. "In my opinion, yes. After your memory loss, have you ever felt the warm sensation when you were practicing?"

"I don't think so. Just now was the first time. That's why it's surprised me when I felt the sensation."

"I think it's because of your basic instinct. It appeared because you were in a fight, so your body did it on a reflex. It seems you practiced and fought diligently before, otherwise there's no way your body would memorize how to attack and fight in a whim like that."

"Why do you need to stop the fight?" Yao Ying asked curiously. "You didn't use any inner strength before, right?"

"Yes, I didn't. I thought you didn't know about inner strength, so I just wanted to gauge your ordinary martial arts skills. I stopped the fight because I could feel your inner strength was unstable. It's dangerous to use it blindly in a fight."

Yao Ying nodded in understanding. Where the sudden inner strength came from? The more he found something new about himself, the more confused he was. The weirdest thing was his newfound talents didn't jog his lost memories at all!

"Can you teach me how to manage my inner strength?" Yao Ying asked for Lin Jian's help.

"I can teach you the basic, but for further learning, you have to find yourself a master." Then Lin Jian thought of an idea. "How about I introduce you to my master?"

"You'd do that?" Yao Ying was surprised by Lin Jian's generosity.

"I would. He's a bit eccentric, so I don't know whether he will receive you as disciple or not. It depends on yourself and your luck."

"Er… what kind of eccentric?" Yao Ying thought about how he always met weird people lately. And now… an eccentric master? He felt his life becoming more and more interesting.

Lin Jian grinned at Yao Ying's expression. He seemed a bit disturbed because of the eccentric word. "You'll find out when you meet him. I'll find him later and ask him to meet you first. Why so scared? Look at me! I'm his disciple. How weird could be?"

Yao Ying's mouth slightly twitched. My new friend ah~ That's why it became scarier because he chose you as a disciple. However, he didn't say it out loud. He could only gulp and nodded. With a lieutenant general as a disciple, he must be very powerful. So, what else could go wrong?

"I'll thank you before."

"No need to thank me. Just introducing you to my master isn't a big deal."

Yao Ying smiled gratefully at him. But the smile turned into a frown, after listening to Lin Jian's next words. "So… how did you meet your little cute wife?" Yao Ying looked at how excited Lin Jian was. His gratefulness vanished in a heartbeat.

Was he deliberately angering him? He dared to say his wife cute again?! Yao Ying answered with a scowl, "What it has got to do with you?"

Lin Jian blinked innocently at Yao Ying. "Why can't I ask about it? Of course, because I'm curious."

"I won't tell you."

"What? Why? You are so stingy! I want to know what does she sees in you."

Yao Ying glared at him. If his eyes could kill, Lin Jian would probably die a thousand times painful death. "What's wrong with me?"

Lin Jian looked at him up and down in scrutinizing way. "Hmm… you face is pretty handsome, although in a bit girly way." Lin Jian poked his arms and continued, "Your muscle is pretty good. Not as good as mine but doable."

Lin Jian looked down, paying close attention to where 'little Yao Ying' was. Yao Ying looked down and saw where his gaze landed at… He was furious!When Yao Ying saw Lin Jian open his mouth, he roared at him. "Don't even think about it!"

Lin Jian closed his mouth and gulped down what he'd wanted to say. He widened his eyes innocently. "What? I'm just going to ask if you…"

"Stop it!"


"Don't say it!"


"Shut up!"


"Oh, you started it! I'm going to kill you!" Yao Ying stood up and tried to catch him.

Lin Jian ran and laughed, "Is it not well-endowed? Is it small? That's why you get angry?"

"Lin Jian!!"

Yao Ying continued chasing him, but the bastard was fast an as slick as a snake. Yao Ying gritted his teeth and thought to himself, 'That damn Lin Jian! I was so… going to kill him!'

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