His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 4 Will You Marry Me? Part 4

After saying 'En' for the fourth time, Yao Ying realized the last question. What? Marry her? He quickly raised his head and looked at Yao Ling in amazement. Did she just propose to him? Maybe he heard it wrong.

"What did you say?"

Yao Ling blushed at his question. 'Yao Ying gege ~ I don't think I can repeat it again. It's too embarrassing!' However, she remembered the last thing her?"

Yao Ying gaped at her, with both eyes widening at an alarming rate. She's serious! "Bu… but… this is still mourning period, besides, how can a girl propose a marriage to a man! It's… unbecoming!"

Yao Ling looked down in embarrassment. In her mind, she scolded him. 'Do you think I don't know that? My face isn't that thick. Without mother's wish, I don't think I will try to marry you.' They lived in the era which marriage was considered and decided by the parents. Jiu Lan was forever her mother, even when she found her real family, it didn't matter.

Finally, Yao Ling decided to tell Yao Ying the whole story. Yao Ying listened to her solemnly. It was a bizarre thing, but it would be the best thing for Yao Ling. She was all alone and too young to embark a journey all alone. With only one hairpin, there wouldn't be too easy to find her origin. But, what about him? What if he suddenly regained his memories? What if someone already waited for him all this time? Yes, he liked Yao Ling – his sunshine. But does it love? He didn't know.

The same thought was fleeting in Yao Ling's mind. She's a girl, and in her mind, she wanted love too. She always thought she could slowly cultivate her feelings to Yao Ying, but she couldn't help but guarding her heart. That handsome man could make her heart beat faster, but she knew it was a gamble. What if he remembered his past? Was he a married man? Did someone wait for him all along?

However, she could only live for the moment. The truth was she's the one who needed him the most. He could just leave her and he could survive. He knew martial arts and he could protect himself. But what about her? She could follow him, but without any status, her reputation could be considered in ruin. If she didn't want to find her family, she could just stay here for the rest of her life.

But she didn't want it. She wanted more. She was greedy.

Was it okay being selfish for once?

Making her mind, she looked at Yao Ying. "I know there's no love between us at the moment, but at least, we have some feelings for each other. If… if…," she hesitantly said the next part, but finally managed to make a sound.

Her voice was getting stronger, "If one day you recover your memory, I won't hold you back. You can choose your next path – stay or leave. We don't know anything about your past and everything might not like what it seems to be, but rest assured… I'm a loyal person. If you remember and choose to stay with me, I won't abandon you – We will be together until death does us part. That's my vow to you. Just like I said before, if you choose to leave, I won't blame you."

For a 15-year-old maiden, Yao Ling was indeed a decisive person. She was loyal to the bone. For her, everything was black and white and she wouldn't regret everything that she chose. If she got married, she would definitely try to make this marriage work. Actually, she was expecting his husband-to-be to stay loyal and try to love her too.

But… Yao Ying is a special case. She didn't want to rob him from his past. From his tattered clothes when he fell down, she knew that from the quality… he was indeed not an ordinary person. Wealth? She didn't care about that at all. Her wish was just a simple happy marriage.

Yao Ying looked at her, contemplating. Yao Ling kept her gaze at him, trying to hold in her nervousness. 'How will he answer me?' she thought to herself.

"Okay." Yao Ying finally answered her. Yao Ling smiled widely, thanking him. "Thank you for fulfilling my mother's last wish!"

He was blinded by her smile, somehow it made him happy too.

"However, I have a simple request. I hope you can abide by it." Yao Ling bit her lower lip nervously.

"Tell me!"

"Six months. Give me six months. We… we… can't do that first…" She trailed off.

Yao Ying pondered for a while, before realizing what she meant. He laughed inside his mind. He lost his memories, but he wasn't stupid. He still knows all basic human needs. He wanted to laugh, but looking at the nervous girl in front of him, he couldn't. But he still teased her.

"What do you mean?" He pretended to not understand what she meant, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

"That… that…" Yao Ling felt at lost. She just couldn't say the words – it's embarrassing. Besides, she was a girl. She only heard about. Would Yao Ying misunderstand?

"That… that… what?" Yao Ying just loved to tease the girl.

"Um… consummate the marriage." Yao Ling mumbled softly. She decided not to use making love words.

"What?" Yao Ying pretended he couldn't hear her.

Finally, Yao Ling couldn't stand it any longer. She felt anger surging into her body because she realized Yao Ying teasing her. She shouted loudly, "CONSUMMATE THE MARRIAGE."

Yao Ying looked at her dumbfounded, then burst into laughter. This was the first time she showed any emotions since her mother's death. Even he could finally laugh. He hoped he could make her smile again. Step-by-step.

Yao Ling just glared at him in contempt, but then, the embarrassment started to kick in. She covered her face with both hands, groaning loudly.

Yao Ying decided to stop teasing her, nodding seriously. "Of course, you are still a kid. I'm not in a rush eating you."

Yao Ling gaped at the shameless man in front of her. 'He didn't just say that! A kid? Eating me?' She felt her anger surfacing once more, but she held back. She would note what he just said and paid him back later. She would never forget her grudge.

Yao Ying saw her grit her teeth and it made him want to laugh again. She sure had a temper. He decided to ask her clearly, "When do you want to get married?"

Without another thought, Yao Ling answered, "Tomorrow." The faster the better. She didn't want to stay in this house with her mother's memories. It was too painful. After the marriage, she wanted to start the journey.

"Tomorrow, it is." Yao Ying nodded.

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