His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 30 A Childish and Jealous Husband 1

That night, Yao Ying scowled in annoyance. He still remembered how Lin Jian molested him with his eyes. He chased him, but the damned guy was using his qing gong to run away! He found out that he could use it too, however, his inner strength was unstable and he couldn't hold out for long.

He had no choice but to let Lin Jian go. He couldn't chase him with his current level. There was no point for humiliating himself in General Lin's house. Yao Ying remembered the way the soldiers looked at him in amusement. It was downright embarrassing.

Yao Ling seemed to pick up his bad mood. She asked in concern, "What happened? You are supposed to have a good time with Lin Jian." That was she hoped for him but it seemed something had gone awry.

Yao Ying snorted. "What a good time of my life? He is the most annoying person I've ever known."

Yao Ling laughed at her childish husband. The way his mouth pouted was so silly. She thought that maybe a person's hidden trait could be brought out when he or she met the right person. Just like Yao Ying! She didn't think she could make him behave childishly like this.

"Won't you tell me what happened?" Yao Ling asked curiously. What could make Yao Ling so angry like this?

Yao Ying opened his mouth but then closed it again. He changed his mind. He wasn't going to tell his own wife that he had been molested with Lin Jian's eyes. That would hit his ego as a man. Instead, he answered, "Nothing."

Yao Ling glanced at him, feeling a bit hurt. Usually, they talked about their day to each other. It seemed like it wasn't going to happen today, so she clamped her mouth and didn't try to push him any further. She thought positively, 'Probably it was a man's stuff.'

Yao Ying felt guilty, knowing that he hurt Yao Ling's feeling. If he told her, how could he prove it otherwise? It wasn't like he could jump on her and then made love to her. He decided to change the subject, "I'll go to 'Lin Fu' again tomorrow."

Yao Ling looked at him in a baffle. She was surprised by the sudden change of conversation and what he'd just declared. "What for? Didn't you get angry because of Lin Jian just now?"

"Hmph! I'm angry with him, but 'Lin Fu' still belongs to General Lin. My purpose tomorrow isn't for Lin Jian, but General Lin."

Yao Ling wanted to laugh again. Her disappointment just now was forgotten because of his irritated face. His expression was quite animated today. It kept changing until she couldn't keep track of it. She cleared her thought and asked him seriously, "Why? Do you want to talk about your martial arts again?"

Yao Ying nodded and told her about his conversation with Lin Jian – of course, she excluded the molested part. He wanted his dignity to stay intact. "In short, I need to cultivate my skill and also I want to polish my qing gong. That's why I need some guidance from an expert like General Lin."

"Qing gong?" Yao Ling looked at her husband in awe. "You can do that too?"

Yao Ying saw the starry look on his wife's eyes and felt proud of himself. He replied to her honestly, "I can but I'm not good at it. I need a lot of practice to master it."

"I believe in you." Just those four words and Yao Ying felt happiness burst inside his heart. What man wouldn't feel happy when his wife has fully trusted him like that? He could see Yao Ling's sincerity from her pure eyes.

Without another word, he kissed her – hard. Yao Ying loved her soft, luscious lips. The sweet taste of her wife always threw his mind into disorder and he couldn't get enough of her. Yao Ling was surprised with his sudden kiss until she finally succumbed to it. She could feel his rough thin lips but it ignited something inside her.

However, before Yao Ying could deepen their kiss, Yao Ling removed her lips hastily. She didn't understand what was ignited inside her and it terrified her. Yao Ling wanted something more and didn't understand what.

Yao Ying felt confused with her sudden retreat, but he was happy at what he saw. His little wife was blushing profusely. The red tint on both of her cheeks increased her seductiveness. Her lips were slightly swollen because of his harsh kiss and it added to her charm. He started to count in his mind and he still needed to hold himself up for 85 days. This was a pure torture.

He was vaguely backing off, trying to calm the fire inside him. Yao Ying looked at him with her hazy eyes. Judging from Yao Ying's reaction, she knew that he felt the same way as her. She pitied themselves. Why did she have to make such a promise? At that time, she didn't feel certain about this marriage. But now? She changed her mind.

However, a promise was still a promise.

She cleared her throat and tried to distract both of them from the recent intimacy. "Why do you want to learn qing gong that badly?"

"I want to catch someone." Yao Ying was going to polish his qing gong and then caught that damn Lin Jian. He wouldn't let him go again!

Yao Ying didn't elaborate more about what he'd just said. He knew his wife was trying to distract him, but it wasn't going to work this time. Yao Ying grinned wolfishly at his wife and it made Yao Ying get a sudden bad feeling.

What was he going to do?

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