His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 5 The Wedding

They both wanted a simple wedding. Not only they had to be low-key because of the mourning period, but also they didn't want to gather too much attention. Yao Ying still gave her betrothal gift, even though it was just a simple gift. He wanted to give her the respect that she deserved. She was his wife, not a concubine. He gave her a jade pendant with the word 'Xiao' on it. It was the only thing from his past. It was found on his body when Yao Ling saved him.

She didn't have many things to offer as a dowry. She gave her golden bird hairpin as an exchange. They decided to trust each other with their past, present, and future. Although this was just a contractual marriage, they did want to take it seriously.

There was no matchmaker, no family, and no guest. Just the two of them. They held the wedding on the beach where they sent Jiu Lan away. They wanted her to see and bless their marriage. They believed Jiu Lan was able to see them.

The groom prepared a simple altar there and stood in front of it. He was waiting for Yao Ling to come. Yao Ying wore a simple red robe that he purchased in town the previous day. They didn't have much money, but they still followed the wedding custom.

The bride was preparing herself inside their house. Her mother already prepared the wedding qibao for her- including the veil. Jiu Lan sew it by herself and embroidered golden bird pattern on it. It was the same bird with her hairpin. While buying the groom's outfit, they bought a cheap phoenix coronet. They didn't want to spend all their money because they needed it for their journey later.

Cheap didn't mean it wasn't important. They didn't have the luxury to indulge for their wedding, but both of them were positive-thinking persons. Their future was more important. The wedding was the start of their life journey. Without the others, they were just lonely persons. They only had each other.

Yao Ling did her make up herself. After putting on the wedding dress, she did her hair and wore the phoenix coronet. She looked into the mirror - which Yao Ying especially had bought for her the previous day.

'Mother, do you see me now? Do I look beautiful? I'm getting married today – just like what you want. I wish… you are here.'

She almost cried and ruined her make-up. She decided to push the thought away, trying to be brave. This was her decision and she would have to live it. Be happy or not it was depended on herself. She walked to the beach slowly. When she was almost there, she put on her veil before she saw Yao Ying. She already remembered the steps to the altar – just go straight.

Yao Ying heard footsteps and he raised his head. There she was… his bride. The wedding dress accentuated her body perfectly. Even without lifting her veil, she emitted an aura of elegance and beauty. She walked toward him softly.

Yao Ying walked toward her, guiding her to the red altar. They kowtow once to worship the Heaven. The second kowtow was for the parent. They kowtow to the ocean. And finally, the third kowtow was for husband and wife. They bowed to each other. Their heart skipped a bit and they knew from this moment on they were bound to each other.

Yao Ying led her to their house, entering the bridal chamber. Yao Ying let her sit on their bed. They already decorated the bed in red color, symbolizing luck and happiness. He slowly lifted up her veil and stunned. She's so beautiful… His heart skipped a bit, while Yao Ling was looking down shyly.

After composing himself, he led Yao Ling to the small table in front of the bed. A jar of wine and two cups had been prepared beforehand. Both of them sat down. Yao Ling poured the wine to the two cups, then she gave one to Yao Ying. It was time to drink the nuptial cup.

"Ying gege, let's drink the wine," she toasted him shyly.

"En.. after drinking this, we are officially husband and wife," Yao Ying said in a soft voice.

They linked their arms and drank the wine together.

Now, they are officially married.

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